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fatty15Seed offers a synbiotic supplement that combines both probiotic and prebiotics for optimal gut health.Seed Health vs. Alternatives
fatty15Fatty15 is the first essential fatty acid to be discovered since the omegas—over 90 years ago.Fatty15 Review
GEMGEM is a real food Vitamin designed to support your daily nutritional needs with ingredients you understand.GEM vs Ritual
Misfits MarketMisfits Market reduces food waste by partnering with local farmers and selling their excess produce to consumers in a healthy subscription box.Misfits Market vs Hungry Harvest
RasaRasa is a coffee alternative designed to deliver sustainable energy and a functional daily dose of adaptogens in your morning brewRasa Review

Everydaydose vs. MUD WTR vs. Rasa
Nurish by NatureMadeNurish is a modern supplement brand from NatureMade that offers personalized vitamins for your specific nutrition needs and goals.Nurish by NatureMade Review
RitualRitual sells personalized vitamin formulations for women.Ritual vs Care/of vs Honest Co.
HUMHUM offers clinically-proven nutritional supplements tailored to your health and beauty goals. Goli vs Olly vs HUM
RootineRootine is a brand for personalized nutrient Formula based on science and biology.Rootine Review
HungryRootHungryRoot delivers healthy meals ready to eat in <10 minutes.Hungry Root vs. Misfits Market
Farm Fresh to YouFarm Fresh to You is a fresh produce subscription services that delivers farmer's market veggies and fruits on a regularly scheduled cadence.Farm Fresh to You vs Imperfect Produce
SommSomm helps support sleep. It's that simple. Drink one can 30 minutes before bed. Best of all, you can sleep easy knowing it's gluten-, dairy-, and drug-free.Coming soon
grazeGraze offers delivers nutritious snack boxes.Coming soon
GroveGrove is a marketplace for healthier groceries and home essentials.Coming soon
HintHint ships fruit infused bottled water directly to your door.Coming soon
ThriveThrive is a members-only market for sustainably-sourced organic goods.Coming Soon
OllyOlly creates nutritional supplements with essential vitamins and minerals in everything from capsules to gummy vitamins.Goli vs Olly vs HUM
Care/ofCare/of helps find the right vitamins, protein and collagen.
VesselVessel is an at home evaluation that tests nutrient levels to help you understand and optimize your health.
GoliGoli Nutrition offers daily supplements for health in innovative ways.Goli vs Olly vs HUM
Good EggsGood Eggs is an online grocery delivery service meeting top-notch food standards with local, organic, and pasture-raised food.Good Eggs Review
campo grandeCampo Grande delivers premium iberico pork that tastes like wagyu beef or filet mignon.Coming soon
Mosaic FoodsMosaic Foods offers plant-powered vegan and vegetarian food to fuel you and your family's life. Their many recipe options are delivered and ready in 5 minutes with no shopping, prep, or cleanup.Coming Soon
gobbleGobble delivers freshly prepped dinner kits, designed to be table ready in 15 minutes with usually just one pan, so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family.Coming Soon
HuelHuel offers nutritionally complete, convenient, and affordable food that provides you with all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre and phytonutrients.Best Meal Replacement
SoylentSoylent products deliver complete plant based protein, essential nutrients, healthy fats, and slow-burning carbs in convenient and affordable formats that are both good for you and the planet.Soylent vs Huel
Ka'ChavaKa'Chava provides all the essential nutrients for your body + mind, sourced from nature, in one delicious superblend.Ka'Chava vs Huel

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