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Tempo Move vs Tempo Studio – Which Tempo Home Gym Is Best?

Tempo, one of the leading home gym providers, recently launched a lower priced product, the Tempo Move. Our team has been using the Tempo Studio for almost a year (thanks Tempo for sending us one for free to review; note that we may make commissions if you click on some of the links in this review!). So, which Tempo is better for you, the Move or the Studio? Let’s compare the two and find out!


TLDR: We breakdown the stats below for the Tempo Studio vs the Tempo Move – but our basic summary is that the Move is a much lower cost entry point into the ‘Tempo connected gym world’. It takes up less space and uses your existing TV and smartphone to let you access the amazing range of Tempo workouts and instructors. However, the Move doesn’t yet support all of the accessories that the Studio does, but Tempo is continually updating and evolving their products, so we don’t expect the Move to take long to have most of the same features.


Source: Tempo


Should you invest in a home gym?

We can go into the obvious about COVID-19 changing the workout world, but I think we’re all tired of hearing that side of things. Home gyms are convenient for a number of reasons, even if you’re also going to the gym or exercise classes outside your home. 


Home gyms can help you save massive amounts of time. Want to fit in a 30-min workout between work calls or while the fam naps? Trying to accomplish that by going to the gym involves much more prep & commute time than just squeezing it in at home. Only have time early morning or late night to fit in a workout? Another reason to not have to worry about hours of operation – your living room is always open!


You also have the advantage of switching up your workout a bit more than you might. Many of us forget about the stretching or mobility components that our body needs. Not only do most home gym classes and trainers recommend them explicitly throughout other classes, but they have plenty of options that seem to cater exactly to your needs.


But there are so many on the market right now, how do you know which features will work best for you? For weights, you can compare Tempo vs ProForm Vue, and there are so many with up-to-date technology like Tempo vs NordickTrack Vault vs Mirror. Read on to see if Tempo checks all your boxes!


Source: Tempo


Tempo Studio and Tempo Move specifically have lots of features that an in-person gym or class wouldn’t have. You have the SOLE attention of your trainer – 1:1 focus on your form, weights & motivation. “But it’s a virtual trainer…” you might be thinking. Yes, but with Tempo’s AI training technology, it can track your workouts and physical form almost as well as an in-person trainer could. In addition, everything that you need is in one place. A huge variation of classes, progress and goal tracking, online connection and more, all in one place.


What is Tempo?

Moawia Eldeeb and Josh Augustin teamed up to create a home gym platform to give everyone the power to realize their strength and lead an active, full life after finding it themselves at a young age. They teamed up with fitness scientists, physiology PhDs, personal trainers, and engineers to create the first at-home personal training solution plus home gym that uses AI-powered personal guidance for real-time form feedback with custom training plans. 


Source: Tempo


The first product was the Studio, containing all the equipment needed to reach your goals. While a pricey starting point, the Tempo Studio has everything you could ever want or need for the results you desire. They more recently came out with the Tempo Move as a more affordable, smaller, and compact version of the Studio. They’ve also released additional accessories and products over time to supplement your progress including additional weight accessories, resistance bands, yoga blocks and mats, a compatible heart rate monitor and more.


Comparing Tempo’s home gyms: Tempo Studio vs Tempo Move

While both are fantastic options for upping or creating your home gym experience, it’s important that you’re getting the right setup for you.


What are the differences between the Tempo Move and Studio?

Before we get to the in-depth reviews of Tempo’s home gyms, let’s see how they compare on some of the most key features:



Tempo Studio vs Tempo Move  
Equipment costStarting at $2,495$495
Monthly membership cost$39/month for up to 6 people$39/month for up to 6 people
Return policy?Can return within 30 days of purchase for full refund Can return within 60 days of purchase for full refund
Membership lengthRequires a 12-month membership commitment beginning day of device registrationRequires a 12-month membership commitment beginning day of device registration
Weight set includedStarting at 75 lbs of plates, 2 dumbells35 lbs of plates, 2 dumbells
Screen42” touchscreenUse your existing TV + smartphone
Space neededStarting at 6’ x 8’ floor areaStarting at 2’ x 1.5’ floor area
Sound system60w speakers + bluetoothPlays through your TV or smartphone / bluetooth
Learn moreTempo StudioTempo Move


What are the similarities between the Tempo Move and Studio?

