UPDATE: As of May 9th, Cerebral no longer prescribes stimulant treatment options like Adderall or Ritalin for ADHD. Cerebral prescribers can offer non-stimulant treatment options, though. Learn more here. If you’re looking for an alternative, check out Done.

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How to Get Prescribed Adderall Online

Difficulty focusing, impulsivity, disorganization, trouble planning ahead…we all have scattered thoughts and trouble motivating ourselves from time to time, but if you’re distracted too regularly to the point where your ability to perform daily life is impacted,  you may very well have ADHD. 


ADHD is a common neuro-developmental disorder, with 9.4% of children in the U.S. diagnosed at some point. With so many affected, shouldn’t there be an easier way to get trusted prescription meds like Adderall online? Well, it’s 2021 and we’re glad to say there are indeed easy ways to get prescription adderall online (as well as other ADHD treatments) thanks to an explosion in popularity of new user-friendly telemedicine platforms.


Here, we’ll give you a roadmap of how to get a prescription for Adderall online. By getting the ADHD treatment that you need without ever leaving the house, you can keep your focus sharp while steering clear of gaps in treatment. 


What are the main treatment options for ADHD?


While Adderall is the most popular treatment for ADHD, it’s not the only option available – and who doesn’t love having options? Here, we’ll talk about the ADHD treatment options that may be available to you and how each can help reduce your symptoms. 


1. Prescription medications

Meds for ADHD are broadly categorized as stimulants or non-stimulants. Stimulants, like Adderall, work by increasing the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. These brain chemicals regulate motivation, feelings of pleasure, and vigilance, and are known to be deficient in people with ADHD. With stimulants, people with ADHD can gain greater focus and manage impulsiveness more effectively. 


Non-stimulants like antidepressants work by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, like stimulants. However, antidepressants may be a great option for ADHD treatment if stimulants don’t give you the results that you want, or if you get side effects like nervousness or sleeping problems. 


2. Therapy

Since ADHD is a disorder relating to the brain, talk therapy can often help patients better manage their symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy can give you strategies to address and improve impulsiveness, feelings of anger, self-confidence, and problems in relationships. There’s also behavior therapy which focuses more on turning negative habits into positive ones.


3. Alternatives to Adderall for ADHD

Not down with prescription meds? Adaptogens and nootropics can often be used successfully as alternative remedies for ADHD symptoms. 



Adaptogens are substances that have stimulant-like effects and can offer protection against various stressors. The herbal adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea boosts levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the brain, making it a potential drug-free treatment for ADHD. 



Nootropics are also known as “smart drugs” because they enhance brain performance. Some common prescription drugs used for ADHD are considered nootropics, including Adderall and Ritalin. However, many nootropics are natural and available over-the-counter. Caffeine, omega-3 fatty acids, L-theanine, and the herb ginkgo biloba are among the natural nootropics used today. In some cases of ADHD, these natural solutions can offer improvement to ADHD symptoms without the need for a prescription drug. Others even help with the side effects of taking stimulants (including Adderall).


Curious where to start? Read our recent in-depth review of Thesis to see how an expert nootropic coach can help you get started.




Why is Adderall a popular choice for ADHD treatment?



When it comes to medications to treat ADHD, stimulants are the most popular option. Among the stimulant options available, including Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Focalin, Adderall is generally the drug of choice. While each patient will have individual needs and preferences, Adderall is preferred by most in easing ADHD symptoms. 


Why is this the case, you ask? To understand why Adderall has a leg up on other ADHD meds, let’s compare it to another popular choice: Ritalin.



Adderall vs Ritalin: What’s the difference?


Adderall and Ritalin are both stimulants, so they work by balancing neurotransmitters in the brain. However, two key factors distinguish these ADHD meds: the amount of time that it takes for each to work, and the longevity of their effects. 


Would you rather have quick but fleeting improvement to ADHD symptoms, or more of a slow burn? While Ritalin takes less time to kick in than Adderall (1 hour for Ritalin vs. 3 hours for Adderall), it also wears off quicker. Adderall keeps working for 4 to 6 hours, while Ritalin wears off after 2 to 3 hours. 


While Adderall is considered the top choice of medication for ADHD today, everybody’s different. So, don’t hesitate to discuss your options with your doctor before settling on a treatment plan. 



How to get ADHD meds online — A step by step guide


Step 1: Pick an online platform

Since ADHD is so common among both kids and adults in the U.S., you’ll have the choice between multiple telehealth platforms to get an Adderall prescription. Cerebral is our favorite, but there’s also Klarity, Done and ADHD Online to consider as well. Don’t worry, we’ll compare these platforms in the next section to help you understand their nuances and make the right choice. 


