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Modern Fertility tests and guide

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Modern Fertility Review – Are their At-Home Ovulation & Fertility Tests Worth It?

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Megan Foley

Megan is originally from Castle Pines, Colorado. In addition to her work as a writer, Megan is a professional ballet dancer. She’s especially passionate about relating her lifestyle as a dancer to health and wellness topics.

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In this Article

In this Article

Megan Foley

In this article, we’ll review Modern Fertility’s home fertility tests and help you decide if their kits are best for your family planning. Thanks to Modern Fertility for gifting us a few kits so we could test and photograph them ourselves.


For women — especially for any struggling to start a family — hormones and fertility can feel like a mystery. If you’ve struggled to get pregnant in the past, you know the stress can become overwhelming. And it’s hard to understand if it’s your lifestyle that’s to blame for the complications, or if there is a deeper underlying medical issue you never knew about.


It’s tricky to diagnose because hormone levels can be thrown off balance by a wide range of factors, from stress to genetics. That’s too bad because hormonal balance is not only critical for overall health, but also you fertility and ability to get pregnant. This makes information about hormone health invaluable for people in every stage of life.


The good news is that if you are looking to decode your own fertility and better plan for the future, science-backed fertility testing is here to help! Whether you want kids now, in the future, or just want better insight into how your hormones are affecting your health, a fertility hormone test can give you the clarity you’re craving.


Unfortunately, traditional fertility testing isn’t always covered by insurance and can cost well over $1,000 out-of-pocket. Plus, you’ll have to find time to visit the doctor’s office for extensive testing. If fertility testing is starting to seem out-of-reach, we feel you. But, don’t despair – at-home fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy testing are available from awesome new companies like Modern Fertility, typically for a fraction of the cost of traditional testing. It’s an awesome solution for women who need reliable fertility answers without the sky-high medical bills.


Keep reading to learn all about how the team at Modern Fertility is making it easier to access fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy testing via at-home kits.



But first: Who should get a fertility test?

Women who are trying to get pregnant, looking to have kids in the future, or considering freezing their eggs or IVF can all benefit from fertility testing. The test results provide insight into a woman’s ability to get pregnant, and you can use this to more effectively approach their pregnancy efforts – or just get some peace of mind. There are also at-home fertility tests for men, if you’re looking to have both sides of the equation tested!


Every body is different, so approaching all women’s reproductive health in exactly the same way just won’t work. But, with personalized results from a test, women can have a better shot of finding treatment options that will work for them.


Female hormone testing isn’t just for women who are actively trying to get pregnant, or who want to get pregnant in the near future. It can also benefit women who suspect that they’re experiencing a hormonal imbalance.


We also want to point out that getting pregnant is a two person game… and if you would like your man to get an easy at-home test, we’ve reviewed Dadi, Legacy and Yo Sperm‘s at home kits for men. They are pretty reasonably priced (the lowest is less than $70), and you can do the test right from your home.



Hormonal imbalance in women

Hormones are crucial to all different aspects of your health and wellbeing. So, when hormone levels go awry, it can seriously throw off how you feel.


Your appetite, metabolism, sleep, sexual health, stress levels, mood, and even your heart rate are all impacted by hormones. Women can experience imbalances in the progesterone and estrogen levels in the blood, causing symptoms ranging from anxiety to bloating to acne and more. Symptoms can vary depending on the person and which hormones are out of balance.


Hormonal imbalances are seriously unpleasant and can occur randomly at certain times throughout your life. But, an imbalance can also indicate that something is up with the endocrine glands. So, completing a hormone test when you predict an imbalance is an important step to getting the treatment that you need for optimal hormone health.


Fertility treatment and insurance: An uphill battle

One of the biggest hurdles that women have to jump over to get this kind of diagnostics and treatment is cost. Even if you have good health insurance, it’s likely that many types of lab work and treatment won’t be covered. This can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills.


Fertility insurance coverage basically hinges on the services that your employer happened to pick out when they were selecting your health plan. Those decisions can end up costing you an arm and a leg if the services that you need aren’t covered.


We don’t think that women shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant fees just to learn about their own body. After all, information is power – especially when it comes to your hormone health! So, if your insurance is turning a blind eye to your needs, Modern Fertility might just be your saving grace. More on that in a bit!


Keep in mind that while you can save money on this kind of lab work with Modern Fertility, you may still have to pay out-of-pocket for any further treatments that are needed, such as IVF or freezing your eggs. Financing plans for infertility treatments are often available, and you can talk to your care provider to learn more about your options.


The perks of at-home fertility testing

Getting this kind of diagnostics at your doctor’s office will consist of a urine test, blood work, and potentially a pap smear. Your doctor will order lab work to check your hormone levels and your overall reproductive health. Unfortunately, going to the doctor’s office can lead to long wait times for appointments and high co-pays for patients with insurance. Plus, you’ll also probably have to go to a laboratory to get your blood drawn and supply urine samples. Especially for women who don’t have much time to spare in their routine, in-person appointments aren’t a convenient option.


Thankfully, with the rise of telemedicine and companies focused on delivering high quality healthcare at-home, you no longer have to actually go to the doctor’s office to get basic work like this done.


At-home testing makes personalized reproductive health information more accessible for women with hectic schedules. With the flexibility to complete the test at a time that works for you, you won’t have to juggle yet another appointment during your busy day. Plus, at-home kits provide superior privacy to in-person appointments that are usually overseen by a team of highly qualified medical professionals. It’s all around a great way to go for women who are first starting to ask questions about their hormonal health.



