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best vaginal health kits

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Zoë Bjornson

Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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Queen V vs RepHresh vs Love Wellness: What’s the Best Vaginal Health Kit?

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In this Article

Zoë Bjornson

In case you haven’t heard, douching isn’t good for your vaginal health.

With more and more women wanting education regarding sexual and vaginal health, modern companies are finding ways to treat, heal, and maintain healthy vaginas holistically. With natural remedies at the forefront, the mystery of a healthy vagina isn’t so mysterious anymore.


In fact, you probably don’t even want to think about douching. Experts say that vaginal douching can upset the natural balance of the vagina and make you even more prone to infections. But guess what? There are plenty of unobtrusive alternatives to you keep calm, cool, and collected down there. 


Let’s take a look at a doctor-favorite, RepHresh, plus two modern startups, Love Wellness and Queen V, focused on vaginal health to find out which offers the best all-around vaginal health kit.

But first, why is vaginal health so important?

Maybe you’ve heard this before, but the vagina is a magical thing. Not only did you come out of one, but it can also clean itself, balance your body’s bacteria, and change drastically based on its environment. Despite its glory, most women are never taught — and thus sadly never learn — how to take proper care down there.


Every vagina has both good bacteria and bad bacteria. A healthy one simply strikes the right balance by keeping enough good bacteria to keep your vagina acidic, which in turn helps fight away the bad bacteria. 


A wide range of factors can upset your vagina’s pH balance, whether it’s pregnancy or just wearing pants that are too tight. In the past, there has been quite a bit of debate around whether various vaginal health products are even good for you given how messing with the pH level unnaturally can cause bad bacteria to grow. 


That’s why brands like Queen V and Love Wellness have emerged to offer more natural alternatives to put in and around your vagina that are less likely to inadvertently cause imbalance.

Oh, and what’s a pH level again?

Image via Medical News Today

A pH level measures the ratio of acidity to alkaline in a substance or environment, whether that’s a lemon or in this case, your vagina. The pH level of your vagina changes over the years, but a normal level that helps fight bad bacteria away is anywhere between 3.8 and 4.5. The more alkaline your vagina is on a pH scale, the more likely bacteria is to grow, which is where yeast infections come into play. 


Things like tampons, semen, antibiotics, and douching can all alter the pH level of your vagina. In order to get things back to normal, most doctors would recommend a probiotic and avoiding any harsh soaps.


Like we said, the vagina is a pretty miraculous structure that can do its job without much help. So what exactly is needed when it comes to everyday vaginal care, and how to start?

How should I start caring about my vaginal health?


Because the vagina doesn’t need too much assistance when it comes to cleaning and maintaining itself, it’s best to lean on nature to help you do the work. There are many vaginal health brands out there, but not all are made of all-natural ingredients. That said, every woman experience moments of inopportune, potentially smelly or uncomfortable vaginal imbalance, and it’s wise to have a reliable set of products on hand you can trust.


Most companies offer starter kits so you can see what works best for you. We very much recommend going natural, so let’s take a look at three different brands — RepHresh vs Queen V vs Love Wellness — to see how they approach vaginal health.


Queen V vs RepHresh vs Love Wellness: Comparing Vaginal Health Kits

ProductsSelf care, wellness, and sexual health care for women.Care and cleansing for vaginal health.Overall personal and body health vitamins and supplements.
Pricing$5 – $39 per product or kit$11 – 40 per product$10 – $104 per product or kit
Starter Kit Cost$39.00 or $31.20 (with subscription)✖️$104.99 or $83.99 (with subscription)
Starter Kit Products
  • Probiotics
  • pH Balancing Wipes
  • Deodorizing Spray
  • pH Balancing Cleansing Bar
  • Vaginal Gel
  • Probiotics
  • pH Cleanser
  • Cooling Spray

  • *RepHresh does not offer a starter kit, but these are their 4 core products.
  • Probiotics
  • pH Balancing Cleanser
  • Soothing pH Balancing Wipes (Full and travel size)
  • The Killer
  • Perfect Condition Vitamin
  • Website

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    Now that you have a sense of what’s included in a vaginal health kit, how they differ, and what they generally cost, let’s look a bit more closely at each brand to better understand which is the right choice for you.

    Queen V Vaginal Health Kit

    Originally started by a young woman named Lauren Steinberg, Queen V is out to change the face of feminine hygiene and help women know more about their vaginas. Launched in Walmarts all over the country in 2016, you can now find their vaginal health products at Urban Outfitters, Target, Amazon, and additional retailers you’ve heard of. All of Queen V’s products are manufactured in the USA, come gynecologist recommended, and use ingredients that are actually good for you.


