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NewSmile Review – Are They Legit for Invisible Teeth Aligners?

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Rating: 4.2 / 5
Medically reviewed by:
Dr. Jordan Weber, DDS

About Dr. Jordan Weber, DDS

Dental Advisor

Dr. Jordan Weber is a general dentist with a growing practice in Burlington, KS. His background is in food science, and he left a career in food manufacturing to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. Jordan and his wife are both avid marathon runners, and now have their hands especially full having just welcomed their first child, a daughter, in January of 2021.

In this Article

In this Article

Hannah Reyes

Straightening teeth is no longer nearly as expensive (nor embarrassing) as it used to be. Invisible braces have become a more comfortable and cost effective alternative to the bulky metal mouth that so many of us had to endure (remember headgear? I hope not.)



Although Invisalign and other invisible teeth aligners have been available for years, recent tele-dentistry innovations have allowed for patients to skip the long series of in-person orthodontist appointments typically required to fix their smile.


We’ve previously reviewed teeth aligners from top brands like Smile Direct Club and Candid, as well as Byte and AlignerCo, but what about lower-cost alternatives? In this article, we’ll review NewSmile, a hyper cost-effective teeth aligner brand based in Vancouver that’s on a mission to deliver more perfect smiles for a lot less than the competition.

Why We Recommend NewSmile

Discreet & Comfortable

No one will notice that you’re wearing a NewSmile aligner, but they may notice that you’re smiling more than before! 😁   Their teeth aligners are so discreet— invisible along your gum line— giving you the confidence you need to smile freely while wearing them.


Without having to visit the doctor, NewSmile can provide custom teeth aligners with simple instructions to quickly push your teeth into place. That means less sharp objects in your mouth which is a win in our book.

Reputable & Effective

Although the company is young compared to Smile Direct Club or Byte or Candid, NewSmile was actually founded by ex-Smilelove executives, industry veterans who wanted to start their own teeth aligner brand to better serve the market. Thus the company has a lot of expertise and boasts thousands of happy patients.


Your teeth will begin to transform from the very beginning, as the aligners gently shift your teeth towards your goal smile. Within just 4-6 months, you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted, without the pain and hassle of braces. Already NewSmile has hundreds of positive reviews with an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars.


Affordable & Transparent Pricing


NewSmile clear teeth aligners are a quarter of the price of invisalign aligners you’d receive from your dentist, though they are virtually the same product. Yes, you read that correctly. And unlike other aligner brands who charge for an impression kit regardless if you’re eligible, NewSmile will refund 100% of your investment if you’re not deemed a fit.


And as if that wasn’t generous enough, NewSmile includes everything you need in their low-price — no nickle and diming for the impression kit or any additional add-ons.


In fact, every order of clear teeth aligners come with a free month of teeth whitening treatment, and two retainers — both for no additional cost. Because a whole new smile deserves to be pearly white for an entirely new, confident you, use code TOPFINDEAL to try their whitening foam!


NewSmile – use code TOPFINDEAL at checkout for $100 off.


Check current Price →

NewSmile Alternatives: How does it compare vs Smile Direct Club or AlignerCo?


There are many alternatives to NewSmile for invisible braces, though each has their own unique plan for providing virtually the same product. Likewise, every dental plan is different, so you may want to check with your insurance to see how much you can be reimbursed for before choosing.


Here’s how NewSmile compares to other popular aligner brands like Smile Direct Club and AlignerCo:

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Note: Prices are in USD

Our Experience with NewSmile: How Does it Work?

Getting set up with our first pair of clear teeth aligners from NewSmile was dead simple. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Start with a Short Online Quiz

Just take a quick Smile Assessment online, asking for some details about your current smile, a photo of your teeth, and the changes you’d like to see. Whether you want Minor Tweaks, Spacing, or Crowding issues addressed, after completion of the survey, you’ll be asked to enter payment details for NewSmile to send you an Impression Kit.


Step 2: Take an Impression of Your Teeth

When the NewSmile Impression Kit arrives in the mail, you’ll be able to create a mould impression of your teeth without leaving the couch. Then you’ll then send your Impression back to NewSmile so they can render your Treatment Preview.


NewSmile’s blog has a helpful tutorial on Taking Impressions of Your Teeth At Home in case you are more of a visual learner.


Step 3: Review Your Teeth in 3D!

From your Impression, NewSmile sends you a virtual Treatment Preview: a 3D animation of your current smile, and demo your unique 4-6 month-long, week-by-week smile transformation! 


If you’re not impressed by their version of your goal smile, you can work with an Impression Specialist over video call and make adjustments before your custom aligners are made.


Step 4: Say yes to a better smile!

Once you confirm, you’ll begin receiving your aligners in the mail every 2 weeks, along with free whitening treatments. You’ll have to follow the instructions provided with the aligners to see results, but it’s all pretty straightforward.