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Free Hair Loss Coaching

Talk to a coach to support your treatment and regrowth journey.

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What Does a Hair Loss Coach Do?

When it comes to hair loss, there are an insane number of treatments and products to consider. For many, it can be overwhelming. A little guidance, especially from a qualified expert with first-hand experience losing their hair, goes a long way!

Our coaches are licensed experts that are able to discuss your hair loss concerns and goals, make appropriate recommendations based on their lived experience, as well as offer useful resources. After an initial call to understand your situation, our coaches come up with a customized plan tailored to your lifestyle, needs, and goals to keep more hair on your head.


The best part? It’s 100% free.

Talk to someone who’s experienced:

  • alopecia (i.e. pattern hair loss)
  • thinning from hormone therapy or menopause
  • balding from chemotherapy
  • anxiety about hair fall, leading to more hair fall

Ready to prioritize hair regrowth?

Here’s how to get started (and what to expect):


Connect with one of our coaches to discuss your experience and goals.

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If you both like working together, your coach will create a customized plan for you.


You and your coach will decide how often you’d like to check-in and what progress may look like.


Together you'll clearly define goals, navigate treatment options, and stay on track for regrowth.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Loss Coaching?

Key Benefits

  • Free, confidential advice via phone or email from someone who’s tried most treatments first hand
  • Expert guidance from a licensed coach who understands how to keep you on track
  • Helpful hair loss education and recommendations, personalized to your needs and goals
  • Assistance with tracking and measuring progress to ensure you meet your regrowth goals

Are you a candidate?

Our team helps many individuals who:

  • Recently noticed your hair thinning and don’t know where to start
  • Are committed to prioritizing your hair health and need help staying accountable

If you’re curious how hair loss coaching can positively impact your life, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to supporting you!

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