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Alex Goldberg

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Keeps Before And After – See Results from Real Keeps Customers

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Alex Goldberg

Alex worked at three early-stage startups before starting Fin vs Fin. Covering the rise of direct-to-consumer health, his mission is to help patients access better treatments online. He's also a husband, father, and UC Berkeley grad who enjoys golf, podcasts, live music, cooking, and home improvement.

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In this Article

In this Article

Alex Goldberg

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning and looked into the available options you’ve probably realized that there are only two FDA-approved treatments for male pattern baldness. You might already know that Keeps and similar subscription services say they can help you get effective treatment without having to leave the house….But does Keeps actually work?



does keeps work

I get my own Finasteride and Minoxidil from Keeps, although I’m not sharing my before and after photos 😛


To find out if Keeps actually delivers the results they promise, we tracked down 30 customers and asked for their honest feedback. While opinions varied, a few clear themes emerged. We outline those below, and included a few before-and-afters that our interviewees were so kind to share. Without further ado, here’s what we learned about Keeps after interviewing 30 living, breathing subscribers willing to show off their scalps before and after treatment.



Yes, Keeps really can work and guys swear by it.


According to these six guys, Keeps did exactly what they hoped it would—stopped their hair loss and helped regrow some of their lost hair.


1. “After three months of using Keeps, you can hardly tell I ever had an issue. It continues to work. I highly recommend this product.” – Paulo


Paulo’s results were noticeable after 3 months.


2. “I’ve been using Keeps for hair loss for about a year and half now and have absolutely noticed a difference in my hair thickness. My hair stylist has also noticed and comments pretty much every time I go in for a haircut.” – Jacob


3. “I could not be more satisfied with the Keeps. My hair is fuller, thicker, and healthier than ever before. Best decision I’ve made.” – Thomas





4. “It really works! From very thin hair to a full head. 🙂 Love it!” – Jeremy





5. “I’m amazed! Keeps has made a tremendous difference in my hair and in my confidence! I cannot believe how much of a difference it has already made and neither can my friends and family. My results have caught the attention of other men losing their hair and I always suggest Keeps!” – Ben



6. “My hair looks the best it has looked since I was 19—and that was 19 years ago. I will continue on. Thanks, Keeps.” – Kenneth






It may take a while to see results.


With most hair loss meds, often regrowth doesn’t happen overnight. These six guys told us they waited months before the product started working for them:


7. “During my first two months of religiously using Keeps, my hair situation actually got worse (I was warned that this could be a temporary side effect in the pamphlet that came with the product). But starting in the middle of month 3, it started improving. Now, my biggest bald patch is pretty much gone while the others are MUCH less visible. It’s already worth 10x what the price is!” – Vladimir M.




8. “After two months, of using Keeps, my hair is making slow but certain progress. If I grow it out, you can barely tell my hairline isn’t full. Is my hair 100% back? Nope. Has this product helped regrow hair and fill in my hairline? Absolutely.” – Jason


9. “I’ve been using Keeps for over a year now and my hair has stopped thinning. I don’t think I’ve had considerable regrowth, but I wasn’t expecting that. My goal is to keep what I’ve got. I’m happy with Keeps and believe in its effectiveness!” – Joshua


10. “Eleven months after signing up for Keeps, I’m back to loving my hair. While I only saw a small amount of regrowth in my hairline and crown, my confidence in my hair is back, and I can thank Keeps for that.” – Nick


11. “Keeps hasn’t just changed my hair, it‘s changed my confidence. I wish I could say I immediately got results, but it took a few months of using Keeps every day. Maybe six or seven months later, I started getting comments on how good my hair looked…which hadn’t happened in years.” – Brian


12. “I’ve definitely noticed a slowdown in my hair loss since I started using Keeps. I feel like I’m regaining some, too. If you want to hang on to what you have, and maybe fill back in some hair that’s gone, this is worth a shot.” – Will




Getting in the Keeps habit takes time, but once you do, it’s easy.


Hair loss treatment doesn’t work if you aren’t consistent about using it, but remembering to take your meds every day is easier said than done. Keeps seems to have figured it out as six guys mentioned how easy treatments were to incorporate into their routine.


13. “It really works! At first, I wasn’t happy about taking medication every day, but I can’t argue with the results. After 15 months of treatment, I am the only male in my family that is not bald—and that includes my younger brother.” – Ramy


14.Keeps gives me hope. Getting started was simple and user friendly, and they automatically ship my refills so I never missed a day. It’s just so easy to get the results you want using Keeps. The application is simple, the medication is simple. Keeps makes it easy to get your hair back. ” – Anthony


15. “I have always been leery of treatments that promised reversal of hair loss, but I’m so glad I decided to try Keeps. The treatment is very easy and the shipping process is even easier. I feel much more confident in my hair now!” – Jared



16. “I definitely recommend Keeps to all my friends. It’s affordable, it’s easy to use, I apply it twice a day and Keeps does the rest.” – Jason


17.Keeps is super easy to use. You get a package every three months and as long as you use it every single day, you’ll see results. I noticed that my bald spot is no longer there, also my hairline has dropped down significantly.” – Jose


18. “For anybody who has the same issues with thinning hair that I’ve been having, I highly recommend it. It’s clinically proven, it’s affordable, easy to use, and the best part is, it works. – Nathan




And the ability to speak with a licensed doctor is really helpful.


