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Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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Gennev vs Rory: Comparing Menopause Treatments for Women

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In this Article

Zoë Bjornson

This article provides an unbiased comparison of Gennev and Rory, two new telemedicine startups focused on providing quality women’s health advice and products online.


On average, 6,000 women reach menopause each day. But do you even know the first thing about what happens to the body during this phase of life?


Outside of knowing that women have hot flashes, menopause isn’t talked about much; it’s kind of a mystery to some. Surprisingly, over half of menopausal women in the US do nothing to treat their symptoms.

Image Source: Rory

During menopause, a woman starts to produce less and less estrogen, thus less eggs – and experiences quite a few unexpected symptoms. From a decreased sex drive to hair loss to mood changes to aches and pains, it’s almost like you are going through the worst PMS ever – except it lasts years, not just a few days.


Sounds fun, right?


Well, it might not always be fun but at least it can be easier. The medical community may have been slow to try to help women deal with menopause, but today, several new telemedicine startups are focused on improving women’s lives.


Gennev and Rory are not only here to help your symptoms, but they also want to help you start talking – or at least thinking! – about menopause.


Virtual healthcare is on the rise, thanks to a host of new telemedicine startups, which offers consultations with doctors and nurse practitioners via an app.

Now there are at least two more modern healthcare brands hopping on the telemedicine train to focus on menopause. With everything from podcasts to prescriptions, Gennev and Rory are not only making it easier to learn about what happens to the body during menopause but also treat symptoms.


Like other leading telemedicine startups, Gennev and Rory both take advantage of virtual consultations to allow patients to meet with a physician or nurse practitioner who will evaluate their medical history and symptoms and provide a treatment plan. Seeing as menopause can be an uncomfortable time for some, the privacy and comfort of doing all the above right at home is a big draw for many women.


If you’re looking for a way to learn about and treat menopause symptoms, you can count on Gennev and Rory to provide a modern approach for modern women. Both will take your health seriously and offer a potpourri of treatments for menopause-related symptoms. But which is better? We’ll dive deeper into each brand’s unique offering, but first….

What is telemedicine, and is it legit?

Gennev offers an online menopause assessment

Going to the doctor is never a fun experience, especially when you’ve got something kind of uncomfortable to talk about. Plus, it seems as if whenever you need to see the doctor, the waiting list puts your appointment at about…three months from now, which is probably three months too late. And of course, the only appointments that happen to be available are always in the middle of the workday!


Enter telemedicine.


But… what is it, exactly?


Telemedicine refers to the practice of meeting with and treating patients remotely, typically through a video chat. Telemedicine has actually been around since the 1950’s and was meant as a way for physicians to connect with patients who lived in remote areas.


Telemedicine allows you, as the patient, to meet with a doctor right at home, or even on the go, making it easier and faster to get the treatment you need.


Today, telemedicine is becoming more and more popular, due to its part in driving down the cost of healthcare, as well as increased physician-patient engagement.


In 2017, over 75% of hospital reported the use of telemedicine, making it more and more popular across the board. As internet and mobile technology has advanced, it’s gotten easier to provide quality medical care to patients without having to physically go to the doctor’s office.


The one tricky piece of telemedicine is if it’s legal in your state for physicians to prescribe medication. Rory and Gennev will only show physicians who are licensed to prescribe in your state, removing the hurdle for you. Currently, telehealth services are available in 47 states, covering over 99% of the U.S. population. So chances are, you’re in luck.

What treatments do Gennev and Rory offer women?

Rory and Gennev have licensed medical professionals who can meet with you online, and help you understand your symptoms and come up with medical solutions. Both companies have a slightly different approach to the solutions they might offer you to treat menopause.


For Gennev, what is available on their website is limited to over-the-counter products, such as lubricant and feminine wipes, and prescriptions are handled through your pharmacy. Rory, on the other hand, will not only provide a prescription via their doctors, but will let you purchase (and ship to you) your prescription medicines, as well as over the counter products like melatonin.


Let’s take a deeper look at how the two compare.

SmileDirectClub vs glowup. vs HiSmile: LED Teeth Whitening Treatment Comparison

Comparing Online Menopause Platforms: Gennev vs Rory

Online Assessment Before Consultation✔️✖️
Cost of Consultation$35First consultation free, then $15
Consultation Conducted byPhysician or Nurse PractitionerPhysician
Covered by InsuranceConsultation: No
Prescriptions: May Qualify
Consultation: No
Prescriptions: No
Subscription Plans✖️✔️
Hot Flashes Treatment$16.95
Starting at $20/month

Vitamin E & Black Cohosh

or Paroxetine HCL &
Venlafaxine HCL
Vaginal Dryness TreatmentStarting at $11.95Starting at $16/month
Sleep Treatment✖️Starting at $9/month
Latisse Treatment PriceBased on prescription + your insuranceStarting at $110/month
Cold SoresBased on prescription + your insuranceStarting at $14
Genital HerpesBased on prescription + your insuranceStarting at $14
Cleansing Cloths$9.95✖️
Body Wash$15.95✖️

How do Gennev and Rory approach menopause treatment?

Review of Rory for Menopause

Founded by the people behind Roman, the digital health clinic for men, Rory helps women get access to personalized healthcare using telemedicine. Rory treats everything from cold sores to hot flashes to thinning eyelashes — and we wrote an in-depth review of all their solutions here.


The first step in your journey with Rory is a video chat with one of their doctors. This will set you back just $15; however, the company often has promotions that make your first consultation free. The doctor will use this call to go over your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle to evaluate whatever condition it is you’re hoping to treat.


