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Mosh ED Review: Does It Work For Better Sex?

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Medically reviewed by: Onyinye Elizabeth Mbata, MD

Rating: 4.6 / 5

For a part of life that’s all about pleasure, sex can often be a source of pressure and anxiety for many men, no matter what age or level of experience. There’s no shame in that, but as a result, a huge number of erectile dysfunction medications have been made available to Australian men today.


Among them is Mosh – but is Mosh legit for ED treatment? Our Mosh ED review will dive deep into what treatments are available, what symptoms they treat, and what expenses and results you can expect.


But the short answer? Mosh is not only capable of easing most ED side effects, but it also offers clinically proven and reliable help to get your performance back on track, complete with discreet and supportive service throughout. So, if you’re ready to take the plunge for a reliable ED or PE treatment, decision made. But, for a more comprehensive view into the Mosh ED cost, reliability, and how it compares to other market-leading brands – Mosh vs Pilot, anyone? – stick with us.



What is Mosh?

Mosh is a men’s health platform that connects you to real Australian GPs and pharmacies while making it more affordable, accessible, and normal than ever. They offer a whole range of male health help, including mental health support, weight loss programmes, hair loss treatments– and, of course, treatments for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


Source: Mosh


What treatments does Mosh offer for ED?

Is Mosh legit for ED? Definitely. Mosh offers personalised treatment through online consultations with doctors in which you’ll discuss your health (like your medications, lifestyle issues, any prior surgery and medical conditions) and how exactly ED affects you. They’ll then review everything, determine if you’re a candidate for telemedicine and craft a personalised treatment plan just for you, guided by your background and medical information.


Aussie doctors are on hand to offer a range of treatments, which usually begin with PDE5 inhibitors that you take in tablet form which you can escalate to other treatments if need be. For example, a more extensive treatment that Mosh offers could be a vacuum penis pump or a full corrective surgery where necessary. Mosh will talk you through the process to identify what you feel most comfortable moving forward with.


Australian law prevents the discussion of the specifics of certain medications for ED until you’ve spoken to a doctor, so here is a general list of what we can name. Consult with a doctor to learn more about your options and to get more information on any of the treatment options below. 


Natural treatments and prevention
Exercise regularlyHave a healthy dietReduce smoking habits
Reduce alcohol intakeMediate stressSleep 7-9 hours / night
Consider psychological therapyDo kiegel exercisesAvoid porn
Try herbal supplements  
Non-invasive medical treatments
Oral medicationsVacuum devices 
Minimally-invasive medical treatments 
Penile injection or suppositoryShockwave treatments 
Surgical treatments
Penile prosthetic implantVascular surgery 

What’s important to understand throughout this Mosh ED review is that the doctors working with Mosh are ready and able to refer you to other specialists where and if you need it. You’re not just grabbing a few pills to get your member more motivated – you’re creating a conversation about your health as a whole with expert guidance.


This level of support definitely works in Mosh’s favour, yet you’re free to be as involved or as private with all that as you choose, naturally.


Does Mosh work for ED?

Absolutely – and the treatments that Mosh offers are put forward with every individual Aussie gent’s needs in mind. There are no backdoor commissions or incentives to upsell at play with the doctors with whom Mosh works, and that means all the advice and recommended medical intervention you get is completely on the level.



Source: Mosh


Of course, any Mosh ED review is really just after knowing if the pills work or not – and the good news is, they do. However, because PE and ED are quite nuanced subjects – often with as many psychological hooks as physical – you’ll find that Mosh invites you to talk over any factors in your life that are affecting your performance in the hopes of fine tuning your ED treatment.


Mosh is pretty down to earth throughout all this too, with a lighthearted website that feels like one bloke advising another – albeit with a professional edge. In terms of  Mosh vs Pilot, you can expect a similarly high level of expertise on hand – but most importantly, the tablets are with you fast and they help you get the job done.


The tricky part of taking these tablets is often timing. While these often get to work as quickly as a half hour after swallowing them, it’s most often recommended to wait an hour before getting busy.


Not always easy when the spirit of spontaneity takes over, of course!


Are there any side effects from Mosh ED?

While a lot of ED treatments have side effects, you’ll find that your doctor at Mosh will work with you to explain them and overcome them. They will be able to do so with more depth and expertise than this Mosh ED review – but as a general rule of thumb, the kinds of side effects to expect will depend on what treatments are being used.


When men use ED tablets for the first time, there is often a little lightheadedness or a sense of feeling ‘buzzed’ – and wouldn’t you know it, that often correlates with the blood in your body heading down south to get the party started. You might feel a touch more thirsty than normal, usually after the deed has been done – or you might have a small headache for an hour or so.


Source: Mosh


Mosh has an excellent explainer page that goes into ED in more depth, including the side effects of not only tablets but also penis pumps, what to expect after surgery, and even herbal remedies.


How much does Mosh cost?

You’ll find that the Mosh ED cost asked of its patients and customers is decently competitive. Prices begin at $2.50 per use, and there aren’t any contracts that you’ll be locked into or any pressures to upsell along the way.


