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Review: Keeps Hair Loss Subscription for Men

Last updated on October 7th, 2020 at 11:43 pm

Keeps – an unbiased review by the D2C wellness experts, Fin vs Fin. Keeps says they will diagnosis, prescribe and deliver men’s health medicine, but do their hair loss treatments deliver results? In this review, we’ll discuss the science behind Keep’s products, as well as their pricing. Read on to find out if this telemedicine startup can help you keep your hair.



Is online telehealth startup Keeps right for you?

Keeps is an online doctor and pharmacy all wrapped into one, slick offering. From an online doctor’s visit – where you can find out if the hair loss medicines they offer are right for you, to a subscription delivery of the drugs you need to keep your hair, this online pharmacy for hair loss provides and end-to-end experience for men looking to stop going bald. 

How to get a hair loss prescription from Keeps


Want to get a prescription from Keeps so you can… keep your hair? The process is easy – way easier that actually going in-person to your doctor. And they’ll ship the medicine right to your door, so you don’t have to deal with the pharmacy either. The fact that you can get your condition reviewed by a doctor, get a prescription and get the right meds sent directly to you is pretty amazing.


Keeps is one of the few quality players selling FDA-approved medicines online to treat male hair loss. Their prices for common hair loss prescriptions are competitive — see our full finaseride price comparison here — especially when you factor in the 50% introductory discount just for being a Fin vs Fin readers! You read  that  correctly: we’ve partnered with Keeps to give you HALF OFF your first order. Click below to take  advantage.








Keeps Pricing for Hair Loss Treatments



At a high level, here’s an overview of Keeps’ hair loss products and pricing:






Minoxidil Solution





Minoxidil Foam



    • $15 / month $11.66 per month (2.11oz aerosol can of 5% minoxidil) — not including your exclusive discount.


Again, that 50% off can save you over $50 for your first order, so it’s a great option to test out if these FDA approved medicines are good for you. They do sometimes have a $30 for the first 3 months — click here to see if that special offer is available now.


And don’t forget, one of their best features is that you can get a low cost, online doctor’s visit to see if prescription meds (i.e. Finasteride) is the right treatment for your balding head. Here’s more on what a visit with one of their doctors is like.

How to meet with a Doctor on Keeps

Here are the steps to consult with an MD and see if you are eligible for a finasteride prescription among Keeps’ other hair loss treatments.


  1. Fill out your name and email – you’ll also see the pricing. In my case, Keeps is running what looks like promotional pricing of $30 for 3 months’ worth of 1 mg finasteride. To make sure you lock in your 50% discount, make sure to start your journey by clicking here.
  2. Next, you need to fill out your birthdate and create an account (basically, create a password).
  3. They cut to the chase here – the next step is giving them your mailing address and credit card, so make sure you have that handy.
  4. Here is what the site says about the process, to help you feel comfortable providing your payment information so early in the process:

What’s ahead: After checkout, you’ll complete a short online quiz to help your doctor confirm that the plan you’ve selected is right for you. This initial consult is free, and we need it to ship your order.


  1. After you push “submit order” you are going to need to provide you mailing address and answer a series of online health questions.
  2. The online health questions are basically an online doctor’s appointment.
  3. You’ll have to answer questions on your health, your hair loss, etc. None of the questions are too complicated, but since you are ordering a medicine it’s important to answer them correctly.
  4. Finally, once the form filling is complete, a licensed physician will review your questionnaire, and hopefully, approve you for the medicine.
  5. Keeps will ship your hair loss drugs quickly – and in 3 month supplies. This means that you’ll get your next order shipped in “75 days” according to the website – so you have two and a half months to evaluate the product, and cancel your Keeps subscription if you don’t like it.


What hair loss medicines does Keeps recommend?



Keeps offers two, FDA approved medicines to treat male pattern baldness – Finasteride and Minoxidil. Both of these medicines have been used by a LOT of men, and the effects on your hair line – and the side effects – are well understood. Here is more on the two drugs that are offered. The Keeps doctor will likely recommend one or a combo of these medicines. And I personally use both of these drugs together to try to keep my hair. So far, no side effects and my wife says that my hair is looking thicker (I think it’s helping!).




The non-generic, name-brand of this drug is Propecia®. It’s an FDA approved drug for treating male pattern baldness. Finasteride has been really studied and studied – there are tons of clinical trials showing that it works, and that it has very few side effects. We go into depth into it’s side effects and the studies here if you want to read up on it.



The non-generic, name-brand for this drug is Rogaine®. It’s also been FDA approved for treating hair loss for a while. The main side effect is dry scalp (which happens to me sometimes), but is relatively rare. Keeps carries minoxidil in two forms — both which are applied topically in more or less the same way. One comes in a dropper as a solution. The other in an aerosol can as a foam. The choice is yours! At the moment, they are the only new telemedicine provider offering a foam option, so if you want foam, they are your best bet.


Ketoconazole shampoo

While not used to treat hair loss or regrowth, Ketoconazole is a prescription shampoo for men with dry scalps. It’s another solution that Keeps recommends for dandruff, itchiness, and flaking. It’s an Rx product, so it still needs to be prescribed by a real doctor, but it shows Keep’s commitment to overall hair health, rather than just hair loss.


Keeps hair health products




What do these medicines actually look like?


Take a look at the photos below – the medicines they offer look just like you’d expect. Well branded medicines in attractive packaging!


Keeps Minoxidil
Keeps Finasteride



We also have a video Keeps review – this shows what it looks like to open a box from them, and give you more detail on what you get when you subscribe to one of their plans. Be sure to check out the different topical solutions we review in the video – this is a major difference offered by them vs. the competition!


Is Keeps legit, and do its recommended hair loss treatments actually work?

While still a relatively young startup, Keeps is backed by a number of well known venture capitalists, including Maveron, First Round and Greycroft. They’ve raised almost $23 million in venture capital funding, and are based in the New York City area. Keeps is one of several startups focused on delivering quality men’s health online — perhaps you’ve heard of Hims and Roman as well — but is the only that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on hair health. They use a combination of telemedicine and low-cost, generic medicine to help keep more hair on your head. We also like the fact that they have attracted well-known physicians as advisors, so you know that they are working hard to offer the most scientifically sound solutions. 




The Verdict: So do we recommend Keeps?


Keeps is one of a few new men’s health providers tackling men’s hair loss that we really like. They have the same, FDA approved medicines that you’d get from your primary care physician, plus low prices, AND they can diagnose + prescribe + deliver meds to you without you having to leave your couch! We highly recommend you take advantage of Keeps 50% off trial offer. We’ve reviewed a bunch of their competitors, and their pricing, FDA approved medicines and simple, online doctor visits put them at the top. If you’re losing your hair, get started with them asap!


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Does Keeps offer a discount code or coupon?


Yes! As we’ve mentioned too many time already, we’ve partnered with Keeps to offer our readers an exclusive 50%  discount. Click below to take advantage and enjoy  significant savings your first order!

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