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MYX II Review – Is It The Best At-Home Fitness Bike Yet?

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Medically reviewed by: Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT

Rating: 4 / 5

The last year of at-home training revived a slew of fitness crazes, perhaps none more pronounced than the resurgence of stationary exercise bikes. Popularized by the Peloton and its stylish, interactive community, fancy workout cycles have become a must-have in our home-gym armory.


Today’s modern exercise bikes connect to the internet and enable you to achieve your movement goals, boost your cardio, and get fitter from the comfort of home. Whether you’re not quite ready to return to the gym yet or winter weather is deterring you from riding outside, an indoor exercise bike is a perfect addition to any home gym. And these days, they are a lot more immersive than ever.


In this article, we’ll review the MYX II fitness bike, including its design, specifications, training programs, and whether it takes the crown from popular competitors like Peloton as the best at-home fitness bike for you. But first…



Why should you invest in an at-home fitness bike? 

Perhaps this is overly obvious, but exercise is a non-negotiable part of living a long life. Due to the pandemic, many have forfeited their daily commute into the office and started moving a lot less overall. Regardless how sedentary your life has become, we could all benefit from getting our heart pumping more frequently. One of the best ways to do that is to remove the friction (i.e. distance and cost) of going to a gym. And since we were so successful relocating our offices into our houses, why not try to bring your gym home too? 🏋️


From a health and safety standpoint, training at home is not just easier to do consistently, it’s actually a lot safer. Gyms are enclosed spaces where air is shared among a large number of sweaty people. As long as the threat of a pandemic persists, investing in at-home workout equipment makes a ton of sense. An exercise bike is the ideal piece of equipment to start with, in our opinion, because it can give you a wide range of full-body exercise routines that, say, a treadmill or elliptical machine simply can’t.


Investing in a fitness bike also makes the most sense financially. Consider how much you’ll save by not having to pay for a gym membership, gas, or transportation to your workout center, not to mention any treats you may occasionally award yourself with on your way home. While the benefits of a home gym abound — here’s a not-so-comprehensive recap:


  • Health and Safety: You won’t have to worry about coming into contact with others and will likely exercise more frequently.
  • Cost Savings: Gym memberships are expensive and notoriously underutilized. Investing in a fitness bike that you enjoy has a much higher bang for your buck over the long term. 
  • Convenience: You’ll be able to work out at your own pace, whenever you want, without leaving the house. You can’t take a 5 min sweat break with a gym membership, but you can if you WFH and own a fitness bike.


Overall, investing in a smart fitness bike as the cornerstone of your home gym is a sensible first step. If riding isn’t your preferred means of getting your sweat on, however, you have many other options. Check out these top connected home gyms with weights from Tempo and ProForm Vue, as well as NordicTrack and Mirror. There’s also smart rowing machines, if that’s more your speed, and various other smart home gyms from companies like FORME and JaxJox if you’re not completely sold on an exercise bike.


Source: MYX


What to ask before buying an at-home fitness bike


1. Will I have space at home for it?


This aspect is essential, as not all exercise bikes are the same size. If you have little space at home, you want your exercise bike to be foldable. Most are, but some are more compact than others. In this review, we will specify the bike’s dimensions so you can judge for yourself.


It is crucial not to sacrifice stability for comfort. While it is better to have a bike of small dimensions to take up little space, chances are it will also have a low weight, making it more unstable when pedaling.


Aside from the specifications, other significant considerations include whether the handlebars rotate or are compact enough to be folded when not in use for additional space savings. 


2. What features are must-haves?


To select the bike that best matches your demands, you must first determine your needs.Think about whether you want a screen for tracking workout programs or a vital signs meter. Audio is also an essential factor: we want the bike to be as quiet as possible in general (especially if we use it at night or very early in the morning).


If you are very tall or short, you should additionally consider the bike’s practicality. Not all are appropriate for 7-footers. It is determined by the saddle adjustment positions. Weight is also a factor. Be sure your fitness bike is sturdy enough to hold your body with a bit of buffer room.


3. How much do connected exercise bikes typically cost?


Prices for smart exercise bikes vary a lot. It all depends on the quality of the materials, the brand recognition, and the accessories included. Just remember not to be penny-wise, pound-foolish: saving money on a gimmicky bike is not advisable as it can jeopardize your health and end up being more expensive in the long-run. Nothing is more expensive than buying something you don’t use. Just to give you a ballpark estimate, smart bikes is typically cost between ~$1500 and $3000+.


What is MYX II fitness bike? 


Without further ado, let’s dive into MYX’s latest offering. The MYX II is a premium indoor workout bike that’s paired with a world-class home workout app that offers a wide range of live and on-demand fitness classes for all levels of athlete. Diving into the hardware first, MYX, like some of its competitors, has a few equipment alternatives to choose from.