Step 2: Make an account 

To use a telemedicine platform for ADHD, you’ll need to make an account. This is usually straightforward, though it may take a few minutes to input some medical information. Telemedicine platforms gather this information right off the bat to better understand your needs and give you the right services. 


At this point, you’ll likely also be asked to provide some financial information so that they can conveniently bill you for your appointments. But, it’s worth noting that these platforms often offer flat, upfront costs so that you don’t have to deal with unforeseen bills from the insurance company. 🙌


Step 3: Book and attend a virtual appointment 

Now that you’ve signed up for your online ADHD platform of choice, it’s time to schedule an appointment. This is often called a consultation, during which you’ll meet your provider, talk through your situation, and get the diagnosis and/or prescription that you need. One of the best perks of telemedicine is that these appointments are often available the very same day. 


Step 4: Get your prescription

If your doctor prescribes an ADHD medication, it’s now time to give it a go! Depending on your chosen platform, it’ll either be delivered to your door or sent to your local pharmacy, where you can go pick it up. 


Step 5: Optional follow-ups as needed

To keep getting the refills that you need, you may need to schedule follow-up telemedicine appointments with your doctor. These follow-ups are to make sure that your meds are working out as expected.



What to consider when buying ADHD medication



Some of these ADHD telemedicine platforms offer other services on top of online consultations, like prescription delivery, further counseling, or medication management. If you prefer to have your medications delivered straight to you or a pharmacy near you after getting the diagnosis, then you need to choose a platform that does both.


Pricing and insurance

It’s also wise to consider whether or not the platform you’ve chosen accepts insurance and their pricing models. They would either charge you per visit, for different kinds of treatments, or on a monthly basis. 


State provider regulations

It’s worth noting that all of these platforms are subject to state doctor regulations. This means that you may not be able to get a prescription for Adderall from certain platforms in different states. However, the platforms listed in this article do serve patients in many states and are, in most cases, working on adding more.  




Where can you buy ADHD meds online? The easiest way to get prescribed adderall


With everything we’ve discussed in mind, let’s learn more about the online platforms offering quality ADHD treatment today. We compare Klarity vs Done vs Cerebral vs ADHD Online:



How to get prescribed Adderall Online


$149 for the first visit, then $25 – $59 per month for treatment



$199 upfront, then $59 monthly$149 for diagnostic assessment

 $199 for initial medication management visit

$99 for follow-up visits 

$99 for virtual counseling
Basic medication plan: $45 for the first month, then $99/month thereafter

Medication + Therapy: $139 for first month, then $339/month thereafter
Appointment OptionsUnlimited text communication. Video appointments available within 2 days, or can pay $10 to meet with a provider today.25-minute online and in-person consultationOnline only ADHD assessments, medication management, virtual counselingOnline only ADHD assessments, medication management, virtual counseling
Free prescription delivery?✔️✔️❌ ✔️
Insurance accepted?✔️❌ but they will help you get reimbursed from your insurance.
FSA/HSA eligible?✔️✔️✔️
Membership required?✔️✔️
States availableOver 20 states and counting.CA, DE, FL, HI, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OR, PA, TX, and WADiagnostic assessments in all 50 states, medication management in:




Review of Klarity


Source: Klarity ADHD


Klarity is a direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that offers accessible virtual care for ADHD. Unlike other platforms that treat a range of mental health conditions, Klarity is exclusively focused on diagnosing and prescribing treatment to patients with Attention Deficit Disorder. With a focus on personalized care, Klarity is committed to creating treatment plans that are carefully crafted to match their patients’ individual needs. 



How to get ADHD treatment from Klarity

When you sign up, you’ll complete a 2-minute questionnaire before booking a virtual appointment with one of their licensed professionals. Generally a licensed healthcare provider is available to speak to within 2 days, but you can also pay an extra $10 to schedule a video call today.  


To schedule your first appointment with Klarity it costs $149, and assuming you’re a good fit for medication, treatment only costs $25/month thereafter.


The online appointment itself lasts about an hour, during which your provider will learn all about your situation before offering a diagnosis and prescription if needed. You can upgrade your plan to $59/month to allow for unlimited follow-up video consultations as well.



What does Klarity offer for ADHD?

If you have a question or concern between Klarity appointments, no sweat – you can chat with your provider through the platform’s online chat any time, generally with a response from your medical provider within 24 hours. Klarity isn’t technically a subscription service, so you can cancel you treatment at any point.


Prescription ADHD meds with Klarity are included in your monthly fee. The platform doesn’t require insurance, but if you have coverage, the company can help you make an out-of-network claim.


