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Review: NewSmile Teeth Aligners

Last updated on October 15th, 2021 at 06:40 pm

Straightening teeth is no longer nearly as embarrassing nor expensive as it used to be. Invisible braces have become a more comfortable and cost effective alternative to the bulky metal mouth that so many of us had to endure (remember headgear? I really hope not.)



Although invisalign and other invisible aligners have been available for years, recent tele-dentistry innovations have allowed for patients to skip the long series of in-person orthodontist appointments typically required for quality orthodontic treatment.


Instead, patients are able to receive all the tools they need to correct their smile from the comfort of home. That’s not only huge for rural patients without access to a nearby orthodontist, but equally clutch for anyone seeking more discretion or convenience, typically for thousands of dollars less.


We’ve previously reviewed teeth aligners from top US-based brands like Smile Direct Club, Byte, and Candid, but what options do Canadians have to sink their teeth into? In this article, we’ll review NewSmile (, a new but equally promising and cost-effective teeth aligner brand based in Vancouver that’s on a mission to deliver more perfect smiles to Canadians and US-based patients as well.





Before we dive into their unique offering and explain how it works to straighten teeth, here’s a quick background on invisible teeth aligners in general.



How much does it cost to straighten teeth these days?


Traditional teeth-straightening orthodontic work can cost anywhere from $2,500- $8,000, mostly due to the overhead expenses of full-time employees, office space, and costly medical equipment.


We always recommend discussing all options with a professional (i.e. your dentist or orthodontist) first, especially if your teeth or bite are more complicated to fix. But you no longer need monthly visits to tweak and tighten metal braces, saving you precious time and money.


Modern teeth straighteners — i.e. custom-fit teeth aligners designed to push your teeth into place and mailed straight to your door — not only free you from weekly waiting rooms and examination chairs under bright lights, they also spare you the high-costs of in-person care. In fact, several aligner brands promise to straighten your teeth for less than $2k all-in. We published a full comparison of the least expensive teeth aligner options to give you a sense of how each stacks up purely from a cost perspective.  Although we’ll dive into the details more below, know that NewSmile is among the most affordable options on the market.




Another thing to note: modern teeth aligner brands often help you save even more by accepting most health insurance dental plans so that you can get reimbursed for invisible braces. NewSmile is one of those helpful brands that can work with your HSA or FSA to help subsidize or cover the cost. Traditionally, all cosmetic orthodonture had to be covered out of pocket.


Check out the details laid out below, or skip ahead to our Comparison Chart: NewSmile vs Smile Direct Club vs AlignerCo.


Source: NewSmile



Review of NewSmile: What we like about the “new” kid on the block


  • They’re discreet: No one will notice that you’re wearing a NewSmile aligner, but they may notice that you’re smiling more than before! 😁   Their teeth aligners are so discreet— invisible along your gum line— giving you the confidence you need to smile freely while wearing them.
  • They’re actually not that new: although the company is young compared to Smile Direct Club or Byte or Candid, NewSmile was actually founded by ex-Smilelove executives, industry veterans who wanted to start their own teeth aligner brand to better serve the Canadian market. Thus the company has a lot of expertise despite its newness.
  • They’re effective: Your teeth will begin to transform from the very beginning, as the aligners gently shift your teeth towards your goal smile. Within just 4-6 months, you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted, without the pain and hassle of braces. Already NewSmile has hundreds of positive reviews with an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars.
  • They’re affordable: NewSmile clear teeth aligners are a quarter of the price of traditional invisalign aligners you’d receive from your dentist, though they are virtually the same product.
  • They’re comfortable: Without having to visit the doctor, NewSmile can provide custom teeth aligners with simple instructions to quickly push your teeth into place. That means less sharp objects in your mouth which is a win in our book.
  • They Whiten: Every order of clear teeth aligners come with free teeth whitening treatment, because a whole new smile deserves to be pearly white for an entirely new, confident you. And if you use code TOPFINDEAL at checkout, you’ll get a free month of whitening foam.


Source: NewSmile



So how does getting teeth aligners from NewSmile work?


Getting set up with your first pair of clear teeth aligners from NewSmile is easy. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Take a short Quiz.


Just take a quick Smile Assessment quiz, asking for some details about your current smile, a photo of your teeth, and the changes you’d like to see. Whether you want Minor Tweaks, Spacing, or Crowding issues addressed, after completion of the survey, you’ll be asked to enter payment details for NewSmile to send you an Impression Kit.


Step 2: Make an Impression.


When the NewSmile Impression Kit arrives in the mail, you’ll be able to create a mould impression of your teeth without leaving the couch. Then you’ll then send your Impression back to NewSmile so they can render your Treatment Preview.


The blog at NewSmile has a tutorial on Taking Impressions of Your Teeth At Home.


Step 3: Review Your Teeth in 3D!


From your Impression, NewSmile sends you a virtual Treatment Preview: a 3D animation of your current smile, and demo your unique 4-6 month-long, week-by-week smile transformation! 


If you’re not impressed by their version of your goal smile, you can work with an Impression Specialist over video call and make adjustments before your custom aligners are made.


Step 4: Say yes to a better smile!


Once you confirm, you’ll begin receiving your aligners in the mail every 2 weeks, along with free whitening treatments. You’ll have to follow the instructions provided with the aligners to see results, but it’s all pretty straightforward.



