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Hims hair loss

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Hims UK Review – Is it Legit For Men’s Hair Loss?

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Rating: 4.5 / 5
Medically reviewed by:
Dr. Elizabeth Mbata, MD

About Dr. Elizabeth Mbata, MD

Medical Advisor

Onyinye Elizabeth Mbata is a physician and occupational health expert, in addition to being a writer. She grew up in Nigeria before graduating as a Medical Doctor in Venezuela, and firmly believes that an optimum healthcare system is one that is patient centered. In addition to practicing medicine, she writes health articles for various health blogs and runs a health YouTube channel called All Round Health Talk.

In this Article

In this Article

Alex Goldberg

Medical Reviewer: Elizabeth Mbata, MD

With each hair that falls to the ground, it brings you one step closer to your Grandad. Kidding, but you do probably fall within the 80% of men that experience hair loss. No one wants to have a receding hairline, or a “thinning crown” or just thinning hair in general (maybe you do, and if so, you need not read further), but for those of you looking for a deep dive into products that help with hair loss (and really work!), you should keep reading.


Hims UK is a men’s wellness brand that has products specializing in hair loss and prevention products based on research and science. They offer several different options depending on what specific kind of hair loss you’re experiencing. The results are legit, with hundreds of positive customer success stories. Continue reading for our full review of Hims, with all of the nuances of their hair loss and prevention products examined along with a full evaluation and comparison to other UK alternatives.


What causes hair loss?

You could be experiencing hair loss for many different reasons: genetics (don’t blame just your mum, because whatever you’ve heard, it could be from your dad, too), DHT, or possibly even illness or malnutrition. Male pattern baldness affects over one third of UK men age 18-50, so if you’re losing more than 100 hairs a day, you’re not alone.


Source: Fin vs Fin


For most men, genetics is the main catalyst for hair loss, also referred to as male pattern baldness (alopecia). Unfortunately, in this case, those are just the cards you were dealt (or hairs you were given, if you will). DHT, also known as dihydrotestosterone, is a sex hormone that can contribute to the development of body hair and can also effect early hair loss.


What is Hims?

Hims UK is a male personal wellness brand that offers several different product lines and treatments to help men feel their best. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to indulge in a bit of self care or address any concerns.


Souce: Hims UK


Hims offers three strands (no pun intended) of products – skincare, erectile dysfunction and the one you’re here for: hair loss/prevention. The company wants men to have affordable, accessible, and high quality products to help them feel confident as they take on their day.


How does Hims UK work?

While needing a “prescription” for these might sound intimidating, the process to work with their medical team is actually rather simple.


  1. Start by filling out an online (free) consultation. This includes a few simple questions to make sure Hims is providing you with the best possible care for your hair growth, including the products best suited for your needs.
  2. The medical team will prescribe the treatment plan thats right for you (if deemed appropriate).
  3. Hims will send your customised treatment plan to you in discreet and convenient packaging, right to your door.
  4. You’ll receive a refill box (depending on your plan) right before your previous treatment runs out.
  5. You have the option to adjust or cancel your plan at any time.


Source: Hims UK


Hims team of doctors, pharmacists, and care specialists are available at any time to support any questions or concerns that you might have, or if you’re interested in changing or canceling your existing plan.


How long until you see results?

All of Hims products have shown results in most men at about the 3 month mark, so one of the biggest recommendations that we have is to stick with a subscription for at least 3 months before you make any decisions (this also saves you money).


For the first 2 months, you likely won’t see any results. At this point, it’s even possible that your hair could shed a bit more than usual, but this is very normal and temporary – it’s actually a sign that your treatment is starting to work!


Most guys begin to see visible results after 3 months and continued progress for 6 months. At this point, hair loss begins to slow or stop completely, and new hair begins to grow in the affected areas (if your treatment plan is right for you). At around months 5 and 6, the new hair will continue to get thicker and darker.


You can expect significant results after 6 months with an improvement in new hair growth and overall thickness, as well as almost no hair falling out in the affected areas. Full results usually come to fruition after 9-12 months of continued use.


You probably now have some burning questions about all things Hims, so here you go:


What hair loss treatments does Hims UK offer?

Hims offers three options for any man wishing for more hair: Topical Finasteride with Minoxidil, Minoxidil Solution, and Finasteride Tablets. If you’re wondering what’s so different about them, each product is recommended based on your hair loss type. There are also different forms of the treatments, so if you have a preference of pill vs topical solution, continue on to see which is the best choice for you.


Topical finasteride with minoxidil

Source: Hims UK


This combined topical solution utilises two very effective ingredients in the UK’s first topical solution. Effective for both receding hairlines and thinning on the crown, it also has a lower risk of side effects than Finasteride tablets alone. The mixture is 5% minoxidil and .05% finasteride and is only available if a provider prescribes it for you.


The combination of Finasteride and Minoxidil work together to block an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, a hormone that can weaken hair follicles. This effectively reduces DHT production while Minoxidil increases new hair growth. With a simple addition to your morning and evening routine, Hims’ 2-in-1 formula was shown effective in 9 out of 10 guys.


