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Ro Sperm Kit Review – Is It The Best At-Home Male Fertility Kit?

One in every eight couples is infertile – they have not been able to conceive a child even though they’ve been trying through the natural method of unprotected sex for over a year. As far as the statistics go, in 35% of the couples experiencing infertility issues, the problem lies solely with the male partner, and another 35% lies with the combination of both partners. 


While female infertility has begun to lose its stigma as more women come forward and share their stories, discussions concerning male infertility have a long way to go. The idea of online, at-home fertility tests for women has slowly but steadily crept into the male sector as well. At-home fertility tests are an excellent choice for men who want to know the status of their fertility as quickly as possible, many times with the added benefit of preserving your sperm for future use.


In this article, the focus will be mainly on the male side of infertility, shedding some light on Ro Sperm Kit (formerly Dadi Sperm Kit) and if it’s the best at-home male fertility kit.


How do at-home male fertility tests work?

While comprehensive male fertility testing should include a physician evaluation of a sperm sample in a professional andrology laboratory, at-home fertility test kits can suffice for men who don’t have a fertility specialist nearby or are reluctant to visit one. Most males aren’t tested for infertility until a couple has been trying to conceive for 12 months, so a home test may help discover potential issues sooner. There are also ways to improve fertility with male prenatal vitamins.


At-home fertility test kits for men can be especially useful for guys who have certain risk factors for infertility, for example, if they’ve had chemotherapy and want to know if they’re fertile. They can also be handy for testing men after a vasectomy. Surgeons frequently advise patients to confirm their sterility a few months after having a vasectomy before engaging in unprotected sex.


Wondering about the accuracy of at-home fertility test kits? A comparative study tested the ability of the smartphone-based YO Home Sperm Test to accurately and precisely measure Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC) versus the SQA-Vision, an automated laboratory semen analyzer. The YO showed a very high level of accuracy and precision (97.8%) compared with the SQA-Vision. We have reviewed the YO Home Sperm Test in our best male fertility kits review that pits several other kits against each other, in case you want to check it out. 


What do at-home male fertility kits test for?

When discussing male infertility, it’s important to understand the key indicator that identifies male infertility: sperm health.


When determining the health of a given sample of sperm, three significant features provide important information on the sperm’s health: sperm count, sperm motility (movement), and sperm morphology (shape).


  • Sperm Count – Of the three, the sperm count is the most important in terms of gaining some insight on the health of the sperm. For an overall healthy and fertile sperm, your semen must have a good number of spermatozoids present. A range of 15 million sperm to more than 200 million sperm against every ml of semen is considered a normal or healthy sperm count, while a sperm count of less than 15 million per ml of semen is considered to be low, referred to as ‘oligospermia’.
  • Motility – Sperm cells are ‘motile cells’, which basically means that they have the ability to move themselves. This characteristic of the sperm cells allows them to swim and fertilize the eggs. 40% or more motility is a sign of healthy and fertile sperm.
  • Morphology – Sperm morphology implies the shape and size of the sperm. A normal-looking sperm has a long tail with an oval head and is free from any kind of defect. The size of the tail should be 5-6 micrometers in length, and the head should be a smooth 2.5-3.5 micrometers in width. According to the Kruger’s strict criteria, a percentile score of 4 to 14 sperm of normal shape and size is considered healthy and fertile for pregnancy.

Now that we know the basic indicators that make for a normal and healthy sperm, let’s move on to the Ro Sperm Kit.


What is Ro Sperm Kit?

Source: Ro Sperm


The Ro Sperm Kit, formerly known as the Dadi Sperm Kit before being bought by Ro Health, is an online, at-home male fertility test kit that allows you to gather insight on your reproductive health without having to visit a medical facility or clinic.


According to current studies on male fertility, it is estimated that the male partner is responsible for up to 35% of infertility issues reported by couples. Women have many ways to both test and track their fertility, so it’s great news that innovative and more efficient medical male fertility tool kits are addressing these issues in a more convenient and confidential manner. The Ro Sperm Kit is a leading one of the said fertility kits that allows you to assess the health of your sperm in five easy steps:


  1. Ordering the sperm kit online.
  2. Depositing the sample.
  3. Dropping off your sperm kit in any one of the UPS Ship centers to be tested.
  4. Review report that’s made available to you in the 48 hours following sample delivery.
  5. Your healthy sperm deposits will be stored cryogenically in one of the Ro Health facilities, free of charge for the first year.


Source: Ro Sperm


How does the Ro Sperm Kit work?


