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hundred vitamin reviews
Jessica Turner

Hundred Vitamin Review – Is Their Personalized Nutrition Program Worth it?

Vitamins are horrendously confusing. Sure, the benefits of topping up healthy compounds and eliminating nutritional deficiencies seem intuitive enough. But the jury is still out on whether most healthy people really need them. And with thousands of brands, nutritional claims, dosages, and a wide range of price points, who can you really trust? 


Not the FDA, I’m afraid. They don’t regulate the vitamin industry, so many big-brand formulas actually contain harmful ingredients like lead, mercury, or PCBs. It’s easy to be deceived by big promises on slick packaging, but stay wary, folks. Many vitamins aren’t worth the money, while others may be downright bad for you.


Luckily, there’s an exciting new startup on a mission to change that. Formerly known as Made For_, hundred is a cutting-edge vitamin brand that pairs quality, toxin-free vitamins with access to personalized nutrition experts. Despite our initial skepticism, we reviewed their vitamins and found them to be rather compelling.


Read on to find out why and see how they compare to other personalized vitamin competitors as well as traditional supplements in general.

Wait, what’s wrong with buying vitamins on Amazon?

Image source: hundred vitamins

Amazon is truly the wild west when it comes to vitamin quality. You’ll find every supplement under the sun, but won’t get guidance on how to find the best ones in the right dosages. More worryingly is that you can’t screen them for interactions with medications, so it’s essentially like running unsupervised science experiments with your body’s chemistry.


Buying vitamins on Amazon really only makes sense if you know exactly what you need, can be sure that you don’t run the risk of any negative interactions, and you know the exact brand that you trust. (You don’t want to end up with a fake, like these people did!) For everyone else, consulting an expert makes a lot more sense.

The myth of the multivitamin

So what about multivitamins? They are supposed to be good for you, right? There’s actually no conclusive evidence to support that a multivitamin is as effective as a properly dosed single vitamin.


If we were all alike, then it would make sense for us to all take the same pills everyday – but we aren’t. Multivitamins are often made with low quality ingredients in ineffective or excessive dosages. Our bodies can only absorb a certain amount of vitamins in a day, meaning a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. Many manufacturers also add additives and synthetic fillers in order to prolong shelf life at the detriment of your wellbeing.


The rise of personalized vitamins like hundred

Personalized nutrition is THE new hot topic in the health and wellness industry. While this approach of taking tailor-made vitamins aligned with your nutrient gaps and health goals is sound, most brands aren’t taking a holistic approach. You’re an adult now (right?), and you deserve a little more sophistication than a glorified Flintstones vitamin.

Finding a truly personalized vitamin program used to be really complicated. You probably had to take time out of your day to meet with a nutritionist, answer a bunch of questions, and it’s unlikely your health insurance would cover any of that. By contrast, the new wave of “personalized” vitamin brands starts to sound pretty compelling on the surface, but not all are created equal.


As it turns out, most of them are actually not that…personalized. Many use a simple algorithm to churn out cookie cutter vitamin packages that are almost one-size fits all, completely excluding any human interaction or input. 

The important thing to remember is that your life, and your body’s needs, aren’t static. Things change with lifestyle adjustments and as you age… but most vitamin companies expect that, once you pick your vitamins, you stick with them. Day after day after day. You’re on your own to figure out if you are making progress against your goals, and good luck knowing when it’s time to switch up your vitamins!

How does hundred really offer better the best vitamins?

Image source: hundred Vitamins


The short answer: hundred excels by giving customers access to nutrition experts and truly personalized advice. They combine cutting edge technology with your own dedicated nutritionist to deliver safe vitamins right to your door, all at an affordable cost.


With hundred, you start your journey to a healthier life by taking a comprehensive lifestyle and health quiz, where they ask you about your diet, sleep, stress levels and physical activity. This is pretty standard among “personalized” vitamin companies, and for as little as $1 a day, hundred delivers vitamins delivered to your door.


Again, not too revolutionary, but the real differentiator? Hundred gives you the support of a nutrition expert who can help guide and adjust your health.


Once you sign up, you can start chatting with your own nutrition expert right away. All of hundred’s nutritionists sit in-house and help walk you through any questions you might have now or later. Another perk that hundred includes with your subscription is a check-in (via phone call or video) with your own nutrition expert every three months.


Source: hundred Vitamins

For hundred, it’s not just about personalizing the vitamin plan to your needs — it’s about delivering better, healthier vitamins. Their pre- and  probiotics use the latest cap-in-cap technology specifically engineered for better absorption, delayed release (i.e. they dissolve slowly) and a deeper penetration in the gut.


Hundred also has CLA and Melatonin that use the latest beadlet technology, which boasts of superior product stability and a controlled, sustained release into the bloodstream. Hundred’s vitamins are GMO and gluten-free, don’t contain sketchy ingredients like synthetic fillers, or artificial colors.


And they are tested for dangerous impurities like mercury, heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contamination. They don’t sell any products that fail their rigorous testing, so you can feel safe knowing that your hundred vitamins are pure.

The Verdict: You deserve better vitamins, and hundred delivers 💯

Walk down the supermarket aisle, or do a search on Amazon. You’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of vitamins competing for your attention. But only hundred offers rigorously quality-tested products, with an in-house nutrition team dedicated (and available) to help you reach your goals. Every vitamin comes with a full ingredient list, information about sourcing, as well as an explanation of why it’s been recommended for you.


When you’re ready for a healthier vitamin and a better, more personalized nutrition experience, visit hundred. You can get started for as little as a $1 a day!

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How does hundred stack up vs other personalized vitamin brands like Baze, Care/Of, and Persona Nutrition?

We researched a few other players in the “personalized” vitamin space as well, and it made us appreciate hundred’s approach even more. See how they compare vs Baze, vs Care/Of, and vs  Persona Nutrition:

Hundred vs Baze vs Care/Of vs Persona

Personalized Vitamins: Hundred vs Baze vs Care/Of vs Persona

Diagnosis method1:1 chat with nutrition expert + online quizBlood sample collected via a device shipped to your homeOnline quizOnline quiz
Starting price$5/month$25/month$5/month$5/month
Discount / coupon code30% off with code HUNDRED3025% off with code FINVSFIN2510% off with code CAREOF1030% off (no code needed)
Quarterly health assessment with nutrition expert?✔️✔️
Published 3rd party chemical analysis?✔️✔️
Sells vitamins individually?✔️✔️✔️
Transparent sourcing?✔️✔️
Advanced liquid formulas?✔️
Offers prenatal vitamins?✔️✔️

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Have you tried hundred, or any of the other personalized vitamin startups? Tell us about your experience and how they’ve worked for you in the comments below.

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