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Review: Keeps Hair Loss Subscription for Men

Keeps – an unbiased review by the experts of men’s health startups, FinvsFin. Keeps says they will diagnosis, prescribe and deliver men’s health medicine – but do they deliver results? promises doctor diagnosis and quick medication delivery for a variety of men’s health ailments, such as hair loss, ED and more. But do they deliver the results? Read this Keeps Review to find out!


Is online health startup Keeps right for you?

Keeps is an online doctor and, pharmacy all wrapped into one, slick offering. From an online doctor’s visit – where you can find out if the hair loss medicines offered by Keeps are right for you, to a subscription delivery of the drugs you need to keep your hair, Keeps provides and end-to-end experience for men looking to stop going bald. 

Keeps hair loss subscription

How to get a hair loss prescription from Keeps


Want to get a prescription from Keeps so you can… keep your hair? Get prepared to fill out some forms! 

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My macro opinion for getting a finasteride prescription from Keeps is that I’m not quite yet ready to recommend the company.


This opinion is based on a small issue, that is probably nothing, but still, is one that prevents me from having complete faith. But read the review below and draw your own conclusions!


How to meet with a Doctor on Keeps

Here are the steps it takes to visit with an MD and see if you are eligible/a good fit for a finasteride prescription.


  1. Fill out your name and email – you’ll also see the pricing. In my case, Keeps is running what looks like promotional pricing of $30 for 3 months’ worth of 1 mg finasteride.
  2. Next, you need to fill out your birthdate and create an account (basically, create a password).
  3. They cut to the chase here – the next step is giving them your mailing address and credit card! I wasn’t expecting to fork over these details so quickly. (Roman waited until closer to end of the process to get the credit card.)
  4. Here is what the site says about the process, to help you feel comfortable providing your payment information so early in the process:

What’s ahead: After checkout, you’ll complete a short online quiz to help your doctor confirm that the plan you’ve selected is right for you. This initial consult is free, and we need it to ship your order.

  1. Just below the “Submit Order” button is a little bit of a disclaimer, which threw me for a loop. By making a purchase, you accept the KMG Medical Group Self Pay Agreement. I wasn’t really sure what this was, so I clicked on the link to learn more. It turns out that this is “Agreement for Self-Payment of Services” – basically, you are agreeing that they are not going to charge your insurance company (if you have one), and that the prescription bills are up to you to pay.
  2. I still wasn’t sure what the KMG Medical Group was though. Some googling makes me think that it’s “Keeps Medical Group”, which I found on a website that coordinates telemedicine for men’s health issues. So that makes sense, but the link to the group’s website was not secure and my browser warned me not to visit it because it might not be.
  3. Below a screenshot of the Self Pay Agreement that told me about the “Keeps Medical Group”:
keeps finasteride order online
Keeps Self Pay Agreement


8. Below is the warning message I got when trying to find the “Keeps Medical Group” link from the “nomad” telemedicine website:


keeps screenshot


9. I’m 100% sure this is an affiliated company to Keeps, since it is linking off of the “nomad” website, which has job descriptions that describe Keeps:


Keeps Medical Group is an early stage company focused on helping men feel their best by tackling health issues that impact self-confidence, starting with male pattern baldness. We will provide asynchronous telemedicine services for men who are in the early stages of hair loss and, if deemed necessary, enable them to purchase treatments, including finasteride and minoxidil, for a price that is highly competitive to local pharmacies.

We are looking for physicians who are comfortable diagnosing hair loss to join our platform. You will review patient submissions, including medical history, hair specific symptoms, and photos, and use the information to make a diagnosis. If appropriate, you will recommend and prescribe treatment via our online portal.

We have worked with leading hair loss experts to build a patient questionnaire that collects information that will enable you to make a diagnosis quickly and accurately.

This opportunity is extremely flexible, with a minimum commitment of 5 hours per week. Our web-based portal is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile, so you can work from anywhere.

We are backed by top investors, including Maveron, First Round Capital, and Greycroft.

keeps medical doctor job rec


10. This isn’t really a deal breaker, but it does make me reconsider using Keeps at the moment. If they do not keep their doctor website secure, what else don’t they keep secure? It’s probably not a big deal, the doctor site is probably just a landing page that doesn’t do anything, but it does demonstrate a lack of attention to detail that may highlight other issues lurking beneath the surface.

About Keeps, the men's healthcare startup

Keeps is an early stage startup that is using a combination of telemedicine and low-cost, generic medicine to help improve men’s health. The company is backed by a number of well known venture capitalists, including Maveron, First Round and Greycroft. They’ve raised almost $23 million in venture capital funding, and are based in the New York City area. 

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