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Jovi Patch Review – Is It The Best Drug-Free Menstrual Cramp Treatment?


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You can feel when it’s about to arrive. You wake up feeling sluggish, like you’re about to feel the consequences of an intense workout the day before. Your stomach feels slightly off – you’re hungry, but you’re not hungry…? You got unnecessarily emotional about a puppy video on Instagram. Then you feel that stab of pain – you’re relieved because you can blame all of this on your period, but the relief makes way to the irritation of having to deal with this AGAIN.


Period pain is something an overwhelming majority (upwards of 90%!) of women must deal with. Luckily, there are lots of ways to handle the menstrual cramps or body aches. One of those ways is with the Jovi Patch, an innovative new option for period pain management, without medication. It uses nanotechnology to intercept messages that cause the discomfort, allowing you a medication-free method for controlling and managing menstrual pain.


Today we’ll review the Jovi Patch to see how it works, what it costs, what users are saying online, and of course, the most burning question, is it worth trying.


What is Jovi Patch?

Source: Jovi


While the Jovi Patch may appear to be something out of a science fiction film, we can assure you that it is absolutely real. Jovi Patch employs unique patented technology to help alleviate a variety of period-related discomforts, such as menstrual cramps, backaches, and headaches. It has recently gained appeal, particularly among women looking for an alternative to over-the-counter pain relievers. Before we go into the specifics of Jovi, let’s first talk about menstrual cramp remedies in general.


Bottom line, your period pain is real, and the Jovi Patch can be highly effective at alleviating it.


How to manage period pain at home

Menstrual cramps are not something you can simply wish away. It is something that most women deal with throughout their menstruating lives, which can start as early as 10 and can last until one’s early 50s. Below, we outline the most common methods for mitigating your period pain at home


1. Lifestyle changes

Taking care of your body and your overall health can impact how you experience your period and the intensity of the pain. You can try to incorporate these simple and healthy habits in your daily life to see if they impact the pain you feel from your period. 


  • Make sure you are getting enough magnesium. During your time of the month, it is important to eat foods rich in magnesium, such as spinach, kale, avocados, yogurt, and oatmeal. Throughout one’s menstrual cycle, the magnesium levels in your body can fluctuate. If you have a magnesium deficiency already and your levels get lower, that can make certain symptoms, such as headaches or cramps, worse. Eating enough magnesium-rich foods can help reduce PMS. 
  • Drink lots of water. Many women retain water during their period, leading to bloating and putting extra pressure on your abdomen, making your period pain worse. Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated can help you reduce water retention and help with your period pain.
  • Reduce salt consumption. When you are feeling down, you may want to dig into a bag of chips, but eating foods that are high in salt can lead to water retention, which can intensify the pain you are feeling. 
  • Enjoy some exercise.  When you have that stabbing feeling, one of the last things you may want to do is go out and exercise. However, exercising can be a great way to relieve your period pain. Exercising helps stretch out your muscles, reducing cramping and pain. Your body also releases endorphins when you exercise, which is a great natural way to fight back against pain. 
  • Stop smoking cigarettes. If you are a cigarette smoker, another great reason to quit is because women who smoke experience more severe premenstrual symptoms and more intense cramps.


Watching what you eat, consuming foods that reduce inflammation, exercising, and putting the cigarettes down (maybe even for good?) are small but impactful lifestyle changes that can improve your overall health and aid your PMS and dysmenorrhea (pain or discomfort during the menstrual period).


2. Home remedies for period pain

There are various at-home methods for treating your pain. 


  • Take a bath. Relaxing in a bathtub filled with hot water and some relaxing aromatherapy oils can take your mind off the pain you’re experiencing and allow your muscles to relax. 
  • Hot water bottle. If you can’t take a bath, take a water bottle and fill it with hot water. Put the hot water bottle around your pelvis area where you are feeling pain. The heat from the bottle can help reduce the pain. 
  • Get a massage. Getting a stomach and back massage can help relax tight muscles that contribute to your pain. A massage also releases endorphins, which can help you better manage the pain. 
  • Wear loose clothing. Wearing loose clothing right before and during your period can reduce pressure on your body and make you feel more comfortable. 


Home coping methods are all about dealing with the pain; they don’t make the pain go away, but they can make the pain more manageable.


3. Medical devices & treatment for menstrual pain

Sometimes, treating your menstrual cramps can require more than lifestyle changes and coping mechanisms. There are also a variety of different medications and medical devices you can use to treat your period pain. 


