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Megan Foley

Megan is originally from Castle Pines, Colorado. In addition to her work as a writer, Megan is a professional ballet dancer. She’s especially passionate about relating her lifestyle as a dancer to health and wellness topics.

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Cerebral vs Done: Which Online ADHD Treatment is Best?

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In this Article

Megan Foley

If you have ADHD or suspect that you might, you’re in the company of millions of other Americans. This increasingly common condition can impact every aspect of your life, from how you work to how you interact with friends and family. For those struggling to concentrate and keep up with everyday tasks, ADHD might be worth investigating (and possibly treating!).


While each patient may have a different experience, most can manage ADHD symptoms with help from medication. Dependable treatment is, as with any chronic condition, critical to living a healthy, happy life. So, whether you may have an undiagnosed case or simply need a more convenient or reliable way to get your meds, telehealth is the answer.


Cerebral and Done are frontrunners in online ADHD treatment, providing a convenient platform for diagnosis and ongoing medication management. 


You might have seen in the media recently that some brands got into hot water prescribing stimulants like Adderall for ADHD – we’ll give it to you straight. Both Cerebral and Done had to shape up within the last year, and now we believe that they’re much more legit to prescribe medication to the right patients – the ones who really need it.


So, should you entrust these virtual ADHD clinics with your own mental health care? And which offers a better quality of treatment, convenience, and affordability – Cerebral or Done?


Which is best: Cerebral or Done?

Cerebral is an online mental health subscription that provides ongoing, comprehensive access to treatment and medication management for 10+ conditions, including ADHD.




  • Comprehensive treatment: Also offers therapy, which is a recommended treatment for ADHD and coping


  • Nationwide: Has therapists and prescribing providers licensed in every state


  • Treats other conditions: Can treat coexisting mental health concerns, all on one platform


  • Accepts Insurance: In-network with select major commercial health plans


Done provides online treatment for ADHD as its sole offering. The platform connects you to a licensed care provider who is trained to diagnose ADHD and prescribe medication and continue ongoing care.




  • Best medication for ADHD: Can prescribe stimulants like Adderall & Ritalin, which are effective in treating most ADHD patients


  • Lower monthly cost: Membership is $79/mo after the initial appointment


  • Convenient appointments: Can schedule an appointment within 1 week of initial assessment (vs in-person 1+ months)






One of the most positive side effects of the COVID crisis, in our opinion, is the rise of direct-to-consumer telehealth. As the desire for telehealth visits has increased, the availability of online providers and prescription delivery has, too. This includes virtual treatment for common mental health conditions like ADHD.


From the sign-up process to pricing to how easy it is to consult a doctor after diagnosis, we’ll explore how Cerebral and Done stack up for ADHD patients. If you’re short on time, skip ahead to the head-to-head Cerebral vs Done comparison.


We dug deep to find out.


ADHD: Let’s break it down.

Before we delve into the world of online ADHD meds, let’s first cover the basics of this common mental disorder.


The first thing to know about ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is that it’s exceptionally common. 6.1 million children have been diagnosed at some point, and, unfortunately, this condition almost always lasts through adulthood.


And second, as you probably already know, there is currently no cure. But, medications have been clinically proven to help people manage ADHD symptoms enough to lead long, successful lives with normal, fulfilling relationships.


How do you know if you have ADHD?

ADHD generally becomes noticeable in kids before they turn 12, and the symptoms carry on through adulthood. It can be tough to diagnose as it differs in severity, but the main symptoms of ADHD include:


  • Above-average hyperactivity 
  • Difficulty focusing on tasks
  • Easily distracted / problems multitasking
  • Forgetfulness and disorganization
  • Fidgeting and restlessness
  • Impulsive behaviors and a short temper


High-quality ADHD care starts with a proper diagnosis. According to the Journal of American Psychiatry, just 10.9% of adults with ADHD get the right care for their condition.


However, regardless of how confident you are that you have ADHD, it’s important to seek the opinion of a medical professional instead of spending too much time self-diagnosing. 


Luckily, platforms like Cerebral and Done promise unparalleled convenience and much greater access to ongoing care, so you always have somewhere to turn for mental health care. 



What medications do doctors prescribe for ADHD?

ADHD medications fall into two main categories: stimulants and non-stimulants. Both can help treat symptoms depending on the patient. Your medical provider will work with you to find the best option.