The bike itself boasts a swiveling 21.5-inch (54.61-cm) display and a built-in speed sensor. MYX II also comes with a Polar heart rate monitor and uses tailored heart rate training zones to direct your workout.


Perhaps most notably, the MYX II is not only compatible with MYX’s own fitness app, but also works with two apps for streaming live and on-demand classes – BODi and Openfit. No worries if you haven’t heard of either, we’ll cover them more in detail below.


Source: MYX Fitness 



How much does MYX II cost?


At only $1,399, the price of this model is very competitive. In addition, their website offers discount promotions and financing options. It is a great idea to also buy the opt-in gym membership when purchasing this bike, which costs an additional $39 a month. Monthly MYX membership gives up to 5 people in your household access to the widest range of workouts available, on and off the bike.


While the standard MYX II offers an impressive set of features, there’s an additional upgrade option called MYX PLUS that includes additional accessories to really turn your home into a full-fledged exercise studio. The MYX Plus Bike ($1,599) includes everything in the basic package, as well as:


  • An XL exercise mat
  • A stabilizing mat
  • A kettlebell
  • Three sets of hand weights (available in light, medium, and heavy)
  • An SPRI stretch band
  • A foam roller

Source: MYX Fitness 


What is MYX’s return policy?


Your purchase also includes a 30-day risk-free trial period, during which you can return the bike for a full refund if you feel it is not the right fit. The bike’s accessories, product software, an HD touchscreen, pedals, labor, and bike components are all covered by a 12-month guarantee, and a 5-year warranty is also included with the frame.


What’s special about the MYX II fitness bike’s design?


Right out of the box, the MYX II appears to be a fairly standard indoor bike. The white and grey body has a mechanical appearance that would fit in at a regular gym. The design is compact and elegant, while quality, durable, and sturdy, and is small enough to fit in the corner of your bedroom or an underused area in your garage. All you need is about 4″ x 6″ of space, with a power outlet and a solid internet connection. 


However, it is advisable to place the exercise bike on a carpet or rug to give it maximum stability when you are using it. The MYX II bike does not require special clip-in shoes. This model’s pedals are 18 mm wide to accommodate street shoes. But, if you have cycling shoes and prefer to wear them, the pedals are designed for both alternatives. 


Typically exercise bikes adjust the level of resistance provided by the console or the flywheels, allowing you to pedal with more or less effort. If you’re a novice, you might not be interested in the different resistance levels. The more athletic among us will better appreciate the full range of resistances.


Magnetic resistance is used in most exercise bike models on the market. Watt’s selected regulates the magnetic resistance function. The MYX II’s design, on the other hand, features a friction resistor. The friction resistor is a system comparable to a bicycle’s V-brake. It applies pressure to the wheel with calipers until the bike comes to a complete stop. The braking system is more complex, which adds to the sporting load. This style is made up of fabric pads that control friction when they come into contact with the wheel.


Why are any of these details important? Well, this unique friction resistance system mimics the feeling of riding a bike better than any other model we’ve tried. With magnetic resistance, you don’t get such a realistic feel, and the sensation is not the same because of the time lag between turning the knob and feeling the change in resistance take effect. We love the hyper-realistic feel of the MYX II.


The bike’s handlebar and pedal design are also unique. The handlebars on the MYX II can be adjusted in three different ways – raised, lowered, and moved away from the saddle – for optimal comfort.


Source: MYX Fitness 



How to set-up the MYX II fitness bike


Very minimal setup is required, as the MYX II comes completely assembled and ready to ride. The delivery service also handles cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about disassembling and recycling the box.


Once in place and connected, you turn on your MYX II by pressing the button on the right side of the screen. Next, simply select your Wi-Fi network, punch in your password using the on-screen keyboard, and create an account. It requires you to enter your gender, height, birth date, weight, rate your fitness and stress levels, and specify how many times per week and how long you plan to work out on the bike. After that, you may upload a photo to your profile and sign up for a class membership.


Once logged in, you’ll need to activate the bike’s speed sensor. On the MYX II, the speed sensor is positioned on the left pedal crankshaft. When you activate the speed sensor, you’ll be shown two tutorials: using the accompanying heart rate monitor and adjusting the bike seat and handlebar positioning. That’s really all there is to it.



What are the MYX II’s dimensions? 


You should consider the space required for the exercise bike so that it doesn’t get in the way of your workout and end up becoming a hanger. However, if your area is small, the MYX II is ideal as its dimensions are very adaptable. 


