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Alex Goldberg

Alex worked at three early-stage startups before starting Fin vs Fin. Covering the rise of direct-to-consumer health, his mission is to help patients access better treatments online. He's also a husband, father, and UC Berkeley grad who enjoys golf, podcasts, live music, cooking, and home improvement.

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Herman Miller Aeron Review – Is It The Best Desk Chair?

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Alex Goldberg

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Rating: 4.7 / 5

If you’re looking for a more ergonomic home office or gaming setup, you’ve probably heard of Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. It’s often cited as best in class – like the Ferrari of desk chairs – and for good reason; it has some truly innovative features that work to keep your spine aligned without forcing it into unnatural positions. The Aeron thus has the potential to make your long work-from-home days or your extended gaming sessions much more comfortable and focused, while maintaining your posture and health in the long run.


Although the Aeron chair is not cheap, proud owners often say it’s one of the best investments they’ve ever made. We all spend too much time at our desks, and back pain or poor posture is no joke. Buying an Aeron is thus an investment designed to help you stay more productive, healthy, and happy for decades. Whether you care more about design, comfort, functionality, or long-term ROI, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than the Aeron.


Of course, there are several different models of the Aeron chair available, each with its own pros, cons, price tag, and features. In this article, we’ll review what makes these different models special (and more or less expensive) and dive down to specifics to help you decide which model to go for.


I’ll also share my honest experience with the Aeron, having first admired it as a kid and waiting many years before finally getting my own as an adult. We’ll take a look at the distinctive features of each model for you to have a snapshot of what you should go for, depending on your preferences. Investing in a Herman Miller Aeron chair is a long-term decision, and we’ll help you decide if it’s worthwhile for you.




Source: Herman Miller


My Experience with the Aeron chair – is it worth it?

I will admit: my Aeron Chair is incredibly comfortable. While I had admired its aesthetic design for as long as I can remember, I was surprised with how great the Aeron feels to sit on, especially after you personalize its knobs and switches to your own specifications and liking.


It’s not just about making sure there were enough armrest or lumbar support; Herman Miller’s design team also considers physiology and movement. The result is a chair that supports my body in all the right places while remaining lightweight enough to move around easily. Here’s mine:


For instance, I like how I can lean back feeling like I might fall out at any second due to its unique design and balance point. The tilt control is one of my favorites, as it allows me to adjust as far back as I want without tipping over when reclining on my desk or getting up to stand.


One of the key features of the Aeron is its adjustable height mechanism, which allows you to sit at a variety of heights with minimal effort — perfect for people with back problems or those who work at different desks throughout the day.


The chair also has infinite tilt lock-out capability (meaning no matter how much force is applied to tilt the chair backward, it will stay locked into position). The seat is sculpted around your body so that your spine stays properly aligned while you sit.




Source: Herman Miller


Yes, the price tag is steep – but so are your health bills if you develop back complications due to poor sitting posture. We all know that sitting too much isn’t good for us – but what can we do? If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day long, then investing in an Aeron chair is probably one of the best choices you can make for your health.


The chair gives you a good run for your money, taking into account that Herman Miller has spent over 100 years obsessing over its ergonomics. This is evident in the design and construction of the chair itself – it has been endlessly refined over the years to provide maximum comfort without sacrificing performance or durability.


My Honest Aeron Chair Review

Let’s first look into some of the pros and cons you should look out for.


Aeron chair pros:

  • Highly customizable: Allows you to adjust the height, angle, and tilt of the backrest as well as the height, angle, tilt, and depth of the seat pan.
  • Height adjustable arms: Include a tilt-lock feature for the armrests (so they don’t flop down when you lean forward on them).
  • Visually appealing: It looks great! If you care about aesthetics, there are many colors to choose from (I got blue).
  • High-quality materials: The mesh fabric and cushions are made from polyurethane foam, which allows better air circulation around your body. This helps keep you cool during hot weather or if you are wearing more layers than usual in cold weather. 
  • Durable: The cushions are designed to last for many years without signs of wear and tear.
  • Protected: 12-year warranty included.

Aeron chair cons:

  • Price: Expensive one-time purchase (although not so bad when you consider it’s a lifetime investment)
  • Weight: Quite heavy to carry or transport if needed.



Source: Herman Miller


Is Herman Miller’s Aeron chair good for your back?

Yes, the Herman Miller Aeron chair was designed with back-saving lumbar support in mind. It’s fully customizable to your own individual body and preference. The chair has ergonomic features that promote a healthier posture and a more comfortable natural sitting position. It also has an adjustable tilt mechanism that allows you to change the angle of the seat to suit your comfort level.


The seat pan is contoured to keep your spine properly aligned as you sit in it, and the armrests are adjustable to support your arms at an angle that allows you to relax without slumping. The Aeron chair’s lumbar support can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences and help keep your lower back supported for long hours while you work or play.


