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Roman premature ejaculation (PE) reviews

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Alex Goldberg

Alex is a growth marketer, behavioral economics buff, and lover of all things Direct-to-Consumer. He enjoys scaling early-stage companies and working to bring transparency to opaque industries. He is a UC Berkeley grad, an aspiring retired golfer, and an avid soccer fan.

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Roman Swipes Review – Do They Work for Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

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Medically reviewed by: Dr. Kim Langdon M.D.

Rating: 4.4 / 5

Is there anything that kills the mood faster than a premature climax? Not according to rapper Missy Elliot, who made it the focus of her 2001 hit One Minute Man:


“Break me off, show me what you got.

Cuz I don’t want no one-minute man.”



Today almost 1 in 3 men between the ages of 18 and 59 suffer from Premature Ejaculation (PE), according to the American Urological Associate. As you can imagine, it can really take a toll on a guy’s love life and self-esteem. And because our society treats PE as taboo, unfortunately very few men feel comfortable opening up about their condition and seeking treatment — even behind closed doors with a doctor.


What they don’t realize is that effective treatments for PE exist and new companies are bringing them to market at a low cost. This is a focus area for Roman, a leading telemedicine startup that lets you engage with doctors online to properly diagnose your affliction and prescribe treatment discreetly. Their online doctor’s visit ensures a quicker, less embarrassing experience versus the traditional in-person appointments. As it turns out, it’s a lot easier to open up to an online form than it is to talk about it in person! 


In this article, we’ll review Roman’s premature ejaculation offerings, help you understand what it’s like to buy premature ejaculation meds from Roman, compare pricing with the competition, and let you determine if their PE treatments are right for you.  



Roman’s two premature ejaculation treatments



Prescription Pills for PE


 Standard SSRI meds like Viagra, available with a prescription that Roman’s doctors will help you get if appropriate.

Roman PE pills



WIPES: Roman premature ejaculation wipes


A topical treatment that fits in your wallet. You rub the wipes on the most sensitive parts of your penis to desensitize them and improve endurance.




PE Wipes

Roman Endurance Wipes

PE Pills

Roman Premature Ejaculation Pills

$22 per month – get started for $10 $19 to $44 per month (for generic)
Non-prescription Prescription – the company offers online doctor visits in most states at a low cost (or free!)
Little towelettes that you wipe on your penis a few minutes before sex. The wipes numb you a bit so that you are likely to last longer in bed. Several prescription pills options that are likely to increase your endurance.


Roman PE Swipes




To kick things off, let’s start with a primer on PE treatments in general so you know the science behind what’s available.



First, a quick — but not too quick 😎 — primer on ejaculation.


Biologically, sex is a complex process., and erections require the perfect synchronization of several body systems together. Your brain, nervous system, blood vessels, heart, and hormones all must activate together to keep the penis stiff enough for sexual intimacy. When men reach a certain excitement threshold, the brain sends signals to the genitals, triggering the release of semen. This process of ejaculation, or “cumming”, occurs in two phases which are:


  • Emission. When sperm moves from your testicles into the prostate and mixes with the other components of the seminal fluid.


  • Expulsion. This is euphoric moment that many of us (hopefully all of us!) feel when having sex. The muscles at the base of your penis contract forcing semen out, and most of the time, causing the erection to fade.


How long do men last on average, and what’s considered “premature”?


There is a lot of debate around the “average” or “healthy” baseline for how long it should take to ejaculate after getting aroused.[1] [2]  A 2008 study of Canadian and American sex therapists found the average time for men to last in bed hovered around 7 minutes, with under two minutes being too short and 10 to 30 minutes being too long. Most people would agree that ejaculation is definitely premature when it occurs before you’ve had the chance to involve your partner.


Others define premature ejaculation more broadly as climaxing “earlier than you want to” or “before fully satisfying your partner”. Regardless, if you’re unable to last as long as you’d like, it can be a huge source of stress. The feeling of ineptitude and the fear of rifts in your relationships are very real. While PE clearly takes a psychological toll, at least it doesn’t cause any physical discomfort for either party involved.



What causes PE, anyway?


Well, there are several biological and psychological aspects at the root of PE. A chemical neurotransmitter, serotonin, is one of the main culprits. Alongside sexual desires, the neurotransmitter influences sleep, mood, and memory. Scientific evidence links serotonin production to more sexual desire and thus the ability to last longer. As such, the more serotonin one has in the brain, the longer they may last during intercourse.


Typically this is a good place to start diagnosing the root cause of one’s premature ejaculation.


While chemical imbalances are often to blame for PE, so are a couple of mental health conditions. Consider them as things that take your focus away from “the game”. They include:


  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Guilt

  • Unrealistic performance expectations

  • A history of sexual inadequacy

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship issues


Thus many find that improving overall mental state can improve one’s ability to last longer during sex as well.


