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billie vs venus vs flamingo razors
Anne Silva

Billie vs Flamingo vs Venus: How to Choose the Best Women’s Razor Subscription?

If I were to guess, hair removal isn’t likely something you look forward to. For most it’s a cumbersome, time-consuming chore that’s unexpectedly painful. But thanks to new shaving clubs, razor companies have found a way to make it more exciting. In the past few years, it’s become increasingly popular to see men eager to unbox their manscaping subscriptions, and recently women have started to follow suit.


This article reviews three of the most prominent women’s razor delivery services — Billie vs Flamingo vs Venus —  and the solutions they offer to assess how well they smooth your overall grooming experience.

But first, why order razors online?

Well, I guess a better question is, why not? Razors don’t often make the top of your shopping list. Having a subscription makes it easier to manage your supply with convenient home deliveries on a cadence that matches your usage. On top of that, most prices are close, if not cheaper, than buying from a brick-and-mortar store, often with a more modern design, too. Not quite sure which brands we’re talking about? Don’t worry. We’ll break down each and look into what sets them apart.

Top 3 Best Women's razor subscriptions



Billie was born out of the frustration with the so-called Pink Tax—an extra cost of women’s products just for being made for women. Co-founder Georgina Gooley had been using men’s razors for years because women’s were priced much higher for essentially the same product. She and her business partner Jason Bravman decided it was time to change that. They’ve also set out to shift the conversation about body hair shaming; where most hair removal products highlight smooth, silky skin as the acceptable norm, Billie opts for a friendlier approach of “if ever you want to shave” instead. In fact, they even promote embracing the normalcy of female body hair in their ads and through Project Body Hair. Their products are also vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, contain no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, and are not tested on animals.

Billie’s subscription service is pretty straightforward—you begin with a starter kit for just $9 that comes with a Billie handle in the color of your choosing and two 5-blade razor cartridges. The subscription comes with four replacement blades delivered at a frequency that you select, between one to three months, depending on how often you shave. You can also add extra products like their popular shave cream or body lotion, and get it all shipped for free!



Sometimes, shaving doesn’t quite cut it and you need to fix the root of the issue. For that, Flamingo offers you waxing products in addition to the traditional shaving stuff. Flamingo is an offshoot/sister company of Harry’s, which is a popular men’s shaving subscription. After discovering they had plenty of female users, Harry’s decided to design razors specifically for women too, and thus Flamingo was born hatched. Their products start at $10 for a wax kit, $16 for a shave kit, or $24 for both. You can buy just the shaver or the cartridges à la carte too if that’s all you need — the kits throw in a couple of body care items like shave gel and lotion to round out your hair removal supplies. Curiously, unlike its parent Harry’s, Flamingo doesn’t require you to sign up for a recurring subscription. That’s nice if your grooming habits are unpredictable or infrequent. Flamingo Razors are sold at Target, as well as on Amazon.​



Venus direct subscription

Rounding out the razor subscription players is an oldie but a goodie: Venus by Gillette. Venus blades are some of  the most popular and widely available on the market — I still have this theme song stuck in my head from the commercials they ran when I was a kid! To compete with modern subscription services, Venus recently created their own shave club for women called Venus Direct. It starts by letting you match your desired razor handle with one of their six different cartridges that have various blades and moisturizing components you can further customize to your skin’s content. Then you pick how often you want to receive your razors (one to three months), and have the option to add goodies from other household brands like Olay, Ivory, and Secret. The subscription starts at $10 for the most basic handle and cartridge kit, and goes up to $23 for the more premium combinations.

Are women's razor subscriptions less expensive than store-bought blades?

