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Best D2C Eye Care Startups of 2020

The Best Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Eye Care Startups Written by Tatiana Duus-Lalvani Even if you’re blessed with 20/20 vision and have no need for glasses, you may have heard of Warby Parker, a giant in the direct-to-consumer eye care world that

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Review: Hello Wisp for UTIs and Vaginal Care

If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know that the experience isn’t a pleasant one. UTIs come on suddenly and can be seriously painful, making speedy treatment an absolute must. But, going to the doctor means jumping through hoops, from

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Review: Hims for PE (Premature Ejaculation)

In this article, we’ll review premature ejaculation options offered by forhims (Hims), including their spray and Him’s prescription pills (Sertraline, a generic version of Zoloft).   Premature ejaculation – it’s not exactly a topic that comes up often in conversation.

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GetCerebral.com for Anxiety & Depression

Review: GetCerebral.com for Anxiety & Depression

Let’s face it, anxiety and depression are common problems of the modern world – even more so right now. But traditional treatment options like seeing a mental health professional haven’t always been available, easy or covered by health insurance. Even

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