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Review: Roman Hair Loss and ED Treatments for Men

An unbiased review of men’s health startup Roman (Ro). Roman promises doctor diagnosis and quick medication delivery for a variety of men’s health ailments, such as hair loss, ED and more. But do they deliver the results? Read this Roman Review to find out!



Is online health startup Roman right for you?


Roman offers certified doctors who will diagnose your hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and more, prescribe the appropriate treatment and discretely ship the medicine directly to your home  – all online. Roman caters to men who are nervous discussing sexual or cosmetic health concerns with their primary care physician, and who don’t want to bother with the hassle or embarrassment of picking up “sensitive” meds at the local pharmacy. 

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How to get a prescription from Roman

Getting a hair loss prescription (finasteride) or erectile dysfunction prescription (sildenafil or tadalafil) or other medications from Roman is simple, but does require you to interact with online forms and a remote doctor. I ran through the process to see how easy it was and write this review.

Select Roman ED Meds


I found it very simple to complete Roman’s online application and get a doctor’s prescription for my medicine. Answering the questions online is a lot less intimidating than discussing this in person with someone, and I think this service might appeal to men who are less comfortable discussing their issues IRL. I’ll paste in a few screenshots from the process so that you can see how easy it is, and how little embarrassment there is.


The biggest issue I found with the Roman’s online doctor visit is that there is NO back button, so you can’t easily return to previous sections to change a response. However, I learned that you can hit the back button and not lose your place in the form. I also had to step away at one point to get my identification, and my computer went to sleep – thankfully, Roman kept my place in the online prescription application/doctor visit, so I could pick up where I left off. Phew.

Roman Online ED Doctor's Visit

Here’s how an erectile dysfunction online registration works with Roman:


1.Register on their site – you’ll have to agree to receive “telehealth” – which is a fancy word for getting a diagnosis from a doctor online. You’ll then provide your zip code, birthdate, and then answer a series of health related questions.


2.You’ll need to select the amount of ED medication that you think you’ll need – the pharmacy ships out the ED meds in individual packets, and you can select from a variety of doses/uses per month – from four to ten. 


3.Next you can select the type and brand of medication. Your choices (as of August 2019) are:

    • Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)
    • Viagra (Sildenafil)
    • Cialis (Tadalafil) 
    • No preference
    • I selected the Generic Viagra, due to the price. I’ll connect with our pharmacist to make sure I understand the implications of this decision.

4. The pricing is also provided, on a monthly or per dose basis. Generic Viagra was the cheapest, but here’s Roman’s full pricing menu:


roman pricing

Roman Pricing

What’s it for?

How’s it taken?

Price per dose

Monthly price

Quarterly price

(Generic Viagra®)
Erectile Dysfunction Pill (as needed) $34


Erectile Dysfunction Pill (as needed) $2 – $10
(Branded Cialis®)
Erectile Dysfunction Pill (as needed) $17 – $69 $390
(Generic Cialis®)
Erectile Dysfunction Pill (as needed) $11 – $44 $240
(Generic Propecia®)
Hair Loss Daily Pill

First month free, then $24.

Valacyclovir (Generic Valtrex®) Herpes Pill (as needed) $14 $42
(Generic Zoloft®)
Pre-Ejaculation Daily Pill $24 $57
Benzocaine Pre-Ejaculation Wipe (as needed) First month $5, then $27. $66

5. Next, you select what you think your preferred dosage is. Roman does make it clear that the doctor will advise you on the best dosage for you to start with. It seems that the different dosages are provided by multiple pills; for example, to get 80mg of Sildenafil, you will take 4 20mg pills.


6. There are a series of simple to answer questions about your sexual health; answering these questions in an online form is much less embarrassing that discussing them in a doctor’s office!


7. You’ll have to supply your blood pressure. The site says that this is because abnormal blood pressure can be a sign of underlying issues that may be causing erectile problems. If you don’t know your blood pressure, you’ll have to find a way to get one. (here are some ways to get your blood pressure taken). Thankfully, I knew my blood pressure due to a recent knee operation.


8. Following entering your blood pressure, there are a significant number of general health and sexual health questions. These are not hard (or embarrassing) to answer online, but you do need to read them carefully to make sure you understand what Roman is asking and to make sure you answer them correctly. A number of these questions are around heart and artery health, which makes sense since ED may be correlated with hardening of the arteries, which causes heart attacks and other heart health problems.


9. Roman then indicates that ED medication should not be used with a list of various medicines, and they ask you to check that you are not using any of them. Confusingly, Sildenafil is one of the no-good medicines listed – I’d check with a pharmacist and figure out what this is about.