The dimensions of the MYX II are 54 L x 21 W X 47 H (inches). A space of 4′ x 6′ is recommended to allow the 21.5″ touch screen to rotate 360 degrees. 


Many indoor bikes claim to be one-size-fits-all, and the MYX II bike lives up to that promise. The hinged display is well-suited to quick-release adjustments for the seat, riding position, handlebar height / depth, and the possibility to hot-swap the seat for something more comfortable.


Source: MYX Fitness 



What’s the max weight and height allowed for MYX II?


One of the most intriguing features of the MYX II is that it covers a wide range of heights from 4’11” to 6’8″ tall, allowing it to be used by most humans (sorry Shaq!). It can also hold a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds, which is an exceptional figure compared to what the industry offers. Most can only handle 200 pounds. In any case, check before you buy so you don’t hurt yourself or overload the bike.



What are MYX II fitness bike screen specs?


The display of any bike is useful for measuring workout metrics (such as speed, heart rate, calories burned, and so on). Weather you’re monitoring resistance levels or enjoying the gamified social leaderboard, you’re likely to be staring at the MYX II’s screen quite a bit


Between the MYX II’s handlebars is a 21.5-inch (54.6-cm) swiveling touchscreen, making it simple to transition your workout from the bike to the floor. For workouts on and off the bike, the touchscreen rotation function allows you to keep your eyes on the instructor at all times.


The screen also has 20-watt speakers and a built-in camera for interaction with trainers during live classes.



What fitness apps is the MYX II compatible with?


On the MYX II, there are two highly comprehensive fitness programs to use: BODi (Beachbody On Demand) and Openfit. Cycling classes and a wide range of other workouts such as kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, weight training, meditation, Barre, and many more are available in both. We recently reviewed BODi and other at-home workout apps if you’d like a deeper dive into what they offer and how they compare to alternatives.


The MYX II is also one of the few exercise bikes on the market that offers live exercise classes within its platform, giving it a significant competitive advantage over many other workout subscriptions on the market.


BODi vs Openfit: which works better with the MYX II?


While the MYXX II allows you to switch between fitness applications (BODi and Openfit), they are ultimately different services that require their own subscription costs. Keep in mind your workout history and stats won’t be shared between them, so ideally you just choose one and stick with it. MYX + Openfit costs $29 per month, whereas BODi is a bit less expensive at just $19.95 per month.


Another key difference: MYX + Openfit is only available on the mobile app (not on the bike) currently, and there are no live cycling classes. BODi, on the other hand, offers live classes on both the bike screen and via their mobile app. Thus we prefer Openfit, but hope BODi catches up soon! Both offer a seemingly endless selection of workout options for all fitness levels, so you’re unlikely to get bored either way.


Source: MYX Fitness 



What kind of workout classes are available with the MYX II?


MYX offers four main types of classes: bike, floor, mindful, and cross-training. Each class has a fitness level ranging from 1 to 3 – 3 being the most difficult. All of the mindful classes, as well as the stretching floor exercises are Level 1. Warm-up and recovery rides are frequently Level 1, while a few seep into Level 2. The remaining rides vary by level, with some coaches focusing more on beginner Level 1 and others solely for Level 3; a few instructors straddle in between.


The lessons range in length from 10 to 45 minutes. You can attend multiple 10-minute workouts back-to-back or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a 45-minute class straight through.


Another great feature of this exercise bike is that it is programmable, meaning you don’t have to change the resistance manually. Instead it changes automatically according to the program and settings you choose, removing one more thing to worry about.


Finally, there’s a bell icon that displays a list of your upcoming workouts. You can view workouts on the bike’s tablet or in the MYXfitness mobile app (available for Android and iOS). It also keeps track of your total number of workouts, maximum calories burned, personalized metrics charted across each day of the week, and a list of your most recent sessions. You can access a comprehensive history of all your exercises, grouped by date, by tapping your photo in the top left corner of the page.


Source: MYX Fitness 


What is MYX media?


If you don’t want a structured ride and would rather just pedal till you’re done, the Scenic Ride feature on MYX Media is for you. You can visit beautiful places such as San Francisco, Patagonia, the Alberta Rockies, Costa Rica, Northern Italy, and others. Ride durations range from 20 to 45 minutes and are really immersive.


MYX Media also provides live streaming news from national network Newsy 24/7. You can also find original content here, such as the Mat Chats series, which features interviews with professionals on health and wellness topics. Coach Diaries, another exclusive series, contains conversations with the platform’s trainers so you can get to know them better.



What’s it like to work out with MYX II?