Stimulants vs non-stimulants for ADHD


Most frequently prescribed for ADHD


  • Effects: Increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine
  • Help with: Focus and impulsivity
  • Timing: Can last for 3-5 hours (immediate release) or 8-12 hours (extended release)


  • Side effects: Decreased appetite, headaches, anxiety, agitation, can be addictive


  • Examples: Adderall, Ritalin


Great for those who experience negative side effects with stimulants or are prone to addiction


  • Effects: Increase levels of norepinephrine in the brain
  • Help with: Concentration, impulsivity, aggression
  • Timing: Must be taken daily for 3-6 weeks to notice effects
  • Side effects: Fatigue, dizziness


  • Examples: Wellbutrin (bupropion), Strattera (atomoxetine)

Telemedicine startups like Done and Cerebral are leading the effort to bring medicine to patients online, but the core question still remains: which platform should you trust for ADHD care?


Cerebral vs Done: Which is better for ADHD?

Online ADHD Telemedicine Platforms: Cerebral vs DoneTraditional in-person psychiatrist
PricingMedication only: $99/mo

Therapy only: $259/mo

Medication + therapy: $325/mo
$199 upfront

$79/mo thereafter
$600 – $1,600 for ADHD evaluation, around $150 per therapy session
Appointment optionsVideo or phone callVideo consultationsIn-person only
Offers therapy?
Can prescribe stimulants like Adderall?
Medication included in subscription cost?
Shipping cost for prescriptionsFreeFreePick up from your local pharmacy
Covered by insurance?🟡 Does not accept insurance for appointments, but offers out-of-network support🟡 Depends on provider
Membership required?
Locations availableAll states in USUS
Currently not available in: AL, AK, AR, DE, ID, LA, MN, MT, NH, ND, OH, OK, WV, WY
All states in US

Read on for more details on both of these brands.


Review of Cerebral for ADHD

Source: Cerebral

Cerebral is a popular consumer telehealth platform offering long-term online care and medication management for various mental health concerns. They may be best known for anxiety and depression treatments, but they can also treat ADHD.


With greater accessibility to treatment, Cerebral promises to help patients with ADHD remain healthy and supported amidst a hectic daily routine. What exactly does that entail?


ADHD treatment with Cerebral

To get started with Cerebral:


  1. Take assessment: Cerebral’s free emotional assessment helps caretakers better understand your symptoms.
  2. Subscribe: Choose a subscription option based on your needs (see the breakdown below)

How your treatment continues depends on the plan that you choose.


Cerebral ADHD Treatment Cost

Medication + Care Management
  • Ongoing telehealth appointments with your prescriber
  • Unlimited care team messages
  • Cost of medication delivery


Prescriptions billed separately

Medication + Therapy
  • Weekly (45m) sessions with your licensed therapist
  • Unlimited messaging with your therapist
  • Cost of medication delivery

$325/mo ($82/session)

Prescriptions billed separately

  • Weekly (45m) sessions with your licensed therapist
  • Unlimited messaging with your therapist
$259/mo ($65/session)


Can Cerebral prescribe ADHD meds?

Cerebral cannot prescribe stimulants such as Adderall or Concerta, but they do offer alternative treatments for ADHD management, including therapy and non-stimulant medications like Wellbutrin or Strattera.


Stimulant medication can have some negative side effects, including anxiety, agitation, or the inability to fall asleep later. It is also a controlled substance, meaning it can cause addiction. If you’re someone who experiences either of these, Cerebral’s non-stimulant prescription for ADHD management might be a great choice for you.


Cerebral ADHD reviews: Reddit

In most cases, ADHD is best treated with stimulant medication, and while Cerebral can treat ADHD, some of the problems that they’ve recently run into have led them to no longer be able to prescribe stimulants. 


Fortunately, some have benefitted immensely from the different treatments of ADHD, including therapy and non-stimulant medication. Check out some of the praises for these alternative sources of ADHD treatment.


Cerebral and non-stimulant benefits
Customer Review
Task completion & recall “…Strattera has worked wonders for me… it’s more like I look back on the day, and I’m like, wow, I was actually able to get stuff done, or I remembered that when I wouldn’t usually.” Reddit r/ADHD
Therapy helps to manage symptoms “I can tell you from personal experience [CBT] really does help. I learned a lot of skills to help manage my ADHD, and it made a really big difference.” Reddit r/ADHD
Calm & few side effects “I’ve been on Strattera for 3 weeks. It’s working just like Adderall for me. My mind is calm, I’m not as impulsive… I’m not having any side effects, and I’m only a little anxious after I drink my coffee.” Reddit r/ADHD
Better for overall health “Stimulants worked great for me… but the side effects were ruining my health… I’m on Wellbutrin now. It’s definitely not nearly as effective as stimulants… but it’s helpful for low-level maintenance. better memory, my speech is a little clearer and more organized, and my anxiety is a little better.” Reddit r/ADHD


Done ADHD review


Done’s mission is to help ADHD patients find the best treatment plan for their needs through their convenient online platform. They will connect you to a licensed care provider trained to diagnose ADHD and prescribe medication.