Research shows that these features work together to create a healthier posture and reduce lower back pain. Sitting in the chair encourages good posture and promotes better workability and productivity, giving you the ability to stay focused on your work longer without having to shift around repeatedly from discomfort.




Source: Herman Miller


Which Aeron chair should you get? Classic vs Aeron Gaming vs Aeron Stool

The Aeron chairs are not created the same, given how many customization options there are. The first thing to decide is which Aeron model is best for you and your needs. I chose the classic myself, but below is an in-depth comparison of the Aeron Chair vs Aeron Stool vs Aeron Gaming to help you quickly see which chair you should get.

Aeron vs Aeron Remastered vs Aeron Gaming

Aeron ChairAeron StoolAeron Gaming Chair
Sizes availableSmall


Counter height

Bar height
Standard medium

High medium

Standard large

High large
DimensionsHeight: 3’ 2.5” – 3’ 7” Width: 2’ 2” – 2’ 4.2” Depth: 1’ 4” – 1’ 6.5”Height: 4’ 1.2” – 4’ 6.5” Width: 2’ 3” Depth: 1’ 5”Height: 3’ 5” – 3’ 9” Width: 2’ 3” – 2’ 4.2” Depth: 1’ 4.7” – 1’ 6.5”
PostureFit SL?✅✅✅
Base / Frame materialsMatte, polished, or powder-coated die-cast aluminumPowder-coated or polished die-case aluminum Height-adjustable footrestInjection-molded, glass-filled nylon
Weight40 – 43 lbs50 – 70 lbs41 – 43 lbs
Weight capacity300 – 350 lbs300 – 350 lbs350 lbs
Color options?✅ 6✅ 3❌
Starting Price$1,825$1,745$1,695
Where to buyHerman Miller Aeron ChairHerman Miller Aeron StoolHerman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair

What else does Herman Miller make?

Herman Miller is a global leader in designing and manufacturing office furniture. It was founded in 1905 and was initially known as Star Furniture Co., before D.J DE Pree and his father-in-law Herman Miller acquired it in 1923 and renamed it Herman Miller Furniture company. They later changed its name to just Herman Miller Co. The company is known for its innovative office furniture designs and for its commitment to sustainability.


The company has since grown to become one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the US with over 7,600 employees and offices worldwide and their headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan.




Source: Herman Miller


Herman Miller offers much more than just the Aeron chair. They also offer a variety of other products in the office furniture industry. These include:


  • The Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman: Designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1956. This chair is similar to the Aeron but has a few key differences, such as a recliner function and different fabric options.
  • Nelson Platform Bench: Designed by George Nelson in 1953, this bench is an elegant addition to any room that can be used as seating or storage space. It’s made from Brazilian cherry wood with black steel legs and leather upholstery available in several colors.

In addition to these products, Herman Miller also sells many other pieces of home office furniture, including desks, stools, tables, and accessories. Beyond that, they’ve expanded to all home furniture including lounge and outdoor seating, storage solutions, dining tables, and more. If you’re looking to furnish any room in your home, Herman Miller has many solutions. There are many other D2C furniture brands that can cater to any style you’re looking for.


If you’re in the market to accentuate any of these new furnishings, we’ve reviewed many other D2C home products – everything from the best cookware or smart oven to where to find the best house plants online.


How to adjust the Aeron chair

Adjusting your Aeron chair is easy. The controls are clearly labeled and intuitive to use. This guide will walk you through how to adjust the chair for maximum comfort.


There are five main adjustments available in the Aeron chair:


  • Seat Height — The height can be adjusted up or down to find the ideal position with your feet flat on the floor. To adjust, pull the lever at the base of the backrest. To increase the height, lift your weight upwards and raise the lever. To lower the height, push the lever down while seated.
  • Armrest — To change on either arm, hold the front end of the arm pad and move it to the left or right in line with the angle you desire. For support, pull up, or to slide under the desk, push down. To add or remove the cushion, pull in or out.
  • Lumbar Support — The PostureFit SL backrest provides lower back support when needed or desired, which is especially useful if you sit for long periods of time. Hold each side of the lumbar support pad and push it up or down until it’s where you need it. Then, rotate the nob forward until you feel comfortable back support.
  • Forward tilt – The tilt function offers a forward leaning or reclined position, depending on what you’re doing at the time. To tilt forward, lean back and rotate the knob under the seat forward. To recline, lean back and rotate the lever back to the fullest point. 
  • Tilt tension — To increase the tilt tension, turn the knob clockwise while seated on the chair towards the plus sign indicated beside the knob. Grasp the knob and turn it counterclockwise towards the negative sign to relieve the tilt tension. There’s a tilt lock that allows you to lock your tilt so that it does not move unintentionally when you shift around in your chair

Aeron chair alternatives: How does it compare to Herman Miller’s other ergonomic chairs?