  • Over-the-counter pain medication. You can always turn to classic over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or Midol to help you deal with your period pain. Additionally, PMS supplements can help to fight the symptoms. Check out our review of the best PMS vitamins: Bonafide, Hum, and Flo.  
  • Prescription pain medication. In addition to over-the-counter pain medication, there is medication designed explicitly for menstrual cramps and fit your specific situation. Wisp is a great telemedicine platform that delivers the medication right to your door for a reasonable price. Find out more about Wisp for period pain medication and more  in our review. 
  • Micropulse devices. You can use a micropulse device, such as Livia, which sends gentle micro-pulses to occupy your central nervous system and keep it from receiving your menstrual pain signals. 
  • Jovi Patch. Or, you can use the Jovi Patch, which utilizes nanotechnology to intercept messages that are causing your body discomfort, allowing your brain to better manage and deal with the pain you are experiencing due to your period. 


For the women who want quick and effective solutions, there are many medical devices and treatment methods for dealing with menstrual cramps, from over-the-counter medication to devices such as Livia and Jovi patch for cramps.


Jovi Patch for pain


How does Jovi Patch work?

Source: Jovi


The Jovi Patch uses nanotechnology to provide pain relief. To understand how the Jovi Patch works, a little primer on how the body works might help.


Electrical and chemical signals that run through our nervous system allow our five senses to work. The coordination of these signals is how you experience smell, touch, sight, and even discomfort. 


When you experience a cramp, an unbalanced electrical field is generated by your uterus inside your body. This activates sensory receptors in your body, which send messages to your brain through multiple synapses. When these signals reach your brain, the alarm is triggered, and your body reacts. This complicated process happens in a fraction of a second, creating the discomfort you feel when you are menstruating. 


The Jovi Patch works its magic by jumping in to obstruct the electrical signals that are being sent from the source of your pain to your central nervous system. So, instead of those signals making it to your brain and allowing you to feel the pain, the Jovi patch reroutes the electrical signals and absorbs them using nanocapacitors, which are found in the patch. 


If you take the patch and hold it up to the light, you can see lines running through the patch, which are the nanocapacitors that absorb the unbalanced electrical field in your body and provide you with relief. The nanocapacitors store the electrical signal from your body and convert that signal into heat, making the Jovi Patch feel warm when it’s in the right place. 


Essentially, the Jovi Patch acts like a sponge, picking up the energy generated by your discomfort and balancing your body’s electrical field, allowing you to leave the days of a painful period in the past! 


How is the Jovi Patch different from other period pain relief products?

Source: Jovi


There are a few things that make the Jovi Patch stand out in comparison to other period pain relief products. 


No medication 

For one, with the Jovi Patch, there is no medication necessary. You don’t have to worry any disturbance to your hormonal balance, when you ate last or how many hours its been since taking your last pain reliever; the Jovi Patch doesn’t release any chemicals or medication into your body. 


No wires or batteries 

Some period pain devices, such as the Ovira, send pulses into your body. The device has two leads, attached by a wire to a small battery, all of which are placed near your abdomen. There are a few others like this on the market, all of which are also effective. With the Jovi, there is no battery pack to carry around, and there are no awkward lead wires you have to attempt to hide under your clothing. For this very reason, a single Jovi Patch can last you years, even if worn daily!


No heating

When the Jovi Patch is working correctly, you will feel it release a bit of heat, but you don’t have to heat it in the microwave to activate like heating pads, nor do you have to sit next to an outlet for it to function. The Jovi Patch works seamlessly on its own, no heating needed.



As stated earlier, Jovi Patch isn’t just for your period cramp relief, but works for upper & lower back, headache, wrist & hand, foot, ankle, and knee relief. Jovi offers reusable, drug-free relief from head to toe. Its 4.5” diameter and gel adhesives allow it to be easily placed everywhere on your body, whether it’s your abdomen near the uterus, near the neck, lower/upper back, anywhere you feel pain. Jovi Patch is also water-resistant and as thin as a piece of cardstock, which means you can hide it anywhere.


The Jovi Patch isn’t a medication, and it doesn’t require the use of batteries, wires, the microwave, or electrical power to work. It is proudly made in the U.S.A., and it is easy and straightforward to use. 


How to use the Jovi Patch

Source: Jovi


Using the Jovi Patch to target and stop your period pain is a simple three-step process that is easy to learn and master. 


 1. Find the source of your discomfort

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the pain is coming from. Proper patch placement is the key!


Take the patch and place it where you think the discomfort is coming from, and slowly move the patch every few minutes, an inch at a time, until relief kicks in. 


Pro Tip: The pain may not be coming from where you think it is, which is why it’s important to take time to figure out the right placement. When the Jovi patch is working, it will feel slightly warm, and that’s when you’ll feel relief from your pain. 


