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Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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Musely Hair Solution Review – Does It Work For Women’s Hair Loss?

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In this Article

Medically reviewed by:
Dr. Steve Kim, MD

About Dr. Steve Kim, MD

Physician Advisor

Dr. Kim received his BA in Human Biology at Stanford University, before receiving his M.D. degree (Primary Care Track) from UC Davis School of Medicine. He completed his Internship & Residency in Family Practice from Glendale Adventist Hospital and is Board-Certified in Family Medicine via the American Board of Family Medicine.

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Rating: 4.4 / 5

Finding effective hair loss treatments has been a cosmetics industry promise for decades, but it is often a far reality for many of the women and men who seek it. The prescription requirement not only limits access, but many women tend not to take the time or resources necessary to consult a doctor for cosmetic issues. 


Telemedicine has come on by leaps and bounds, and today we each have access to all kinds of specialized treatments for concerns and conditions that we didn’t have access to only a few years ago. That’s definitely the case when it comes to a personalized hair loss treatment for women that’s reliable, tailored to your needs, and – most importantly – delivers results.


Thanks to Musely’s telemedicine platform, more women (both pre and post-menopausal) can now affordably access the personalized and more potent treatment options provided by board-certified dermatologists. Musely allows you to change formulas, your refill frequency, and other preferences in seconds, making ‘one-size-fits-all’ care a thing of the past. 


This Musely review will help you make an informed decision on if it’s the best solution for your hair loss treatment, as well as how Musely compares to other hair loss treatments for women.


Let’s get dive in.


What causes hair loss in women?



With some brands geared towards hair loss prevention and others focused on hair regrowth, one detail that dermatologists at Musely – or anywhere else in the medical sector – aim to grasp is the core reason for female hair loss. An accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of hair loss is essential as hair loss, like many other obstacles the body faces, can be caused by various circumstances.


This is one of the reasons why a personalized hair loss treatment is so vital for many women who are dealing with this problem. The greatest hair loss treatments for women work because of a degree of knowledge brought about by a specialist’s diagnosis and a discussion with the patient about the best course of action.


Let’s go over some of the leading causes of female hair loss before we further explore how this brand can help in our Musely review.


Pattern hair loss

The most common cause of hair loss is pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. As we age, pattern hair loss is experienced by more than 80% of men and more than 50% of women. This results from a shortening of the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and progressive shrinking of the hair follicle. Especially for post-menopausal women, it occurs progressively over many years. 


Musely offers formulas for pre and post-menopausal women and men, which can treat many common types of non-scarring hair loss, including androgenic alopecia.


Hormonal changes

The most common kind of non-pattern hair loss is called telogen effluvium, temporary hair loss in which a large amount of hair comes free through the simple everyday acts of combing or washing it. Postpartum hair loss is common due to the hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy, increasing the risk of experiencing telogen effluvium or postpartum alopecia (noticeable hair loss a few months after birth).



This can also be in response to more than just hormonal changes, including stress, surgery, infection, medications, and nutritional deficiency. Fortunately, telogen effluvium will resolve over time on its own, but for those concerned about that period of time, hair loss treatments like Musely’s can slow shedding and speed up recovery.


Diet & Nutrition

It might be tiresome to always hear that ‘we are what we eat’, yet many of the best hair loss treatments for women – including those being discussed in this Musely hair loss review – identify diet and nutrition as major contributors to female hair loss.


This can be as simple as eating an unbalanced diet. A vitamin D deficiency can contribute to female hair loss, for example, in a similar way to any diet that lacks iron, protein, or other essentials. In the same vein, too much vitamin A can lead to female hair loss, too. Extreme dietary and lifestyle issues such as bulimia or anorexia can lead to extremely rapid weight loss which can also lead to hair loss.


Overly demanding hair care

Did you know that there’s a term for hair loss caused by repeated pulling of your hair or excessive use of tight hairstyles (like ponytails or tight braids)? Traction alopecia is both preventable and treatable, but sometimes we don’t even realize that we’ve adopted a hair care regimen that’s far too demanding on our hair and scalp.


While there are shampoos designed to help combat hair loss in women, some even offering completely customized solutions, the most effective personalized hair loss treatment is one that incorporates a professional’s opinion and advice and can help reverse the effects of traction alopecia, like Musely’s.


