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Zoë Bjornson

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Cora vs Rael vs Tampon Tribe Review

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Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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Cora vs Rael vs Tampon Tribe: What’s the Best Organic Tampon Kit?

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In this Article

Zoë Bjornson

Nowadays, whatever you put in your body has got to be top shelf.


And no, we’re not talking about tequila. 😂


Whether you’re opting for pasture-raised beef, all-natural face wash, or in this case, organic tampons, it’s about time you started thinking twice about the materials you put in, on, and around your body. Luckily, there are new, healthier alternatives for just about everything these days, tampons and feminine hygiene products included.


Given that 98% of women choose tampons as their monthly leakage preventer of choice, organic period products stand to have a huge impact on society.


When you’re a woman who cares about longevity, something as common as your preferred brand of tampon is a good place to start. What’s wrong with traditional tampons —  i.e. the ones your mother introduced you to during puberty? Well, as it turns out, many contain chemicals and toxins associated with a higher risk of cancer, among other nasty health problems, and that’s not something you want to gamble with. Besides, who needs any more stress associated with that time of the month?


Let’s dig into three popular organic tampon brands– Cora, Rael, and Tampon Tribe — to see how they stack up against each other when it comes to price, product, service, and more so you can make the right choice for your long term health. 

Wait, why are organic tampons better again?

You might be thinking: “My mom and all her friends used traditional tampons forever. Why does my vagina suddenly need to be sustainable?” And to that, my dear friend, I say: it’s not necessarily that the modern vagina demands some kind of uber-millennial juice cleanse or gluten-free ointment, but rather that knowledge is power, and you should know exactly what’s going in there.


A typical tampon is made with standard cotton that is likely grown with pesticides. Simply put: your vagina is better off without these toxic chemicals. This cotton is then mixed with rayon, which is usually bleached and whitened with chlorine. While rayon typically helps with absorbency and fragrance, it also can contain chemicals or dyes — none of which are doing any favors for your vaginal health.


By contrast, an organic tampon is a happy tampon. They are made using organic cotton, free of pesticides, insecticides, fragrances, chemical dyes, and other harmful compounds. 


Remember that your vagina is a mucus membrane, so whatever you put in there body will be absorbed. Meaning, all those chemicals in non organic tampons? They seep directly into your blood stream. It’s kind of like swallowing chlorine in the pool – you just don’t want to do it, especially not every month. Such chemicals have even been linked to endometriosis and cancer, so better safe than sorry, right?

Comparing three leading organic tampon brands: Cora vs Rael vs Tampon Tribe

If you’re thinking about making the switch to organic tampons, Rael, Cora, and Tampon Tribe all make it super simple to test out their products. Here is a helpful comparison chart to give you a sense of what they offer and how they stack up:

Cora vs Rael vs Tampon Tribe: Comparing the Best Oragnic Tampon

Cora vs Rael vs Tampon Tribe: Comparing the Best Organic Tampon

Applicator Tampons✔️✔️✔️
Applicator Free Tampons✔️
Customize Tampon Box✔️✖️✔️
Body Cloths / Feminine Wipes✔️✔️✖️
Period Liners✔️✔️✔️
Period Pads✔️✔️✔️
Period Panties✖️✔️✖️
Feminine Wash✖️✔️✖️
Heating Patch✖️✔️✖️
Menstrual Cup✔️✖️✔️
Price Range$6 – $39 (Get 15% OFF)$4 – $45$10 – $50
Subscription Available?✔️✔️✔️

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Truth be told, these aren’t the only three organic tampon options in town.  You may have also heard of Lola and Kali, who we’ve previously covered in a separate review of organic tampon startups. Take a look if you’re curious how they compare as well!

What sets these three apart: Cora vs Rael vs Tampon Tribe?

Cora's Organic Tampons & Pads

Cora set out to modernize and transform period. No more running to the store the day your period decides to arrive; Cora sets you up for period success with their easy subscription and customizable tampon boxes. But that’s not just it – Cora’s mission is to destigmatize the period, removing the shame associated with “that time of the month,” all while supporting underprivileged women and girls worldwide.


With every Cora purchase, they provide pads and health education to a girl in need — definitely something to feel good about amidst all the discomfort.


Their content site, Blood + Milk, aims to educate and “wake women up” about menstruation, sex, and their bodies. In their words, “We exist to help every woman wake up to a new reality: that women’s oppression of any kind can no longer be tolerated in silence. We have been living in a nightmare, but collectively we are waking up.” Um, sign me up.


With empowerment as a backbone, Cora offers women the power to customize their tampon box and choose from applicator or applicator-free tampons. So if you’re a gal who knows you use 12 supers and 6 regulars over the course of a period, Cora’s got you. Plus, customers can start with a quiz to make sure they’re covering all their period needs.


Cora also offers pads, bladder lines, body wipes, and a menstrual cup (get $5 OFF) for all your period or bladder-related needs. Priding themselves on transparency, Cora’s tampons use organic cotton from Turkey and are made in Slovenia. But you can buy them online, or even at your local Target.

When you subscribe to Cora, you can choose to pay annually or every three months and can cancel anytime. You can start off with a 15% discount here. Your subscription also gets you a chic black  box to store your products in style and a black clutch for carrying your product – no more hot pink tampon boxes in your bathroom!


