Weight Loss Reviews

We research the top weight loss programs for patients struggling with obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes, nutritional deficiency, and more. Naturally, no two programs are identical, each with its own unique emphasis ranging from diet and exercise to prescription medication and over the counter supplements. Check out a few of our favorites:

Meal Planning & Dieting Apps

Compare top apps for meal planning – PlateJoy vs Mealime vs eMeals – to see which is best for your diet and lifestyle.

Rx Weight Loss Medication

Overcoming obesity can require medication. We reviewed Calibrate, a leading prescription weight loss program.

Online Nutrition Programs

Which is better, Noom or Nutrisystem? We compared them to help you find the best weight loss program.

What are the weight loss startups?

Weight Loss StartupsProgram DescriptionRelated Reviews
CerebralCerebral is best known as a telemedicine platform for mental health, but they now prescribe medication for weight loss as well.Coming Soon
CalibrateCalibrate provides one-year program for weight loss including prescriptions to rx weight-loss medications online.Calibrate Review
NoomNoom is a leading weight-loss app for building healthier habits.Noom vs Nutrisystem
FoundFound is a leading prescription weight loss program that connects you to a team of doctors and coaches virtually.Found Weight Loss Review
FormForm Health offers prepscription weight loss management, coaching, and more for high BMI patients.Form Health Review
platejoyPlateJoy is a cutom meal planning app that helps you discover healthy recipes, grocery shop, and ultimately maintain a healthy diet throughout the week.Platejoy vs Mealime vs eMeals
DHDaily Harvest offers a plant-based meal plan with healthy smoothies and other all-natural options that taste good and keep you healthy.Daily Harvest vs Revive vs Sakara vs Thistle
obé Fitnessobé is an at-home workout app with a wide range of virtual fitness classes including cardio, strength training, yoga, boxing, and a ton more.obé vs Beachbody vs NEOU

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