Best Herman Miller Chairs: Aeron vs Embody vs Embody Gaming Mirra 2 vs Sayl

AeronEmbodyEmbody GamingMirra 2Sayl
Starting Price$1,825$1,845$1,795$1,345$845
Free delivery?✅✅✅✅✅
Delivers fully assembled?✅✅✅✅✅
Suggested seated comfort range4+ hours4+ hours4+ hours4+ hours4+ hours
Size options?✅ three options❌❌❌❌
Max weight capacity350 lbs300 lbs300 lbs350 lbs350 lbs
Fully adjustable options?✅✅✅✅✅
Adjustable lumbar support options?✅✅Cannot adjust lumbar support height, only curvature✅✅
12-year warranty?✅✅✅✅✅
Movement of the chairWheeled A bit heavyWheeledWheeledWheeledWheeled Agile and easy to move around

Herman Miller’s Aeron reviews: What are customers saying?

The Aeron chair gets rave reviews for comfort and support, especially from those suffering from chronic back pain. There are some, still, that don’t think the price is justified or that haven’t found the right fit for them. As you can see in one of the online reviews below, Herman Miller does their best to help you find the right chair for you, even if you are initially not fully satisfied. 




Source: Herman Miller




Source: Herman Miller




Source: Amazon


The Verdict – is the Aeron worth it?

The Aeron chair has been around for quite a while now, and its value has beaten the test of time.


It offers you multiple options for customization and personalization. You can choose from different types of arms and lumbar support to make sure that your body is supported in exactly the right way. This chair also has multiple tilt lock settings to adjust how far back you want your seat to go when reclining.


You also get a 12-year warranty upon purchase. Herman Miller will repair or replace any defective parts free of charge for over a decade after purchase – talk about reliability!


Research shows the chair improves workability and productivity, and my own experience with the Aeron definitely corroborates that. I’ve felt a lot less tired and stiff after switching to the Aeron, and for me, there’s no going back. Easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my own health.


The price is admittedly steep, but the cost per hour used can be one of your highest ROI investments if you factor in how much time you’re likely to spend sitting in it. The Aeron is easy to customize and adjust to work well for your body type and various needs throughout the week. For anyone with back pain, it’s a no brainer, and for anyone who wants to avoid future back pain, it’s also a smart move.

Herman Miller Aeron FAQ: What to know before buying

The Aeron chair starts at $1825.00. There are many refurbished/unboxed/used options online, but if you’re looking for the chair for your customizable support, we recommend buying new. There’s also the warranty to consider – should you buy outside of the website, you won’t have the ability to receive new parts free of cost or the support of their customer service.

You can order directly via the Herman Miller store, which will offer you the highest discount, or from a few other leading online furniture retailers like Amazon.

The Aeron chair comes “fully assembled” with the gas cylinder and the caster assembled. The opposite of ikea, your Aeron will come 100% ready to use without any extra work other than adjusting it to your specific body. Depending on the model and specifications you request, you may have to attach the head rest to the back of the chair and mount the PostureFit Lumbar. For most models, there’s no assembly required.

Herman Miller offers an in-depth sizing guide based on your height and weight for the best-recommended chair size for you as an online buyer who’s unable to test it out in person. I went with the medium size, and as a 5’10 male of average build, that feels like the best fit.

The Aeron chair was initially launched in 1994 and was remastered from the casters up in 2016.

Herman Miller’s chairs are pricey because they are crafted with the highest quality materials and expertly designed to give you the best possible sitting posture, as well as prevent wrist and back pain that accompanies long sitting spans. Much like a mattress that you spend 8 hours a day on, a piece of Herman Miller is a long-term investment for both your health and your body, and very much worth it in my opinion.


Not only can ergonomic desk furniture help you prevent pain and gradual injury from sitting over long periods of time – whether gaming, working, or otherwise – Herman Miller’s comes with a 12 year warranty, which means your investment can safely be amortized over that period. When you think about the cost divided by 12 years, plus the savings of future health-related costs, the high price of Herman Miller furniture starts to seem a lot more reasonable.

Have you tried the Herman Miller Aeron chair or any other of their other desk chairs? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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About the Author

Alex Goldberg

Alex worked at three early-stage startups before starting Fin vs Fin. Covering the rise of direct-to-consumer health, his mission is to help patients access better treatments online. He's also a husband, father, and UC Berkeley grad who enjoys golf, podcasts, live music, cooking, and home improvement.

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Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg

Alex worked at three early-stage startups before starting Fin vs Fin. Covering the rise of direct-to-consumer health, his mission is to help patients access better treatments online. He's also a husband, father, and UC Berkeley grad who enjoys golf, podcasts, live music, cooking, and home improvement.

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