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Jane Feddersen

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Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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Hers vs Vegamour vs Nutrafol: What’s The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women?

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In this Article

Jane Feddersen

In this article, we’ll review three best women’s hair fall prevention brands and give you all the details to select the right option for you.


Hair loss is terrifying and life-changing, especially for women.


Skeptics point out that women tend to be better hair magicians that are more adept than men at covering problem spots with unique hairstyles, extensions, and accessories. The male equivalent (think Donald Trump’s untameable comb-over) typically doesn’t fool anyone, while women often can. But we know that’s no solace to any female suddenly noticing large clumps of hair in her drain.


While male pattern baldness gets most of the attention when discussing hair loss, millions of women also suffer from it. And although few openly discuss their struggles, hair loss among females is more prevalent than you might believe. With an estimated 21 million women experiencing noticeable hair thinning each and every year, you can rest assured you’re not alone if your hair begins to fall out beyond normal levels of shedding.


So is there anything you can do about women’s hair loss? Fortunately, there are both hair loss and regrowth treatments available for women. Many products are clinically proven and FDA-approved, and affordable. The only tricky part is knowing which are legit and which to avoid.


Hers vs Vegamour vs Nutrafol are the three best products on the market for addressing and restoring your locks to full glory. Let’s take a look at how these three products stack up against each other and help you determine which is best for you.


First, a little more background on women’s hair loss


Hair loss is not the same as hair shedding. Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. It refers to the gradual or sudden loss of actively growing hair follicles on the scalp, which usually occurs due to a change in the hair growth cycle.


On average, humans shed between 50 and 100 single hairs per day. Hair shedding is a natural process in which some strands fall out while others grow in. Hair loss, however, occurs when the balance is disrupted, and hair falls out more than it grows back.


The most common type of hair loss is gradual thinning on the top of the head. While men typically notice a receding hairline, women usually see a broadening of their part.


Bald patches are another type of hair loss. They can be the size of coins and usually appear on the scalp. Before the hair falls out, your skin may become itchy or painful.


What causes hair loss in some women?


Hair loss can be caused by a set of variables, including a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors. All of the causes are characterized by a dysfunction in the hair cycle and a shortening of the anagen phase (the first phase of the hair growth cycle).


Here’s a closer look at some of the most common causes of hair loss:


Family history

A hereditary condition that occurs with aging is the most common cause of hair loss. Androgenic alopecia, male-pattern baldness, and female-pattern baldness are all names for this condition. It usually happens gradually and in predictable patterns, with women experiencing thinning hair along the crown of the scalp.


Hormonal changes

A variety of conditions, including hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems, can result in permanent or temporary hair loss.


Medications and supplements

Certain drugs, such as those used to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure, can cause hair loss.


A very stressful event

Several months after a physical or emotional shock, many people notice a general thinning of their hair. This kind of hair loss is only temporary.


Hairstyles and treatments

Excessive hairstyling, especially those that pull your hair tight such as pigtails or cornrows, can cause a more mechanical type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot-oil hair treatments and permanents are also potential culprits


In general, it’s best to consult a health professional first to diagnose the causes of your hair loss and pinpoint any underlying health conditions. Your doctor may be able to assist you in better understanding the causes of your specific situation, allowing you to target your hair loss treatment better — even if you’re not seeking prescription meds.



Hers vs Vegamour vs Nutrafol: which women’s hair loss treatment works best?


Here is a side-by-side chart of the different women’s hair loss brands to help you compare treatment options. 




Best women’s hair loss brands: Hers vs Vegamour vs Nutrafol

Hair Loss products for women Topical minoxidil
Biotin gummies
Thickening shampoo + conditioner
Topical Hair Serum
Biotin gummies
Dry shampoo
Scalp detox serum
Drug-free nutraceutical supplements 
Price $44 for complete hair kit $242 for complete hair kit $88 for 1-month supply of nutraceutical 
Recurring subscription available? :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Type of application Topical and oral Topical and oral Oral 
Clinically Tested? :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
FDA approved ingredients? :white_check_mark: :x: (Drug-free) :x:(Drug-free) 
Cruelty free? :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Hormone free? :x: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Vegan? :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :x:


Review of hers women’s hair loss treatment products


Source: Hers


Hers is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) telemedicine company that specializes in women’s health including skincare and mental health. One of its product lines focuses on hair loss in women. The products range from topical medication to gummies supplements. They are designed to reduce shedding, aid in hair regrowth, and strengthen hair. This product line is available for purchase online without a prescription and in select retailers.


