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Hubble vs Dailies: Which Daily Contact Lenses are Best?

If you need glasses but don’t like wearing them, contact lenses are the way to go. They might be a pain at first, but once they’re in, it’s usually not hard to forget about them for most of the day. They’re perfect for people who prefer the shape of their face without glasses or find glasses restrictive during daily activities.


Nowadays it’s easy to order contacts online directly through a daily subscription service. They’ll conveniently ship to your doorstep, often at a better price than buying through an optometrist. These subscription services provide you with disposable lenses instead of the reusable kind you clean and wear again.


If you’re not already using daily contacts, they offer serious benefits, including better long-term eye health. The benefits (plus lower cost online) make it well worth “splurging” on dailies vs weeklies or monthlies.


If you’re an avid wearer of Dailies® brand contact lenses, 1-800 Contacts is a convenient way to acquire them. They offer an easy interface to order your Dailies® (as well as other brands) online and set up a recurring subscription plan so that you never run out. A new brand of contact lenses called Hubble offers a similar experience, except at an even lower cost for their own brand of contacts.


How do Hubble contacts compare to Dailies®? Is the lens quality similar? And how is the purchasing experience any different than ordering traditional contact brands from an online retailer like 1-800 Contacts? Let’s take a deeper look. (While there are other types, such as Dailies® AquaComfort Plus, for purposes of this comparison, we’ll focus on regular Focus Dailies®.)

How do Hubble and Dailies® compare to the optometrist?

Before these new subscription services, the way to get contact lenses was to go to the eye doctor’s office or visit an optometrist in an eyeglass store. Of course, you can still do that today, and we recommend doing so if this is your first time procuring corrective lenses OR your eye care needs are quite complicated.


The traditional process is to visit the optometrist in person and get your eyes examined, paying full price for the visit or possibly a copay if you have vision insurance. Then, you buy contact lenses from the optometrist based on their recommended prescription.


There’s typically not a lot of consumer research conducted at this point, and most people simply go with whatever (expensive) option their doctor suggests first. Adding insult to injury, many optometrists still require patients to return to their office to get the contacts fitted.


Subscription services like Hubble and 1-800 contacts changed this process dramatically. If you don’t have a prescription, you’ll still need to get an eye exam and contacts prescription from a local optometrist. So that part remains the same. But after you know your prescription, both Hubble and 1 800 Contacts afford the convenience of online ordering and regularly scheduled deliveries, all for a much more reasonable price.


This is great because you can go to the doctor less and set up a flexible subscription plan that you set up once and forget about forever. The companies even remind you when your prescription is about to expire and prompt you to take action. And as we keep alluding to, most Americans can save money by skipping the costs of extra doctor visits and finding cheaper daily lenses that feel just as good.

So how exactly do contact subscriptions from Hubble work vs Dailies®?

It’s a bit different getting a subscription to Hubble vs Dailies® contacts. Hubble is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning you can sign up directly on and start your contact subscription right away.


Dailies®, on the other hand, is a more traditional contact lens brand that’s recommended and sold by many an optometrist. It’s not a direct-to-consumer contact company, meaning they only sell their contact through third parties and don’t offer subscription services directly.


To get a Dailies® subscription online, you’ll need to go through a company like 1 800 Contacts, which is both reputable and convenient, albeit not via a direct relationship with the manufacturer.

And what exactly is 1-800 contacts?

1-800 Contacts isn’t a contact lens manufacturer like Hubble or Alcon, the maker of Dailies® brand. Instead, it sells established contacts brands from top players (Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson).


Like Amazon for contact lenses, they allow you to choose your favorite brand from its selection and then subscribe for recurring shipments, not unlike the experience of signing up on for a subscription to Hubble lenses.

With either company, you’re able to sign up, pause or cancel shipments at any time. When your prescription expires, renewals can be fairly easy. 1 800 Contacts now offers an Express Exam, which is an online eye exam for renewing a prescription, so long as you’ve seen an eye doctor in-person before.


Basically it’s a way to take an eye exam online, which is similar (albeit slightly less robust) than the eye chart and questions you might remember from your in-person visit. The results of your virtual exam are then reviewed by a real optometrist and in most cases, they are able to renew your prescription within 24 hours. Not too shabby!


So while 1 800 contacts may have made renewals easier than Hubble’s subscription plan, there are other benefits to Hubble that, for many, tip the balance in its favor. Let’s review them so you can choose the best option for your lifestyle.

Hubble vs Dailies®: Which subscription service is better?

While these subscription services are similar in terms of cost and structure, there are definitely a few key differences. Scan the following chart to quickly grasp the important nuances of Hubble vs Dailies.

SmileDirectClub vs glowup. vs HiSmile: LED Teeth Whitening Treatment Comparison

Daily Contact Lens Subscription Comparison: Hubble vs Dailies®

How to Purchase
Monthly Cost$36 per month$34.99 per month
Accept FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account)?YesYes
Free Trial?First 15 pairs for free ($1 shipping/handling)Save 15% on first order
AmountBox of 30 daily lensesBox of 30 daily lenses
Offers Toric Lenses (for astigmatism)?Not yetYes
Offers Multifocal/Bifocal Lenses?Not yetYes (multifocal)
ReturnsNo returnsFree torn lens replacement; exchange unused lenses

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We’ll point out that Hubble has a much better introductory offer (a month of free lenses for just $1!), so if you’re on the fence, you might as well take advantage and see how they fit for yourself.


