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Musely vs Curology vs Apostrophe: Which Is Best For Prescription Skincare Online?

There are many prescription skincare platforms to choose from these days, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you, especially if you have never used one or had a “skincare routine” before. And why prescription skincare instead of over-the-counter skincare?


In this article, we will compare three of the most popular prescription skincare platforms: Musely, Curology, and Apostrophe.


We will discuss their approach to treating various skin conditions with effective ingredients, as well as the pros and cons of each platform.


Cutting to the chase: Best online prescription skincare

As always, we like to give you the most pertinent information upfront. We’re all hoping for improved, youthful, glowing skin, but why pay more for prescription products instead of over-the-counter? 


  • Prescription products are designed to treat medical conditions like acne, dark spots, sun damage, signs of aging, and more.
  • Prescription products can only be prescribed by a medical professional, so you know you’re getting a much more personalized treatment than just guessing what you think might be best for you.
  • Prescription ingredients are better and stronger – they’ve gone through multiple trials & FDA approvals in order to be prescribed for what they are.


So, here are our quick thoughts on each of the online prescription skincare platforms before we dive into the details.

Musely logo

Musely caters to a wide range of skin conditions. It also offers the most personalized treatments, with each product having 3 to 4 formulations to choose from depending on your skin type.


Shop Musely

Curology is a good choice if you’re looking for customizable, all-in-one solutions that can address multiple concerns at once using a range of proven active ingredients.

Shop Curology



Apostrophe offers the most varied treatments, from topical treatments to oral pills and antibiotics, and even light therapy. Their treatments are extremely customizable and they make it less overwhelming for the consumer by making sure to answer every question during your online dermatologist visit and provide the best option for you.

Shop Apostrophe

Now that we’ve given you a quick overview, let’s take a closer look at each platform to help you decide which one is best for you.


Best online dermatology prescriptions: Musely vs Curology vs Apostrophe

Online dermatology prescriptions are an increasingly popular way to get access to the treatments you need without having to see a doctor in person.


There are a few different platforms that offer this service, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In this table, we’ll compare Musely, Curology, and Apostrophe to help you decide which one is right for you.


Best prescription skincare online
Skincare conditions treatedWrinkles & fine lines

Dark spots



Wrinkles & fine lines

Dark Spots



Prescription skincare productsAnti-aging Night Cream

Spot Cream (face)

Body Cream

Spot Peel

Private Cream

Neck Cream

Red Set
Custom Formula for anti-aging

Custom Formula for acne
Custom Topical Formula

Custom Oral Medicaitons
Online doctor/dermatologist visit?✅ $20✅ free✅ $20
Free messaging with dermatologist?
Video visits available?🟡 Certain states: AR, DC, DE, ID, KS, MS, NH, NM, OK, RI, UT, VT & WV
Consultation overview1. Answer online questions regarding skin

2. Upload photos of problem-areas

3. Dr. will review questionnaire within 24h

4. If treatment is right for you, dr. will write a prescription & then ship to your door
1. Take photos of your skin & share specific skin goals

2. Your dermatology provider will prescribe you a custom bottle

3. Apply products nightly

1. Create an account & complete online consultation form + photos

2. Board-certified dermatoologist will evaluate assessment & create your first customized treatment plan (or a video visit in certain states

3. Purchase your treatment plan
Free delivery?
Compounded medications?
Guarantee?✅ 60-Day Guarantee✅ 90-Day money-back guarantee
Areas delivered to?All U.S states. No international shippingAll U.S states. No international shipping49 US states + DC Service to NC pending
Other conditions treated?Hair lossN/aEyelashes

Hair Loss
Non-prescription products available?

For a more in-depth review on each platform, check out our reviews:



Best online acne treatment:

Musely vs Curology vs Apostrophe

Acne is a common skin condition that can be treated effectively with the right ingredients. All three of these platforms offer different approaches to treating acne, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you.

Best online treatment for acne
Acne treatmentsAnti-Aging Night CreamCustom Formula for acneCustom Topical formula

Custom Oral medication
Compounded prescription?
Prescription treatments
Pricing$64 for 2 month supply

($32/mo, $2.13/ml)
$39.90 for 2 month supply

($19.95/mo, $1.48/ml)
Topical: $75 for a 3 month supply ($25/mo)

Oral: $30+ for a 3 month supply ($10+/mo)
Customizable?✅ Gentle, Balanced, Veteran
Key active ingredientsTretinoin (.025%, .05%, .1%)

Niacinamide (4%)

Hyaluronic Acid (.5%)
Tretinoin (customizable)

Azelaic Acid (customizable)


Clindamycin (customizable)


Zine Pyrithione

Tranexamic Acid

Tretinoin (.018-.1%)

Metronidazole (1%)

Clindamycin (1%)

Azelaic Acid (15%)

Tazarotene (.05%)

Hydroquinone (6%)
Subscription available?
Delivery frequency?2 months2 months3 months

Musely acne treatment review

Musely does not have a prescription treatment that is specific to acne, but their Anti-Aging Night Cream contains Tretinoin, which speeds up the skin cell turnover process to treat wrinkles, acne, and more. 


