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Tiffany Durinski

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Medically reviewed by:
Dr. Kim Langdon, MD

About Dr. Kim Langdon, MD

Physician Advisor

Dr. Langdon is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist with 19-years of clinical experience. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine with Honors before completing her OB/GYN residency program (also at Ohio State) where she focused on helping pregnant women suffering from depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

In this Article

In this Article

Tiffany Durinski

Skin conditions are the fourth most common cause of human illness, and one in three Americans are afflicted. Acne alone affects 50 million Americans annually, and the prevalence of skin conditions is only projected to rise.


Apostrophe is an innovative skin care company that connects individuals with board-certified dermatologists, completely online. It allows individuals to get skin treatments and prescription medications delivered to their homes, making access to high-quality skincare treatments and dermatological care much more accessible.


In this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of Apostrophe, including what conditions they treat, potential treatment side effects, and more. In addition, we spoke with Dr. Jonathan Rick, a board-certified dermatologist, about effective skincare routines.

What skincare does Apostrophe offer?

To use Apostrophe products, individuals simply submit photos of their skin and a dermatologist sends an individualized treatment plan within 24 hours (give or take). The idea is: no hassle. No trip to the dermatologist office or pharmacy. Everything is handled online from the comfort of your home.


Perhaps you heard of a company called YoDerm that offered similar services a few years back? Well, it’s actually the same company. YoDerm was founded in Oakland, California in 2012 and rebranded to Apostrophe in 2019. They’re still headquartered in the Bay Area and raised $5.25m in December 2019.

Does Apostrophe service your area?

Due to strict laws around telemedicine, Apostrophe skincare is currently available in 37 states.  Before getting too deep into its products, I recommend quickly making sure it’s available in your location.


All set? Awesome, let’s get into their products and services.

Apostrophe’s Dermatology and Skincare Treatments

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Apostrophe helps treat three types of skin conditions:

  1. Acne
  2. Rosacea
  3. Wrinkles and fine lines

They currently offer 13 types of skin care medication, and your specific treatment plan is built by the dermatologist you’re paired with during the consultation.


Keep in mind they also treat two other conditions:

  1. Sparse eyelashes