Source: Ro Sperm


Once you have made the decision to order a Ro Sperm Kit, there are a few things you’ll want to do in order for you to be able to deposit the a sample of your semen that will produce the best and most comprehensive possible results.


  • Before depositing the semen for the sample, abstain from ejaculating for at least 48 hours prior.
  • Abstain from using tobacco, smoking or drinking alcohol for 48 hours prior to depositing the sample.
  • Do not use lubricants for ejaculation.

Upon successfully depositing the semen sample into the cup that comes with the kit, screw the cap of the cup tight, and push the button on the lid. The button contains a preservative for the semen that’s released when pushed, which will keep your semen alive and kicking ‘til the time the sample reaches the lab.


The Ro Sperm Kit is the world’s only tamperproof, shockproof, and drop-proof kit, ensuring complete security, and refrigeration is not required. . The sophisticated sperm transport capsule, which has a hard shell exterior and an insulated interior, protects your sperm from harsh temperature fluctuations as it transits back to their partner lab.


To ensure that your sample is well protected and not tampered with, the kit comes with a deposit box that requires double authentication to open. On the bottom of your deposit cup is a 9-digit code that corresponds to the code on the security band provided and is the code used to register your kit. The cup should be placed inside, sealing the corner of the closed kit with the deposit cup inside using the included security band.


Lastly, before making your way to the nearest UPS center for the deposit box to be shipped, you will need to attach the return label to the bottom of the blue box, which will keep you updated on shipping time and when you’ll receive the analysis report (within the 48 hours from the time your semen sample is received).


Where does Ro test and store your sperm?

Ro Sperm Kit’s lab partner is the New England Cryogenic Center, located in Boston. It is one of the world’s largest full-service cryogenics labs and is registered with and supervised by the FDA, and it holds several permits from health authorities such as CLIA.


This indicates that the lab complies with federal clinical diagnostic testing laws, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the laboratory results. Sperm count, motility, and morphology are the three main factors examined in a sperm analysis.


Source: Ro Sperm


If your swimmers are healthy, they will be cryogenically stored for at least a year or more, depending on your preferences. This ensures that you will have viable and healthier sperm in the future. It’s not well known, but men who postpone pregnancy have a ticking biological clock – just like women – that may endanger the health of their partners and children. If you decide to freeze it, you will have younger sperm, lowering your child’s likelihood of future health problems such as schizophrenia and autism.


Cryogenic sperm preservation is a tried-and-true method for storing healthy and viable sperm for use in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, with thaw survival of over 50%. It is an excellent idea for all guys, but especially for those preparing to undergo hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, vasectomy, or are simply getting older and have a low sperm count. 


Ro Sperm Kit separates and freezes your healthy sample into three separate vials, giving you three opportunities to fertilize an egg per kit in the IVF technique (with the option to add more for an additional cost). The first year of storage is is free, and when you’re ready to retrieve your sperm for use, Ro Sperm lets you coordinate delivery directly with your physician.


Understanding your fertility: Ro Sperm’s expert interpretation support

Source: Ro Sperm


Ro Sperm Kit’s lab technicians will evaluate your sperm deposit and provide a comprehensive fertility assessment within 48 hours of receiving your kit. The results will be delivered to you immediately, including detailed sperm count, concentration, and volume statistics. You’ll also get a report on your sperm morphology and have the chance to chat with one of Ro Sperm Kit’s fertility specialists to obtain a full picture of what’s going on.


You can ask the doctor what your precise statistics signify and what your next steps should be, especially if the result shows an abnormality. You should inform your doctor about any medications or herbal supplements you are taking that could’ve have an impact on your results.


If your sperm analysis results are abnormal, Ro Sperm Experts will most likely recommend additional tests such as “Sperm Antibodies” or “Sperm Penetration Assay (SPA)” to determine the cause of your fertility problem. Their professionals can put you in touch with local fertility clinics that offer a full range of reproductive therapies, including IVF.


How much does the Ro Sperm Kit cost?

Ro Sperm Kit costs $199 with free shipping. Here’s what’s included in this price:


  • Tamper-proof kit
  • 3 vials of your sperm stored
  • 1 year free storage
  • CLIA certified sperm analysis 
  • 48 hour semen analysis report turnaround
  • Expert interpretation support 
  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • 2-factor security authentication

While the first year of storage is free, you can pre-purchase additional years during checkout – each additional year costs you $89.