Curology acne treatment review

Curology’s Custom Formula for acne contains numerous active ingredients that fight breakouts, clogged pores, whiteheads, redness, and blackheads in 90 days or your money back. The formula is customizable and you’ll work with a dermatologist to determine the best ratio of tretinoin, azelaic acid, and clindamycin to treat your acne.


Azelaic acid is an exfoliant that works to unclog pores, smooth texture, and brighten skin, while clindamycin is an antibiotic that fights acne-contributing bacteria and soothes inflammation that can be brought on by tretinoin’s acne clearing properties.


Apostrophe acne treatment review

Apostrophe offers access to a variety of topical and oral medications for the treatment of acne. Once your provider reviews your information, they will prescribe medications they believe will be most effective for your skin. 


They offer over 16 prescription medication combinations that include different ratios of tretinoin, niacinamide, metronidazole, benzoyl peroxide, and more. They are the only one of the three companies that can prescribe antibiotics for acne.



Best online anti-aging skincare treatment:

Musely vs Curology vs Apostrophe

Anti-aging skincare is a huge market, and all three of these companies offer treatments that can help.


Anti-aging treatments are most often composed of tretinoin, which is derived from vitamin A. By increasing cell turnover, tretinoin can improve elasticity and replenish skin cells’ collagen stores, both of which reduce wrinkles. However, there are some key differences between them.

Best anti-aging skincare treatments
Anti-aging treatmentsAnti-Aging Night CreamCustom Formula for anti-agingCustom topical formula
Compounded prescription?
Prescription treatments
Pricing$64 for 2 month supply

($32/mo, $2.13/ml)
$39.90 for 2 month supply

($19.95/mo, $1.48/ml)
$75 for 3 month supply

Customizable?✅ Gentle, Balanced, Veteran
Key active ingredientsTretinoin (.025%, .05%, .1%)

Niacinamide (4%)

Hyaluronic Acid (.5%)
Tretinoin (customizable)

Azelaic Acid

Niacinamide (customizable)



Zinc Pyrithione

Tranexamic Acid (customizable)
Tretinoin (.018-.1%)

Subscription available?
Delivery frequency?2 months2 months3 months

Musely anti-aging treatment review

Musely’s Anti-Aging Night Cream treats wrinkles and fine lines and contains tretinoin, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. Their three different formulas, Gentle, Balanced, and Veteran, all contain varying levels of tretinoin. Musely’s dermatologists will determine which is best for you based on your medical history and skin condition.


Curology anti-aging treatment review

Curology’s Custom Rx Formula for anti-aging is a customizable combination of anti-aging ingredients that work to fight wrinkles, dark spots, firmness, fine lines, and skin texture. The personalizable ratios of niacinamide, which fades dark spots, and tranexamic acid, which brightens skin and reduces redness, work together with tretinoin to improve fine lines through skin cell turnover.


Curology also offers a range of non-prescription skincare products, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and serums, all of which (with the right routine & dermatologist guidance) can help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.


Apostrophe anti-aging treatment review

Apostrophe’s custom topical formula for anti-aging can be customized to you with between .018-.1% tretinoin. Combined with niacinamide, the formula treats fine lines, promotes collagen growth, improves hyperpigmentation, decreases inflammation, and enhances the skin’s natural radiance.



Best online rosacea treatment:

Musely vs Curology vs Apostrophe

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness, inflammation, and sometimes bumps on the face. It can be difficult to find the right skincare products to help manage this condition and almost always requires prescription treatment in the end.


All three of the platforms discussed in this article offer prescription-strength formulations to help treat rosacea. Musely’s team of experts creates custom formulas based on each individual’s specific needs. Curology also offers custom formulas created by board-certified dermatologists.


Apostrophe offers a range of products that are designed to help with rosacea. These include both prescription and over-the-counter options. The company also offers a free online consultation with a licensed dermatologist.

Best online rosacea treatment
Rosacea treatmentsThe Red Set: Rosacea Mask & Rosacea CreamCustom Formula for rosacea reliefCustom Topical Formula

Custom Oral Medicaitons
Compounded prescription?
Prescription treatments
SizeMask: 50ml

Cream: 30ml
Pricing$118 for 2 month supply$39.90 for 2 month supply

($19.95/mo, $1.48/ml)
Topical: $90 for 3 month supply

Oral: $40-90 for 3 month supply
Customizable?✅ Red Cream or Blush Cream
Key active ingredientsIvermectin (none or 1%)

Metronidazole (none or 1%)

Niacinamide (2% or 4%)

Azelaic Acid (none or 17%)
Azelaic acid


Metronidazole (topical)

Doxycycline (oral)

Minocycline (oral)
Subscription available?
Delivery frequency?2 months2 months3 months

Musely rosacea treatment review

Musely’s rosacea treatment is a 2-Step Treatment Set containing a Rosacea Mask and Cream. The Rosacea Mask is a cleanser that calms sensitive skin and reduces inflammation and redness. The Cream is available in 2 formations and is applied after the mask to reduce redness, flushing, and acne-like bumps.