Source: NewSmile


Bonus: you get TWO free retainers


Most teeth aligner brands either don’t offer a retainer in their product line or make you pay for it separately, but NewSmile gives you two free retainers at the completion of your aligner treatments. Because let’s face it, one retainer is never sufficient.


Money  back guarantee

If  you pay for an impression kit but are deemed unfit for treatment, NewSmile will refund you money 100%. That greatly reduces the risk, especially for anyone worried their teeth may be too crooked for teeth aligners.






How do aligners from NewSmile compare with traditional braces?


When it comes to your smile, clearly it’s not just about affordability. Quality (i.e. how will your smile actually turn out?) and timing (how long will it take and how often do you have to wear them?) are also super important. So while we’ve established that NewSmile is an extremely affordable option, let’s see how it compares in terms of customer satisfaction.


Braces typically require 18 months of continuous wear to achieve your goal smile, which is a lot of orthodontist visits. The time in your car, in the waiting room, and in the chair, plus your payment, requires a lot of time and energy that could be spent more efficiently.


One of the best parts of NewSmile teeth aligners compared to traditional braces is that patients need not wear their aligners all the time. Though most will want to wear their teeth aligners daily (up to 22 hours a day), many opt to wear their aligners for <10 hours each night (while they sleep). Obviously this is the most discreet way to straighten your teeth, but it will extend the duration to completion considerably.


All said in done, the average customer journey with NewSmile aligners only lasts 4-6 months. That’s A LOT shorter than traditional braces or even Invisalign! And should you want to discuss your smile after this period, NewSmile makes it easy to schedule virtual consultations with their dentists.



Do teeth aligners from NewSmile hurt?


Some patients feel minor discomfort with teeth aligners in general, but overall clear aligners from NewSmile cause a lot less pain than braces or Invisalign. Clear teeth aligners fit over your entire teeth, and gradually nudge your teeth into a new position. This nudging can impact your bite and jaw, and cause minor discomfort.


The most likely time to experience discomfort is the first few hours and days of wearing each new aligner, although typically patients’ mouths adjust to the transformation quickly, as each aligner gently shifts your teeth further towards your goal smile.


If you do experience any pain, just keep thinking of your perfect smile, and remember— wearing your aligners will improve your bite, balance your jaw, and brighten your smile — so it’s all worth it in the end.




NewSmile vs Smile Direct Club vs AlignerCo: What are the best teeth aligners in Canada?


There are several competitors to NewSmile in Canada, though each has their own unique plan for providing virtually the same product. Likewise, every dental plan is different, so you may want to check with your insurance to see how much you can be reimbursed for before choosing.


Here’s how NewSmile compares to other popular aligner brands in Canada like Smile Direct Club and AlignerCo:




NewSmile vs Alternative Teeth Aligners in Canada

Available in



Hong Kong









One-Time Price $1,295 (normally $2,195) $1,895 $3,000-$8,000. Varies by patient and provider. $1,145
Monthly Payment Option $295 deposit + $84/month for 12 months. $250 deposit + $85/month for 24 months. Monthly payment options determined after insurance is billed. $275 deposit + $95/month for 11 months.
Expected Length of Wear 4-6 months 4-6 months 12-18 months 6-11 months
Covered by Insurance? Accepts HSA + FSA Accepts HSA + FSA Accepts HSA + FSA Accepts HSA + FSA
At-Home Impression Kit Included. Book a video call with an Impression Specialist for the most accurate results. $29 (normally $59). Free with rebate. Can do at home, or visit a SmileShop for an in-person impression. Requires dentist office visit. $39.99
3D Treatment Preview Included. Included, review with a dentist. Requires dentist office visit. They send a 2D proposed treatment plan for your approval.
After-Treatment Retainers 2 Included (worth $149) $99 to be replaced every 6 months Available, but not included in price.
Whitening Included Included

Note: All prices are in USD.




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The Verdict: Are NewSmile aligners legit?


There’s no doubt that clear teeth aligners are the way to go for most teeth straightening needs. They’re faster, more discreet, and less expensive than braces or invisalign. While minor discomfort may be unavoidable on occasion, for the most part, overall customers seem very happy in their reviews of NewSmile aligners. 


While the long list of teeth aligner options has been growing steadily in the US, Canada has fewer options, and NewSmile offers a lot of bang for your buck. We like their offering best because of all the freebies (whitening treatment, two retainers, and the impression kit) thrown in for a slightly lower price than Smile Direct Club. That said, their offerings are very similar, so if you’re swayed by a bigger brand name, Smile Direct Club can seem like a safer choice. AlignerCo is another low cost aligner option if you’re looking to save as much as possible.


Overall, NewSmile has arrived with a convenient solution to serve up basic orthodontic work that saves everyone (including the orthodontist) time and money. We recommend their solution — and teeth aligners more generally — for anyone with standard dental needs. It’s always a good idea to consult a dentist before making any large investments into your mouth, but that’s especially true if your teeth or bite are severely out of line.


NewSmile is a trust-worthy, effective, and affordable teeth aligner company. We’d love to hear about your experience with them or any teeth aligners in the comments below. And if you’re ready to give NewSmile a shot, use the discount code TOPFINDEAL at check out to save $250!




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Review: NewSmile Teeth Aligners

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