Minoxidil solution

Source: Hims UK


Another twice a day topical treatment, the Hims’ Minoxidil Solution is most effective on the crown of your head, regrowing hair and preventing bald spots. Topical Minoxidil revives hair follicles and keeps hair looking and feeling thicker over time by promoting new hair growth of lost hair.


One plus of Hims’ 5% minoxidil formula is that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, making your skin and scalp less likely to dry out. This also requires a prescription, and 7 out of 7-10 guys reported effectiveness within 3 months.


Finasteride tablets

Source: Hims UK


These once-a-day 1mg pills prevent the production of DHT and combat bald spots and receding hairlines. Specifically treating male pattern baldness at the crown and the middle of the scalp, 9 out of 10 guys saw results within 3 months of regular use.


These also need to be prescribed, and it’s important to note these pills do come with the possibility of side effects including decreased libido, but this are rare.


Does Hims topical finasteride work?

Studies have shown topical finasteride to be effective in improving hair count and tolerated well by patients. Basically, yes, it’s proven to significantly help regrow hair!


Oral Finasteride works very similarly, though some men are weary of the perceived side effect of a lowered libido (which affected only approximately 3% of those taking them in the clinical trial). If this is your concern, you can opt for the topical finasteride, which is less likely to produce side effects.


How much does Hims UK cost?

Hims Hair Loss Treatment Price
Minoxidil Solution Monthly: £23/month

Quarterly: £20/month
Finasteride Tablets Monthly: £34/month

Quarterly: 28/month
Topical Finasteride with Minoxidil Monthly: £44/month

Quarterly: £37/month
Topical spray + oral finasteride Monthly: £49/month

Quarterly: £42/month

One of the things we love about Hims is how transparent they are with their prices. They are frequently running deals, so be sure to check their website if you’re interested in any savings!


Where is Hims available in the UK?

Hims products are available in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Hims before and after photos – does it work for hair loss?

Hims UK shares users’ before and after results for men of all ages, from all of their different products and treatments. Judge for yourself – are the following results motivating?


Source: Hims



Hims hair loss review

What Hims offers men the UK:

  • One of the only Finasteride topical treatment providers
  • Discrete, embarrassment free packaging
  • Separate Minoxidil or Finasteride treatments
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Other product lines for men: Erectile Dysfunction and Skincare
  • Access to doctor consult to assess your personal hair loss situation

The con:

  • Potential side effect of lowered libido with oral finasteride (but this is the same with any brand that offers oral finasteride)


Hims alternatives: How does it compare to other men’s hair loss providers in the UK?

If you’re this far into researching, you probably know that are several other hair loss providers in the UK. Here’s how the measure up to Hims:

Hims UK vs Numan vs Manual vs Sons

TreatmentsFinasteride (oral OR topical)

Finasteride (oral)

Topical spray (6% minidoxil)

Regaine (5% minoxidil)
Finasteride (oral)

Finasteride (oral)


DHT blocking shampoo

Biotin vitamins (aka B7 or Vitamin H)
Oral Finasteride priceMonthly: £34/month

Quarterly: £28/month
£0.68 / tabletMonthly: £18/month

Quarterly: £15/month

Bi-annual: £14/month
Monthly: £29/month

Quarterly: £20/month

Bi-annual: £18/month
Topical Minoxidil priceMonthly: £23/month

Quarterly: £20/month
£40.00 / bottle£50 / bottleMonthly: £23/month

Quarterly: £18/month Bi-annual: £17/month
Topical finasteride + Minoxidil priceMonthly: £44/month

Quarterly: £37/month
Quarterly: £20/month

Bi-annual: £18/month
Monthly: £39/month

Quarterly: £30/month

Bi-annual: £28/month
Topical spray + oral finasteride priceMonthly: £49/month

Quarterly: £42/month
£22 / kitMonthly: £28/month

Quarterly: £20/month

Bi-annual: £19/month
Monthly: £40/month

Quarterly: £25/month

Bi-annual: £24/month
Money back guarantee?
Other conditions treated (beyond hair loss)Erectile Dysfunction

Beard Growth

Blood Testing



Premature Ejaculation

Quitting Smoking


Acid Reflux

Skin Care

Blood Testing

Nutrients and Vitamins

Gut Care

Personalised Health Plan
Gut Health

Brain Health

Immune Health

We review each of these UK men’s hair loss brands and do an in-depth head-to-head comparison of Numan vs Manual vs Hims vs Sons on our site if you’re interested in reading more. 


All four of these brands address much more than just hair loss needs, including erectile dysfunction, blood testing, and supplements. Sons also offers additional hair loss treatments beyond prescriptions including vitamins and shampoos.


Hims UK reviews: What are customers saying about their hair loss treatments?

The overwhelming majority of reviewers had nothing but positives to say about Hims. With a 4.3 star rating from just over 1,000 reviews, it is definitely an above average product. Many of the men talk about thicker, fuller hair with significantly less hair loss.


Any skepticism from consumers of the product working was washed away after trying Hims, as they saw noticeable results in the suggested time frame.


Source: TrustPilot


Source: Trust