Overall, Klarity stands out from other online ADHD treatment providers because of their focus on patient outcomes. They aren’t incentivized to prescribe you medication like most other alternatives, and thus they emphasize finding you the right treatment, whether that includes Adderall or not. The company also prioritizes speedy appointment setting, recognizing that too many patients are forced to wait weeks to see a licensed psychiatrist for proper diagnosis. If you’re interested in learning more, we review Klarity in depth on our site.


Does Klarity prescribe Adderall?

Yes, Klarity is currently one of just a few legitimate providers that prescribes Adderall or Ritalin and other ADHD meds online. Done is the other that’s worth looking into as well.



Review of Cerebral for ADHD treatment

Source: Cerebral


Cerebral is top mental health treatment platform, offering both medication and therapy for those with ADHD, as well as anxiety and depression. They offer flexible plans with medication-only options, as well as options to connect with a licensed therapist.


While medication can help combat ADHD on a chemical level, behavioral therapy can help you understand, unpack, and cement your learnings into progress. Combining the two approaches, like Cerebral does, typically leads to better mental health. Although Cerebral is no longer where you can get an Adderall prescription online, they are an affordable option for ADHD patients looking for access to a therapist.


Does Cerebral Prescribe Adderall?

Cerebral no longer prescribes Adderall after allegations of overprescription during the global pandemic that led the DOJ to launch a federal investigation. That small fact aside, they remain a very popular mental health provider with hundreds of millions in funding and thousands of happy customers. They used to be a front-runner in care for ADHD specifically, but have since refocused more on helping patients with anxiety and depression instead.


The bottom-line on Cerebral for ADHD is:

  • They no longer prescribe Adderall. Done is a better option for those who want to get ADHD medication online.
  • If you’re looking for affordable online therapy, Cerebral is a great option that’s generally more affordable than Klarity (Learn more in our in-depth Cerebral review.) 



Done ADHD Review


Source: Done.


Done is another modern provider of ADHD meds online. They cater to patients who are having trouble finding a private practice psychiatrist for ADHD care. By providing convenient virtual care, Done can bring a diagnosis and prescription within reach after a one-minute assessment. It doesn’t get (done) much quicker than that, and as some journalists have been quick to criticize, it offers one of the easiest ways to get prescribed adderall online.


Done’s Signup Process


Singing up started with a one-minute assessment designed to tell you whether or not you’re likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. If it determines that you are a potential fit for treatment, you’ll book an online or in-person appointment with a licensed health practitioner. This appointment is usually booked within a week and lasts only about 25 minutes. If that feels a bit fast to diagnose such a complex issue


Unlike other prescribers of ADHD medication online, Done is a membership service. You first need to subscribe upfront for $199, followed by a $79 monthly subscription. Shipping your prescriptions (including Adderall) is free, or you can opt to pick up meds at your local pharmacy. The Done membership includes monthly refills and continuous care, meaning that you can message your care team at any time via email and count on a fast response. You’ll also have check-ins with your provider to ensure that your treatment is working as planned.


Does Done prescribe Adderall?

Yes, Done prescribes Adderall and is currently one of the few telehealth providers that makes it easy to get an online ADHD prescription. Although they’ve come under scrutiny of late as fears of overprescription have grown, Done is still able to connect you with doctors that prescribe Adderall online for just $199 upfront and $59 per month.


Review of ADHD Online


Source: ADHD Online


ADHD Online offers certified, high-quality ADHD assessments and treatment from the comfort of home. After completing their assessment, you will receive a formal evaluation from ADHD Online’s network of licensed psychologists who will determine your clinical diagnosis, which could confirm or exclude ADHD. This platform provides diagnostic assessments for patients in all 50 states, medical management in 34 states and teletherapy options are quickly expanding across the country. ADHD Online prides themselves on providing a clinically sound diagnosis and treatment plan in a timely manner that is accessible to everyone.


How does ADHD Online work?

Within a few days of completing the online assessment, you’ll be matched with a licensed psychologist to confirm or exclude an ADHD diagnosis, which costs $149. If an ADHD diagnosis is provided, your physician will then create a personalized treatment plan, including medication management, in a separate virtual appointment. The cost of the initial visit is $199, with follow-up visits cost $99 each.  


ADHD Online’s approach is as thorough as an in-person patient assessment, however you are taking the self-guided assessment online. Similar to the in-person office visit, ADHD Online’s comprehensive assessment typically takes one hour to complete, however, you can take as much time as you need. The assessment is then reviewed within 5 days by a licensed psychologist who then provides a clinically sound ADHD diagnosis or exclusion. The results are typically 10-20 pages and often include written notes from the psychologist.


For anyone wary of being overprescribed pharmaceuticals who wants a truly sound diagnosis to make sure they are actually a strong candidate for meds, ADHD Online offers a more thorough assessment than most other online providers. 