No one wants to make an unnecessary trip, even if it’s to a doctor’s office or a pharmacy. These reviewers told us the Keeps team saved them time and hassle by delivering their treatment right to their homes, while their doctors helped them keep progress on track.


19. “I never would have gone to the doctor to discuss my thinning hair. Keeps made it easy and discreet. And guess what? It worked. I went from having numerous bald spots to having a full head of hair again within the first two months. Crazy!” – Brendon B.


20. “My most difficult times using Keeps were the first 90 days when there were no visible results. However my Keeps doctor and the team kept me motivated and advised me to remain consistent and that changed everything for me! I started seeing results from the fourth month precisely and now my hair is back to what it was 5 years ago!” – Aditya


21. “I decided to choose Keeps because the user experience is really clean and easy. The fact that I don’t have to do anything in person and it’s all online just really made it perfect for me. I’m busy with school, so I don’t have time to go to a doctor in person and then go to a pharmacy and deal with all that. It’s really convenient.” – Thomas


22. “Keeps has made hair loss treatment easily accessible. I have confidence in my doctor and in the program we’ve set up together. It really can be as ‘hands-off’ or as engaging as you would like it to be. Delivery is prompt, I never seem to be in danger of running out. It comes in a convenient, discreet container. I feel like I caught my hair loss at the perfect time, and I’m so happy I decided to take action when I did.” – Eric




23. “I am extremely skeptical of commercial testimonies about products. I only gave Keeps a shot because a licensed doctor was involved in the diagnosis and treatment. Nothing short of a drastic improvement in only 9 months. This subscription is very convenient, the cost is reasonable, and my treatment is overseen by a licensed physician.” – Anthony


24. “I have been using Keeps for almost nine months now, and I have to say that whenever I have an issue my doctor and the Keeps team always take care of me. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone. It’s the type of business that really values their customers!” – Matthew

All that comes at a pretty reasonable price.



Most of us can’t afford a big new expense right now. That’s why we made sure to look into what guys had to say about Keeps’ pricing. Here’s what we heard:


25. “I’ve done extensive research and Keeps is the cheapest route to bettering your hair today. Plus, it actually works! I’ve been using Keeps for the past year or so and my hair is legitimately better than it has ever been.” – David


26. “Keeps makes regaining and maintaining your precious hair possible and affordable. They live up to their name and promise.” – Daniel


27. “I’d give Keeps 3 out of 5 stars due to the price of one of their products being higher than I’ve found elsewhere. If Keeps lowered their prices, I’d change my review to a four star!  ” – Matthew



28. “Trying Keeps is very seriously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After just one year, I’ve never felt so good about myself. For a very affordable price, I have hair again. Growing from my head. Do it. You will be so glad you did.” – Joshua


29. “I’ve definitely experienced regrowth and my hair is stronger and fuller. The ease and price point make it a no-brainer to keep using Keeps.” – Stephen


30. “I have been using Keeps for over a year now, and now my hair is full & my hands aren’t covered in it during every shower. It is definitely worth the money, and I have referred all my friends!” – Bradford



So, will Keeps work for you?


There you have it, straight from the mouths of real men with male pattern baldness. Just to be clear, Keeps wasn’t a perfect fit for every guy. A few we talked to said they weren’t sure if they still needed to be taking finasteride, and a handful thought they’d probably end their Keeps subscription because they felt it was an unnecessary expense. But for the most part, Keeps customers said the service left them with noticeably more hair. And some of the before and after shots completely speak for themselves!


As a side note: I personally take finasteride and minoxidil every day, and have for the last 10 years. It’s helped me maintain a full head of hair since it started thinning around age 20. That said, these hair loss treatments work differently for everyone, so the only way to  know if they can stop your thinning is to try them out first hand. Since talking to your doctor before you try any new treatment is recommended, Keeps’ ability to connect you with a doctor virtually is really convenient if you’re wondering where to start. If you’ve been on the fence about starting hair loss treatment, I recommend consulting with a licensed doctor via Keeps. 


They are offering a generous 50% off discount, which means you have even less to lose. With both prescription and over the counter options, plus a free doctor’s consultation to help you decide which is right for your condition, you might as well see for yourself. Give Keeps a shot and let us know how their hair loss treatments work for you in the comments below.


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