If you’re eligible for the online service and live in one of the states they serve, you can start today with their one-minute assessment. From there, you’ll get connected with a medical professional and be on your way to continuing care.


Is Done ADHD legit?

To start ADHD treatment with Done:


  1. Complete a one-minute assessment: The medical questionnaire will determine your likelihood of diagnosis. 
  2. Schedule your initial appointment ($119): If deemed fit for treatment, you can schedule your appointment with a provider (30 minutes) to create a treatment plan together.
  3. Become a Done member ($79/mo): If treatment is issued, a monthly membership gives you access to continuous care from your provider, including follow-up appointments or treatment plan adjustments. 
  4. Prescription renewals: You’ll also have online refills after health updates with medication delivery or pickup, depending on where you live.

ADHD medication is only granted 30 days at a time in order to prevent abuse. This entails giving your provider an update on your health and treatment process either through follow-up appointments or written narratives. 



Can Done prescribe ADHD meds?

Done focuses on personalized medication management to treat your symptoms and any side effects and adjust the dosage until you have a great fit. 


Despite some of the recent controversies of overprescription or Adderall shortage/delay reports you’ve seen, Done can still prescribe both stimulants and non-stimulants. These include:

  • Stimulants: Ritalin, Adderall, Metadate
  • Non-stimulants: Strattera, Intuniv, Kapvay

Done can also recommend supplements that can hone your focus, stave off any side effects, and help you recover.


How much does Done cost?

Done costs $199 for your initial intake appointment. Then, the service (including online prescription renewals and continuous care) is $79 per month, which you can cancel at any time.


Treatment without insurance ranges from $40-80/mo and is not included in the membership price. While they don’t accept insurance for appointments, they do offer out-of-network support.


Done ADHD customer reviews

Because of many of the issues with the nationwide overprescribing of Adderall, there have been many customer complaints about Done‘s inability to prescribe ADHD meds consistently. 


Keep in mind that there are some companies like Cerebral that can no longer prescribe stimulants at all! While Done is doing its best to address customer concerns, the national shortage is something to be wary of, no matter where you get your ADHD medication prescription.


Most negative reviews of Done (and yes, we know, there are a lot of them!) center around poor customer service, specifically slow response times, low responsiveness, and a lack of transparency. This poor communication is especially concerning given that they are entrusted with something as vital as patients’ mental health.


That being said, their communications and appointment times are – across the board – slower and fewer and further between, but if you’re looking for a prescription or prescription refills through an online provider, this is the reality right now.


Donefirst Customer Review
Reddit r/ADHD “I poked around looking at various services and eventually gave up trying to find one that had mostly positive reviews and went with Donefirst… The soonest available appointment was 8 days out. It was pleasant and professional, and she wasn’t trying to rush me. When I picked up my prescription the next afternoon, the pharmacist said I had no copay on it… All in all, it has been a very smooth experience so far, and cheaper than I expected, with the 5MG Adderall apparently being free even without insurance.”
TrustPilot “…I’ve had nothing but a great experience with my provider and Done. For those leaving negative reviews regarding the national shortage and being unable to fill your Rx, keep in mind it’s not this company/the provider’s fault – have some common sense. With that being said, 5 stars for sure. Thank you for all that you do!”


So, Are Cerebral and Done legit for your ADHD treatment and prescription?

If you’re on the hunt for ADHD treatment, the answer depends on what you’re looking for. 


Cerebral and Done only fit those who don’t require extensive in-person care. Given that ADHD patients often struggle with other mental health disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and substance abuse, these telehealth platforms aren’t for everyone.


Those who do struggle with more complex health conditions may not be eligible for Cerebral or Done and should instead seek in-person psychiatry from a local doctor.


For those of us in the majority with relatively straightforward needs, Cerebral or Done offer affordable and convenient alternatives to in-person ADHD care. While these online services appear rather pricey upfront, they’ll actually save you hundreds of dollars compared to traditional in-person psychiatric care.