Nowadays, it appears that there is a subscription box for everything, and hair loss treatments are no exception. The Starter Hair Kit by Hers is the ultimate set, and it’s a great way to get (well.. as the name suggests) started with their hair loss treatment. This set includes the following items:


  • The shampoo DHT 6.4 oz bottle
  • Biotin gummies


And The Complete Hair Kit includes everything you could possibly need to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair, and it is delivered to your door once a month on a subscription basis. It includes:


  • 2% Minoxidil Topical Solution in drop form used to encourage hair regrowth
  • Shampoo designed to thicken hair
  • Conditioner designed to strengthen, hydrate and reduce breakage
  • Biotin Gummies for daily intake to target shedding and strengthen hair


Other products you can choose from include:


  • 5% Minoxidil Foam to apply topically for hair regrowth
  • Detox Scalp Scrub (developed with JLo) for removing scalp buildup and moisturizing the scalp
  • Rapid Repair Hair Mask (developed with JLo) for deep hydration and hair repair


Three components make up Hers’ hair loss product line: Minoxidil, biotin gummies, and thickening shampoo DHT.


Minoxidil from Hers


While Hers topical treatment combines a few extra products to help you achieve great hair, the main ingredient it uses to combat hair loss is minoxidil. This active ingredient is FDA-approved and has been clinically proven to aid in hair growth for thousands of women. You have the option of using the 2% dropper or the 5% foam treatment, which is stronger and easier to apply. Most women start seeing results within three to six months of diligent daily application.


Fyi, Minoxidil is the same ingredient found in the well-known and popular Rogaine hair loss topical treatment, but Hers offers it at a lower price. Read our full review of Hers to compare Hers minoxidil vs Rogaine for women. It is a non-prescription medication that has been extensively researched and clinically proven to strengthen hair, reduce hair loss, and stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is intended to treat female pattern hair loss, but as Hers points out, it can also be used to treat hair loss caused by genetics, menopause, aging, and other factors.



But how exactly does minoxidil promote hair growth? To put it simply, this topical solution acts as a vasodilator. This means that it promotes blood flow by dilating blood vessels — in this case, on the thinning hair scalp.


It interacts with specific protein enzymes on the scalp during various hair growth phases, promoting natural regrowth by kicking them off.


It is non-hormonal, which means it does not interact with hormones like other hair care products do, minimizing hormonal imbalance, which risks further damage. 



Biotin gummies from Hers


Biotin gummies, which contain biotin as well as vitamins B12, B6, D, and Folic acid, are another hair strengthening product offered by Hers. These are more or less the nutrients required by the body to support hair growth and health. The multivitamins are designed to help with hair issues such as over-processing, shedding, brittle texture, and split ends.


Biotin is not produced by the body naturally and must be obtained through food or supplementation. In fact, a lack of biotin can cause symptoms such as you guessed it: hair thinning and loss.


Review of Hers thickening shampoo


Hers also includes a thickening shampoo that is designed to reduce shedding while also strengthening and moisturizing the hair. This shampoo, according to Hers, removes excess sebum, which is an oily, waxy substance produced by the body. Too much causes hair loss and shedding by shrinking hair follicles.


Saw palmetto is another active ingredient in the shampoo. It has been shown to reduce DHT levels. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a sex hormone that is thought to play a role in pattern baldness. Too much of it can disrupt the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair thinning and loss.



Review of Vegamour for women’s hair loss


Source: Vegamour 


If you think drug-free is the way to be, Vegamour might be your best bet to thicken or regrow hair. Vegamour offers plant-based, hormone-free vegan options like its GRO and GRO+ line of all-natural supplements and topical serums.


What’s interesting about this well-known hair care company is that it doesn’t consider itself to be just a hair styling brand. It prioritizes overall hair health and growth. This is reflected in the brand’s slogan, “Not hair care, hair wellness.”


