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Review: Dreem 2 Smart Headband for Better Sleep

If you are like me, and not the best sleeper, then you are probably pretty excited about the Dreem 2 soon becoming available in the United States. Previously limited to Europe, India, and Hong Kong, Dreem is a French neuroscience company that’s designed a natural and non-invasive solution for sleep problems and insomnia: a smart headband that provides precise sleep analysis and active audio features, coupled with tailored sleep restructuring programs.



It’s getting rave reviews from people seeking a better night’s sleep. Below we compiled the most helpful of the reviews, and once we can get our hands on a Dreem 2, we’ll add details about our experience as well.


What is the Dreem 2?

First, let’s talk about what the Dreem 2 is for: monitoring your sleep, providing valuable sleep reports and then giving you personalized sleep coaching programs to help you get a better night’s rest.

It’s a smart headband that you wear at night while you are sleeping. The hardware has seven sensors to measure three types of signals from your brain and body while you are in bed:


  1. Brain activity via 5 electroencephalography (EEG) sensors
  2. Heart rate and oxygen saturation (heart rate monitoring via a pulse oximeter)
  3. Movements and breathing frequency via a 3D accelerometer


The band also has the ability to “silently” push sound into your brain via “bone conduction transducers.” Sounds a bit scary, but it’s really just quiet speakers that the other person in bed won’t hear. Basically, the headband makes tiny vibrations that only your inner ear can pick up. Sounds like… sound to you, but other people really can’t hear it.


Launched in Europe in April, Dreem 2 is now available in the US as a FDA-registered, Class II medical device. It provides tired folks with the tools and knowledge they need to better address their difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up too early.



How does it work?


First, the headband will analyse your sleep for the 7 first nights. Thanks to its sensors, the Dreem 2 headband will monitor your sleep very precisely:


  • 6 EEG sensors to measure brain activity which is the reference in analysing sleep. 
  • A pulse oximeter to measure your heart rate
  • An accelerometer to measure your movement while you sleep and you breathing frequency.


Dreem has released scientific publications and made clinical trials to show that the Dreem 2 device is as accurate as a polysomnograph, the tool used in sleep clinic to measure sleep.



Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Dreem headband is  that it works by itself (no wifi or bluetooth required) during the night which means there is no EMFs (electric and magnetic fields).


Is the Dreem 2 comfortable to sleep in?


Dreem has released scientific publications and made clinical trials to show that the Dreem 2 device is as accurate as a polysomnograph, the tool used in sleep clinic to measure sleep. But can you sleep with it on? The actual device is quite light (only 130 grams, basically a quarter of a pound), made of foam and other flexible materials, and has a few different ways you can adjust the size and fit for your particular head and sleep style. The reviews are coming in, and most are positive. Some people are mentioning that they find it hard to sleep on their side, while others say that they sleep totally fine with it on. We’ll update our review once we get our hands on it!



What can you do with the Dreem app?


The Dreem mobile app connects to the headband. It is an integral part of the Dreem 2 product – without it, you don’t have any way to analyze your sleep or know what to do to improve your ZZZZZs. You can see how you just slept, get weekly summaries, get the headband started on a sleep/relaxation coaching session and answer sleep questions to help tune your coaching.



Better sleep through Dreem 2 coaching

The app and smart headband collect enough data to try to offer personalized sleep coaching. Besides getting you a detailed report of your sleep, it can offer up specific sleep programs that are customizable to your schedule. There is also an advanced sleep coaching program called “Dreem’s Sleep Restructuring Program.” The program is inspired by the Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), a first-line therapy for chronic insomnia that is recommended by both the American Association of Sleep Medicine and the European Sleep Research Society. It provides you with exercises and advice to change your behaviors and habits, day after day.


Dreem 2 reviews: What folks are saying online

What do users say about the Dreem 2? Well, it’s just been registered by the FDA and thus not widely adopted in the United States yet. Looking at reviews from overseas users.



Trustpilot smart headband reviews

Summarizing the reviews on Trustpilot, we see that 76% of the reviews are great to excellent. As with any cohort, there are bound to be the disgruntled as well:

Digging in a bit more, some of the subpar reviews seem to be driven by frustration with customer service, not the actual product experience. One of the earliest users of the Dreem2 just published an in-depth review of his experience. Overall he seemed rather impressed:

One thing that comes up often is the headband’s little blue light, which apparently turns off automatically after a few minutes, but still can be too bright. Several people suggest purchasing a sticker to put over it. Other than that, this user seems pretty satisfied overall:

Finally, this person says it takes a while to get used to, but now they really like it and find it to be effective. I found this review helpful, as I worried myself that it might take me a few days to get used to wearing anything on my head all night.


long term dreem review


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So do we recommend the Dreem 2 for better sleep?


We are definitely excited to try it out ourselves! Given the popularity of Dreem’s first smart headband / app abroad, we think they must be on to something. Plus the company offers a 14 day return policy, so you can try it risk free and return it without penalty if you decide quickly it’s not for you.  If you suffer from insomnia of any kind, order your Dreem2 to give it a shot.

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