A quick survey of drugstore offerings showed that a typical starter kit (one handle, two cartridges) will you set you back around $8 – $13 at a typical grocery store. Refills were on average were $4 – $5 each. These prices are a little more than the subscription services, but that depends on what kind of blade you prefer and what other products you bundle via the kit. The automatic delivery and free shipping give Billie, Flamingo, and Venus Direct an edge over purchasing at a store

Are women’s shaving products more expensive than men’s?

real? The short answer is yes. While most of the store-bought starter kits are about the same price, it’s on refills where men save about 50% on average. To be fair to Billie, they come the closest to price parity with men’s offerings, which is consistent with their battle against Pink Tax. Interestingly, even Flamingo is priced slightly more than Harry’s despite coming from the same manufacturer. Perhaps women are more likely to perceive price as an indication of quality? It’s unclear why.

Billie vs Flamingo vs Venus: Comparing The Best Razor Subscriptions for Women

Here’s a visual summary of the three women’s shave subscriptions and their various offerings:

Billie vs Flamingo vs Venus: Women’s Razor Comparison







Hair Removal ProductsRazors
Shaving Cream
Waxing Kit
Foaming Shave Gel
Other productsDry-Bye Body Lotion
Oversized Glitter Comb
Body LotionOlay® products
Ivory® products
Secret® deodorant
Shaving Kit Price$9 per month$16 for shave kit
$10 for wax kit
$24 for both

$10 – $23 for initial kit

Blade Replacement Price$2.25 per refill$1.88 – $2.25 per refill
(depends on quantity)
$2.50 – $5.25 per refill
(depends on type)
Return / Cancellation PolicyReturn or cancel subscription any timeReturn within 30 daysNo returns, cancel subscription any time

Are Billie razors any good?

Billie razors have a five-blade cartridge that’s made in the USA. The blades themselves are encased in a special, charcoal shave soap, and the cartridge itself has smooth, rounded edges for better comfort while shaving. So YES, they are high quality and quite good – at an attractive price. 

What are women saying about Billie, Venus, and Flamingo Razors?


It’s hard to show passion for hair removal, but it seems like these razor subscriptions are crowd pleasers. Here’s a few reviews from some who have tried their services and products:


This user’s done her research and Billie has won her over.


This user also gives Billie her highest (100%?) praise.


This user loved Flamingo’s sister company Harry’s, and shares that affinity for their sister company.


This customer also recommends Flamingo’s smooth shave:


For many, the OG Venus still reigns supreme as the #1 razor brand for women


10 years with the same razor… Talk about customer loyalty!


The Verdict: Billie vs Flamingo vs Venus -- Which is Best?

If you’re in the market for a new razor and see value in a subscription service, Billie would be a great bet. It has the cheapest pricing, simplest ordering model, and the friendliest return, cancellation, and shipping policies to boot. With the great reviews, Billie is pretty much a no-risk purchase. We really like the Billie shave club. Click below to try the women’s “razor of the year” for just $9.


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While shaving everywhere works great for a lot of people, there are also ladies out there who need other products like waxing strips. If you like a wider variety of options, Flamingo would be the right brand for you because it offers the best of both worlds—shaving and waxing in one kit (or separately, your choice). Flamingo is also a great choice for commitment-phobic buyers because they don’t require a subscription with your first order. Thus you never have to worry about being auto-charged when you’re all set on shaving supplies. That makes the Flamingo shave club interesting if you are afraid of commitment, but it’s not that much of a shave club if you don’t subscribe, so…

If you already have a tried-and-tested store-bought razor, there’s a good chance it’s a Venus, and Venus Direct will take your shaving experience to the next level. Even with pricing just a hair less than buying in-store, you can’t beat the convenience of auto-replenishment and free shipping. The same classic razor that women have loved for decades, shipped directly to your door at a cadence that works for you through the Venus Shave Club. In terms of brand, this is probably the best razor club. What’s not to love?

Between Billie, Flamingo, and Venus Direct, women now have some great razor subscription options. Knowing how DollarShaveClub, Harry’s, and other cutting-edge brands revolutionized the way men (especially millennials) now buy shaving supplies,  you can rest assured that the trend is here to stay. Give them a try today to avoid an unintentionally hairy situation.

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