10.While you’ve entered your email earlier, you don’t enter your name and address until near the end of the process.


11. You’ll need to take a series of photos – you can use a browser if your computer has a camera, or you can upload a photo if that’s easier:


  • You need to take a photo to prove to the physician who you are – supposedly this is a telemedicine law that Roman has to follow. It’s pretty easy, so not a big deal.
  • You also need to snap a shot of a driver’s license / government issued ID.

12. Finally, you enter your payment method (credit card). However, according to the site, you do not get charged until the doctor has met with you and confirmed that you need a prescription.

After you fill the form, the site lets you know when a physician will review your online visit. In my case, it says it will review it in 24 hours.


13. There is also a helpful video where a doctor explains what to expect now that you’ve completed the online application/visit.


14. Apparently some states require the doctor to call you – I did not need this. According to the email:

“Depending on your home state, you may need to talk to your doctor through a phone call or video chat. If your doctor tries to call you and you miss the call, no sweat! You’ll receive an email notification with instructions to reschedule the call.”


Sounds easy enough. 


15. Within just a few minutes, I got an email from “Ro” saying that a doctor had reviewed my information and that I could likely benefit from the medicine. 


16.My prescription was automatically sent to Roman’s pharmacy.


17.Pretty quickly I received notification that my credit card was being billed and a receipt from Roman. There is also an online Sildenafil Treatment Plan that outlines what to expect and how to use the medication. There was one interesting note about Sildenafil:


“Take the medicine on an empty stomach and avoid fatty foods for at least two hours before taking the pill. Fat interferes with its absorption. Grapefruit juice can possibly affect the absorption of sildenafil, as well. It increases the blood level after an initial delay in absorption. It can increase the possibility of side effects and can make it difficult to predict the effect with each use. Alcohol may be a means to relax but it can impair achieving and maintaining an erection. Avoid alcohol.”


So, basically, no gin and juice!


18. Update: I describe my experiencing receiving meds from Roman in the mail at the bottom of this Roman ED review. Take a peak if you’re curious what the physical shipment looks like and what our final verdict is on the service as a whole.


About Roman, the Men’s Healthcare Startup


Roman is brought to you by Ro – a new kind of healthcare technology company that’s reinventing how you take care of your health. With Ro, you can connect with your doctor, manage and track your orders, refill prescriptions, and get answers to your questions. If you’re curious how Roman stacks up to competitors like Hims and Keeps, check out our comprehensive comparison.



What does a Roman ED medicine shipment look like?



This video shows what a package of Roman erectile dysfunction pills looks like. Note the simple, discrete packaging – you can’t tell what’s inside until you open it up. 



How do you cancel subscription to Roman?


Need to cancel your Ro subscription? Thankfully, they’ve made it very easy to do. Follow these steps and you will be unsubscribed in no time at all.


In fact, one of the main reasons we strongly recommend Ro is because they make it so easy to modify or cancel your subscription – no tricks here, they want you to stay if you are happy and make it easy to leave if you’re not. 


You can elect to just delay your subscriptions, of if you actually want to cancel the orders you need to click on the name of the medicine. Then scroll down to where you see “change plan” – don’t get distracted by the “delay order” buttons, you want to actually change the plan. Next select “turn off auto refills.” They will give you another chance to keep your subscription, but don’t do it, select the turn off button. 


That’s it! Super easy. Watch the video below as well to see how to actually log in and cancel your orders.





Do we recommend Roman?


This healthcare startup does have some competition in the hair loss and ED space, and you can read our full review of them here. Its biggest ED rival is probably Hims​. Overall, Roman offers a refreshingly easy, discrete, and affordable way to get generic meds online.


We’ve tried several of the online telemedicine companies, and can strongly recommend Roman for both hair loss and ED (as of writing this we haven’t tried the other products — but we’d expect them to also have the same high standards.)


Here are some of the reasons we like Roman:

  1. Low-priced (read: Free) doctor visits
  2. Variety of branded and generic medicines for a variety of health conditions men often have
  3. Affordable medicine prices, shipped right to your home in discrete packages
  4. Easy cancellation, so if you don’t like it you aren’t trapped
  5. Great online consultation – clearly designed to make it easy for you to explain your condition and symptoms to a real doctor, without all the embarrassing parts
  6. Well funded startup, so you can have confidence that they’ll be able to continue to help you with your treatment for years to come

Ready to get started? Roman is now offering a free doctor’s visit – click here to get started now!


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