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Geologie vs Curology vs Lumin: What’s The Best Skincare Regimen For Men?

Skin care used to be a woman’s game, and somewhat taboo for men to think about – much less discuss openly, even among friends. But the stigma has slowly faded, and not a moment too soon! After all, men need to maintain their aging skin just as much as women, and modern brands have stepped up with a range of products designed specifically for male lifestyles.


Startups like Geologie, Curology, and Lumin are leaders in an increasingly expanding market, offering convenient subscriptions that ship personalized topical formulas directly to your door at a regular cadence. This means you don’t have to meander around a store to get the cleansers, creams, and sunscreen you desperately need to maintain healthy skin. You instead can get help from the privacy of your home. This alone is a gamechanger for “tough guys” who think moisturizers are “soft” and wouldn’t be caught dead in a skincare aisle… 


But how do men choose between the emerging skincare brands? Is one better, cheaper, or faster-acting than another? We decided to do the research for you, comparing the top three brands head to head — Geologie vs Curology vs Lumin — and help you select the right regimen for your needs. Before we dive in, let’s start with some background on men’s skincare in general. 


Is daily skin care really necessary for men? 


Everyone’s reasoning might be a little different. Maybe you saw your girlfriend buy her 100th skin product and wondered if you should be using something too. Perhaps a coworker recommended a specific skin care routine after commenting on how tired you look. Or it could be that your skin started bothering you, whether from acne, oil, sensitivity or signs of aging. 


Whatever your needs, rest assured there are quality men’s skin care regimens out there that are both affordable and easy to follow. These are good for the everyday cleansing of your face’s oil, dirt and bacteria build up. Plus, you can find specialty products to target certain issues, like acne or anti-aging. It can be refreshing to see these kinds of products designed for men in an industry that usually caters to women. 


The thing is, men’s skin is actually unique from women’s. Did you know that men’s skin tends to be thicker, contains more oily sebum, and is more hydrated than women’s? You probably didn’t know women have higher skin pH as well. Those are just a few of the differences, but it further demonstrates the need to use skin care that’s truly made for you.


So, just because retail stores stock their shelves with far fewer men’s skin products than women’s does not mean you should neglect skin care altogether. You should be able to cleanse your skin and treat blemishes with the same care as women. You’ll find better choices and more convenience—and definitely higher quality products—by shopping online and buying directly from D2C brands. Many of these offer personalized formulas based on your individual needs, which are naturally better than a one-size-fits-all approach.


And one last reason men should consider daily skincare: ordering a skin care regimen that strategically bundles multiple products together, rather than leaving you to aimlessly cobble them together on your own has been proven more effective. You don’t even need to think about it—simply follow the directions to apply your delivered products. Then rest easy knowing the formulations are working together to improve your skin. Kits from Geologie, Curology and Lumin thus make it much easier to get the clearer, healthier and more youthful skin you’re striving for. 


Geologie vs curology vs lumin: which is best? 


If you’re looking for a daily skincare kit, Geologie, Lumin, and Curology are among the top brands for men. While it’s not necessarily a head to head comparison given that they offer slightly different products, here’s an overview of what each offers to give you a much better idea of what to expect from each brand: 



D2C Men’s Skincare Comparison: Geologie vs Curology vs Lumin

Skincare products offeredA personalized set of face wash, morning face cream, night cream, eye cream.A custom mix of three ingredients in a bottle of once-a-day cream that’s custom-made for your skin needsVarious products and sets for different purposes, including anti-aging, blemish correction, cleansing and moisturizing.
Personalized regimen?
Customized product formulas?
Helps with



dry or oily skin






UV protection



dry or oily skin



dry or oily skin






UV protection

Offers recurring subscription?
Price of subscriptionPricing ranges from $66 to $148 per 90-day set for different combinations of face wash, day cream, night cream and/or eye cream$19.95 per month (plus $4.95 shipping) for small custom formula
$39.90 every 2 months (free shipping) for large custom formula
Sets range from $30.60 to $85
Available a la carte?Not on the custom formula but can add other products to large custom formula subscription, including cleanser & moisturizer set, acne body wash or emergency spot patches
Trial offer?50% off with code FINVSFIN50Free 30-day trial (Just pay for shipping)Free 30-day trial (Just pay for shipping)



Review of Geologie’s skin care regimen



Geologie is made specifically for men. Start with a quick diagnostic questionnaire which the Geologie dermatologists use to recommend a personalized formulation of four products that includes:


  • face wash
  • morning face cream,
  • revitalizing night cream
  • under eye cream. 


