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Chase Stevens

Review: Listen Lively Hearing Aids – Are they Legit?

Getting hearing aids traditionally starts with a visit to a doctor for a hearing test. It’s possible to go to your primary care physician, but they’ll probably refer you to a specialist for a more thorough exam, whether it’s an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor or an audiologist… potentially even both. Then assuming you’re eligible for hearing aids, most patients buy whatever device their audiologist recommends without additional research. Unsurprisingly, these are often overpriced, clunky, and not necessarily the easiest to use.


As we’ve seen in so many other areas, direct-to-consumer (DTC) health startups are now transforming the process of buying hearing aids, making it easier to get treatment without in-person visits. Instead, medical assessments and doctor consultations are done virtually, and your new hearing aids are shipped directly to your doorstep, like everything else in your life these days. ListenLively is the company that has emerged as the market leader in D2C hearing aids. We’ve researched the company in-depth to see whether their hearing aids are legit and how well they compare to other popular brands.  Our goal with this review of Lively’s products is to help you make the best decision for you (or a loved one’s) health.


Are Lively hearing aids legit?


Let’s get straight to the point: yes, Lively is a very legitimate hearing aid company. They recently raised $16m from top telemedicine venture capitalists, and their core product includes FDA-approved hearing aids that are custom programmed by licensed audiologists and manufactured by ReSound, an industry leading brand owned by conglomerate GN Hearing, who’s been in business for over 150 years. While the price may seem too good to be true, remember that Lively is able to pass on savings to consumers because they cut out so many middle men by selling their hearing aids directly.


How does ordering from Lively work?

Source: Lively


Instead of heading to your general doctor or a hearing specialist in person, the process starts on There, you’re able to quickly learn if you or your loved one is a strong candidate for hearing assistance technology. Lively’s process for getting your hearing aids is simple:


  1. Take a quick, convenient, free online hearing test that’s doctor-certified. 
  2. Choose your hearing aids from two options and customize the color.
  3. Audiologists will then program your hearing aids to fit your custom needs.
  4. Three days later, your hearing aids are delivered to your home.
  5. You can follow up with on-demand doctors through Lively if you need help or hearing aid adjustments.
  6. You can follow up with on-demand doctors through Lively if you need help or hearing aid adjustments.


What kind of hearing aids does Lively offer?


Source Lively


Lively has two types of hearing aids: 


The names make them pretty self-explanatory 😂  Both are FDA-approved, work with Bluetooth, provide 360-degree sound, and are visibly discreet. And you can pick from seven color choices. Lively suggests matching it to your hair color, which helps them blend in even more!


Each hearing aid purchase is part of a bundle. The Lively Bundle includes:


  • the hearing aids of your choice
  • the Lively mobile app that allows you to manage your hearing aids settings
  • access to a care team of doctors and tech specialists, including three years of audiologist support through the app.


How much do Lively hearing aids cost?


Lively hearing aids cost $1,850 ($78/mo) for the battery-powered model,  or $2,250 ($94/mo) for the rechargeable version. Remember this comes with 3 years of support, the ability to adjust settings via your smartphone, and in many cases is covered by health insurance.  Lively also offers a 100 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like their product, you can return them for a full refund within the first few months.


How does Lively compare to other popular hearing aids?


To see how Lively compares to the competition, we distilled the details into a handy chart. See how their hearing aids, other D2C hearing aids brands, as well as common alternatives like Costco’s Kirklands brand stack up:


Hearing aid Comparison: Lively vs Eargo vs Audien vs Audicus vs Costco Kirkland          
Online hearing test? Yes Yes No hearing test offeredCompany claims these tests are not necessary Yes, or send them a hearing test or visit an Audicus Hearing Store No online testing. Free tests (included with Costco membership) are offered in-person at Costco warehouses

Rechargeable: $2,250 or $94/mo


Battery-Powered: $1,850 or $78/mo


Covered by some health insurance

$1,850 to $2,950 depending on variety (all rechargeable)


Free for federal employees, discounts for military and healthcare workers, covered by some health insurance

$89 for EV1


$249 for EV3 (smaller model with wireless charging)


