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Bristle HealthBristle Health is an at-home oral microbiome test that measures 100+ bacteria in your mouth and offers personalized diet and hygiene recommendations to help you improve your oral and overall health.Oral Microbiome TestBristle Health Oral Microbiome Test Review
LaughlandLaughland offers a premium at-home teeth whitening kit that uses LED light to brighten your smile.Teeth WhiteningHismile vs Laughland vs Smiledirectclub
RemiSleep better and brighten your smile with Remi custom night guards and custom teeth whitening kits.Mouth Guards

Teeth Whitening
Cheeky vs Remi vs ClearClub
Smile Direct ClubSmile Direct Club affers clear aligners that straighten teeth without visits to the orthodontist. They also recently launched an oral care product line as well.Teeth AlignerSmilelove vs Candid vs Smiledirectclub
SnowSnow is a leader in a family of brands focused on oral care products, especially focusing on teeth whitening products.Oral Care
Teeth Whitening
Snow Whitening Toothbrush Review
ByteByte offers clear plastic aligners without visits to the orthodontist, as well as a high frequency vibrations (HFV) device that works with your aligners to deliver that smile you’ve been waiting for.Teeth AlignerCandid vs Byte vs Invisalign
cheekyCheeky offers a custom night guard subscription program so your guards never get stale.Mouth Guards

Teeth Whitening
Cheeky vs Remi vs ClearClub
New Smile ClubNewSmile is a Canadian startup offering affordable clear aligners that straighten teeth without going to the orthodontist.Teeth AlignerNewSmile Aligner Review
QuipQuip is an oral care brand that offers an electric toothbrush and a subscription for new brush heads. Quip also recently entered the dental insurance industry with the launch of Quipcare.ToothbrushQuip vs Goby vs Sonicare
GobyGoby sells sleek electric tooth brushes and other premium oral care products as a low-price monthly subscription.ToothbrushQuip vs Goby vs Sonicare
CandidCandid offers affordable invisible aligners that straighten teeth without visits to the orthodontist.Teeth AlignerCandid vs Byte vs Invisalign
ColgateShopSmiles by Colgate is the brand's initiative to sell directly to consumers online, offering a teeth whitening and oral hygiene products subscription.General Oral CareShopSmiles by Colgate
Burst Oral CareBurst provides affordable oral care products on a subscription basis, including a powerful electric toothbrush.General Oral CareBurst vs Crest Whitestrips
Super SmileSuperSmile is yet another premium oral care product brand with the option of a subscription.Teeth WhiteningComing soon
HiSmileHiSmile provides oral cosmetic products such as teeth whitening kits and toothpastes that contain all natural ingredients to brighten teeth without sensitivity.Teeth WhiteningHismile vs Laughland vs Smiledirectclub
AlignerCoAlignerCo offers an affordable way to straighten teeth with invsibile aligners sent directly to your door.Teeth AlignerAlignerCo vs Byte

AlignerCo vs SnapCorrect vs Smile Direct Club
Uniform TeethUniform Teeth mails clear aligners to you after one in-person consultation and 3D x-rays with a board certified orthodontist.Teeth AlignerComing soon
Snap CorrectSnapCorrectoffers an affordable way to straighten teeth with invsibile aligners sent directly to your door.Teeth AlignerSnapCorrect vs Smile Direct Club vs AlignerCo
CocoflossCocofloss is a creative and mission-driven oral care and wellness company with a luxury fragrant floss.FlossingComing soon
DandyDandy mails you clear aligners after an in-person visit and 3D x-ray with a board certified orthodontist.Digital Dental ProductsComing soon
Moon Oral CareMoon makes innovative vegan oral care products including stain prevention teeth wipes, a teeth whitening pen, and popping breath mints.General Oral CareComing soon
Hello ProductsHello Products sells a full suite of oral care products that are:
- all natural
- vegan
- never tested on animals
- made in the USA
General Oral CareComing soon
RiseWellRiseWell offers premium, all-natural oral care products that are backed by science, and even has a line for kids.General Oral CareComing soon
TwiceTwice offers a vegan, chemical-free teeth whitening toothpaste. Every purchase provides dentistry to someone in need through their charity work.Teeth WhiteningComing soon
BiteBite is a sustainability-focused startup with a toothpaste alternative that comes in the form of a small tablet made of all-natural ingredients.ToothpasteComing soon
BokaBoka provides modern oral care powered by nature + science.General Oral CareComing soon
bruushBruush electric toothbrush promise to be the last you'll ever buy, thanks to their head replacement subscription and luxurious design.ToothbrushBruush vs Quip vs Goby

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