While the price-point and some of the included features of Tempo’s two home gyms vary, there are many of the same experiences you can have with both. One of the most important, the membership cost to access the workouts is the same for both the Studio and Move at $39 a month, and both come with 6 accounts, so everyone in your household or friend group can get in shape.


Both the Move and Studio come with Tempo’s huge collection of live and recorded workouts. Even without all the same equipment, you can still get a similar workout in with the Move. Our testers love the high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), which are almost identical with both platforms. The Tempo Fit app comes with a subscription to either device, so you can workout on the go as well!


Source: Tempo


Both have well-designed cubbies/spaces to hold the workout gear, dumbbells, plates, etc. when not in use, so you’ll feel good having these devices in your living room without being too much of an eyesore. Both use the company’s 3D Tempo Vision™, which we’ll get into in a moment. The biggest difference is that Move uses your phone, while it’s bigger cousin has your visuals built into the main equipment.


The two home gyms’ floor space is very different, but regardless, you’ll need about six feet of space around the devices to actually do the workouts – you’ll be moving, lifting weights, jumping, etc., so even though the Move is much smaller, you still have to have enough room to DO the workouts. 


What classes does Tempo have?

Tempo has over 1,000 live and on-demand classes with new ones introduced weekly. These classes include strength training, yoga, meditation, core, cardio, cardio-boxing, HIIT, low impact, mobility and prenatal. There are categories in each for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, all lead by professional trainers and coaches.


Source: Tempo


All class categories can be done on either of the two home gym platforms, the workout itself just depends on the equipment accompanying the package or platform you’ve purchased. The only difference is that the Tempo Move will only include some of the on-demand classes recorded before September 2021, while the Tempo Studio will continue to offer their complete history of on-demand classes (largely due to the correlating release date of the two products).


Additionally, Tempo Move does not include live classes at this time, but it’s been said that they will be made available towards the end of February/beginning of March in 2022 (make sure to regularly check for updates on Tempo’s social media channels!).


If you want to continue evaluating other options for connected home gyms with weights, check out how Tempo vs ProForm Vue compare on our site.


Tempo Studio review

As mentioned earlier, the company sent our fitness expert a Tempo Studio about a year ago. With his expertise, he considers the Tempo Studio above the competition in the smart home gym market with their delivery of powerful, customized workouts. 


With Tempo’s 3D technology, you can have the almost real-life experience of having a personal instructor with you to evaluate and correct your form, count your reps, and even assist in choosing the right weights for the optimal workout. All of your information and workouts – reps, weights, you name it – are saved within the app, so you can gauge your progress towards your goals over time.


Source: Tempo


We also love the design – with a 42″ HD touchscreen, you can really feel immersed in the workouts. Plus, the sound system is pretty killer (although, if your spouse or roommates are asleep, we recommend a bluetooth connection… from experience).


Home gyms tend to be lacking in the weight lifting department, but our fitness expert really likes the HIIT programs that come with the subscription. But, if you are going for serious weight training, you’ll want to step up to the Pro package or get a number of the extra plates to add to the included set. However, most people aren’t getting a home gym to for the “powerlifting” aspect, so, as it ships, the Tempo Studio is a great option. 


What comes with the Tempo Studio?

The Tempo Studio has 3 different packages to meet different goals in a home gym setup. Beginning with the Starter package, the Plus and Pro packages are more expensive, but offer much more equipment for different and harder variations of the workouts.