    Lauren invented a three step process to help women maintain, heal, and enjoy their vagina. With 16 products and counting, you can use Queen V for any of your needs below the belt. The Queen V Essentials Kit cleanses, balances, and refreshes your vagina so you can keep crushing it. Let’s examine each product in the kit so you know what you’re getting yourself —  and your vagina — into.

    What products does Queen V sell?

    Daily Probiotic

    Starting with a probiotic is always a good idea, and Queen V makes it easy with their DD Probiotic Women’s Daily Probiotic that helps balance yeast and bacteria, while also supporting your digestive, immune, and antioxidant health. Their probiotic contains turmeric and grapefruit seed and all you need to do is pop one capsule once a day and you’re set.


    pH-balanced wipes

    When you’re in a pinch and you need a good clean, Queen V’s Swipe Right pH-balanced feminine wipes are there for you. One wipe that contains vitamin E and coconut oil will freshen, soothe, and cleanse. Plus, they’re flushable! A great addition to that bathroom counter you won’t regret.


    Deodorizing  Spray

    Rosewater isn’t just for your face anymore. Queen V’s deodorizing spray, The Spritzer, is meant to hydrate and refresh. Just a quick spray anytime of day will help you stay and feel clean throughout the day.


    pH-balanced Cleanser

    If you’re looking to up your shower game, the Queen V V Bar, a pH-balanced cleaning bar with rosewater and aloe, should be added to your cart ASAP. The V Bar can be used every time you shower and is a great way to keep clean without any of those harsh ingredients you might find in other cleansers.

    If you want to set it and forget it, Queen V also offers a discounted subscription service so you can get your vaginal health products delivered right to your door every one, two, or three months.

    Don’t forget that in addition to everyday vaginal health, Queen V has plenty of other products that will help you heal and enjoy your most intimate parts, whether that’s preventing a UTI or enhancing your orgasm. With fun branding and a large community full of women willing to share, Queen V is your go-to spot for “self care for everywhere.”

    RepHresh Vaginal Health

    RepHresh’s goal is to keep you balanced, fresh, and clean. Their products focus on helping you deal with feminine odor and discomfort and, even more widely distributed than Queen V, are available at nationwide stores such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and more. You can even add any of their products to your Amazon cart if you’re not too keen on adding it to your actual shopping cart.


    RepHresh is an established brand (one of many owned and developed by Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) that’s focused on women’s vaginal health. They offer several products including an odor-eliminating gel, probiotic, douche, and cooling spray for all of your needs. 

    Being so accessible, RepHresh products are great when you’re in a pinch and provide solid relief for discomfort, whether it’s internal or external, balancing your pH levels, and dealing with unwanted odor.


    For daily feminine care, RepHresh recommends using their Pro-B Probiotic to balance yeast and bacteria. By just taking one capsule per day, they claim you can help maintain your feminine health and not worry about any unwanted smells. Probiotics are great for maintaining a healthy body in general, but for vaginal health, probiotics help balance good bacteria with bad bacteria and maintain a healthy flora. All you gotta do is add one more pill to your morning supplements and you’re good to go — pretty painless.


    Whether you’re dealing with post-period odor, post-intercourse odor, or other unwanted smell, RepHresh’s Vaginal Gel can help fight any lingering stench. It helps maintain a healthy vaginal pH and relieves any associated discomfort you might have. And don’t worry – your OBGYN would approve, as it’s also gynecologists recommended.


    Maybe the vaginal gel didn’t do the trick and you need to do a deeper clean? RepHresh’s Clean BAlance replaces traditional douching with a two step solution to eliminate odor and relieve discomfort. It’s safe for your sensitive parts and helps remove any chemicals, irritants, or bad bacteria inside of you.


    No one likes an itch, especially down there. RepHresh’s Vaginal Anti-Itch Cooling Relief Spray with hydrocortisone will instantly neutralize odor and relieve external itchiness with an added cooling sensation. You can use it up to 4 times a day, carry it with you on the go, and even sprays upside down. Pretty handy.

    What products does Love Wellness sell for vaginal wellness?


    If you were an avid watcher of The Hills, you’ll probably remember Lo Bosworth, who is now the founder of Love Wellness. After seeing a lack of personal care products for women that were natural, safe, and effective, Lo founded Love Wellness to provide a self-care routine using alternative methods for women around the world. She also set out to create a community that empowers women to be more open and honest about their self-care.


    Love Wellness’ Vaginal Health Kit will help you maintain a healthy vaginal tract. The products within work together to support the unique microbiome that’s housed in your vagina and make sure everything is balanced and healthy. Let’s dig into what Love Wellness’ starter kit offers.