Review of Modern Fertility’s hormone and ovulation test kits

Modern Fertility offers three main types of hormone diagnostic kits:


  1. The fertility hormone test
  2. The ovulation test, and 
  3. The pregnancy test.


These affordable at-home kits provide accurate, detailed results with support from the Modern Fertility community. Plus, FSA and HSA are accepted!


They also have a free ovulation tracking app, which you can use with the ovulation tests, or on its own. 


Your kit will come with absolutely everything you need to take the test safely, along with detailed instructions. It’ll arrive at your door in discreet packaging, because, well, no one else needs to know your business. Shipping is totally free on all Modern Fertility orders, though the company only ships within the United States.





Modern Fertility hormone test Review – is it legit?


Source: Modern Fertility


It’s not too good to be true: comprehensive hormone testing from the comfort of your home is possible with the Modern Fertility Hormone Test. We love that it’s customized based on your birth control, so you can trust that you’re getting a good result. Anyone with ovaries looking to have kids now or in the next five years — considering egg freezing or IVF, considering more kids, or suspect a hormone imbalance —  can benefit from the Modern Fertility hormone test.


Note that this option isn’t a good choice for people who are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or who are over 45 years old. And if you are currently on birth control, it will provide more limited results. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding can, however, use it for an update on their reproductive health after they’ve given birth/stopped breastfeeding.



Is Modern Fertility’s Hormone Test Customizable?

Yup, you can take the test on birth control! Modern Fertility will customize your fertility test so that it will produce precise results, birth control and all.



How do you collect a hormone sample for the Modern Fertility at-home test?

The at-home fertility test from Modern Fertility involves a quick, easy finger prick. In a clinical study, the finger prick was shown to produce the same results as a standard blood draw. The good news is that we think this is super easy to do on your own – and we haven’t seen other people complaining about it in online reviews either.



Do you have to use the finger prick method?

If you’d rather head to a lab for your blood draw, Modern Fertility is cool with that, too. They’ll send you to a local Quest Diagnostics lab to complete a standard blood draw.



Are Modern Fertility’s hormone testing labs legit?


Modern Fertility keeps a focus on quality control by carrying out all testing in a CLIA-certified lab. That’s the level that doctors trust and recommend.


What can Modern Fertility’s personalized analysis reveal you about your hormones?

From the report issued after analyzing your at-home test kit sample, patients often learn:

    • If you have more or fewer eggs than average
    • If you may hit menopause earlier or later than average
    • Potential egg-freezing or IVF outcomes
    • About your hormone health and how it relates to your overall health
    • About PCOS and thyroid disorders and their connection to reproductive health


The kit checks for seven hormone levels:

    1. Anti-Müllerian hormone – higher levels may mean more eggs
    2. Estradiol – sex hormone produced in the ovaries
    3. Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) – responsible for growing follicles and starting ovulation
    4. Luteinizing hormone – helps regulate menstrual cycle
    5. Prolactin – stimulates milk production
    6. Thyroid-stimulating hormone- produced by thyroid gland
    7. Free thyroxine – helps start ovulation


Modern Fertility’s team of physicians and clinical advisors are among the top in the nation, leading some of the country’s best fertility clinics. Their expertise can provide peace of mind in the accuracy and reliability of your test results. 



Does Modern Fertility offer any help or support after you get your hormone test results?

With Modern Fertility, you won’t be on your own once the test results are in. You can sign up for a one-on-one consultation with an experienced reproductive health nurse to understand your results and get answers to your questions, as well as attend a weekly “egginar” for more information. You can also participate in Modern Fertility’s real-talk community for support from others who are having similar experiences. 



How much does the Modern Fertility Hormone Test kit cost?

The hormone test and all of its included features cost just $159 from Modern Fertility.




Review of Modern Fertility’s Ovulation test


For women looking to get pregnant, ovulation testing can be a fantastic tool to predict the most fertile days of the month. But, accuracy and convenience are key in ovulation testing — otherwise, the test results won’t be of much use.



How does Modern Fertility’s at-home ovulation test work?

The company has developed an ovulation test that provides reliable, personalized results in a user-friendly format. It works by detecting the luteinizing hormone, LH, in urine. The brain spurs a big LH surge one to two days before a woman ovulates. So, measuring LH levels is an awesome way to help women learn about the timing of their ovulation. LH levels can reveal a woman’s “fertile window”, which includes 5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. The most fertile days in this window include the day of and the day after the LH surge.


The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test measures LH concentration with 99% accuracy using an ovulation test strip. The test strip contains antibodies that interact with LH in your urine and darken the test line. The shade of the test strip can be matched with a corresponding LH level, which gives you a gradient. This is unlike other ovulation tests that simply show a positive or negative result based on LH averages. From their Modern Fertility ovulation results, women can track their individual LH patterns and accurately predict the timing of their LH surge. 



How does Modern Fertility’s ovulation tracker app work?

The Ovulation Test comes with a free mobile app that uses your camera to scan and record your test strip, ensuring an accurate prediction of your fertile window. Modern Fertility’s ovulation tracker app makes it super easy to get your at-home test results.


Best of all, it’s affordable. You can get Modern Fertility’s Ovulation Test for just $16.



Review of Modern Fertility’s Pregnancy test