The MYX II has a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, which buyers receive as an accessory. A color-coded metrics box on the left side of the screen indicates your heart rate zone during workouts. Blue denotes zone 1 (comfortable, sustainable), green is zone 2 (solid effort, challenging), and orange indicates zone 3. (breathless, unsustainable). It also displays your current heart rate, maximum and minimum heart rates, a graph of your heart rate throughout the workout, and your calories burned inside the metrics box.


The MYX II display also shows how long you’ve been working out and how much time is left at the top of the stats box – not that any of us ever watch the clock while working out. Naturally you can pause workout anytime as the audio / visuals are controlled independently.


Throughout the workout, the instructors will tell you what heart rate zone you should be in, and you may adjust the resistance knob and your pace accordingly. Turning the knob to the right increases the resistance and/or, speeding up your pace raises your heart rate. Turning to the left to lessen resistance or slowing down your pace lowers your heart rate. Approximately six revolutions to the right are required before resistance is felt. All pretty straightforward and self-explanatory.


Your heart rate zone ranges are personalized based on a 20-minute Score Assessment Ride. This workout begins with a short breathing exercise designed to lower your heart rate, followed by alternating between raising and decreasing your intensity so that the system can record your maximum and recovery heart rate.


All of this serves to assess cyclist fatigue indexes, allowing you to tailor workout plans for more effective training and faster than usual goal achievement. Bonus: this can also help you avoid injury!


Source: MYX Fitness 



MYX II alternatives: How does MYX II compare vs Peloton and others?


How does MYX II compare against Peloton and other smart home fitness bikes? We break it down for you in this table below:



MYX II vs Peloton vs Echelon vs ProForm vs NordicTrack

Dimensions (inches)54 L x 21 W x 47 H52 L x 21 W x 40 H59 L x 23 W x 53 H52 L x 21 W x 56 H53 L x 22 W x 51 H66 L x 22 W x 60 H
Weight Limit350 lbs.330 lbs. 297 lbs.300 lbs.250 lbs.204 lbs.
Monitor21.5” HD Touchscreen22” HD Touchscreen22” HD Touchscreen10” HD Touchscreen 22” HD Touchscreen
Resistance typeFrictionMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagnetic
Warranty & refund policy12-month warranty5-years warranty12-month warranty12-month warranty12-month warranty12-month warranty
Web camera for interactive workouts?
360° swivel screen on base bike?


Overall, MYX II outperforms most other stationary bikes in our head-to-head comparison. At $1,399, it’s also the most affordable option. The MYX II bike offers a higher weight limit than other bikes of the same design, a one-year guarantee, a camera for live workouts, a 360-degree swivel screen, and remains the only bike in this set that works with friction resistance. We mentioned it before, but the friction resistance feature is a game changer that makes it feel like you are riding a real bike.



MYX II reviews: What are customers saying online?


If you look at user reviews online, you will see a wide range of opinions. Most customers give it five stars, including this person, who found the MYX II ideal for adding consistency to his workout.




We also found neutral opinions, always leaning towards the positive, such as this Facebook review:


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Aside from the glowing reviews, there appears to be some chatter complaining about some minor squeakiness and occasional customer service mishaps. That second one should be excused (in our opinion) given that we are still in a global pandemic with massive supply chain shocks. And of course there are many other reviews that seem to suggest MYX customer service is excellent, such as this one:




The Verdict: Is the MYX II fitness bike worth it?


Overall, with dual-sided pedals, a huge swiveling touchscreen, and two robust workout apps to pick from — including BODi, which offers LIVE cycling classes — it’s difficult to beat the value that the MYX II fitness bike provides over other smart cycles, including Peloton. Just keep in mind that, in addition to the cost of the bike, you should also factor in the subscription price for the workout apps themselves — an additional $20-$30/month.


Riding the MYX II feels like a road bike on a sportier, more aerodynamic frame. It’s suitable for both novice exercisers looking for a quick burn 2 or 3 days a week, as well as more advanced users who are used to cycling long distances outdoors.


The MYX II is straightforward to setup, space efficient, and affordable relative to alternatives. It allows for more than just cycling, as the touch screen swivels down to keep you engaged during floor workouts as well.


In conclusion, when considering the purchase of any product, the best you can do is look at the reviews online, compare it to alternatives, make sure they have a generous return policy, and then make an informed decision. For our part, we strongly recommend the MYX II bike because it pairs the premium at-home cycling experience of a Peloton (live classes, friction resistance, beautiful screen, etc.) with a robust set of alternative workout options for an extremely competitive price.


If you’re unwilling to sacrifice quality but don’t want to mortgage your house for a piece of home gym equipment, MYX II offers the most bang for your buck. Plus you can trial it at home, risk-free for 30 days to decide if it’s worth it.


Have you taken the MYX II for a spin? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.



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