The Verdict: Cerebral vs Done – What’s the best online ADHD treatment?

For a convenient, online ADHD treatment option for patients who don’t require or can’t access in-person care, Cerebral and Done are great online options. 


Overall, consumer reviews of Cerebral are mixed. Not everyone appreciated their experience, but users tend to be much more upbeat about Cerebral’s quality of care than Done’s. 


Done is a great option for those looking for a more convenient and inexpensive way to find treatment for ADHD, as Done can prescribe stimulants. However, they do not offer therapy, which we believe should be included in any approach to treating mental health conditions.


Cerebral can provide more comprehensive care (including therapy) but cannot prescribe stimulant medications, which are the leading treatment for ADHD. It is also more expensive monthly to be a Cerebral member.


We want to encourage you one more time to stay educated on both platforms and their ability to consistently provide the medication and treatment you require. 


Cerebral and Done ADHD FAQs

Medication is the most common treatment method for ADHD, and we discussed the two forms – stimulants and non-stimulants – above.


Many people use a combination of both prescription pills and talk therapy with a counselor, but there are also numerous natural solutions to treat ADHD.


Does therapy work for ADHD?

Talking to a therapist can help address and prevent impulsiveness, improve self-image, and provide strategies for anger management.


ADHD also causes many to struggle to maintain healthy relationships – therapy (CBT) can also be a useful tool for problem-solving among those who need a sounding board when trying to improve communication with friends and family.


Can ADHD be treated naturally?

Natural treatments for ADHD may be used alongside pharmaceutical medications and/or therapy. Or, if you prefer to treat naturally or you’re averse to pharmaceuticals, try these natural strategies for ADHD treatment instead:


      • Nootropics: All-natural supplements that can improve your brain functioning as an alternative to Adderall. We recommend checking out Thesis if you’re exploring nootropics (or read more about them here).  
      • Organizational tools: Planners, digital reminders, and to-do lists can help you stay on top of tasks
      • Improved nutrition: Diets lower in sugar and processed foods are highly recommended for people with ADHD.
      • More sleep: Consistently getting a full night of sleep can help with focus throughout the day
      • Movement: Exercising – even just going on a walk outside, can help with focus and improvements in executive functions
      • Limiting screen time: Too much screen time can lead to anxiety and heightened emotions. Limiting throughout the day (especially before bed) can help with other symptoms of ADHD.
      • Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness meditation and other relaxation methods, such as yoga

Cerebral offers a self-pay model for those who aren’t using insurance. This means you’ll pay for the cost of medications separate from your monthly plan price. The cost will obviously depend on your treatment plan, but the most common medications cost only $10. There are a very rare few that cost more than that, with the maximum being $45.


Medications through Done without insurance can be as low as $15. 

Cerebral can now treat patients in every state, whether you are on their ‘Therapy’, ‘Medication + Care Management’, or ‘Medication + Therapy’ plan.


They have therapists licensed to practice in every state and a prescribing provider in every state (all of these, including DC).

Given state-by-state medical regulations, Done is currently unavailable for treatment in AL, AK, AR, DE, ID, LA, MN, MT, NH, ND, OH, OK, WV, and WY.


We’ll update this list as more are added.

Cerebral also treats many other mental health conditions in addition to ADHD, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression (including postpartum and menopausal depression)
  • Insomnia
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Chronic obesity
  • Opioid Use Disorder
  • Pediatric Care (coming soon)
  • Schizophrenia (coming soon)

Additionally, Cerebral offers therapy for help with relationship issues and divorce, stress or anger management, LGBTQI+, grief and loss, trauma, confidence, phobias, and illnesses.

Done should allow you to cancel at any time. You can deactivate your profile by going to “Profile“, “Manage Your Membership”.


Personal note, though – we highly recommend reaching out directly to [email protected] to cancel, as response times seem to be slow at this time.

Have you tried either Cerebral or Done? We encourage you to help others by sharing your experience in the comments below.

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About the Author

Megan Foley

Megan is originally from Castle Pines, Colorado. In addition to her work as a writer, Megan is a professional ballet dancer. She’s especially passionate about relating her lifestyle as a dancer to health and wellness topics.

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Megan Foley

Megan Foley

Megan is originally from Castle Pines, Colorado. In addition to her work as a writer, Megan is a professional ballet dancer. She’s especially passionate about relating her lifestyle as a dancer to health and wellness topics.

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