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Chase Stevens

Review: Hims for PE (Premature Ejaculation)

Last updated on January 6th, 2021 at 08:08 am

In this article, we’ll review premature ejaculation options offered by forhims (Hims), including their spray and Him’s prescription pills (Sertraline, a generic version of Zoloft).


Premature ejaculation – it’s not exactly a topic that comes up often in conversation. In fact, among men who struggle with PE, only around  9% of them talk about it with their doctors. 


We get it: challenges in the bedroom aren’t the most fun to discuss with others. But, with the range of effective, accessible PE treatments out there today, most otherwise healthy men can find scientifically valid ways to treat premature ejaculation and can find help “lasting longer” in just a few clicks. No more suffering in silence, wondering what you are doing wrong or worrying about what your partner is thinking about you.


Hims is a popular direct-to-consumer platform for mens’ healthcare needs, including sexual health prescriptions and products. They are a pioneer in offering online telemedicine — real doctor visits online, without the hassle of going in person to talk with someone about an embarrassing male “problem.” Hims offers real medical advice, gets you real prescriptions and ships real drugs right to your house. In fact, the the Hims PE treatment can be shipped right to your door! This platform makes PE treatment easy and discreet, but is it actually effective for better times in the bedroom?


Let’s find out!

But first: what causes premature ejaculation, anyway?


There’s a huge range of potential causes for PE. According to the Foundation of the American Urological Association, emotional influences may have a significant impact on PE and ejaculation in general. Here are a handful of emotional concerns that can spur PE:


  • Relationship concerns or problems
  • Stress
  • Guilt
  • Performance anxiety or a lack of confidence
  • Depression


Additionally, your unique brain chemistry could be a factor in premature ejaculation. Research suggests that those who naturally have less chemical serotonin tend to ejaculate quicker. We’ll talk later in this review about a drug Hims may prescribe to combat this serotonin issue. But, keep in mind that the medical professionals themselves often can’t pinpoint the the exact causes of PE. So, rather than trying to hone in on a specific trigger, try adopting a well-rounded treatment plan.



What’s “normal” when it comes to sexual stamina & ejaculation?


The NHS reported a  study of 500 couples from five different countries. In this study, the average time before the man ejaculated during sex was about 5 ½ minutes. Additionally, a  2008 study of sex therapists’ perceptions of ejaculation in the U.S. and Canada revealed that sex therapists view:


  • 3 to 7 minutes as adequate
  • 7 to 13 minutes as desirable
  • 1 to 2 minutes as too short
  • 10 to 30 minutes as too long


From these studies, we’d say that 3 to 7 minutes is the time that most men take to ejaculate during sex. While these numbers can be helpful for perspective, remember that sex is entirely individual. You and your partner get to decide what’s “normal”! And what you want – which may vary depending on your moods, the time of day, what’s on TV, etc.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction: how are they related?


Some men experience both PE and erectile dysfunction, or ED. ED is the condition with which a man is unable to get or keep an adequate erection for sexual intercourse. Many men experience occasional ED, most commonly when stress levels are running high. For others, ED is a frequent occurrence that requires professional help and medical advice (Hims was first really known for their erectile dysfunction treatments – and you can read our review of a popular chewable here).


It can be tricky to differentiate between PE and ED. If you think that you may be experiencing one or both of these conditions, it’s important to closely monitor and record your symptoms to relay to your doctor. And the doctors available at For Hims are able to answer questions about how these two conditions intersect. Your doctor or your Hims physician can probably help you find a treatment plan to address one or both of the conditions. 


We get it – talking to your doctor about bedroom troubles isn’t exactly a pleasant task. But, talking to your doctor ASAP when you’re experiencing symptoms of PE and/or ED will make your life easier down the line. Plus, with a treatment plan in place, you can stop worrying about your performance and get to the good stuff. And, as we’ll get to in a moment, companies like Hims take the embarrassment out of sharing your premature ejaculation health information and condition with a doctor.

What types of treatment are available for PE?

Here are today’s main treatment types for premature ejaculation:


1) Herbal remedies


Some people believe that Ayurvedic herbal medicine and Chinese herbal medicine have helped some men manage PE. Kaunch beej, yauvanamrit vati, and kamini vidrawan ras and Ayurvedic medicines that can be taken in pill form twice per day for PE symptoms. Chinese herbal medicines including Qilin pills and Yimusake tablets may also help men with PE.


