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Chase Stevens

Review: Hims Hair Loss for Men — Is it Legit?

Last updated on October 15th, 2020 at 08:23 pm

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Here’s our review of popular men’s healthcare startup Hims. How does hair loss, erectile dysfunction and other subscription medicine through Hims compare to what you get from your local pharmacy or primary care physician? What does it cost? What is it like to have a “virtual” doctor’s visit with a licensed medical provider on the Hims platform? Find out more by reading on!




What exactly does Hims offer?

As you can probably guess from the name, Hims focuses on male “problems,” and offers treatments in the following areas:


  1. Hair Loss

  2. Erectile-dysfunction (ED)

  3. Skin care

  4. Anxiety


They also offer different types of adult gummy vitamins that will remind you of childhood. Yummy!


Is Hims right for you?

Hims is a telehealth company connecting you to prescriptions and medical providers all in a single, quirky website with access to discreetly delivered prescription medication.


They are pioneering the future of healthcare, with discreetly delivered prescription medicine for a low monthly cost. In this article, we’ll review their offerings and discuss the different medicines they offer for men. Let’s dive in!


Hims Hair Loss Pricing and Packages


What does a hims hair loss subscription cost? Hims offers both prescription and non-prescription hair loss treatment products. All products can be purchased as a 3, 6, or one year subscription that can be adjusted at any time. Finasteride (prescription medication) takes about 3 months to really show results so the minimum subscription is for a 3-month supply. One cool thing is they offer a 90-day money back guarantee** so if you are not happy with results after 3 months, you can get a full refund for your treatment. They also allow you to save if you’re able to pay upfront for a larger subscription window. For as low as $22/month you can get treatment delivered to your door. 


Hims Hair Loss Subscription


Finasteride + Minoxidil










*Cancel anytime

**Full refund of price paid available for first 90 days’ supply. Refund request must be made between 90 and 180 days after product shipment delivered.

***Prescription products require an online consultation with a healthcare provider who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. Restrictions apply. See website for details and important safety information.





Hims vs a traditional doctors


This is actually a pretty good question – why not just go to  your regular doctor and get your medicines at the local pharmacy? What’s the advantage of going with Hims over your doctor’s office? We break it down to help you visualize in this chart.


Why get hair loss meds from Hims vs your regular doctor?


Traditional doctor’s office


You can get started with Hims with a FREE online consultation (with a real medical provider!)  and free shipping on meds delivered to your door, if approved

Unless you have amazing health insurance, your physician’s visit copay is likely going to be way over that! 


You can get a visit with a real, licensed medical provider and if prescribed, get meds delivered directly to your house – all without leaving your couch.

Unless you have endless free time, setting up a doctor’s appointment, hanging out in the doctor’s office lounge, waiting in line at the pharmacy every month… this is all a waste of time. Doing the whole process online is really a huge time saver.


Hims offers a 90-day money back guarantee* so if you are not happy with your results after using Finasteride for 90 days, you can email them for a full refund. You can read more here, but that’s pretty awesome!

There has been a lot of disturbing press recently over the quality of generic medicines manufactured overseas – do a quick Google search to see what we mean.


So many options! For prescription meds, you can choose to have them shipped every 3, 6 or 12 months. Non-prescription products can also be shipped on a monthly cadence. You can adjust your subscription at any time.

These are medicines you have to take regularly. If you get them from your local pharmacy, you’ll have to go back whenever you need more and end up spending a lot of time waiting in line.


It’s all done online. Don’t avoid getting help because of embarrassment; getting this done online is very low stress and packages are shipped discreetly to your door. 

I’m sure we all aspire to have a totally open relationship with our primary care doctors, but the truth is that it’s embarrassing to talk about some of these problems and not always clear when/how to even ask.

*Full refund of price paid available for first 90 days’ supply. Refund request must be made between 90 and 180 days after product shipment delivered.



How does Hims work?


The steps to get hair loss treatment is simple. You’ll have to fill out a simple patient intake form which is assessed by a medical professional. If you are a good fit for finasteride, they can write you a prescription and it will be quickly shipped to your home. Here is a bit more about what the online visit is like for hair loss meds:


  1. Answer questions about your condition

  2. Register on the site

  3. Answer a series of simple medical questions about your health and conditions – make sure you answer everything as honestly as you can. It’s way less embarrassing entering this info into an online for vs. actually talking in person to a doctor about it! And what the company is trying to do is give the medical provider the information that they need to understand if your hair loss may be caused by a more serious health condition.

  4. Send your first message to a real medical professional

  5. Choose the treatment and subscription option you’re interested in.

  6. Take some photos of your ID to prove to the medical provider that you are who you say you are. You’ll also have to take photos of your head from various angles so they can properly assess your situation. If appropriate, you’ll be shipped legitimate prescription medication, so it’s important they can verify your identity!

  7. Enter your payment details.

  8. Then the medical provider will review your information, and if the treatment makes sense for you, they will get the shipment processed and out to you.


That’s it. Super easy!



Hims Reviews: What are men saying about Hims online?


There are a lot of reviews about Hims products, and you can check out what users have to say about their experiences here. Here’s a snippet from their website of customer reviews and before/after results:



Overall, Hims offers one of the easiest way to get prescription meds for hair loss. Their treatments are FDA approved, and effective for most men. We love their cheeky branding and their approach to virtual care that saves you a lot of time and increases access to treatment. Give them a try today and take advantage of their 90-day money back guarantee!



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