Finally, age is also a factor. While it is clear that premature ejaculation can happen to a male at any age, those who are older tend to experience premature episodes more often. This is mainly due to decreased sexual urges and a weakened ability to enjoy sex. Put differently, aging leads to poor erection and endurance. 



The relationship between PE and Erectile Dysfunction


PE can, at times, be an indicator for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which involves an inability to get or sustain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Basically, these two conditions can be linked in some men, which means your doctor may try to treat one, the other, or both, to give you relief. 


Since erections typically disappear after ejaculation, it can be difficult to distinguish the line between PE and ED. Depending on your symptoms, you may or may not have both, which makes it ever more important to consult a physician in regards to treatment.


It can be really embarrassing it can be to talk about “performance difficulties” face-to-face with another human.  But it’s worth suffering through some awkwardness upfront to save yourself anxiety and embarrassment later – and to find a real solution. Plus as we’ll get to in a bit, companies like Roman help you consult with a doctor from the comfort of your home, making it less awkward to source treatments for conditions like PE and ED.



Popular Premature Ejaculation Treatments


Here’s an overview of the most common treatments for men with PE.



Behavioral Therapy for PE


With behavioral therapy, you participate in exercises that help you to strengthen your ability to withhold ejaculation. One of the behavioral tactics is the squeeze method where your penis is squeezed to push the ejaculation away when you feel like climaxing. The other one is known as the stop-start method where you are stimulated sexually and just as you near ejaculation, the stimulation is stopped to remove the sexual urge. After delaying ejaculation for three or four times, you can then climax on the next stimulation. It is better to perform these exercises with the help of your partner.



Psychological Therapy for PE


This is mainly aimed at identifying and mental problems that may be the cause of PE. Normally, it helps to lessen your anxiety around sex and boost confidence in your ability to satisfy your partner for longer periods in bed.



Prescription medications for premature ejaculation


A few generic PE drugs that come in pill form include:

      • paroxetine

      • fluoxetine

      • clomipramine

      • sertraline

All of these PE meds use selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to regulate serotonin levels within the brain. Doctors typically prescribe daily doses, but there’s an alternative option to take a pill “in the moment” before you anticipate sex. Regardless, you will need to take these medications on a continual basis as PE can return once you stop.



ED Meds used for PE treatment 


When PE occurs alongside ED, an alternative set of drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are typically recommended. Both Viagra’s and Cialis’ active ingredients are available from the online providers that we recommend at a lower cost (Sildenafil and Tadalafil, respectively). It’s worth reiterating that should only take them with a doctor’s prescription and guidance to avoid unintended side effects.



Topical treatments for PE


The numbing creams or sprays are applied on the penis’ head just about 20 to 30 minutes before sexual activity. These topical ointments decrease sensitivity so that you can last longer, however they can also lead to vaginal numbness when left exposed on the penis during sex, so it’s often advisable to wash it off just before things start getting hot and heavy. Alternatively, you can wear a condom to create a protective barrier between you and your partner.


Our preferred provider, Roman, offers a wipe that they call Roman Endurance Wipes. The company calls these wipes “Roman Swipes” – because, unlike most of the alternative products you might find on the internet, you just wipe them to apply them.  These are moist towelettes that are treated with a numbing medicine that you can simply wipe/swipe on to your penis a little while before having sex. The cool thing about this form of topical treatment is that it’s less messy than a spray or cream, since the wipe is easy to apply and then throw away. Plus, Roman’s wipes are easy to carry with you, since they are small and flat when wrapped  – you can even keep a wipe in  your wallet. 


Source: Roman



So, are premature ejaculation treatments effective?


The tactics outlined above have a high rate of success among men who try them. While premature ejaculation might be difficult to cure completely, expanding your sexual endurance on a consistent basis is absolutely attainable. Learning to be calm during intercourse increases your chances of lasting longer, but isn’t easy to achieve. Trying a prescription medication or over the counter topical PE treatment is often where most men start.



Roman Premature Ejaculation Review: What treatments does Roman offer for PE?


Roman offers a couple of different premature ejaculation treatment options — premature ejaculation pills and premature ejaculation wipes. One requires a prescription – which the company’s telemedicine doctors can prescribe to you (if it makes sense for your situation) and the other is an over the counter medicine that you can purchase just like you’d buy anything else on the internet.


For context, Roman (aka Ro) is a new telemedicine company on a mission to increase access to better healthcare remotely. The overall process involves an online, video, or phone consultation with a doctor, who can prescribe you PE meds if they deem you’re a fit. Roman then helps you manage and track your orders, refill prescriptions, and get answers about PE from real doctors — all via a discreet and easy to use online platform. Real doctors, but a low pressure, online visit (in some states you might also need to have a video chat or phone call, but it’s all managed through Roman’s physicians in a low pressure manner).