Vegamour takes pride in using only vegan ingredients in its products, which it claims give your hair the best chance of healthy growth. These include:


  • GRO Hair Serum
  • GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum
  • GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit
  • GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum
  • GRO+ Advanced Scalp Detoxifying Serum
  • GRO Hair Foam 
  • GRO+ Advanced Hair Foam
  • GRO Dry Shampoo
  • GRO+ Advanced Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit
  • GRO Biotin Gummies


You can pick products a la carte or choose kits and packs to save by buying in bulk. If you don’t know where to start, The GRO Complete Kit includes the entire GRO product line, along with two bottles of biotin gummies. Many Vegamour customers claim to see results in just 3 months, and according to the brand, the formulas are designed to work together to create “the optimal ecosystem for healthy, abundant hair.”




What are Vegamour’s active ingredients?


Vegamour’s active ingredients for hair loss are “sustainably harvested, organic plant actives that have been clinically shown to help improve visible hair growth, help reduce fallout and repair follicle damage while protecting the hair from external aggressors.”


Karmatin, a protein used to replace keratin in the hair, is its “hero ingredient.” It claims that its Karmatin is more effective than keratin found in other hair care products because keratin rinses out of the hair, whereas Karmatin bonds to it and repairs, nourishes, and protects it.



Vegamour’s grow+ advanced hair serum


Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum is a plant-based hair treatment that promotes new hair growth, strengthens hair, and improves follicle health. It contains some of the same phytoactive ingredients as the brand’s best-selling GRO hair serum, as well as full-spectrum CBD in the form of hemp oil, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the scalp. Hemp oil can also improve blood circulation, resulting in healthier hair follicles and greater growth potential.


Because it combines phyto-actives and CBD, which strengthen roots and increase hair density and thickness, Vegamour’s GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum can rebalance the hair growth cycle and reduce the appearance of shedding.



Vegamour’s gro dry shampoo


Vegamour’s plant-based dry shampoo is an excellent choice for those who want healthy hair but are constantly on the go. As many of you are aware, dry shampoos can be used in place of regular shampoos due to active ingredients that absorb oils and sweat from the hair.


Gro Dry Shampoo, unlike most alternatives, employs a scalp-balancing and volumizing formula that provides the benefits of regular shampoo without the use of water. Like all of Vegamour’s hair supplement products, this product helps increase hair density by up to 50% and reduces hair loss by up to 76%.


Vegamour recommends using their dry shampoo in conjunction with their serums for added support. This is an excellent option for people who don’t have time to rinse their hair every day.



Review of Nutrafol women’s hair loss treatment products


Source: Nutrafol 


Nutrafol was founded to bring safe, effective natural products to the market. Nutrafol’s purpose is to balance stress and androgen hormones, neutralize free radicals, and fight inflammatory molecules that alter hair growth. In other words, it counteracts many critical factors (such as stress and inflammation) that cause hair to thin, while also providing a more fertile environment for hair growth.


To begin the shopping process, you can take Nutrafol’s Hair Wellness Evaluation which creates a customized recommendation for your hair’s needs. The main product offering is Nutrafol Women, while the brand also has specific options for postpartum and menopausal women. The supplement comes in a month’s supply of 120 pills, instructing you to take four pills per day with a glass of water. 


You can purchase Nutrafol a la carte through its website or Amazon, but you can also opt for their recurring subscription for the most significant savings. A monthly subscription also grants you access to:


  • One-on-one consultations with Nutrafol’s team of naturopathic doctors
  • The ability to purchase Targeted Boosters on a one-off basis
  • A personalized GrowthPlan



What are the active ingredients in Nutrafol for women?


Nutrafol’s patented Synergen Complex contains proven phyto active ingredients in a formula designed to combat the underlying causes of hair loss. It targets nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, stress, metabolism, and environmental factors. It has produced results in as little as one to six months.


The Synergen Complex includes a proprietary blend of 21 ingredients. The ones the brand focuses on are:


  • Sensoril ashwagandha: A centuries-old medicinal herb that is wild-harvested in India for Nutrafol. It has over 6000 benefits for treating various conditions such as stress reduction, anti-inflammatory, and hair follicle stimulants.
  • Tocotrienol complex: They are components of vitamin E chemicals that aid in the fight against free radicals. They help to reduce the inflammation that causes hair thinning. By protecting the hair follicles, this ingredient promotes healthy hair growth and density.
  • Marine collagen: An antioxidant derived from North Atlantic cod promotes hair health and growth. Collagen contains amino acids and proteins that contribute to the formation of keratin, the main component of your hair.


