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Blink Health Review – Is it a Legit Pharmacy for Rx Meds Online?

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If you take prescription drugs on an ongoing basis, at the very least you feel the pinch in your wallet.  Some drugs bankrupt consumers because of their high cost and absolute necessity for life. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why this is the case. Despite regulators’ attempts to crack down, the only relief in sight for over 55% of Americans suffering from sky high drug prices every month are new online solutions like Blink Health.



What is Blink Health, and how does it work?

Blink Health is a new online app that provides a refreshing alternative to traditional drug prices. They negotiate the cost of over 15,000 medications and offer them to Americans at substantially reduced rates. Pretty cool, right? We’re sick of overpaying for meds, too.


If you’re willing to pay online before you pick up at your regular pharmacy (or request delivery), Blink can help you get the lowest prices on your drugs.  All you need to do is:


    1. Set up an account: Create an online login and enter your credit card information.
    2. Place an order: Place your drug order through the Blink app on your phone or on their site, and choose whether you want to pick up at a local pharmacy or get it delivered, free of charge.
    3. Receive drugs: Blink issues a Blink card to present at the pharmacy as proof of payment and then charges your credit card at their reduced rates. They also provide an online receipt so you can verify you got the best price.
    4. Refill prescriptions: If you opt in to SMS messages from Blink, they’ll text you to ask if you’d like to refill your prescription.



Do I need a prescription to use Blink Health?


Yes, you need a valid doctor’s prescription to show at pick up.  Blink will transfer existing prescriptions to their platform so you pay nothing at your local pharmacy.  Select pharmacies offer discounts called Blink Smart Deals for even more savings.


Does Blink Health work with my insurance?


Good news! regardless whether your prescriptions are covered by your existing health plan, Medicare, or you pay out of pocket, you can use Blink to pay for prescriptions and save a ton. It’s the ideal solution for the uninsured, but also plays well with most major providers, including government programs.


Is Blink better than traditional pharmacies?

At the end of the day, just because your drugs are covered by health insurance doesn’t mean you get the lowest prices.  Throw in the fact that different pharmacies often charge drastically different prices for the same prescription, and it’s easy to see the value of Blink Health.


If nothing else, Blink is definitely more transparent than traditional pharmacies. It posts the prices for all drugs it sells, so you know what you pay and can shop around. Shockingly, this isn’t the norm in the rest of the industry…


Blink is also a lot more consistent. Consumers can use Blink at a drug store in every community across America, and their price will remain the same for every drug at each.  Because of their partnership with pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Blink secures lower drug prices and consumers benefit from the collective size of the growing  “Blink Health Nation”.


Of course the most obviously benefit is that Blink tends to be, on average, quite a bit cheaper. Blink claims that their typical customer saves $70 per prescription filled. If your doctor says it’s okay for you take generics, it’s worth checking if you can save via Blink Health. Click the image below to get $10 off your first order!

Blink Health

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How much can I save with Blink Health?

The magnitude of your personal savings will vary depending on the current cost of your prescriptions. Blink offers guaranteed lowest generic Rx prices for a wide range of cardiovascular drugs, psychotherapeutics, CNS, sedatives, hypnotics and more.  There are no membership fees, no coupon codes required, and no hidden costs. Curious what drugs cost on Blink Health? Here are some popular examples.



Est. Retail Price

Blink Price

Blink Smart Deal

Cymbalta (Generic)

30 Capsules DR/EC, 60 mg

$134.94$17.00 (87%)$14.65 (89%)

Lexapro (Generic)

30 Tablets, 10 mg

$84.21$8.62 (90%)$7.10 (92%)

Xanax (Generic)

30 Tablets, 0.5 mg

$28.93$5.47 (81%)$4.34 (84%)

Wellbutrin XL (Generic)

30 Tablets 24-hour ER, 300 mg

$96.47$24.28 (75%)$19.09 (80%)

Effexor XR (Generic)

30 Capsules 24-hour ER, 75 mg

$97.69$11.12 (89%)$9.14 (91%)

Blink also offers competitive prices on common treatments for reproductive health. They offer some of the cheapest finasteride online, so if you’re a guy who’s going bald, be sure to check out their hair loss meds. We also recently reviews several other online subscription providers for men’s hair loss pills, erectile dysfunction meds, and women’s birth control, respectively. You can likely save a ton of money filling your finasteride, Sildenafil, or birth control prescriptions via Blink!

Blink Health Reviews: What are consumers saying online?

Here are a few reviews of Blink pulled from real customers online. Overall the sentiment seems overwhelmingly positive:


What a GREAT find!!!!!!!!!!
"Blink is a WONDERFUL find! Saves me money and sure helps on my budget. Couldn't be easier everyone"
Good first time experience
"Even on the CVS prescription plan, the cost of my Rx has gone up almost $40. The price I paid through Blink was an incredible difference from CVS. The only problem I ran into was my prescription had not been transferred from CVS to Walmart as I was told in an email. Fortunately the pharmacist was amazing, he called CVS right away, the prescription was transferred by this evening, my Blink card was accepted and I have my medication. Thank you Blink and Walmart."

Excellent experience!
"Easy to use online. Lower prices than CVS, Walmart and Walgreens! So thankful for Blink!"
Even if you pay early.
"Very good, they kept a record even tho I paid and it was two weeks before it was filled."
Excellent service! Works perfect!
"I save a lot of money, everybody should use Blink!"


The Verdict: Is Blink Health Legit for Online Prescriptions?

As wonderful as it is to have access to modern drugs for everything from pain relief to anxiety and depression, the ability of the pharmaceutical companies to randomly set prices sky high puts consumers at a severe disadvantage.  Blink Health brings those costs in line using negotiation, competition and the power of numbers. This is a simple, comprehensive and transparent system of making generic drugs available to Americans in every community. I want to save an average of $70 per prescription refilled, wouldn’t you?

Blink Health

What are the best alternatives to blink health?

Of course, Blink isn’t the only online pharmacy making it easy to get cheaper prescriptions. Here are a few of the top alternatives to Blink Health.


Best online pharmacies for men

      • Roman (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Hims (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Keeps (Hair loss only)
      • Numan (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Freshman (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Sons (Hair loss)
      • Manual (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Felix Health (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Jack Health (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)
      • Maple (Hair loss, ED/PE, acne, mental health, etc.)

Best online Pharmacies for Women

      • Wisp (UTIs and other sexual health conditions)
      • HelloAlpha (allergies, sexual health, acne, migraines, and much more)
      • NURX (birth control, acne, etc.)
      • Hers (birth control, hair loss, mental health, skincare, etc.)


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