Roman currently offers two kinds of products to help combat premature ejaculation:


  • Pills (standard SSRI meds like Viagra, available with a prescription that Roman’s doctors will help you get if appropriate). Because this is a prescription, one of the company’s physicians will have to conduct an online consultation (super easy to do).


  • Endurance Wipes – Premature Ejaculation wipes (i.e. a topical treatment). This is an over the counter medicine which anyone can just buy with a few clicks; Roman’s Wipes look like these:

Roman PE Wipes

Source: Roman


Although you can buy Roman’s premature ejaculation wipes without a prescription, we generally advise you to complete the online doctor’s visit. First, because it’s free, and second because a doctor will give you a better personalized plan to combat your PE than simply trial and error.



How exactly does an online doctor’s appointment via Roman work?


With Roman, consulting with a licensed doctor about premature ejaculation is as follows:


  • Registration. This is the first step on Roman’s website. One of the key steps in the registration is that you will be asked to accept their telehealth terms of service. The rest of the process is as seamless as all other standard registration flows, asking you to provide personal details along with answers to a couple of questions about your health.


  • Medicine selection.  As we mentioned before, Roman offers both prescription and “Over The Counter (OTC)” PE treatments. Wipes are a popular treatment on Roman’s PE menu because they don’t require an online or in-person doctor’s visit, and men generally enjoy using these without the fear of potential side effects that they might get from a pill. Depending on your symptoms and medical history, Roman doctors may recommend the following prescription medications as well:


    • Sertraline
    • Viagra (branded sildenafil)

    • Cialis (branded tadalafil)

    • Generic Viagra (sildenafil)


  • Transparent pricing. You can review prices any time and make a comfortable selection after comparing to alternative pharmacies.


  • Dosage selection. Roman stipulates that you will need to consult a doctor prior to your dosage selection.


  • Sexual health questions. Yes, there are a few awkward questions about your sex life, but they are a lot easier to answer online than IRL.


  • Blood pressure submission. You will be asked to provide a recent blood pressure reading. This is because abnormal blood pressure is an indicator of deeper issues that may have caused ED, which in turn can cause PE. Roman gives strict precautions regarding the medicine combinations you should avoid. The site asks you to confirm that you are currently not using any of the medicines they prohibit you to combine PE medication with.


  • Face pictures: You are then prompted for several pictures of your face and ID, which you can take with your computer or upload whichever option is easier, to prove that you are actually you. Sounds like this is a regulatory thing that they are required to do. 


  • Payment details. This step requires you to provide payment details for any PE medications you might be approved for. However, the site stipulates that you only get charged once you have met a doctor online and they have confirmed your prescription. Once you are done with the form, the website requests your patience until a physician is available to review your online visit — normally within 24 hours.


We’ve tested out their online doctor’s visit, and can say it’s easy and painless. I got an email from Ro within just a few minutes of filling my form. The confirmation email outlined the fact that a doctor had reviewed my details and that I was a good candidate for the medicine. In an instant, my prescription was sent to Roman’s pharmacy and I received a notification confirming billing from my credit card was approved.


Roman wipes are delivered in inconspicuous packages so that your neighbors or co-inhabitants don’t have to learn about your endurance issues. I can definitely appreciate the lengths through which Roman goes to ensure maximum secrecy, especially for anyone who gets packages delivered to the workplace!



Are there any risks of side effects from PE meds?


Make sure you answer the questions in the online doctor’s visit openly and honestly (thankfully it’s super low-key and not intimidating!) You want to make sure that the doctor has all the right information they need to 1) advise you on a treatment plan, and 2) advise you if there are any reasons that these pills might not be a good fit for you. 


If the doctor prescribes Sertraline, you should be aware of the potential side effects. The provider will let you know what to look out for, but the most important thing to be aware of with Sertraline is suicidal thoughts or actions. So you’ll want to call your healthcare provider right away if you find any sudden swings in mood, behavior, actions, depressions, etc. The most common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, increased sweating, agitation, changes in sleep habits and feeling tired. Other side effects include: a) Serotonin Syndrome, an increased chance of bleeding, manic episodes, glaucoma, changes in weight or appetite, low sodium in the blood. You need to work with your healthcare provider if you want to stop taking Sertraline; they will help you come up with a smart plan to wean you off of the medicine.  


If the doctor suggests ED medicines to treat your premature ejaculation, you should note that the most common side effects include the following: 


  • nausea
  • perspiration
  • drowsiness
  • headaches
  • facial flushing indigestion


The most serious, but rare, side effects are a very long lasting erection, loss of vision in one or more eyes and hearing loss. You need to reach out to your medical provider if you have any of those three side effects. Thankfully, all of these ED prescriptions are well understood. Many men have taken them over the years, so the side effects have been documented, and in the rare cases that they happen are usually not dangerous. 