While there’s not a ton of published science nor clinical trial data on these ingredients, nutrafol is widely adopted hair loss remedy, and thousands of women claim it helped them regrow their hair. While these claims should clearly be taken with a grain of salt, it’s hard to outright deny the legitimacy of a chorus of happy customers.



Customer reviews: what are customers saying about Hers vs Vegamour vs Nutrafol?



Hers’ customer reviews 


Hers’ individual products have mostly positive reviews. Many customers swear by the efficacy and quick results of the products that they have been using. 




Vegamour’s reviews 


Customers who use Vegamour’s serums and shampoos tend to be pretty ecstatic about them. While no product works for everyone,  Vegamour boasts thousands of five-star reviews, with customers claiming that their hair has never been so long nor healthy.



Nutrafol’s reviews 


Customers reviews of Nutrafol are a bit more mixed, with proponents saying you just have to wait to see results (up to 6 months), but that the patience pays off in the form of  significant regrowth. Others believe it is worthwhile to pay the price.



The Verdict: Which is the best women’s hair fall treatment brand — Hers, Vegamour, or Nutrafol?


Whether caused by ageing, hormone imbalances, stress, or other health conditions, hair loss can be stressful and frustrating. Finding an effective treatment among all the options can also be challenging.


All products claim to combat thinning hair, but the results are frequently disappointing or marred by unwanted side effects. As a result, we made sure to only review brands that provide clinically proven and scientifically supported products.


Hers vs Vegamour vs Nutrafol all contain ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to help with problems associated with female hair loss. You need not choose only one, and they may all be worth a shot to see if they work for you.


But hair loss products aren’t super cheap, so assuming you — like most people — only want to shell out for one, here are a few considerations that may assist you in making the best decision.


All three brands require diligent application everyday to see results, so it makes sense to choose a product that’s convenient for you to apply so that you’ll actually be able to stick to it. Thus the first decision is whether you’d prefer a topical or oral treatment. While they all have oral options, you can choose only to use Hers or Vegamour’s topical solutions. If you’re keen on a topical solution, you can rule out Nutrafol.


The best choice for minoxidil…


If you’re looking for clinically proven, FDA-approved minoxidil to help you fight hair loss, Hers is the way to go. This is a popular choice for both men and women, and it has a long track record of success.


Hers is also an excellent choice because, in addition to the minoxidil treatment, you can incorporate a variety of other proven products into your routine, such as shampoo, conditioner, biotin supplements, and others. Conveniently, Hers is also the most cost-effective option. However, keep in mind that the complete hair kit does not include all of the products, so the price will rise if you add more to your monthly routine. Hers also allows you to subscribe to your ongoing products, eliminating the need to request refills on a regular basis. Overall, they are our favorite hair loss brand for women. 


The best all-natural hair loss treatment…


Vegamour Gro+ is a well-formulated, protein-rich formula ideal for anyone suffering from stress or hormone-related hair loss.


Because Vegamour Gro+ is a plant-based formula free of harsh chemicals and synthetic additives, it is an excellent choice for those who have sensitive scalps or prefer a natural alopecia treatment with reduced risk of side effects. 


Vegamour or Nutrafol are both solid choices if you’d prefer to go the drug-free route instead of using minoxidil. Both offer plant-based supplements. When you compare these head-to-head, Vegamour is better, however, if you want a variety of hair care products to add to your supplement routine. It’s worth considering that the full hair kit from Vegamour is much more expensive though. 


Nutrafol doesn’t offer extreme hair care products but it has a targeted proprietary blend of natural ingredients that go beyond the simple biotin gummies the other brands offer to balance your hormones and grow your hair simultaneously.



Combining hair loss solutions — does it work?


Another option is to mix and match different brands to increase your chances of curbing hair loss from all angles. You can order products a la carte and from different brands if you prefer. You could, for example, order the minoxidil from Hers in addition to the nutraceuticals from Nutrafol. Each brand has slightly different offerings, so consider your type of hair loss as well as your preferences.


Overall, whether you add offerings from another brand or not, we recommend trying Hers. Minoxidil is the MOST tried-and-true treatment for hair loss that should be included in your hair-improvement routine, so we urge you to start there if you’re still completely undecided.


Which brand most appeals to you and which one are you willing to try? Let’s know in the comments below. 


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About the Author

Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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Jane Feddersen

Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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