Comparing Tempo Studio packages: Starter vs Plus vs Pro


Tempo studio package options: Starter vs Plus vs ProStarterPlusPro
Fitness levelBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Equipment included5mm workout mat

2 x 7.5lb dumbbells

4 x collars

75lbs weight plates
In addition to starter package’s equipment:

1 x 25lb barbell

Heart rate monitor

Recovery roller

Folding bench

6 x collars

2 x  25lb competition plates
In addition to starter and plus package’s equipment:

Folding squat rack

Kettlebell sstem

Weight plate storage

2 x 45lb competition plates
Equipment space needed6’ x 8’6’ x 10’6’ x 10’
What you’re getting


The Tempo Studio is a fantastic alternative for those that want a personal training experience without leaving their home. If you are ready to go all in on Tempo, this is where you should start.


Tempo Move Review

The Tempo Move is the best option for people who want to get into the smart home workout craze but aren’t ready to meet the higher price-point to spend on equipment. While the Tempo Studio is best known for its 3D technology used to track and correct your form, the Tempo Move compensates for its lack of a built-in screen with the ability by allowing you to leverage the same 3D technology, straight from your phone. That makes the Tempo Move more mobile, while also eliminating a huge chunk of the price.


The smaller size gives you the ability to quickly transform any room into a fitness center with a killer personal instructor, while not dominating your living room when not in use.


Play Video

Source: Tempo


What comes with the Tempo Move?

  • Weight set: (x2) 7.5 lb. dumbbells, (x4) 5 lb. weight plates, (x4) 2.5 lb. weight plates, (x4) 1.25 lb. weight plates
    • While not as extensive as you’ll find with the Studio’s weight set (or some other smart home gyms), this is great for people who are looking aren’t for the heavier weight lifting side of a workout
  • Additional products: Accessory/storage cabinet, HDMI-to-lightning cable, weight collars, and tempo core
    • The weight storage cabinet takes up much less room than the Studio’s storage unit
    • The Tempo Core will charge your phone while it is docked and in use for a Tempo class or program
  • Movement sensing: By using your phone’s camera (or its lidar sensing unit, if you have a brand-new iPhone) the Tempo move can establish which exercise you are doing, count your reps, keep an eye on how much weight you’re using, and monitor your form/technique. 
  • Display: By displaying the proper technique on your television and coordinating with your phone’s movement sensing, the Move keeps you in check and lets you know when to step it up to heavier weights. 
  • We can’t say for sure, but it’s believed that Tempo Studio is rolling out more functionality and equipment, so it’s not far fetched that they’d roll out other pieces of equipment for the Move as well. 


Before purchasing the Move, review the list on Tempo’s website to make sure your phone is compatible with the system. As we write this, only certain iPhones are compatible, but the company has said that Android compatibility is “coming very soon”, so we expect it to hit the market anytime now.


Source: Tempo


How much space do I need for the Tempo Move?

The Tempo Move equipment takes up less space than the Tempo Studio (although the space necessary to workout is going to be the same… obviously…). The storage unit includes everything you need, including the dock for your phone that then connects to the TV, which can also be removed to place wherever you want. The unit itself is tasteful and looks almost like a retro speaker when closed and not in use. 


Tempo provides a video on how to setup the Move, which gives a great visual as to what’s needed for your space, see below:


Source: Tempo


For a more extensive analysis of everything the Tempo Move offers, check out our full Tempo Move review, and if you’re looking for other cost-effective home gym options, check out our comparison of Tempo vs Mirror vs Tonal.


What is Tempo’s 3D form tracking technology?

Both the Tempo Move and Tempo Studio come with Tempo’s 3D form tracking/monitoring technology, called 3D Tempo Vision™. This is some pretty awesome technology that actually watches you do your workout and counts reps, figures out how much weight you are using, tells you if your form is wrong or if you need to push yourself harder… needless to say, our reviewer loves it. 


One concern that could arise is the privacy of this unit. In this day and age, it’s easy to question everything – from our Rings to our Alexas – for knowing too much. Especially if your home workout attire is PJs, like mine…


Tempo has addressed this concern, stating that the tech doesn’t actually record or display an image/video of you. Instead, it records what is basically an outline/skeleton of you and the weights. This way you can keep your home (and you) private, while still getting feedback on your performance.


