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Science & Humans TRT Review – Does it Work for Low T?

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Alex Goldberg

Alex worked at three early-stage startups before starting Fin vs Fin. Covering the rise of direct-to-consumer health, his mission is to help patients access better treatments online. He's also a husband, father, and UC Berkeley grad who enjoys golf, podcasts, live music, cooking, and home improvement.

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In this Article

In this Article

Alex Goldberg

Performing the most vital functions behind the scenes, hormones are constantly at work within our bodies. Throughout our entire lives, they regulate our mood, mind, and performance. Despite playing an essential role in longevity, anti-aging, and sexual wellness, hormone health is often overlooked in traditional medicine.


Today we review Science & Humans – a popular Canadian telemedicine service offering hormone treatments through licensed providers, including men’s TRT and hGH. Our team of medical professionals looked at the therapies offered by Science & Humans in-depth and compared them to alternatives. Read on to see if it’s worth it for men suffering from low T.


Science & Humans TRT
Pros + Cons


Personalized treatment – Your treatment – from dosage to kind of medication – will be determined by your S&H clinician during your virtual consultation. Each prescription comes in a range of options (e.g. creams, injections, or patches, available in various strengths) and is tailored specifically to you.


Various treatments – No matter your individual needs, S&H offers treatments to target effects of low hormone levels like TRT, hCG, and hGH, but also provide treatment for ED, weight loss, aging, and more, including treatment for women.


Easy, premium process – Virtual appointments and medication delivery allow you to get the support you need, plus access to your own specialist clinician and quarterly follow-ups with blood work.

Covered by insurance – Medications and consults through S&H are usually covered by your insurance under a standard drug plan.


Potential for side effects – TRT can potentially affect fertility through decreased sperm production. hCG (also offered through S&H) is an alternative to testosterone treatment and can actually improve or preserve fertility while the patient is on TRT.


Continuously relying on medication – In most cases, stopping testosterone treatment will revert you to previous lower testosterone levels.


Expensive – Testosterone treatment is not cheap, costing $60+/mo, ongoing (through S&H).


What Does Science & Humans Offer for Low T? 

Science and Humans is on a mission to narrow the gap between (you guessed it) science… and humans. Specifically they focus on hormonal health, offering access to a few popular and well-tested hormone therapies, including: 


Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Science & Humans’ TRT addresses symptoms of low testosterone. After they hit age 30, one in every four men experiences Low-T, but most don’t get treatment. 


  • Symptoms of Low T: ED or loss of libido, less strength and muscle mass, constant exhaustion, sleep issues, increased fat, brain fog, depression
  • S&H’s Low-T treatment options: Compounded cream (topical), Androgel (topical), cypionate (injection), enanthate (injection)
  • TRT cost: $200 quarterly (~$67/mo), includes a prescription for a 3-month supply of treatment, access to your specialist clinician, quarterly follow-ups, and blood work. 

You might want to try TRT if you have felt lower self-esteem, have trouble enjoying life, can’t keep up in sports or the bedroom, or experience other symptoms of low T. It can affect fertility, though. If fertility is a concern, check out hCG ⤵️.



Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)

Lesser known than TRT, hCG is another scientifically proven option to treat low testosterone that can keep the side effects of Testosterone treatment at bay. This is an especially good option for men with only moderately low testosterone or who are focused on their fertility levels.


  • hCG benefits: Improves testosterone deficiency, increases fertility by boosting production of sperm and testosterone in testicles, increases testicle size, increases sex drive, reverses steroid side effects 
  • S&H hCG treatment: hCG Monotherapy (injection)
  • hCG cost: $200 quarterly (~$67/mo), includes a prescription for a 3-month supply of medication, access to your specialist clinician, quarterly follow-ups, and blood work

hCG stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) to produce more testosterone naturally without creating long-term dependency or impacting fertility. hCG is best for candidates with moderate testosterone baseline levels and younger individuals.



Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

hGH in adults provides metabolic functions, including regulating body composition, muscle and bone growth, metabolism, and heart function, as well as healing injuries, muscle tissue, and organs. Lowering hGH levels as we age can make daily life more difficult, but synthetic hGH can mimic the natural form found in the body.


  • Symptoms of low hGH levels: Increased difficulty exercising and poor exercise recovery, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, depression, decreased libido, sensitivity to hot/cold
  • S&H hGH treatment: hGH replacement (injection)
  • hGH cost: $300 quarterly ($100/mo), includes a prescription for a 3-month supply of medication, access to your specialist clinician, quarterly follow-ups, and blood work

Men with the goals of improving libido, exercise, brain function, and appearance can take hGH.




Science & Humans Alternatives: What’s the Best HRT in Canada?

Science & Humans vs Jack Health vs Hone

Initial testing and lab analysis cost$50$65$45
Hormone therapy offeredTRT
PriceTRT: $200 quarterly ($67/mo)

hCG: $200 quarterly ($67/mo)

hGH: $300 quarterly ($100/mo)

TRT + hGH: $300 quarterly ($100/mo)
$195 quarterly ($65/mo)$140-$168/mo
Included in price?-Medication
-Access to specialist clinician
-Quarterly follow-ups and blood work
-Access to specialist clinician