Both rechargeable

$499 per ear for “entry-level”


$699 per ear for “premium”


$699 per ear for “invisible”


$899 per ear for “Bluetooth”


Offers memberships starting at $39/mo for hearing aids, support, insurance, new batteries and other care, and a new pair in 18 months

$1,499.99 per pair (battery-powered)


Costco membership required: Starts at $60 annually

Discreet style? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional support? Yes, from audiologists for3 years after purchase Yes, from licensed hearing professionalsLifetime support No. They sell hearing aids without an audiologist nor hearing test. These are not customized, but come with three sizes of ear buds. Yes, and hearing aid purchase comes with unlimited reprogramming for its lifetime Qualified Costco Hearing Aid Center staff (sometimes audiologists but usually hearing aid specialists) make adjustments and you get remote support and free cleanings & check ups
Trial offer? 100 days-risk-free Save $150 with code SAVE150 on Neo HiFi 30-day money-back guarantee 45-days risk-free 180-day return policy


Lively Reviews: What are customers saying?


Lively has mostly positive reviews online, with 4.1/5 stars on Google. Most of the reviews echo a similarly positive sentiment as these cherry-picked examples:


Of course there are a few complaints sprinkled in that mostly have to do with specific situations. Here’s an example:


Overall, the online reviews of Lively’s hearing aids are positive. A lot of people even provided glowing feedback about the service’s return process after determining it wasn’t the right fit for their loved one’s needs hearing problem.



The Verdict: Are Lively hearing aids worth it?


Hopefully, the above comparison chart helps you quickly compare Lively to its competition. The three direct-to-consumer hearing aid options we compared Lively to are Eargo, Audien and Audicus. Although aesthetic design is often important to anyone wearing hearing aids, all three of the brands offer discreet models that are barely noticeable. Like Lively, Eargo and Audicus offer online hearing tests that make it convenient to get started. Audien, on the other hand, doesn’t do hearing tests. Instead, they claim the tests and working with an audiologist are unnecessary.


Here’s a breakdown to help you compare:


Best hearing aids for people who prefer to buy in-person: For Costco’s Kirkland hearing aids, you’d get a more affordable option than Lively, yet it requires in-person visits and you’d also need a Costco membership. You can see from the chart that Costco hearing aids have some downsides in comparison. Namely, you usually don’t work with an audiologist and the hearing aids are battery-powered, not rechargeable. Also, you have to get them programmed and adjusted in person instead of remotely.


Most affordable hearing aids: Audien offers a straightforward hearing aid without too many bells and whistles to keep the price down, which is a price that’s far below the competition. This could be a good choice if you’re looking to see if you could hear a little better and you’re not looking for a specialized hearing aid to fit your particular needs. In comparison, Lively offers hearing aids that are custom-programmed by audiologists.


Best for healthcare, military, and federal employees: Eargo could be a good choice if you fall into certain groups like healthcare workers, federal employees or military. Lively doesn’t seem to have discounts, although it may be covered by some health insurance plans and it offers a 100-day money-back guarantee.


👂 BEST OVERALL  hearing aid experience👂 Lively offers the best all-around hearing aid experience in our opinion. They focus on ease of use from start to finish, making it convenient to get a hearing test online and get your hearing aids sent to your door. This brand offers higher quality than some of the other DTC options because they leverage audiologists who custom-program your hearing aids for your individual needs. You also get virtual access to said audiologists, who can continually adjust your hearing aids as needed to get the sound juuuust right. The price is slightly higher than some of the competitors, but you’re getting a truly custom hearing aid with the help of hearing specialists, and in our opinion, it’s worth paying a tiny but more for something as important as hearing. Plus, you’re getting the audiologist experience at about 50 percent less than the national average, Lively says. So you save a lot compared to going to the doctor in person.


Overall, Lively is indeed a legit auditory technology company offering more customization and a better customer experience than its competitors. We love how discreet their hearing aids are, and depending on your budget, they could be the right option for you. We hope this comparison of D2C hearing aid providers will help make your decision easier, but if not, you might as well give Lively a shot since the company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee and free returns. Click here to try them risk free, and let us know how they work out in the comments below.


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