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Our Editorial Process

How we vet health and wellness brands

Our mission is to help you make the best decisions for your health and well-being. To this end, we have a team of trained editorial and medical professionals who invest hundreds of hours researching brands before publishing content. Given the sensitivity of our space, we’re careful to only recommend wellness products our team has vetted for:


  • medical credibility and efficacy
  • company reputation and trustworthiness
  • kosher business practices


Ultimately, this in-depth validation process ensures that you’ll only see recommendations for legitimate wellness products that we stand behind personally.

What makes a wellness company legit?

  • Are all health or medical claims supported by clinical trial data or other legitimate science?
  • Do they promote well-being without promoting stereotypes, stigmas, or unhealthy goals?
  • Is the brand leading the industry with fair business practices?
  • Do they hold any credible third-party certifications?
  • Have they been warned by regulators such as FDA or FTC? How did they respond?
  • Is there a critical mass of credible online testimonials from verified customers indicating efficacy?

Why trust us

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Medical Expertise

Our experienced team of licensed doctors and medical professionals review all of our content to ensure that it’s as accurate and inclusive as humanly possible.

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Always Up to Date

The world of telemedicine moves incredibly fast, so we regularly evaluate our content to make sure all data, product details, and efficacy claims remain as helpful as possible.

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Patient First

Finding information you can trust can be overwhelming. That’s why we approach everything as patients first, helping millions make smarter health-related purchases.

Integrity over profit

Consumer trust is the currency of our industry, and without it we don’t make a dime. With that in mind, we only link to products, services, and tools that we feel provide value to our readers, so if you see a link promoting a brand within our content, know that it’s one we not only heavily vetted, but also personally stand behind. 


Before we develop a direct business partnership with a brand or retailer, our medical advisory team evaluates them in-depth to ensure we only partner with organizations that:


  • are transparent about product safety, quality, and efficacy
  • don’t make unsubstantiated medical claims
  • present promising evidence of efficacy


Simply put, we do all the heavy lifting — backed by a team of medical experts — so you don’t have to, and yet still feel confident in the choices you make for your health and well-being.

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