    Boric Acid Suppository

    To relieve yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (AKA BV), Love Wellness includes The Killer, a boric acid suppository treatment in capsule form, in their vaginal wellness kit. Boric acid is made from a mineral found in sea water and works quickly to relieve you from any infections overnight. It resets your vaginal pH and help treat any issues you might be having early. It is especially useful after sex or your period. All you have to do is insert vaginally at bedtime for 7-14 days and you’re set.


    One thing about boric acid to know: you used to need a prescription to get the stuff, plus you’d have to go to a compounding pharmacy. Love Wellness has made it so easy to get this life-altering relief so more women have access to it easily.


    Daily Supplements

    Like any good vaginal health kit, Love Wellness includes their Good Girl Probiotics to help create an acidic environment that keeps you safe from any unwanted infections – well, it’s not like there are any wanted infections. Great for preventing UTIs, yeast infection, and more, probiotics help you keep your gut healthy. Just take two capsules a day and you’re set.


    Supplement number two from Love Wellness is their Perfect Condition Vitamin. This supplement destroys any yeast present from the cellular level, reduces inflammation, and overall keeps you balanced. It’s the perfect pair with your probiotic and includes turmeric, coconut oil powder, grapefruit seed, and more.


    pH Balancing cleanser and wipes

    To keep yourself clean down there on a day-to-day basis, Love Wellness recommends their pH Balancing Cleanser. It’s safe, all natural, OB/GYN-approved, all while not disturbing your vaginal microbiome. Plus, it’s easy to use, looks good in your bathroom, and is vegan! Yay, plants.


    Finally, when you need to freshen up quickly, Love Wellness includes their Do It All Wipes, in both full and travel sizes. These wipes help balance your pH, don’t irritate your skin, and are super convenient when you’re in a pinch.

    Love Wellness’ Vaginal Health kit covers any aspect of care down there you might need. Plus, just like Queen V, you’re able to sign up for a subscription, receiving the kit every one, two, three, or four months, making it easy to maintain your vaginal health without even thinking about it.

    Queen V Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?​

    With natural ingredients, low price points, and availability at some of the most prevalent stores across the U.S., Queen V customers love their products. Some may even call them life-changing. Overall, customers really appreciate how affordable the products are, and many see results within just a few weeks.

    Love Wellness Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?​

    With a wide product range, Love Wellness helps tackle vaginal health (and many other health issues) at their core. Customers are happy with how quickly the products work and love the fact that the company has helped them find an easy routine for maintaining vaginal health. However, like many vaginal cleansing products, there is possibility for irritation with the washses, so you just have to listen to your body.

    RepHresh Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?​

    While RepHresh is recommended by many gynecologists, their ingredients list boasts one or more things you may have trouble pronouncing. A lot of customers have irritation with their gels and washes; however, the probiotics typically have much better reviews. With more unnatural ingredients than their competitors, it’s best to check the ingredients label before use.

    The Verdict: Which vaginal health kit is best for you -- Queen V, RepHresh, or Love Wellness?

    With unnatural ingredients and so-so reviews, RepHresh unfortunately loses this competition. It may be the most well-recognized brand of the bunch, but when you’re dealing with the vagina, it’s best to tread lightly and treat naturally before anything else. Remember: it’s a self-cleaning machine so introducing any unknown ingredients could lead to unwanted results.


    With a focus on vaginal health and empowering women, Queen V definitely is a close runner-up in this race, if not tied for first. Their products help you maintain, heal, and enjoy your vagina in the best possible ways, and at the right price. Made of all-natural products here in the USA, Queen V’s products are gynecologist-approved and give you access to arguably the strongest, most vocal community of vaginal health warriors. It’s empowering, and effective. Definitely worth giving them a shot.


    Love Wellness is at the top of our list for several reasons. Not only do their vaginal health products and amazingly supportive community kick butt, they also offer treatments for mental health, better sex, gut health, and more. Their vaginal health kit, while pricer than Queen V, equips you with everything you need to quickly treat any vaginal issues that may arise. Because when it comes to vaginal health, it’s really not worth cutting any corners or be waiting too long to feel back to normal. 

    Have you tried any of these vaginal health kits first-hand? Maybe you have a favorite that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below! Also, if you’re interested in exclusive discounts on awesome new D2C products, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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    About the Author

    Zoë Bjornson

    Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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    Zoë Bjornson

    Zoë Bjornson

    Zoë is a writer, product nerd, and cheese lover. She enjoys bringing efficiency to any process and creating unique user experiences. She is California raised, New Orleans educated, and can't sit still in any place for more than a few years.

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