 2. Secure the patch

Once you know where the source of pain is, it’s time to secure the patch in place. Jovi Patch comes with five latex-free gel adhesives, allowing you to wear it anywhere and continue to go about your business.


While the adhesives are excellent, they are not required for pain alleviation! If you’re allergic to the sticky material, you can secure Jovi with medical tape or wear it inside your favorite pair of leggings, under a sports bra, or anywhere else that feels comfortable while still allowing easy access to your skin.


3. Enjoy your day

Once the patch is in place, you can fully enjoy your day without any debilitating pain! The patch can be used all day long, and you can use the same patch for years, if you take proper care of it. 


The patch absorbs the electrical energy that your body is sending out, stopping it in its path before it travels through your central nervous system, providing you with immediate and easy pain relief. 


Jovi Patch for pain: What can Jovi treat?

Source: Jovi


When placing the Jovi Patch, there are some tips you should keep in mind, depending on the type of pain you’re targeting. 


Jovi Patch for cramps

When placing the patch for period pain, start by placing near your uterus. Then, slowly move the patch around the body, towards your back, until you find the right place. The right place is on the abdomen for some people, and more on the lower back for others. 


Jovi Patch for back pain

If you are experiencing back pain, take the patch and put it about an inch above where you think the most intense pain is coming from. Allow two to three minutes to pass, and then move it around slowly until you hit the right spot and feel the patch warm up. 


Jovi Patch for headaches

The Jovi Patch can help with headaches as well! To use the patch for a headache, hold the patch on your head for a few minutes right where you feel the most discomfort. Then, slide it to the base of your neck, moving it from one side to the other every few minutes. 


Another idea is to put the patch on the pillow when you sleep if you experience headaches at night. You can just hold the patch in place; there is no need to use any adhesive.


What does the Jovi Patch look like?

Source: Jovi


The Jovi Patch is designed to be discreet. It is a 4.5-inch circular patch that’s thin and flexible, allowing you to easily place the patch on different parts of your body and experience pain relief. 


The patch comes in a periwinkle tone, and there’s a limited special edition that is off-white and gold (talk about style and function!). If you look closely at the patch, you can see little lines running throughout, which is the nanotechnology that absorbs the energy your body is sending out, stopping pain in its tracks and turning it into a warm heat instead. 


Jovi Patch special features

The Jovi Patch has a few special properties in addition to being a drug-free, reusable pain relief method.


The Jovi Patch is discreet 

It’s very thin, allowing you to easily wear it under most clothing very inconspicuously. There are no wires, leads, or magnets that bulk up its size, making it easy to use no matter where you’re at. 


The Jovi Patch is water-resistant

You don’t have to worry about keeping the patch dry – if it gets wet or you get in the shower with it on, it won’t be damaged.


The Jovi Patch is easy to clean

The Jovi Patch is reusable for more than a year. If the patch gets a little dirty, you can simply wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth and a little mild soap. Never put it in the washing machine or use any alcohol or Clorox based cleaner; stick to simple soap. 


The Jovi Patch is discreet and water-resistant, which makes it incredibly easy to use and incorporate into your daily routine when you need it. 


How much is the Jovi Patch?

Source: Jovi


You can purchase a single Jovi Patch for only $169, which gives you years of usage out of a single Jovi patch.


Multipack options

If you usually experience your period pain in more than one area, purchasing more than one patch will come in handy. For example, if you’re used to experiencing pain in your abdomen and have a headache simultaneously, you can target both sources of pain when you own multiple Jovi Patches.


You can purchase a multi-pack with three patches for only $365


Reusable gel adhesive

When you order the Jovi Patch, it comes with 5 reusable gel adhesives, which last for multiple uses. Some people like to use the gel to keep the patch in one place, and others find that that patch stays stationary comfortably enough for them without the adhesive gel.


If you like to use the adhesive, you can always order more or sign up for their adhesive subscription, giving you a steady supply of adhesives delivered every month. You can apply the adhesive directly to the skin or clothing and easily wipe the adhesive off the patch after using it.


  • 10 Adhesives: $20
  • 20 Adhesives: $40
  • 10 Adhesives Subscription (delivered every month): $17


Great money-back guarantee

The Jovi Patch provides you with a 120-day money-back guarantee, giving you four months to try out the patch to see if it works for your menstrual pain, back pain, muscle aches, or headaches. If you find that it doesn’t improve any of your symptoms, you can get a full refund if it’s within 120 days of purchase!


Jovi Patch alternatives: How does the Jovi Patch compare to Livia and other drug-free period pain relief products?


There are a few different drug-free period relief products on the market today that all want to help you manage your period pain.


