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ForUsAll Review – Is it a Legit 401(k) for Your Employees?

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Rating: 4.1 / 5

ForUsAll is a new 401(k) advisor founded by executives from Financial Engines, a major player in the Fortune 500 401(k) space. (Full-disclosure: I used to work there!) ForUsAll is using technology and design to attack the problem of expensive, difficult to administer retirement plans. ForUsAll was founded in 2014, and has built connections with major small business payroll providers to make plan administration easier.


ForUsAll is best suited for cost-conscious companies that already have 401(k) plan in place with over a million dollars in assets. ForUsAll’s payroll connections will make it easier to administer than many traditional providers, especially for fast growing companies. 



ForUsAll vs Traditional 401(k) Providers


ForUsAll 401(k) has several important differences from traditional small business 401(k) providers:


  • Easy payroll integration: ForUsAll saves business owners time by linking payroll with the 401(k) system, eliminating time consuming (and error prone) administrative work.
  • Ability to work with many 401(k) recordkeepers: Because ForUsAll is an advisor, not a recordkeeper, their technology platform can work with many recordkeepers, meaning most small businesses will not have to move their money to work with them.
  • Low cost funds: ForUsAll recommends low-cost, passive investment funds, meaning most companies can save money on their plan vs. their current provider’s fund lineup.  
  • Fiduciary coverage: ForUsAll will act as both investment and administrative fiduciaries (3(38) and 3(16) fiduciaries), and offers a high level of liability protection for the plan sponsor.
  • Crypto Investing – NEW FEATURE! – ForUsAll announced an exciting new feature in June of 2021 – cryptocurrency investing in partnership with Coinbase. 

ForUsAll Pricing: How much does it cost to administer a 401(k) with ForUsAll?


ForUsAll’s pricing is similar to most 401(k) advisors, only charging an advisory fee as a percent of assets in the plan. ForUsAll’s pricing depends on the amount of assets in the plan:



Plan Assets

ForUsAll Asset-Based Advisory Fee

<$5 million0.35%
$5m – $20m0.30%



All in pricing on ForUsAll is generally 0.68% – this includes recordkeeping fees, fund fees, TPA and ForUsAll’s advisory fee. This can vary depending on the recordkeeper that the company chooses to work with. If you want to see what your plan may cost with ForUsAll, use their handy cost comparison calculator.



What fiduciary protection does ForUsAll provide?


ForUsAll offers investment fiduciary coverage as a 3(38) fiduciary. This means that ForUsAll, as an advisor, is responsible, and takes legal liability for, choosing and monitoring the investment options in the plan.


ForUsAll also acts as a 3(16) fiduciary. A ERISA 3(16) fiduciary is an administrative fiduciary, and is responsible for managing the day to day operation of the plan. Most 401(k) providers do not offer this feature, and it is an important differentiator.



ForUsAll 401(k) Payroll Integrations and Connections



  • Gusto
  • ADP
  • iSolved
  • Namely
  • Paychex
  • Paycom
  • Paycor
  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll
  • Stratex
  • Trinet


Not all providers connect with the payroll systems. Payroll integration is important because administering a 401(k) can be very manual and error prone in a fast growing business. Companies sponsoring a retirement plan become legally responsible for making sure that when employees make changes in payroll they are reflected in the 401(k). For example, if an employee reduces their savings rate from 8% to 4%, or if they get a raise, the person running the plan is legally required to make sure that the correct amount of money is taken out of the employee’s paycheck and deposited into their 401(k) account in a timely fashion. There are penalties for getting this wrong, so this is a great feature.



Review of ForUsAll 401(k) Features


ForUsAll 401(k)

Client SizeSmall businesses and startups with 1 to 500 employees, including companies without any retirement assets (startup plans)
Investment OptionsLow cost, passive investment options
Low cost target date funds
No actively managed funds
All in CostOverall low cost; details below
Fiduciary Coverage3(38) Investment Fiduciary AND
3(16) Administrative Fiduciary
Payroll IntegrationYes, integrates with Gusto, ADP, iSolved, Namely, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, Intuit QuickBooks Payroll, Stratex, and Trinet
Pricing Details

Employer fees:  Depends on your recordkeeper / TPA setup. ForUsAll can often negotiate to lower these costs on your behalf.
Employee fees: 0.25% to 0.4% of assets, paid by the employees (includes advisory and fund fees)


Overall pricing averages around 0.68% of assets, some born by the company, some by the employees. Compare all-in costs across recordkeepers with their calculator

Setup Fee$0
Employee web experienceGood
HR portalGood
401(k) RecordkeeperWorks with most recordkeepers
Mobile app?

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ForUsAll Alternatives: Who are ForUsAll's leading competitors?

While ForUsAll is an innovator in small business 401(k) technology, they are far from the only band in town. Below are a few other software companies that are helping employers and advisors streamline plan administration:



Selecting the right benefits provider for your employees’ retirement savings is a big responsibility. Make sure to evaluate a few of the options above before deciding.

The Verdict: Is ForUsAll a legit 401(k) provider for small businesses?


Before founding ForUsAll, the company’s founders managed over $50 billion in retirement assets for Fortune 500 companies. Their aim is to bring high quality 401(k) plans to small and mid-sized businesses, focusing on making it easy to administer a plan, and making it easy for employees to start saving for retirement. It’s a mission-driven company that strives to help the average Americans save for retirement, even if they don’t yet have an emergency savings fund. They also publish great content, including a review of the best small business 401k providers. Check it out if you’re in the market!



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