Musely also offers a Rosacea Pill, an oral medication that is used to help treat severe cases and flare-ups.


Curology rosacea treatment review

Curology’s rosacea treatment is a custom formula created by board-certified dermatologists. The ingredients are designed to soothe your inflamed skin and reduce inflammation and redness, while still fighting acne. Two of the customizable active ingredients in Curology’s rosacea treatment are as follows:


  • Azelaic acid – clears the bumps and swelling caused by rosacea
  • Sodium sulfacetamide – A sulfur-containing compound that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties


These, in combination with other key ingredients, are delivered in a cream formulation that is easy to apply and absorbed by the skin to treat rosacea.


Apostrophe rosacea treatment review

Apostrophe’s prescription rosacea treatment can come as an oral or topical prescription or a combination of both. The topical medication is a customized formula used to decrease inflammation and treat rosacea. The oral medication also reduces inflammation and is typically used in conjunction with the topical treatment for quicker results.



Other skincare conditions treated:

Musely vs Curology vs Apostrophe

All three companies offer more than just acne treatments. They also have products that can address other common skin concerns, such as wrinkles, dark spots, and dryness.


Best prescription treatment for melasma: Musely vs Apostrophe

Melasma is a common skin concern that is characterized by brown or gray patches on the face. It can be caused by pregnancy, hormones, certain medications, and sun exposure.


Musely’s The Spot Cream is a prescription dark spot removing cream that is available in 4 different formulations. They contain different levels and ratios of hydroquinone, niacinamide, hydrocortisone, vitamin C, azelaic acid, tranexamic acid, and tretinoin to prevent hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and melasma. 


Apostrophe’s approach to melasma treatment is similar to Musely’s in that it contains hydroquinone, used to lighten hyperpigmentation. Apostrophe also offers an oral medication that can be used in combination with their topical treatment for quicker results.


Both treatments are effective, but Musely’s Spot Cream is slightly more expensive at $32 a month compared to Apostrophe’s $25/month topical Melasma treatment. Apostrophe also offers the oral medication that Musely doesn’t have ($30+/mo).


Best prescription hair loss treatment: Musely vs Apostrophe

Both Musely and Apostrophe offer hair loss treatments. Musely offers The Hair Solution (a prescription topical treatment) and The Hair Pill (a prescription oral medication). Apostrophe’s prescription hair loss treatment is FDA-approved finasteride.


Finasteride is only approved for hair loss treatment in men, so if you’re a woman looking for topical hair loss treatment, Musely’s Hair Solution offers the best choice for you. Apostrophe does not have a topical formula for women but offers a great solution for male pattern baldness.


The verdict — which is the best online prescription skincare and dermatology platform?

All three platforms offer skincare and dermatology treatments that are by prescription only to address the smallest or biggest of your concerns. However, each one has its own unique approach to prescription skincare.


Musely is the best option for those who are looking for prescription products to treat a number of different skin concerns including anti-aging, rosacea, and dark spots (face or anywhere else on the body). 


Curology is ideal for those who are looking for the most customizable skincare routine with access to a dermatologist – especially for acne. They also offer the broadest selection of over-the-counter skincare products that you can bundle with prescriptions and a 30-day free trial to try their products! 



Apostrophe is the best choice for those who want a more heavy-hitting treatment with a combination of both oral and topical prescription treatments. If you don’t need OTC products and you want a super customized, powerful treatment, Apostrophe is for you. 


If you are looking for acne treatments, Curology is the best option because they offer the most customizable prescription formula for multiple different ingredients. They also can bundle OTC products like their acne body wash and emergency spot patch at a discount for a multi-faceted approach.


When it comes to rosacea, Musely is the best option as their Red Set offers the most comprehensive prescription treatment with both a medicated mask and cream. Curology does offer a custom skincare routine, but it may not be as effective for rosacea. Apostrophe offers some OTC options, but they do not have any prescription options.



If you’re looking for anti-aging treatments, Curology’s custom anti-aging formula is the best option because, again, it is the most customizable. Musely’s anti-aging treatments are not as comprehensive and Apostrophe’s are just as effective as Curology, but are a little more expensive.


At the end of the day, it really depends on your specific skin care needs as to which platform is best for you! Have you or someone you know tried Musely, Curology, or Apostrophe for prescription skincare before? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!



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