Does ADHD Online prescribe medication?

If you are diagnosed with ADHD, you can consult with one of ADHD Online’s licensed clinician in your state to discuss a personalized treatment plan – which might include medical management and teletherapy (if available in your state). This initial visit with an ADHD Online’s physician to determine your course of treatment costs $199, and follow up visits are $99.


ADHD Online will then send your medication prescription, if warranted, to your pharmacy or Express Scripts. If this is not offered in your state you can take the assessment to your primary care physician to create your treatment plan. So while you can, in most states, work with ADHD Online to get medication and other ADHD treatment, they are different from Cerebral in that they don’t have in-house pharmacy delivery services. That said, ADHD Online’s network of board-certified physicians can work with most chain and online pharmacies, and ADHD Online also performs Prior Authorization services on behalf of patients.


All in all, it’s possible to work with ADHD Online to get prescription meds after your initial assessment, but the process is slightly less seamless than other online providers. Their online ADHD assessment though, in our opinion, is truly unparalleled.



What do customers say about getting adderall online from these providers?


Most customers found Klarity to offer great service — finding that they felt more heard and assured by the expert diagnosis of their medical professionals than on other platforms. They also have a smooth process — from diagnosis to customer care — so you can go into the experience with ease.




It’s easy to set up an appointment at Done and speak with a medical professional. Similar to Cerebral, Done takes the hassle out of going for physical treatments as well as getting a quick diagnosis for ADHD. But like so many startups that have scaled quickly, their customer service has been stretched thin at times, and we admit, that’s unacceptable for any medical provider, especially when it comes to mental health.




ADHD Online has a comprehensive assessment you need to complete before you’re given a diagnosis. Customers were also able to use this to get prescriptions for Adderall and other medications from the psychiatrist they were matched with.



Is ADHD Online legit? Well, the company does provide the diagnosis after the assessment. However, we don’t currently recommend this service as too many customers reported not getting any ADHD treatments afterward despite being billed for extra services. Yikes!



It is important to note that some services do require extra fees, which some may have overlooked or missed when they first signed up. For example, their initial assessment is for $149, but you’ll need to pay an additional $199 to get prescriptions from their physicians. For customers who weren’t expecting this extra charge, it can be jarring.


Also, their prescriptions may only be available and accepted in certain states, so it’s best to check first if your area is included. 



The Verdict: What’s the best way to get an Adderall prescription online?


For people with ADHD symptoms who want an online Adderall prescription without all the hassle of finding and going in-person to a traditional psychiatrist, telemedicine platforms make it easy. That said, these platforms are not suitable for everyone, and ADHD patients with more complex needs or compounding mental health challenges probably won’t be eligible for virtual care. In these cases, long-term interactions with a psychiatrist in your local area can be more effective. But if you need a prescription while you’re between providers or have basic needs for ADHD care, Klarity, Cerebral, Done, or ADHD Online could work for you. 


Right off the bat, we don’t recommend ADHD Online for those looking for online ADHD prescriptions. This platform focuses on diagnosis more than medication management, and has a ton of negative reviews online. Done makes it easy to get Adderall – perhaps a little too easy according to many wary of overprescription. We’ve read a few negative reviews about their service (or lack thereof at times), but that’s also true of other fast-growing providers like Cerebral and Klarity. Overall, Done currently offers the most convenient way to get Adderall prescribed without insurance. 


If you’re mainly looking for therapy, Cerebral offers more flexibility than Klarity, including the option to use your insurance coverage to reduce or entirely subsidize the cost of your meds. 


For this reason, we recommend Cerebral as our #1 pick for therapy, while Done is our #1 pick for online adhd medication. Klarity offers an affordable way to get diagnosis and access a high quality doctor quickly (within 2 days), but they don’t operate in as many states, and thus their service is harder to access than Done.


Cerebral vs Klarity ADHD


While both Cerebral and Klarity offer low-cost diagnosis and ongoing care, potentially the biggest differentiator between the two is maturing and each company’s core competency. Klarity focuses exclusively on ADHD treatment, while Cerebral is a broader as a mental health platform that treats anxiety and depression as well.


Personally we appreciate this wider scope, as many mental health challenges are related, while other patients may see Klarity’s specialization within ADHD as a strength. In our research, both offer very legitimate treatment options, boast thousands of happy customers, and provide quality ongoing care as well, so either way you’ll be in good hands. The other big difference between Klarity and Cerebral? Klarity prescribes ritalin online (or Adderall), while Cerebral no longer does.



Have you ever been prescribed Adderall online? We’d love to learn about your experience. Let us know how it went in the comments below!


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