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Review: Hims Hair Loss and ED Subscription for Men

An unbiased review of men’s healthcare startup Hims. How does Hims hair loss, erectile dysfunction and other subscription medicine compare to what you get from your local pharmacy? What does it cost? What is it like to have a “virtual” doctor’s visit with a Hims physician? Find out more by reading on!

Is Hims right for you?

Hims is an online store/pharmacy and doctor’s office all smooshed into a single, quirky and crass website. With pictures of phallic looking cacti and happy-looking twenty and thirty something men, you could think you’d accidentally visited a website for a gay bar. But, no joke about it, Hims is part of the future of healthcare, delivering prescription medicine to your home for a low cost. Hims offers help with four types of male problems:
  1. Hair Loss
  2. Erectile-dysfunction (ED)
  3. Skin care
  4. Anxiety
They also offer different types of adult gummy vitamins, which may or may not actually provide any medical benefit. But they are yummy.



What does Hims packaging look like?


One of the key reasons to choose Hims is the convince of getting your medicine delivered directly to your home, without having to go to a pharmacy. But, some men may not want to telegraph to the world that they are using hair loss medicine (hey, we aren’t judging, we’re into it too!). So, here us opening a package so you can see what the mailing looks like, and you can get a peek into the contents of the “Complete Hair Loss Kit.”



Hims Hair loss Unboxing Video


Hims Minoxidil
hims complete

How to get a hair loss prescription from Hims

Ready to try to keep your hair by using Hims hair loss treatments? You've got a few different options, which we will outline below. But, first, you'll need to visit the site:

The basic process is that you’ll fill out some forms, which will enable you to virtually “meet” with a doctor. The doctor will likely approve you for a Finasteride prescription. Then, you’ll have to pick the subscription package that you want – just the Finasteride, or Finasteride and Minoxidil, or the whole enchilada, which includes special shampoo and vitamins.


Here are the steps to get a hair loss prescription:


  1. Select your package, such as the Finasteride only package, or the Complete Hair Loss Kit”
  2. Enter a promo code, if you have one
  3. Provide contact info, such as name and email address
  4. Enter birth date, then your name and address
    • You can also get text updates on your order status, which is pretty cool
  5. Enter payment information – which is slightly nerve racking, since you haven’t yet gotten medical approval.
    • But, it does say: “Your order will be processed immediately and products will be shipped after medical review”
  6. Asks for your gender – pretty easy question for me!
  7. Long telemedicine consent form – Next, you have a long consent form, where you agree to receive telemedicine. The form wants to make it clear that you have to pay for the service.
    1. Further, I understand and agree that I must pay the full amount of the costs associated with this telemedicine service, including any prescription I may receive, and I will not attempt to submit a claim to Medicare, any other federal payor, or any state or private insurer.
  8. Hims doctor visit – Next, the Hims doctor’s visit begins and you answer a series of questions online
    1. The questions are easy to answer, and basically cover things like when you started noticing hair loss, where the hair loss is happening, more on your medical history.
  9. Photos of your head – This was the hardest part of the Hims process, you have to take photos of your head (note that you can use your computer’s camera):
    1. Face
    2. Top of head – this wasn’t all that easy!
    3. Back of head
  10. Government ID – Then, you need a photo of your ID to confirm that it’s you requesting the medicine.
  11. Doctor’s visit confirmation – finally, Hims confirms that you’ve had a doctor’s visit and gets you a confirmation code.
  12. Wait for Doctor Review – It took about 2 days for the doctor to review my visit, but I never had to speak with her. Everything was done through the questions I submitted earlier, although she did ask via message if I had any questions.
  13. Shipment – I’ve gotten confirmation that the hair loss medicine is on the way!

Hims Hair Loss Pricing and Packages

What does Hims hair loss subscriptions cost? See the pricing options below.
One of the things to note about Hims is that they do seem to “hide” some processing fees in their price. For example, the advertised price for the non-prescription hair loss treatment is $30, but as I am signing up I see a $5 “processing fee” added in. Just be careful as you check out to make sure your total matches what you expect.
Here is the company’s hair loss pricing:
PS: while on the topic of drug pricing, you should know about Blink Health. It’s a site that can help you get discounts on ALL your generic drug prescriptions, not just finasteride. Read our full blink health review for more information.

Hims Promo Code

We got this Hims promo code – see if it works for you! Copy the code below, or just click the image below to redeem it.


The screenshot to the right shows where in the checkout process to enter the promo code.

What is the main prescription medicine?


The primary prescription medicine this company offers for treating hair loss is finasteride. This drug is also called “Fin” in a lot of online forums. It was originally developed to help treat enlarged prostates, and can not be purchased without a prescription. The various startups in this space are “innovating” by allowing consumers to virtually meet with a doctor and get a prescription, and get the medicine delivered directly to the home with out having to visit a pharmacy. 


Finasteride blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone derived from testosterone. This hormone shrinks follicles and is likely the main cause of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). The primary use of finasteride is to maintain a man’s current hairline, not to promote regrowth after it’s already gone. The patient needs to take a pill daily. Balding is highly likely to begin again if treatment is stopped. 


What non-prescription medicines are offered?

Several non-prescription treatment options are offered by the startup, with the two main ones being Minoxidil, and DHT Shampoo. We’ll ignore the Biotin Gummies since there is not a lot of clinical evidence to support that those actually do anything.


DHT Shampoo


Minoxidil: Also sold under the brand name “Rogaine,” Minoxidil has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to treat and help prevent baldness.

The way that Minoxidil works is that it relaxes the blood vessels on your head, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the follicles


It is not a pill – instead, it is a fluid that gets applied to the head, usually twice daily.


DHT Blocking Shampoo: The company claims that some of the ingredients in this shampoo are known to block the DHT pathway on your head.

The company does try to be honest with it’s health claims for this DHT shampoo, saying “Saw palmetto and ketoconazole — the two DHT blocking ingredients we listed above — may be effective for stopping hair loss. 


However, neither of these substances have a measurable effect on the speed and thickness at which your hair grows.”

About Hims, the Men's Healthcare Startup

Hims is a San Francisco based healthcare startup, focused on providing prescription and non-prescription medications to men. The company currently offers hair loss medicine, erectile dysfunction medicine, men’s skin care and anti-anxiety drugs, and is branching out into female healthcare as well with a new division. The company has raised close to $200 million in venture funding from investors such as Thrive Capital, Redpoint and Maverick Ventures.

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