Otherwise, the two subscriptions are very comparable in terms of price and user experience. If you have an astigmatism, or require multifocal correction, we recommend buying lenses from 1 800 contacts because Hubble can’t help you.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to each, but when it comes to contact lenses, you probably want to know about lens quality as well. We’re talking about your precious eyeballs after all….


So how does the quality of Hubble’s own proprietary brand compare to a well-known brand like Dailies®?

Hubble vs Dailies®: How does lens quality compare?

You know Dailies® is an established, well-respected contact brand akin to Acuvue or CooperVision. How does the quality of Hubble’s lenses compare?


Hubble’s own website tells us that they care about quality so much they spent nearly a year vetting manufacturing facilities before pulling the trigger. They went with an FDA-approved company based in Taiwan called St. Shine that’s been manufacturing lenses for more than 20 years using cutting-edge methods subject to rigorous quality assurance tests and inspections, which on the surface, all sounds legit.


But for a more detailed look, we compared the exact specs of Hubble vs Dailies brand lenses® so you know exactly how each measures up:

SmileDirectClub vs glowup. vs HiSmile: LED Teeth Whitening Treatment Comparison

Contact Lens Quality Comparison: Hubble vs Dailies®



ManufacturerSt. ShineAlcon
MaterialMethafilcon A hydrogel31% nelfilcon A
Water Content55%69%
UV Protection?Yes (80% UVA and 95% UVB)No
Lens Diameter14.2mm13.8mm
Power Range+6.00 to -12.00D+6.00D to -10.00D
Base Curve8.6mm8.6mm
FDA ApprovedYesYes

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One of the notable differences between Dailies® and Hubble brands is UV protection, where Hubble offers  80% UVA and 95% UVB, while Dailies UV protection remains conspicuously absent. Especially for folks with lighter colored eyes, this is a big deal.

Hubble vs Dailies®: The Verdict

First and foremost, eye care isn’t something to be taken lightly, so please go see an optometrist before making a decision if:

  • You’ve never consulted an eye doctor before
  • It’s been a long time since you’ve seen an optometrist
  • You have a very complicated eye condition that requires very specific, non-standard corrective lenses

However, if you’re a regular contact user who’s looking to save a bit of cash, a subscription from Hubble or Dailies® (via 1 800 contacts) is likely a great move.

That said, your decision to subscribe to Hubble or Dailies® shouldn’t come down to my personal opinion. For that reason, I decided not to include my own experience using each brand. After all, I don’t think my individual story would be helpful since eye care is personal, and everyone’s needs are extremely different.

What I can say though is that I’ve spoken to many customers happy with both brands, and ultimately I think you’ll need to give each a try to determine which works best for you.


Since Hubble offers a free trial of 30 contacts for just $1, that’s where I recommend you start. If you like them, that’s great! Congrats on figuring out how to save money and time by going direct to the manufacturer. Likewise, you could start by enjoying 15% off your first 1 800 Contacts order, and then promptly cancel if/when you decide they aren’t for you.

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Ultimately, I’m 100% sold on contact subscription services in general, as they offer greater convienience and lower prices vs the traditional way of buying contacts in-person. Thus, services like Hubble or 1 800 Contacts (for Dailies®) can give you a convenient and cost-effective way to get contacts without requiring that you buy in bulk.


But if you’re still torn on which is better — Hubble vs Dailies® — here are a few last pros and cons in summary.

Dailies (1 800 Contacts)

1-800 Contacts isn’t a contact lens manufacturer like Hubble or Alcon, the maker of Dailies® brand. Instead, it sells established contacts brands from top players (Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson).


Like Amazon for contact lenses, they allow you to choose your favorite brand from its selection and then subscribe for recurring shipments, not unlike the experience of signing up on for a subscription to Hubble lenses.

Dailies® is for sure the better bet if you need toric or multifocal lenses, since Hubble doesn’t offer correction for those conditions at the moment.


As on online retailer, 1-800 Contacts shines because it allows you to renew your prescription with a free exam online instead of going back to your optometrist. Hubble still hasn’t streamlined the renewal experience to nearly the same degree.


Hubble is sleek D2C brand that offers a very comparable alternative for anyone who’s less than 100% satisfied with Dailies®.


Hubble’s lenses offer more UVA and UVB protection than Dailies®, which has no UV protection whatsoever. So if you wear your contact lenses a lot without sunglasses or you have light-sensitive eyes in general, this difference is definitely worth considering.

Since Hubble offers a free trial, you might as well give the brand a try. Click on the banner below to get started.


PS Waldo is another modern daily contact subscription company you should know about. Similar to Hubble, Waldo sells directly to consumers and is offering a generous free trial. It’s worthwhile giving them a shot too.

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