It’s really hard to understand if these types of “natural” remedies actually help men last longer in bed. Unlike the drugs offered by Hims, we don’t see a ton of real clinical research suggesting that these herbs actually work. And, it’s not always clear that the supplement suppliers have the same level of manufacturing quality and precision that FDA approved medicine manufactures have. After all, we are talking about your (and your penis’) health.


2) Diet & Nutritional changes


Adding more zinc and magnesium to your diet may help lower the effects of PE. These nutrients have been shown to boost the time it takes men to climax, and they’re easy to add to your diet. Here are some foods that are high in zinc and magnesium:


    • Yogurt
    • Almonds
    • Spinach
    • Garlic
    • Chickpeas
    • Dark chocolate
    • Beef 
    • Lamb 


3) Prescription oral medications (pills)


There are several premature ejaculation medications that are available as a pill. These medications work by using SSRIs, or selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. By managing the release of serotonin in the brain, prescription pills for premature ejaculation may help you keep an erection for longer. 


PE medications are generally prescribed as once-daily pills. But, you can also find pills that are designed to be taken as needed. Either way, these medications need to be taken consistently to be effective in easing your symptoms. We’ll get to Him’s prescription premature ejaculation pills in a moment.



4) Topical PE medications


Topical medications for PE come in the form of creams and sprays. These medications work by lowering sensation to stave off climax for a few minutes. Sometimes they are called “penis numbing creams.” By slightly dulling the sensation of sex, they can make everything slightly less stimulations and therefor your may last longer. These medications should typically be used 10 to 15 minutes before you have sex and are a convenient, accessible way to treat PE for many men. (We’ve also reviewed a popular topical medicine sold as a wipe by Roman- check our our Roman Swipes review). Hims offers a spray that we’ll review in a bit.



5) Physical techniques


Exercises and physical techniques can help men struggling with PE. These mainly include exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, as well as techniques for orgasm control (more commonly known as “edging”). Simply practicing contractions of the pelvic floor a few times per day can help you say goodbye to PE for good. 

You can identify the pelvic floor muscles as the ones that you use to stop peeing mid-stream. Contract these muscles for three seconds, then release. Repeat this several times daily, and remember to breathe as you contract!

Reviewing Hims for PE vs the competition: What does Hims offer men who want to last longer?

Curious if Hims’ topical PE treatments are legit? Compare Hims to other over the counter premature ejaculation medicines that don’t require a prescription:



Topical PE Treatments: Hims Spray vs Roman Swipes vs Promescent

Prescription required?NoNoNo
Cost$29 (.18 fl oz)$41.95 (.18 fl oz)$22 (8 wipes, monthly plan)
Active ingredientLidocaineLidocaineBenzocaine
Application MethodSpraySpray Wet wipe

When it comes to prescription PE meds, other companies like Roman and Lemonaid offer similar drugs. Use this handy chart to compare Hims’ prescription PE meds to other premature ejaculation Rx medicines available online.



Comparing Rx PE meds Online (Sertraline and other  SSRIs)

Prescription required?YesYesYes
Doctor’s Visit CostFreeFree$25
Cost of Rx Meds$29/ Month$19 / Month$90 for 3 Months
Medicine Offered


 (generic Zoloft)


(generic Zoloft)

Various SSRIs

(Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors)


How does ordering PE meds from Hims work?

Source: Hims Sertraline for PE

Hims is a D2C telemedicine company that offers prescriptions for a range of health concerns. Their philosophy is that men should put time and energy into caring for themselves — self-care isn’t just for women! Sexual health, hair care, skin care, and supplements are some of Hims’ main offerings, with new mental health and primary care services having just hit the platform. 


When you sign up for Hims, you’ll be asked questions about your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle. You’ll also need a credit card and government-issued ID to complete your profile. Then, you’ll be directed to a licensed physician in your state to begin your diagnosis. You’ll discuss treatment options with your physician so that you can find the right solution for your health concerns. 

The online physician visit is often as simple as filling out a form online. You’ll want to be very honest and upfront while answering questions in the form, as the doctor will use these to evaluate you. In most states, you don’t actually have to talk to the doctor – so no telephone calls, no video conferences. They may follow up with a few chat questions that Hims will ping you about over email and you log into their site to answer, but there is no embarrassing “talk” with the doctor, no need to schedule an appointment. You can do it all right from your couch, when it’s right for you.