Rael’s heating patch

Rael’s heating patches are self-heating patches infused with rosehip, dandelion root, jasmine, lemon balm, and juniper berry. The botanicals provide soothing comfort, reduce bloating, and can improve your energy and mood. They don’t irritate the skin, nor do they get in the way of your body’s natural hormone production. 


Using heat can be just as effective as over-the-counter pain medication, and sometimes, even more so. The patch can provide warmth for up to six hours and treat low-intensity, consistent cramps. The patches are, however, designed for one-time use, but you can sign up for a subscription to have a constant supply of natural heating pads.



Livia is a compact FDA-approved gadget that uses high-frequency electrical impulses to help reduce and eliminate menstruation pain. Like the Jovi Patch, it is designed to block pain signals at the source. You may feel some vibrations as the micro-pluses block pain signals and activate the release of beta-endorphins to relieve the muscle pain you are feeling.  


Livia requires you to carry a little battery pack in your pocket or on your waistband while two electrode gel pads are placed on your lower abdomen. The unit can be recharged and reused, but the gel pads need to be replaced after a few uses.  


This device is FDA approved and comes with a 2-year warranty and a 120-day return window with a full refund guarantee if it doesn’t help your symptoms. 



Ovira uses pulse therapy called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology. TENS technology is designed to interrupt the pain signal before it gets to your brain. 


The Ovira device, Noha, consists of two pads (called the Love Handles) that stick to your body, plus a battery pack. The Love Handles pads are placed on either your stomach or back, and the battery pack attaches to your waistband. 


When the battery pack is turned on, it will send small electrical pulses through the Love Handles pads, which you’ll experience as light vibrations. These pulses are designed to overload your nerves and block pain signals from getting to your brain, providing you with immediate relief from cramps. 


Jovi Patch vs Livia vs Ovira vs Rael


Period Pain Relief Device Comparison: Jovi Patch vs Livia vs Ovira vs Rael

One-Time Price $169  $199 $199 $16 for 8-pack
Monthly Subscription? ✅  for gel adhesive pads only ✅  $8 per month for replacement pads ❌   ✅ 
Reusability Years Years Device lasts years. Stick pads last 8-10 uses. One-Time
Versatile? (can be used for other than period-cramp relief?) ✅ 
Free Shipping? Free Shipping in the US  Free shipping worldwide Free shipping in the US  Free shipping in the US
Refund Policy 120-day money back guarantee 120-day money back guarantee plus 2-year warranty 100-day money back guarantee 30-day return policy
Colors Periwinkle Purple & White 12 colors to choose from White White
Pain Relief Technology Nanotechnology Micro-pulses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)  Botanicals 
FDA Approved? ❌  ✅  ✅ 

Jovi stands out from its competitors because you only have to purchase the device once and can use it for years. It doesn’t use power. and thus doesn’t require rechargeable batteries. Unlike the Livia (which we’ve also reviewed in-depth and highly recommend for pain relief), the Jovi Patch doesn’t require you to replace any pads.


Note: The Jovi Patch is currently undergoing the process of obtaining FDA approval. 


Jovi Patch reviews: What are customers saying?

Jovi Patch is a period-pain-expert favorite. Not only has it helped customers with period cramps, but various other types of pains such as leg aches, as Jovi themselves claim. 





Source: Facebook


Customers may come in skeptical of the device and its abilities, but once they find the right placement point, they leave satisfied and happy with the results. As with all products, the Jovi Patch may require a little trial and error, but customers seem overwhelmingly satisfied with its efficacy once they are able to find the right placement. 


The verdict: Is the Jovi Patch legit, safe, and worth trying?

After reviewing the Jovi Patch, it’s clear that it’s a legit period pain relief device that works reliably for thousands of women. It’s a safe, easy-to-use, and non-invasive way to treat pain on an ongoing basis, without unwanted side effects.


If you’re looking for a more natural route than medication to treat your period pain, look no further. Jovi doesn’t release any chemicals into your body, nor does it require you to ingest anything. Just non-invasive and safe pain relief via nanotechnology! 


Livia and Ovira are both effective options as well, but if you want to try a pain relief method that isn’t bulky and doesn’t require recharging, then the Jovie Patch is your best bet. The disc is 4.5 inches, flat, and can be easily hidden under your clothing. It is discreet enough that no one will know you are wearing it or ask you questions about why you have a battery pack strapped to your waistband. 


All in all, we think the Jovi Patch is worth trying out if you experience regular period pain or any kind of back pain, headaches, or other localized and intense pain associated with your period. It is non-invasive, discreet, and all-natural.


With a 120-day 100% money-back guarantee, you have more than enough time to figure out if the device will effectively treat your menstrual cramps, without any risk.


Have you tried Jovi or any other period pain relief devices that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below! 


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