Medical conditions

It can be scary to think that so many medical conditions can contribute to female hair loss, yet the great news is that the best hair loss treatments for women can identify and work with these diagnoses to help them make a healthy recovery. Cancer recovery treatments, thyroid imbalance disorders, diabetes, and iron-deficiency anemia are all leading causes of female hair loss, and sometimes even the medication you’re taking, like birth control, can affect hair loss.


Overall, there are enough ways for women to face the burden of hair loss to need professional analysis and treatment – but the great part is that this is no longer the difficult situation it used to be, thanks to the likes of Musely hair loss treatment for women.


With that in mind, let’s turn this Musely review towards the services and products you can expect to receive for helping solve female hair loss.


Review of Musely for female-pattern hair loss

Musely is a skincare platform backed by top dermatology experts; one of their most successful products is their FaceRx solution, which has been helping women experience healthier, more youthful skin for many years.


However, don’t mistake Musely’s focus on more generalized skincare for lack of capability when it comes to personalized hair loss treatment for women. In fact, Musely has made this one of its most specialized offerings, consistently garnering top ratings from satisfied customers over the years.


Because Musely’s hair loss treatment for women is based on dermatological expertise, the company’s solutions are primarily focused on healing the scalp, which greatly impacts hair growth and retention.


Who is Musely for?

Musely has formulas for pre and post-menopausal women AND men. Their treatments are for many common types of non-scarring hair loss, which include:


  • Alopecia – male and female hair loss (or pattern baldness)
  • Telogen effluvium – excessive shedding or temporary hair loss due to stress or hormones
  • Traction alopecia – hair loss caused by repeated pulling or tight hairstyles
  • Postpartum alopecia – significant hair loss a few months after birth


Muselys products do not treat alopecia areata, alopecia universalis, or other hair loss caused by autoimmune disorders.


How to get Musely’s prescription hair loss treatment

Musely’s patients will be prescribed the medication based on their compatibility with the ingredients offered (covered in-depth below). Providing a thorough medical history is VERY important for your doctor to appropriately prescribe to you. Age, gender, and other medical conditions have an impact on the exact formula that’s best for you. 



You’ll start by simply completing a 3-minute online medical questionnaire that considers your hair loss issue(s), previous treatments that you’ve tried or have taken, allergies, past medical history, and so on.


You’ll then upload three images for your dermatologist to review, which they’ll use to develop a treatment plan and write your personalized prescription. Your prescription is then sent to one of Musely’s partner pharmacies, where your medication is freshly compounded and dispatched directly to your door.


The online consultation with the doctor costs $20 and consists of:


  • Examining hair loss condition(s)
  • A valid prescription for one year
  • Working with a pharmacy to dispense personalized medication
  • A consultation with your assigned dermatologist during the 60-day treatment


What does Musely offer for female hair loss?

Musely’s best products for female hair loss are The Hair Solution and The Hair Pill. In terms of naming conventions, The Hair Solution is applied directly to the scalp, whereas The Hair Pill is taken orally to combat hormones and chemicals in the body that contribute to women’s hair loss.


Whether you choose the pill or topical solution, both hair loss solutions contain nonprescription and prescription substances that have been shown to work together to combat hair loss, thicken hair follicles, and promote visible regrowth. The additional active ingredients are intended to supplement finasteride’s effect by allowing it to penetrate deeper into the scalp and improve scalp health.


Review of The Hair Solution by Musely


What active ingredients are in Musely’s Hair Solution?

The Hair Solution is a scalp treatment that’s prescribed by the dermatologists at Musely. The main active ingredients in this product are:


  • Minoxidil (6%): An FDA-approved hair growth treatment that works as a vasodilator, opening blood vessels and increasing circulation to the treated area. This can activate and invigorate dormant hair follicles, causing them to promote growth.
  • Finasteride (0.1%): An FDA-approved prescription-strength active ingredient that works by inhibiting the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT levels above a certain threshold can cause hair follicles to shrink, resulting in hair loss. As a result, the enzyme inhibition lowers DHT levels in the body, resulting in less hair loss.
  • Tretinoin (0.01%): This has been demonstrated to increase and regulate epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation and promote vascular proliferation. These elements are critical for promoting hair development.
  • Spironolactone (0.5%): This has two anti-androgen effects. For starters, it reduces the production of androgens such as testosterone in the adrenal glands and ovaries. Second, it partially inhibits androgen activity by blocking DHT from attaching to its androgenetic receptor.
  • Ketoconazole (2%): Another DHT blocker, this is known to bind to the follicle receptors on the scalp and prevent them from shrinking. It also serves as a fuel for hair restoration, resulting in healthy, lustrous hair.


