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We started this site to bring you the best in Direct to Consumer startup reviews, from men’s and women’s health to tasty snacks. We call it “DTC” for “Direct to Consumer,” and we are covering online subscriptions that can help you have happier, healthier lives. And we’ve published scores of reviews and comparisons, many of which now get a lot of readers.



We cover a few different topics in depth, and suggest you choose the one that is most interesting to you. Here are some of the topics, and descriptions of the articles that we’ve published:



Men’s Health

A number of companies are bringing over the counter and prescription medicines and products to the web. In particular, some men’s health issues are pretty difficult to talk about with your primary care doctor – and many of these conditions are not even covered by insurance. So, with the growth of telemedicine, a new world of possibilities has been opened for men suffering from problems ranging from ED to hair loss to anxiety. We’ve reviewed some of the best hair loss providers, like Hims and Keeps, the diversified telemedicine startup Roman (or Ro) and other players like online pharmacy Lemonaid. And one of our newer pieces compares the cost of Finasteride across various online providers (Finasteride is the generic version of the widely used hair loss treatment Propecia®). In that piece, we also link out to a number of important research papers that talk about how the drug works. It’s exciting to see how the direct to consumer startups are driving down the price of this medicine!


Women’s Health


Online women’s health is rapidly evolving, starting with a group of birth control providers, Hers, Nurx and the Pill Club. We break these vendor’s pricing and offerings down to make it easier for you to choose the solution that fits into your life. Who says you have to go to the doctor to get your prescription?


Beyond birth control, other startup “femtech” companies we’ve wrote about going direct to consumer include Billie and Flamingo’s women’s razors, which we compare to the well known and distributed Venus. Other startups are trying to disrupt the tampon space, and we compare Lola, Cora and Kali, three new companies on missions to improve women’s  comfort. Women’s vitamins, including the important pre-natal vitamin, are up for grabs with new entrants Ritual, Care/of and more. 


Eye and Mouth Care


Another market surprisingly ready for disruption is your eyes. Warby Parker came along well before this website, but they are one of the original DTC brands, bringing lower cost “medical” products directly to consumers via the power of the internet. Today, a few new startups are taking on the major players by offering lower cost, high quality contact lenses: Hubble, Waldo and Sightbox. And in the “mouth care” space, two startups, Quip and Goby, are battling it out to bring you lower cost electronic toothbrushes. 


More reviews on the way!


Check back soon, as we have more reviews of upstart DTC brands coming soon!

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