They actually hold more of a subscription model, which renews quarterly unless you decide you no longer need the service. That’s advantageous for a couple of reasons – firstly, because ED can lose its edge on you over time and your personal performance (sans pills!) is likely to increase as your confidence does. Secondly, it means that the discreet packages you get from Mosh are packed with enough treatments to see you through a season – which gives you the chance to try the tablets and see how well they work for you.


Mosh works with Afterpay to make your payment structure work on your time. You can pay for your three months of prescription ED tablets up front, or break it down into fortnightly, monthly, or weekly payments however you like.


How do I get a prescription for ED from Mosh?

While any online service for getting help with ED has the benefits of saving the awkwardness of a face to face discussion – something this Mosh ED review can attest to – that doesn’t mean you can go grab some pills as soon as you fill out a few website forms.


Source: Mosh


  1. Start with filling out a simple online quiz
  2. A doctor will recommend a personalised treatment within 24 hours
  3. Your consult will be a text-based conversation with one of the doctors working with Mosh where you’ll go over what you have been experiencing in as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable with sharing – but obviously, being as honest as you can is going to result in far more effective treatment
  4. Your prescription is delivered to your door every three months with the ability to cancel at any time without fees


While delivery usually only takes up to five working days, you also have the option to ask that the prescription be sent to a pharmacy close to your physical location if you want the faster option of going and getting it in person.


Mosh ED alternatives: How does it compare to other digital health clinics for men in AU?

This Mosh ED review is just one of many we feature – as you’re likely aware, it’s far from the only game in town.


Best ED telehealth for Australian men: Mosh vs Pilot vs InstantScripts

Treatment pricing ED Meds starting at $2.50 per useED Meds starting at $2.14 per useED Meds starting at $13.99 per delivery
Consultation priceFree$20$40
Personalised treatments?
Free prescription delivery?
Other conditions treated?Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Hair loss


Mental health


Hypertension treatment
Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Genital herpes

Hair loss



Core sores

Weight loss

General healthcare platform for men and women

Mosh vs Pilot is a common point of comparison – both are platforms that treat a range of men’s health issues in Australia, from ED and PE to hair loss and mental health advice.


In this instance, our Mosh ED review can confirm that Mosh benefits from a flexible subscription structure and a personal approach that really helps men to reclaim their confidence – both for ED and for a range of other issues.


Comparing Mosh to a platform like Mojo is a little more complicated. That’s because Mojo and Mosh are approaching ED from somewhat different angles. Platforms like Mojo concentrate on the psychological factors that affect your performance in the sack, while Mosh focuses more on the physical side of things.


That said, we do want to touch on the mental health capabilities that Mosh has to offer. That’s not only the mental health services the platform offers overall, but also how those relate to ED and your treatment. If your Mosh doctor recognises that your ED is caused by psychological factors, they will probably recommend a course of treatment with that in mind.


Mosh ED reviews: What are customers saying?

Our Mosh ED review isn’t going to amount to much if the men across Australia actually making use of the platform think it’s no good. Luckily, the consensus is that both the Mosh ED cost of treatment and the standards of service being offered by the platform are pretty solid.




Source: Trustpilot


With 4.5 stars out of 5, customers are praising both the products being prescribed and the standards of service.


One hiccup mentioned a few times is that Mosh only communicates via email and text message, with no phone line to call if there are issues. Some customers have reported having difficulties cancelling subscriptions after wanting to via telephone and finding no way to do so.


However, almost every Mosh ED review and Get Mosh PE review indicates that this is a standout service worthy of any Aussie gent’s time.


The verdict — Is Mosh ED legit?

Men in Australia can absolutely put their faith in Mosh for ED, PE, and a host of other male healthcare issues including hair loss.


Working with professional doctors and pharmaceutical companies means Mosh works with you to make treatment private, secure, swift and under your control. It’s fast and convenient, but also easy to modify or halt when you need to.


With many Mosh ED review online echoing this sentiment, this is definitely a service you can use to address your sexual health concerns with confidence – and in confidence.


Mosh ED FAQ: What else to know before buying

ED medication is standardised, which means that Mosh offers ED tablets that are as effective as the best any chemist could offer you – without the hassle. As a standard rule, a single pill can make you erect in about half an hour – although most men prefer to wait a full hour for peak performance to make the best of their intercourse.


Source: Mosh

This review is no substitute for professional medical advice, but the doctor you speak with when using Mosh will work with you in establishing any side effects or allergies you have that may affect what course of treatment you get. Most commonly, however, you might feel some lightheadedness or a headache after taking the pill.

Mosh does not offer a free trial, but it does take pride in its Service Guarantee. Anything you find objectionable about your treatments or the service can be raised as a service ticket, in pursuit of either credit towards your next Mosh purchase or a refund to your bank account.

Cancelling your Mosh subscription is simply a case of hopping on the website and using the contact form to inform the team you’ll no longer need their services.

Have you tried Mosh for their ED or PE treatments – or any of their men’s healthcare treatments? Let us know in the comments below!

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