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Review: Felixforyou.ca for Hair Loss, ED, & More

Last updated on June 22nd, 2021 at 02:32 am

Modern telemedicine has been a boon for patients across the US. Now it’s finally time for Canadians to enjoy the same benefits. You can now see a specialist MD, online, on your schedule. And if you are a good candidate, it’s you can have prescribed medications delivered, discreetly, right to your door.


Today we review a Canadian D2C telemedicine startup that’s working toward the mission of helping men access Rx medications for common problems like hair loss, ED, acne, and more. Much like Hims or Roman in the US, Felix (Felixforyou.ca) gives Canadians a way to get prescription meds online and have them delivered discreetly. Let’s take a deep look at this company and its offerings to see how it compares to similar competitors.



What Rx medications does Felix offer?



Felix’s offerings include what it calls “lifestyle meds.” The company explains that the term means medications for conditions that are not painful or life-threatening with the main goal to provide better quality of life. Felix offers well researched medicines with low risks of side effects. The following chart includes the health concerns Felix treats and the prescription medication it offers for each.


Health Concern

Medications offered by Felix

Birth Control Pills, patches, rings
Erectile Dysfunction Oral ED medication
Acne Topical cream and more to options on the way.
Hair loss Oral finasteride pill
Allergies Oral antihistamines, corticosteroid nasal sprays, antihistamine eye drops
Cold sores Topical antiviral cream, oral antiviral pills
Genital herpes Topical antiviral cream, oral antiviral pills
Premature ejaculation, HIV prevention and smoking cessation Coming soon!



How do you order prescription meds on Felix?


So you’ve decided you want to get medication delivered to your door. Here’s how getting a prescription on Felix works:


  • First, you start with paperwork, just like you would with an in-person doctor appointment. But, this time it’s online, so you don’t have to use one of those gross, waiting room pens. You create an account and profile online, and submit a virtual medical visit where you give medical history and info on your symptoms. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete. 
  • A Canadian licensed doctor will review your information within 24 hours.
  • Choose the medication you prefer from different options and generic or brand name medications. This process includes chatting back and forth with the doctor in your own timeframe, and a pharmacist is available for questions. You can pick an auto-refill schedule, which varies by the type of drug. They come in monthly, two-month or three-month increments. 
  • The doctor approves the medication and you’ll conveniently receive your medication in the mail in discreet packaging, with your script filled by an accredited Canadian Pharmacy. It’s as easy as that. (Alternately, you have the option to pick up your prescription in person at a local pharmacy.) 


If you currently have a prescription that you’d like to get through the mail instead, Felix allows you to transfer it to their service for free.


And if you no longer want to receive the medication or use the Felix service, you can easily pause or cancel your service. Sounds great so far. What’s the damage?



How much does Felix cost?




Felix health charges a flat $40 per online visit, which includes one year of medication refills. A licensed Canadian doctor reviews your visit. With the flat fee, you don’t have to bother with deductibles or copays. You simply pay an affordable flat rate. We love Felix’s commitment to pricing transparency – their prices are published on the website (if you scoot down to the FAQ section on each treatment category page, you can expand the “how much does it cost” button and they will show you the price).



What does Felix cost by condition?


Let’s break down the price by the various conditions that you can get treatment for – and the $40 doctor’s visit is in addition to these prices:


Health Condition

Felix Rx Medication Cost (Starting At)

Acne $11 per month
Allergies $40 per month
Birth Control $13 per month
Cold Sores $48 per month
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) $48 per month
Genital Herpes $48 per month
Hair Loss $45 per month


After that, you pay for the medication that’s prescribed to you. The amount will vary based on the type of drug, and you can usually choose a generic option to cut costs. Felix provides direct billing with health insurance.


Felix Overview and Review


The following chart shows you the ins and outs of how Felix’s service works.


Felix Health Review

How to order Felixforyou.ca
Where is it available? Canada (available to shipping addresses located in Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Ontario provinces)
Cost $40 for virtual medical visit + cost of medication
Health insurance or provincial health plans accepted? Direct billing with insurance provider is available; online visit is not covered but the medication may be covered depending on the plan
Delivery fee Free shipping
Health problems Acne, allergies, birth control, cold sores, erectile dysfunction, genital herpes, hair loss
Future offerings Felix plans to expand its offerings to include premature ejaculation, HIV prevention and smoking cessation; get on the mailing list to be alerted to when these are available
Licensed Canadian doctors? Yes
Accredited Canadian pharmacy? Yes
PHIPA compliant? Yes
Age limits? Birth control prescriptions limited to age 16+; other prescriptions limited to age 18+
Length of prescription auto-refill One year
How to renew You receive a renewal email after your last refill is shipped; follow the email to renew; renewal is free before the current prescription expires; after that, renewal costs $15 within 30 days, after which you would need to start over completely with a new assessment and prescription at full price

The Verdict: Is Felix Health legit for online medications?


There seem to be a lot of positives to Felix. As you can see from the chart, Felix makes it easy to order and receive lifestyle medications within specific provinces of Canada. It works with licensed doctors and accredited pharmacies to provide a quality and legal service. The company makes its processes very clear, so you know what to expect. Its offerings cover numerous lifestyle concerns, and the company plans to expand its offerings over time.


A major benefit is how affordable this option is. You pay a flat rate of $40 and then the cost of the medication. The company encourages the use of generic drugs, which come with a lower cost, have the same active ingredients and are better covered by healthcare plans, but you have the option to choose brand name drugs if you prefer them.


The Felix customer reviews on Trustpilot are overwhelmingly positive:



If you think a lifestyle med would help your quality of life, it doesn’t seem like there’s much downside to trying Felix. As long as they cover the health concern you have and you live within the company’s service area, it seems worth a shot. Nonetheless, the information in this review can help you decide if you think the service would work for you personally.


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