You can specify your goals, such as acne, anti-aging and more. Geologie makes the process easy with a simplified ordering process and well-tested active ingredients. One benefit involves professionals who look at your situation and formulate a personalized regimen for you. Geologie is best for someone who  wants a simple skin care routine that’s not entirely sure how to pick it out for themselves. If you want to learn more about what’s inside their products and how they work, read our review of Geologie.



Review of curology for men



The truth is, Curology offers products to both men and women with custom formulas that take your skin into account. Their main focus is acne, yet the formulations  also help reduce signs of aging including wrinkles, skin texture and firmness. 


You’re more limited to the subscriptions with Curology, however. There’s less flexibility to purchase what you want, when you want. But, you get a personalized blend from a well-known provider, so you don’t have to figure out your own needs alone—they help you customize the process. When you choose the larger subscription, you save on shipping and can add on additional products if you can commit upfront. 



Review of lumin’s skincare for men



Lumin is another brand made just for men that incorporates more than just your skin. You can choose from a wide range of products and sets based on your goals, such as skin maintenance, anti-aging or improved shaving. To order their products, they ask for your age range and skin type to help to narrow down the product that you receive — but other than that their formulations aren’t at all personalized.


Lumin’s website requires some insight to navigate, because you can choose your own individual products or pick from one of the sets. There are so many options and combinations that it can be a bit overwhelming for dudes who don’t know where to begin. That said, their products are incredibly high quality — I’ve tried them personally — and if you know what you’re looking for, it’s no issue at all.


Thus Lumin is best for men with a tiny bit more skincare knowledge. Know you want an under-eye cream, for example? Lumin has got one of the best. The benefit with this, however, is more control over your routine. You can choose your products from many different categories and have more flexibility in terms of subscriptions vs purchasing a la carte. 


So which brand is ultimately best for you? Let’s summarize.





The Verdict: Geologie vs Ccurology vs Lumin — What’s the best skincare kit for men?


Overall, the right choice depends on your individual needs. Each brand has slightly different offerings, so look over the comparisons to see which caters best to your background and desired outcome. Geologie and Curology both help with acne, while Lumin doesn’t. Lumin’s products aren’t super personalized either — i.e. their formulations aren’t created specifically for your skin’s unique contours and condition — but their products do cater to a wider range of skin types and are super high quality — especially for anti-aging.


Source: Lumin is our top pick for anti-aging.


If you’ve noticed crows feet wrinkles (aka laugh lines) on the side of your eyes or big, tired-looking bags underneath, try Lumin, our top pick for anti-aging. We especially love their age management set which includes an anti-wrinkle pen, dark circle defense, and moisturizing balm for good measure. Plus you can try their products for free — just pay shipping and handling!


Source: Curology is our top pick for acne treatment.


If you often suffer from oily skin, Curology is your best bet for acne and pimples. Although they don’t cater specifically to men, they are the oldest of the three brands, and have developed deep expertise in fighting acne. You can even get prescription-strength formulations from their team of dermatologists. More honorable mentions for acne care are Proactiv and Apostrophe — both of which are equally strong for acne, in our opinion — but Curology’s 30 day money back guarantee makes it easy to try their products risk free.



Source: Geologie is our top pick overall


Our overall favorite skincare regimen for men is Geologie. We love that they personalize their formulations based on your goals and lifestyle. They take the science behind their active ingredients very seriously and offer lots of evidence on their site to support each. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to taking care of your skin, Geologie makes things dead simple and has products for all kinds of skin issues. The experience starts with a simple online quiz and soon enough you’ll have premium products with simple instructions delivered to your door. I’ve personally been a customer for almost a year and am very happy with the results so far! They just released a new SPF 30 sunscreen that’s been a game changer this summer. Although Geologie doesn’t offer a free trial like Lumin, you can get a 50% discount by applying the promo code FINVSFIN50 at checkout. 


So what exactly are you waiting for? Regardless of which brand speaks to you most, the hardest part is getting started. All three skin care lines offer high quality products and boast thousands of happy (male) customers. Don’t be afraid to try each brand’s trial offer to first get a feel for the products before you make the long-term commitment in how you improve your skin and life. The only way you can go wrong is to continue on without any skin care regimen whatsoever, and live to regret it in 10 years.


If you’ve tried any of these (or any other premium skincare brands for men), we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!




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