Cora isn’t your thirteen-year-old girl tampon kit. This is for the women who want to feel good, do good, and do it all in style.

Rael Organic Tampons

Image source: Rael

Rael was founded with the mission to provide women with natural products for everything related to their self-care. Founded by three women, Rael provides a holistic and natural approach to taking care of yourself and your body. While Rael offers the classics for period care, they also pride themselves in their innovative approaches to balancing the hormonal swings your body will experience all month-long.


Knowing natural products typically charge a premium, Rael makes a point to price their products affordably, with tampon boxes starting at $5 for a 18-count box. Thus they are often the most affordable organic option.


When it comes to period-care, Rael offers tampons, pads, lines, and underwear. You can purchase their tampons in super or regular sizes, and with or without an applicator. Their tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton and use a BPA-free applicator. Subscriptions are available with a 10% discount; however, they don’t offer the ability to customize your box. Not up for a subscription? You can find Rael in Target stores.

What’s interesting about Rael is that they are one of the few full female care brands. Not only do they provide period-care items, but you can also snag everything from heating pads to body wipes to acne patches. Their holistic view of women’s wellness makes them stand out from the typical tampons-only brands. It’s worth taking a look just to see what other kinds of organic wellness you might warrant further investigation.

Tampon Tribe's Sustainable Options

Image source: Tampon Tribe

Hate plastic? Love sustainable D2C products? Tampon Tribe is here for you!


Founded by four women in Southern California, Tampon Tribe takes a sustainable approach to tampons by taking on the plastic industry as a whole. Backed by the belief that there shouldn’t be any single use plastic (period), Tampon Tribe aims to make women more conscious about the impact of their menstruation care. Their tampons are organic, shipped sustainably, and priced for accessibility. Plus, for every month bought, they give a day pack of feminine hygiene to homeless women on our streets.


Tampon Tribe’s tampons are made of organic cotton, their applicators are plastic-free, using compostable cardboard, their wrappers are paper, and their packaging is burlap. Pat yourself on the back for a super sustainable tampon purchase if you opt for Tampon Tribe.


They also offer organic pads and menstrual cups if you’re interested!


Tampon Tribe offers organic panty liners, pads, and menstrual cups in addition to tampons. They also give you the option to not only customize your tampon box to your flow, but also create a “Mash Up” of whichever period products you use each month.


Subscriptions are available at a sliding scale of savings, allowing you to save up to 20% off with an annual subscription. In an effort to change the way schools and businesses think about and provide period care, Tampon Tribe also offers corporate options.


Not ready for a subscription? You can find Tampon Tribe on Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and the bougiest, Erewhon Markets.


Choosing Tampon Tribe means taking a stand against not only plastics, but menstrual poverty, and joining a community of women who believe in the same thing. Ultimately they are an inspiring brand, raising the bar for other sustainability-conscious brands.

What are customers saying about Cora, Rael, and Tampon Tribe period products?

With such a solid mission behind their brand, Cora’s customers feel good about purchasing their products month after month. While their tampons get great reviews, some customers aren’t the biggest fans of the applicators or pads and say they need a bit of work.

Rael’s customers find their tampons comfortable, absorbent, and have no leakage. Most customers do have an issue with the applicator and find it difficult to use. Overall, Rael’s tampons are the most affordable organic option.

Tampon Tribe wins customers over with their sustainability-first approach, and anyone who uses their tampons find them to be absorbent and easy to use. That said, some customers found that their twist applicators took some getting used to.

And get exclusive discounts!

So which organic tampon kit is right for you: Cora, Rael, or Tampon Tribe?

When you first started your period, picking a tampon brand was definitely a little easier. It was about price, the color of the box, or maybe how “active” the tampon allowed you to be. (FYI: That active stuff is a farce; don’t believe the hype.)


Today, there are more tampon brands than we can count, but organic tampon brands? They seem to be popping up more often, and for good reason. Lucky us! When it comes to picking an organic alternative, it’s important to think about three things:


  1. Your flow. How often do you get your period? Is it heavy or light?
  2. The products you use. Are you a tampon or a pad girl? Do you switch it up from day to night?
  3. Applicator preference. If you want to go the extra mile, maybe consider switching to an applicator-free tampon to save the world from a little extra single-use plastic.


With these things in mind, you can make the biggest decision of your month.


If you really care about sustainability, Tampon Tribe is the best pick. Their packaging, tampons, and applicators are all plastic-free so you can rest easy. With a tampon customizer, multiple period care options, and donations to the homeless, Tampon Tribe is a great option for taking care of your period. The one drawback? No applicator-free tampon options for those who like to keep it simple.


If you’re opting for holistic wellness, Rael offers a wide spectrum of products to cover your pre-, during, and post-period symptoms. We’d recommend Rael to those who really want a one-stop shop for everything from tampons to make up.


With chic and clean packaging, donations going to women and girls in need of period care and an education, and a solid product with customization, Cora is our #1 choice for organic tampons. They offer all the products you could ever need to manage your period and are working to modernize how we think about menstruation. Cora empowers women by confronting the taboo of bleeding once a month, and adds a little good into the world while doing it.


Have you tried Cora, Rael, Tampon Tribe, or any other organic tampon or period care brands? We’d love to know your experience in the comments below!

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About the Author

Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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Zoë Bjornson

Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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