Two things to note about your consultation:

  1. Don’t forget your ID! To ensure your privacy, they’ll ask for your ID to confirm your identity.
  2. Since Rory requires you to have seen a physician within the last 2 years, they recommend that Rory doesn’t replace your normal doctor visits, just supplement them.


Once you’ve completed your consultation, the Rory doctor will review your information and follow up if needed. And don’t worry, it’s easy for you to follow up with Rory’s doctors online too, should you have any questions.


If prescriptions are in order (as in, if the physician thinks that it makes sense given your personal situation), the doctor will prescribe them and the medicines will be sent to you quickly and discreetly. It’s also possible to fulfill your prescriptions at your local pharmacy; however, Rory does have competitive prices so it’s quite possible that prices will be higher at your local pharmacy.


For any treatment that doesn’t require a prescription, such as melatonin, lubricant, or vitamin E & black cohosh, you can check out right away and choose your subscription plan. Rory offers monthly to quarterly subscription plans for their products and medications, AKA one less thing you have to remember.


For many women going through menopause, it can be a bit lonely. You don’t know how to talk about what’s happening to your body, you’re not sure who’s also going through the same thing, and you probably have questions. That’s why Rory has started to build a community of women who can help support you on your menopausal journey.


With Roar, their blog and Facebook group, Rory and the women who use their products are building a community of support for perimenopause, menopause and beyond.


Rory aims to educate women on what is happening to their body before, during, and after menopause and provide solutions to make these phases easier. Their simple, friendly, yet feminine branding welcomes you in and makes it less about taking another pill, and more about using modern and holistic medicine to your advantage when needed.

We love Rory’s focus on women and their holistic approach to offering medical advice, treatment options as well as an online community for women.

Review of Gennev for Menopause

Seattle-based Gennev launched in 2016 with the goal of providing information and education about women’s midlife health. To fund their business, they began selling lubricants and in January of 2019, they launched a telemedicine arm to provide healthcare to women going through menopause.


Your journey with Gennev starts with their 30-second online menopause assessment that helps determine where you are within the menopausal phases. From there, you’ll take a longer quick that will pinpoint various symptoms you might be having.


Once complete, you’ll be able to access your results in your Gennev dashboard. Your results include a summary of where you are in the menopause journey, information on how you compare to the rest of the women who have taken the survey, as well as recommendations for practitioners, products, and articles that might be useful to you.


The assessment is meant to be an additional form of personalized care provided by Gennev, and we think it gives you a little extra ownership and knowledge over what’s happening to you.

Sample Gennev Assessment Results

When it comes to managing your menopause, Gennev recently released a new offering called HealthFix. HealthFix is a monthly subscription that’ll cost you about two lattes, AKA $10 a month and comes with the following perks:

  • Unlimited access to a health coach.
  • Unlimited access to wellness programs for hot flashes, anxiety, weight management and more.
  • 10% discount on Gennev products + free shipping.
  • 1:1 Menopause Assessment analysis with a health coach.

Speaking of discounts, we have a newsletter that covers all the latest offerings. Subscribe below to stay in the loop:

If you’d like to meet directly with a doctor, you can book a consultation with one of  their staff. Gennev’s consultations will set you back $35 and you’ll either be meeting with a physician or a nurse practitioner from their team. The difference? Physicians can prescribe medications (at least the ones that don’t require lab tests or exams), but nurse practitioners cannot.


Luckily, Gennev lets you play the dating game. Scan their list of practitioners, read their bios, and select your favorite. Then, book your 15-minute video chat. Depending on if hormone therapy is right for you, you might just have a few new prescriptions to fill. 


A meaningful difference between Gennev and Rory is that Gennev doesn’t actually ship the prescriptions to you, you instead have to go to your local pharmacy. Not the end of the world, but it is something that you don’t get yet with Gennev. 


Gennev is also building a community through a forum on their website that allows women to ask questions and post answers about their experience with menopause and its symptoms.

What are people saying about Gennev and Rory?

With both companies offering a highly personalized service, your experience with Gennev or the other varies highly depending on your medical history, experience with the physician or nurse practitioner who conducts your consultation, and overall treatment of symptoms. 

When it comes to their over-the-counter products, Gennev has gotten rave reviews from a number of Amazon customers, thanking the company for their safe and effective products.

Currently, Rory products don’t have the same level of online reviews, but we’re hoping the menopausal women blogosphere comes out with som soon!

The Verdict: Which online menopause treatment platform do we recommend, Gennev or Rory?

With our lives getting busier and convenience being a real selling point for up and coming companies, telemedicine might just be the answer to a lot of our prayers.

But it’s also sure to bring up a few questions.

  • “Is it legal?”
  • “Are these people really doctors?”
  • Is my information safe?”


All are fair concerns as we enter a world where you can dial a doc in just a few minutes.

Ro, the parent company behind Rory, Roman, and Zero, aim to make “healthcare accessible, affordable, and maybe even enjoyable.” With Roman under its belt, we believe that Ro has what it takes to make Rory successful, and your menopause journey just a little bit easier. Their overall user experience and ease of purchase demystify menopause, so Rory is the winner in our court.

Gennev, though, is a great resource for learning about menopause and what happens to your body. They’ve been creating content for a few years now and we can only imagine how they’ll increase and improve their offerings. We love their singular focus on women in Menopause and applaud their efforts to make aging gracefully more comfortable and easy to obtain for women everywhere.

Have you tried either Rory or Gennev for menopause? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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About the Author

Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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Zoë Bjornson

Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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