How to apply Musely’s hair solution

Because the solution is extremely concentrated, only a few drops are required to be effective. Musely recommends that you follow the instructions provided by your dermatologist regarding how much to use and how to apply it.


You can either apply the solution directly to the problematic area and then massage it in, or you can rub it in with your fingers first and then massage it into a larger area to disseminate the drug deeper into the scalp and hair.


Review of The Hair Pill by Musely 


What active ingredients are in Musely’s hair pill?

In addition to spironolactone, The Hair Pill also contains:


  • Dutasteride (0.5mg): Similar to finasteride, this works by suppressing the action of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). However, dutasteride inhibits DHT more effectively than finasteride. Dutasteride inhibits both types I and II 5-alpha-reductase, whereas finasteride inhibits just type II.


Dutasteride also has a longer half-life, approximately 4 to 5 weeks, meaning that it remains in the body longer than finasteride (half-life of 5 to 6 hours).


How to take Musely’s hair pill

The Hair Pill should be taken orally once a day or, as advised by your doctor, with a full glass of water. It is also advised to take it at night. Musely claims that reduced hair loss can be seen in 3-6 months, with possible regrowth in 6-12 months.



Musely hair loss alternatives: How does it compare to Hers and Nutrafol?

With so many companies offering hair loss treatments for women, how does Musely stack up? Where does Musely excel, and where does it fall short? We have compared Musely vs Hers vs Nutrafol on everything from active ingredients to cost below. 

Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women: Musely vs Hers vs Nutrafol

Hair loss products offeredHair Solution Hair PillOral Spironolactone Topical Spray with Finasteride & Minoxidil Minoxidil Solution Biotin GummiesNutraceutical Supplements Topical Nutraceutical Serum
Active ingredientsSpironolactone 50-150mg Minoxidil 6% Finasteride 0.1% Tretinoin 0.01% Spironolactone 0.05% Ketoconazole 2% Dutasteride 0.5mgSpironolactone 100mg Minoxidil 2-6% Finasteride 0.3% BiotinSensoril Ashwagandha Collagen Peptides Tocotrienol Complex Curcumin Saw Palmetto
PricingDepends on the product and quantity: $60 to $130 ($1 to $1.66/day)Depends on the product and quantity: $15 to $50/month ($0.50 to $1.66/day)Depends on the product and quantity: Starting at $79/month ($2.63/day)
Prescription required?🟡 depends on the product
Compounded medications?
Free doctor visit/consultation?❌ $20🟡 free with subscription
Free delivery?
Guarantee?60-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Additional treatments offeredSkinSkin Sexual Health Mental Health

Musely reviews: What do customers think on Reddit?

A key component of any best hair loss review? Real consumer feedback – does it really work for the people that need it and are suffering from hair loss? 


Source: Reddit


Source: Reddit


Musely hair solution before and after 

Musely customer reviews have given before and after pictures of their hair loss, and their progress is admirable. Like this Redditor, who saw benefits in as little as two months, numerous other people who share a similar sentiment could be seen discussing their personalized formulae.


Source: Musely


Source: Reddit


The Verdict – Is Musely worth it for female-pattern hair loss?

Musely is highly recommended if you need a customized hair loss treatment for women backed by dermatology expertise that can quickly get to the bottom of the causes of your hair loss. Whether you are suffering from any kind of alopecia, telogen effluvium, or just simply don’t know what’s wrong, Musley’s dermatologists are here to help.


Musely offers only two female hair loss products compared to competitors: The Hair Solution and The Hair Pill. However, Musely hair loss treatments include the same or even more concentrated, prescription-grade ingredients compared to competing brands, offering you more personalization and the knowledge that your solution is made to work for you


Musely’s compounded formulation is what we admire the most and what sets them apart from competitors. This not only ensures increased reliability but also touches on allergies or cross-sensitivities.