Another home gym that uses a similar technology is the FORME Life with two 12-megapixel cameras for enhanced motion capture and computer vision guidance. For more info, see our review of Tempo vs FORME Life.


Tempo home gym alternatives: Tempo vs Peloton vs TRX Home2 Gym

How do Tempo’s home gym options compare against other home gyms such as Peloton and TRX Home2 Gym? We break down some of the key features in the table below:



Best home gym: Tempo vs Peloton vs TRX Home2 Gym

Weights35lb+ (depending on package)Provide your ownBodyweight + straps & adjusters
Included products

Depending on package:


Squat rack

Provide your own or compatible with Peloton Tread, Bike & Bike+Suspension trainer
Door anchor
Suspension anchor
Carry bag
WorkoutsStrength training
Low impact
Bike Bootcamp
Tread Bootcamp

AI workout tracking


iPhone app compatibility


Stream through TV or included screen (depending on product)

Stream with mobile, tablet, computer or TV


Through app, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, LG, Airplay

Stream through computer, tablet or mobile phone
Equipment pricing$495-$3,995Provide your own or $1,495-$2,495 for Peloton Bike or Tread$199.95
Subscription price$39/mo for up to 6 users$12.99/mo for up to 20 people$19.99/mo 
Trial period?30-day free trial30-day free trial30-day free trial
Space needed2-10 ft wide + space to workoutDepends on your own equipment + space to workoutDepending on strap length, 6-8 ft wide
Easy install, no mounting required?


Overall, Tempo has many features that aren’t available with other apps and home gyms. The AI tracking for both Tempo Move and Studio, for instance, offers personalized form correction feedback that’s unparalleled, except perhaps only by Tonal which is 2-5x more expensive. While none of the home gyms we compared above require home installation, Tonal requires you to mount their unit onto your wall permanently, which is a headache we prefer to avoid.


Check out our reviews on some other home gyms if you’re interested in how Tempo compares to other home gyms! We reviewed Tempo’s Move in-depth, but also compared:




Tempo Move reviews: What are Tempo Move users saying online?

It’s smart to get some feedback from real users to answer any additional questions you might have before making a purchase like this. So, let’s check out some of the reviews from customers who purchased and tested the Tempo Move:


Source: Tempo


Source: Tempo


Source: Tempo


Between the affordability, feedback, and convenience, customers are very satisfied with their Tempo Move purchase. There were a few reviews that requested some different music choices and longer classes, but Tempo is growing tremendously by the day, so we expect that all of these features will be available in the near-term. Tempo has already stated that they are working on third party music app integration to allow you to eventually use your own music with your workouts.


If you’re interested in more customer feedback, our Tempo Move review has lots more information from other users.



Tempo Studio reviews: What are Tempo Studio users saying online?

Tempo Studio users are equally pleased with their purchases, again recommending the high quality videos and feedback from the coaches. We included a variation of user reviews from each package (Starter, Plus, and Pro) for you to get a good feel from each price-point.


Source: Tempo


Source: Tempo


Source: Tempo



The verdict: Which Tempo home gym is best, Tempo Move or Tempo Studio?

So, which should you pick for your home gym – the Tempo Move or Tempo Studio? According to their website reviews, the the total rating average for both products is 4.9 out of 5 stars, so you really can’t go wrong. Since either offer more or less the same access to almost all top notch workout options, the decision comes down to the price, space and equipment included. 


  • PriceTempo Move wins by a substantial amount
  • Amount of space you want to dedicate to your home gym – Move wins again, although the Studio‘s design is just as aesthetically pleasing, just a bit larger
  • Amount of weights/equipment you want to use in your workouts – the Studio offers much more equipment with your purchase, no matter which package you choose.


Whatever you decide, both the Tempo Move and the Tempo Studio are incredible decisions to improve your home workout game. As we write this review, the company is running a pretty serious sale, so you’ll need to visit their website to see what the current price is! Go to Tempo now and check out the current prices.


>> Learn more about the Tempo Move <<

>> Get the Tempo Studio <<


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