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Review: Hims for PE (Premature Ejaculation)

Home › Wellness Reviews › Hims vs Roman vs Keeps › Hims Reviews › Hims for Premature Ejaculation In this article, we’ll review premature ejaculation options offered by forhims (Hims), including their spray and Him’s prescription pills (Sertraline, a generic

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Review: Stix Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests

Home › Wellness Reviews › Stix Pregnancy Tests Review If you’re a woman, you’ve likely either had a pregnancy scare yourself or helped a close friend in crisis. If not, you’ve definitely seen the drama play out in a TV

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Review: Is Keeps Legit for Men’s Hair Loss?

Home › Wellness Reviews › Keeps Hair Loss Review Here’s a review of Keeps by the D2C wellness team at Fin vs Fin. Keeps says they will diagnosis, prescribe and deliver men’s health medicine, but do their hair loss treatments

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Review: The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food Subscription

The Farmer’s Dog offers a line of fresh, nutritionally-balanced dog food made with human-quality ingredients that’s delivered straight to your door. It’s real, fresh dog food, formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists, balanced to meet your dog’s specific needs. I first

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GetCerebral.com for Anxiety & Depression

Review: GetCerebral.com for Anxiety & Depression

Home › Wellness Reviews › Cerebral Anxiety & Depression Treatment Review Let’s face it, anxiety and depression are common problems of the modern world – even more so right now. But traditional treatment options like seeing a mental health professional

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