With a 60-day money-back guarantee that most other brands don’t offer, you can either experience the outcomes for your hair loss treatment that you’ve been wishing for and get your money’s worth, or you can get your money back and try a new tailored formula. Basically, what we’re saying is that it’s a win-win solution. 


Have you tried Musely’s personalized hair loss or skin care products? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Founded in 2013, Musely is a legitimate company that provides prescription strength clinically-proven medications to thousands of happy patients. The brand has many positive reviews online, works with legitimate dermatologists for hair loss and skincare, and have been featured in countless prominent publications including Forbes, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few.


The company began as a lifestyle site offering skincare advice for users all over the world. In 2019, Musely launched an online prescription skincare service designed to help those with common yet stubborn skin conditions finally find an effective treatment. They’ve since become one of the most popular telederm providers in the US.

The answer to “Does Musely work?” is in the results. The skincare company has built a community of 500k enthusiastic patients, and gathered almost half a million real customer reviews on its website (make-up and filter-free)! 


It’s safe to say that Musely’s products have worked for many women suffering from hair loss, enough to justify offering a 60-day results guarantee. That’s right — If your condition is not improved after proper usage for 60 days, Musely will refund the medication cost of your initial order of treatment. 


It’s also worth noting that Musely’s hair loss products worked for our team of medical reviewers as well. That said, everyone reacts differently so definitely seek your doctor’s advice before diving into any new treatments.

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about Musely hair loss products, let’s talk about the price:


Musely Hair Loss Product Pricing Price Customizable? 
The Hair Solution 

60ml (2-month supply) 
Auto-refill: $70 ($1.16/day)

One-time: $100 ($1.66/day)
The Hair Pill

(2-month supply) 
Auto-refill: $60 ($1/day)

One-time: $86 ($1.433/day)

Doses can be adjusted according to your prescription: 

Dutasteride 0.5mg

Spironolactone 50mg-150mg


If your Musely dermatologist believes that you would benefit from this stronger sort of personalized hair loss treatment, you can combine the two for $130 for a 2 month’s supply.

Unfortunately, Musely does not currently accept insurance payments for any hair loss or skin care treatments.


You can still pay for your Musely hair loss treatment with HSA or FSA cards, however, the company does advise that you double-check your eligibility with your provider accordingly, just to be safe.


Upon request, Musely is able to provide customers with the following:


  • An invoice for your orders (accessible only on desktop)
  • A fully comprehensive copy of your prescriptions

The secret to Musely’s effectiveness for hair loss is in both the custom formulae and the manufacturing process. Their custom compounded formulations offer highly concentrated chemicals that are only available with a prescription. In general, the medications are 10 times stronger than alternatives from competitors like Apostrophe.


Musely’s dermatologists work closely with pharmacists who prepare each batch exactly as instructed. This means that if your doctor believes that you should take more or less of one active ingredient, The Hair Solution or The Hair Pill will be tailored to your unique needs. Musely can modify the active ingredients for your specific condition using the power of compounded medication. 


The freshness of these ingredients is also important for the efficacy of the solutions. Many mass-produced skincare and medicinal items go through lengthy manufacturing periods and storage before they are delivered to you. By the time it reaches you, it has lost the majority of its strength. To ensure optimal efficacy, your prescription is manufactured fresh by a pharmacist and mailed directly to your house with Musely.


So, not only would it be exhilarating to know that your Musely’s prescription has been customized, but you can also rest easy knowing that you’re reaping the full benefits and getting the most for the price. 



A big feature within Musely, particularly the company’s app, is eNurse. It’s mostly geared towards FaceRx customers, although there is a level of crossover in its functionality that also makes it worth talking about in our review of Musely’s hair loss.


Using eNurse, you can get appointment reminders – important when it comes to having the consultations that lead to your personalized hair loss treatment – as well as explore FAQs, manage your prescription refills, find medication instructions, and conduct automated checkups.


The interface also offers a way to log your journey with the products by submitting photos of your progress and the restoration of your hair over time. It can be satisfying and reassuring to see how far you’ve come in your growth journey, even if it’s not initially apparent. And finally, eNurse allows you to connect with other members of the Musely community for encouragement, questions, and more.


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About the Author

Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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Jane Feddersen

Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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