How much do PE meds cost (from Roman and other online competitors)?



I compared prices for PE meds online from several telemedicine sites including Roman and its relatively well known competitors, Hims and Lemonaid. It’s worth reiterating that all three sites require a prescription from a doctor before the purchase of the prescription drugs can be approved.



Hims vs Roman vs Lemonaid for Hair Loss Treatment

Roman vs Hims vs Lemonaid: PE Meds Price Comparison

Sertraline $19 per month in a 3 month kit $29 per month $30 per month
Viagra $70 for 50 mg dose $425 for a monthly dosage $60 per pill for 50mg dose
Tadalafil $44 per 20 mg dose $8 for 30 mg does $65 per pill
Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) $6 per 60 mg dose $6 for 40 mg dose $6 for 60 mg dose
Topical, non-prescription treatments Roman Endurance Wipes – $22 per month, $2.75 per wipe Premature Ejaculation Spray – $29 for a 2 month supply

Clockstopper Climax Delay wipes – $19 for pack of 3, $6.33 per wipe



What do Roman’s PE wipes look like?


Glad you asked! These new wipes are an easy way to try to fight your PE. Check out this video of us opening our Swipes delivery.





Are Roman wipes Legit?

A topical treatment, like the swipes offered by Roman, is a great place to start PE treatment. Since you are only swiping a well-understood, over the counter medicine (Benzocaine), it’s less invasive than taking a pill that you have to get a prescription for. Benzocaine is a topical local anesthetic, and it works by temporarily deadening the nerve endings in your skin. It’s used in a lot of different medicines that you’ve probably already used in the past, like anti-itch ointments you might have used if you’ve been stung by a bee. Plus, Ro offers the swipes in an easy to carry, easy to store little single use package. 


However, the swipes may not be enough for every guy, so it’s nice to know that Ro offers online doctor appointments that you can get whenever you want – for little to typically no cost (click to see if they are offering no cost appointments right now; they probably are).


Does Roman make you last longer?


So, every guy is going to be different – but Ro does offer two, legit medical treatments that could really help you can use to last longer in bed. As we discussed when we broke down the two treatments they offer, there is a real, legitimate scientific and medical basis for the wipes/swipes and the pills. So, if you are concerned about how long you last in bed, their offerings are way less sketchy than those creams or sprays you might find in a sex shop – plus, with their discrete delivery, you don’t have to go to that sketchy sex shop in the first place! 


Do Roman wipes work for PE?

roman swipes wipes


The wipes by Ro use a well-know numbing agent that does help a lot of men last longer in bed. The way these work to help you have longer sex is that the medicine numbs your sensitive parts (i.e. your penis) just enough to make it easier to delay your climax. The great news is that these are available without a prescription, so buying them is simple – just head over to their site and enter your shipping and credit card information. 


Zoloft for Premature Ejaculation?


As we mentioned, sertraline is the active ingredient in Zoloft – and is the same active ingredient in Ro’s prescription premature ejaculation medicine. Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors like Zoloft/sertraline (SSRIs) can sometimes be used to treat premature ejaculation (read more about how this works on the Mayo Clinic’s site if you want to learn more), which your Ro doctor will help you determine during your online telemedicine visit. They basically delay your orgasm, helping you last longer in bed. Yes, so the prescription meds are basically Zoloft, but in a generic, less expensive formulation and dose. 


Why trust Roman to treat PE?


While the market has other players like Lemonaid and Hims, we recommend you start your journey toward longer lasting erections with Roman. Overall, their telehealth experience that lets you consult directly with a doctor from your couch – not to mention their competitive pricing and convenient subscription model – has us completely won over.


 Right now, Roman has two offers that we think are really compelling. 


  1. You can get a free doctor’s visit, which helps you find out if a prescription medication makes sense for you!
  2. They are also offering $10 off your first order of premature ejaculation wipes, offering a simple way to ease into the process of treating PE and experiment with a lower-risk solution.


Give it a shot today!

Roman offers this telehealth approach to a myriad of other health conditions and concerns, including mental health. They recognize the need for support in all areas of life, one of which we cover in our review of Roman’s Ro Mind.


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About the Author

Alex Goldberg

Alex is a growth marketer, behavioral economics buff, and lover of all things Direct-to-Consumer. He enjoys scaling early-stage companies and working to bring transparency to opaque industries. He is a UC Berkeley grad, an aspiring retired golfer, and an avid soccer fan.

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Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg

Alex is a growth marketer, behavioral economics buff, and lover of all things Direct-to-Consumer. He enjoys scaling early-stage companies and working to bring transparency to opaque industries. He is a UC Berkeley grad, an aspiring retired golfer, and an avid soccer fan.

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