If you want to preserve more than three samples, Ro Sperm Kit has the option to include three testing kits and a year of free sperm storage of 9 vials for $599. As with the normal plan, you can pre-purchase additional years during checkout. Each additional year of storage for those 9 vials costs you $267.


There is also a withdrawal charge of $299.99, whenever you should want to retrieve and use your sperm sample. 


Source: Ro Sperm


Ro Sperm Kit pros and cons


Pros of using a Ro Sperm Kit

Apart from the free one year sperm storage facility and availability in all fifty states, other advantages of using a Ro Sperm Kit are as follows –


  • Provision for free overnight return shipping.
  • Can help you with IVF preparation, family planning, and fertility testing.
  • The kit has been made exclusively tamper proof, requiring double authorization to access the sample.
  • Fertility experts are made readily available for the discussion of fertility reports and advice on how to go forward.
  • Ability to verify vasectomy.
  • Video of the sperm is included in the report.


Cons of using a Ro Sperm Kit

Ro Sperm Kit might be one of the best in the market for the testing of male fertility, but is not perfect


  • The service does not include DNA fragmentation. 
  • Comparatively more expensive than other tests available in the market.
  • There is a withdrawal charge of $299.99, whenever you might want to use your sperm sample.


Ro Sperm Kit alternatives: How does Ro Sperm compare to other at-home male fertility kits?

Down below we have compared Ro Sperm vs Legacy vs Yo Sperm vs Fellow. Some of the fertility tests have a totally different mechanism, like Yo Sperm, which allows for immediate test results through your smartphone, while others require you to send your sperm deposit to their CLIA certified lab and wait at least 24 hours to receive the fertility report. 



Ro Sperm vs Legacy vs Yo Sperm vs Fellow: Best At-home Male Fertility Kits

Cost of at-home fertility kit$199 for 3 vials per sperm deposit 

$599 for 9 vials
$195 for 4 vials per sperm deposit $69.95$169 
CLIA certified lab?❌ (at-home via smartphone)
Stores your sperm?
Sperm withdrawal charge?$299.99Freen/aUnspecified one-time extraction fee + shipping fee, Fellow must provide personal estimate
Yearly sperm storage cost?1st year free

Three vials: $89/year

Nine vials: $267/year
Starting at $75/yearn/a$140/year
Fertility report turnaround time?48 hours24 hoursImmediate24 hours
Where is it available?All 50 states All 50 statesAll 50 statesAll 50 states
Record sperm video?
FSA/HSA package available?
Access to a licensed medical professional?

Nurse practitioner 

Fertility specialist 

Nurse practitioner
Protected by two-factor authentication & tamper-proof packaging?
Offers DNA fragmentation?✅ (for an additional $195)

We review Fellow Fertility more comprehensively if you’re interested in comparing more.


Ro Sperm Kit reviews: What do customers think?

It may be too early for customer reviews for Ro Sperm Kit, as it was just recently acquired from Dadi Sperm Kit. However, considering Roman’s reputation and competence in additional men’s healthcare services (including sexual health & hair loss, skincare, premature ejaculation, and a variety of other areas), we are confident that they will uphold their outstanding status and provide exceptional service.


The verdict — is Ro Sperm Kit legit for male fertility testing?

According to an article published by the National Library of Medicine in 2020, there has been a worldwide decrease in male fertility rate and sperm count, which might be contentious. Nevertheless, recent studies on the subject have shown that there is an ongoing decrease or decline in sperm parameters.


These high-quality studies, backed by substantial data, have shown that the main reasons behind this declining sperm parameter is generally related to poor diet and lifestyle, obesity, and exposure to environmental toxins. In light of this study, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well.


Men and women alike need to be more proactive in ensuring the health of one’s sperm and fertility, if it can be helped. With these new innovations in medical science that have made testing of fertility and storage of healthy sperms and eggs easy and convenient, it would be foolish not to take advantage of these new medical novelties. 


If you’re looking to quickly, reliably, and safely get a personalized analysis of your semen and access to nurse interpretation support, Ro Sperm Kit is a great at-home male fertility kit. They have the most secure delivery and return process with their two-factor authentication, and offer the option of storing more vials at an additional cost. Ro Sperm Kit serves their purpose at a competitive price to others on the market, so if you are feeling insecure about your fertility situation, or just plain curious to know about your sperm health, why not just go on and order yourself a fertility testing kit.


Have you tried Ro Sperm Kit or any other online male fertility kits? Do you prefer the convenience of them over the in-person lab tests? Let us know in the comments below. 

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