What is Fin vs Fin?

Fin vs Fin is a site focused on the ever evolving market for direct-to-consumer products. We help you compare the modern wellness brands you see on instagram and billboards that promise to help you stay fit and healthy. Curious which new subscriptions can actually save you time and money? Keep you eating right? Exercising regularly? Looking young? Perhaps even sleeping more, or feeling more emotionally centered? We’ve got you covered on all of it and more.


As venture capital investment pours in to direct-to-consumer wellness startups, everyone stands to benefit handsomely. The only challenge is keeping up with all the new offerings enough to know which are legit. Click below to dive in and begin discovering the most promising wellness startups around, and sign up for our email list for exclusive discounts and deals.

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Meet the Team

Healy Jones


A former investment banker and recovering VC, Healy has spent the last 10 years at fast-growing tech companies. He was recently the head of marketing at fintech startup and now runs a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) practice.

Alex Goldberg


Alex studied economics at UC Berkeley and has spent the last five years working as a growth marketer, most recently in fintech. He loves scaling early-stage startups, running experiments, and reviewing innovative brands.

Avichal Lalvani


Pursuing his MBA at UCLA after six years at a top investment bank, Avi is excited to gain hands-on experience with growth marketing at Fin vs Fin. He may have played rugby as an undergraduate at Yale, but today is a converted vegan with a contagious enthusiasm for D2C nutrition. We’re thrilled to have him aboard!

Justine Ramirez


Justine has a passion for health & wellness and is currently pursuing her MBA from UCLA. A former English teacher, she is a sucker for a good origin story and loves to research disruptor brands in her free time. She is excited to enhance her skills in growth marketing with Fin vs Fin.


arnela headshot

Arnela Gonzalez


Arnela is a content marketing expert and a jack of many trades. She is originally from  the Philippines and helps keep Fin vs Fin humming with new content and graphics. She is also the woman behind much of our social media presence.

Zoë Björnson


Zoë is a product nerd and cheese lover from California. She studied as an undergrad in New Orleans and traveled around the world as a digital nomad. She’s an amazing writer who  enjoys helping brands find their voice.

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What's the "Advertiser Disclosure"?

We want to be very upfront about the fact that we often add affiliate links to our posts that allow brands to compensate us when visitors make a purchase after visiting our site. That said, we pride ourselves on being objective in our reviews and insist on retaining full editorial control of our content at all times. That ensures we won’t become beholden to any particular company or product, and never publish content written by any third party that we didn’t first edit and meticulously fact/gut check.


We spend thousands of hours researching the products we review in order to keep them authentic, accurate, and uninfluenced by sponsors. We are proud that all the information, comparison tools, and personal experiences we share remain objective, independent, and true to the very best of our knowledge. If you notice that something we’ve posted is outdated or otherwise untrue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know.

Can I suggest content for Fin vs Fin?

We’re always open to suggestions! Send us an email to let us know what you’re thinking (contact@finvsfin.com) and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. We are also open to sponsorship and occasional guest posts. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any reason — we’d love to hear from you.


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Our newsletter is infrequent, but deadly. We invite subscribers to sit back and passively discover the most exciting new wellness brands on the market. We also  provide exclusive discounts that make it easier to try the latest and greatest DTC wellness products. Want more from us? We’d love your feedback on what else would be valuable to receive via email. Please drop us a line if you have recommendations. Otherwise, give it a shot and sign up for our newsletter below.

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