This first online visit is free, and shipping your prescription is usually free as well! And having done some of their online doctor’s visits, we can honestly say that the Hims telemedicine system is awesome. Hims’ doctor visits get a very solid review from us. If you’re determined eligible for treatment, the doctor with prescribe you medications virtually, and they’ll be shipped to your door at the cadence you specify.

PE Treatments From Hims


1) Premature Ejaculation Spray


In studies, Hims’ Premature Ejaculation Spray helped men last 64% longer – that’s significant and, for many men, can make a major difference in your love life. 


The Hims “PEJ spray” is formulated with lidocaine to adjust the sensitivity in your private parts. Without causing too much numbness, it helps you manage stimulation and hold off on your orgasm until the time is right.


Hims’ PE spray is absorbed entirely by the skin, meaning that you get the full effects of the lidocaine without passing it onto your partner. Simply put, this quick-absorbing spray keeps everyone happy with a highly-effective formula. 




How do you use Hims PE spray?


Use this spray on the most sensitive parts of the penis about five to ten minutes before you have sex. Rub the spray in the area that you want to numb. Instead of numbing all of the penis, it’ll stay where you spray it. This gives you complete control over your PE treatment; you can decide which parts you want to numb so you can last longer. Oh yeah, and then after 10 to 15 minutes you can start your sexual activity!



2) Sertraline for Premature Ejaculation


Sertraline is the generic version of Zoloft. It’s a prescription medication in tablet form that can help men hold onto an erection for longer. You can take sertraline daily or on an as-needed basis, making it a convenient choice of PE medication. If the spray just isn’t your style, Sertraline can get the job done – but you will need to complete an online visit with a Hims physician, given that it’s a prescription medication. 


Is Him's premature ejaculation medicine legit?

The medicines offered by Hims are generally well accepted as legitimate options for delaying ejaculation. Their spray’s active ingredient is lidocaine, which is know to work for many men. The prescription product pill is Sertraline, which is a well understood SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor). Sertraline is FDA approved to treat depression and some other anxiety disorders, but is prescribed “off label” for managing premature ejaculation. You doctor will come up with a treatment plan for you if you are prescribed Sertraline, which they will either have you take everyday OR four to eight hours before you expect to have sex on the days when you want to get it on.


There are possible side effects to Sertraline. And it is NOT recommended that you drink alcohol while taking it. Some of the common side effects are digestive issues like nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea or indigestion. Others include increased sweating, a tremor, agitation, changes in sleep habits, feeling tired and anxiety. There are also some more serious, but uncommon, side effects that the Hims doctor will tell you about.

Hims PE Reviews: What are Hims customers saying?

The Good

Source: Product Hunt

Source: Product Hunt

Source: TrustPilot

The Not-So-Good

Source: TrustPilot


One of the main complaints with Hims involves the prescription medications. Since your prescription will limit the number of pills that you can get per month, some men may run out before the month is up. You can combat this by getting the daily doses of Sertraline, if that’s what works for your busy-bunny lifestyle (and if your doctor thinks it is safe).

The Verdict: Should you try Hims for PE?

For premature ejaculation treatment, Hims pulls ahead of the pack in a few different ways. For one, their lidocaine spray for PE is one of the most affordable around, and it’s designed with common concerns in mind: it only numbs where you spray it, and it won’t numb your partner. Hims is also exceptionally convenient — shipping is free, and so is an initial doctor consultation. If you opt for your lidocaine spray, you can just skip the consultation and purchase the treatment.


If you’re on the hunt for a spray, Hims topical aerosol for PE is superior to alternatives in terms of price, quality, and convenience. Especially in combination with at-home exercises and a healthy diet, Hims for PE could put you on the path to better, more enjoyable sex for both you and your partner.  At the very least, it’s a smart starting  place before jumping into Rx meds.


That said, if you are looking for prescription options, their online telemedicine visit is free, super simple and gets you evaluated for PE treatment that’s generally quite safe and likely to work. The  benefit of Sertraline  (vs a topical ointment or spray) is that it can be used both on a daily basis, so you are ready whenever your partner is, or can be taken as a one-off four to eight hours before sex. It’s up to you (and the doctor that you get for free through Hims). Give Hims’ PE treatments a shot today and let us know in the comments below if it helps you have more satisfying sex 🍆



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