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Ruby Love vs Modibodi

Ruby Love vs Modibodi: Which Leak-Proof Underwear Work Best?

When it’s time for our periods, we use the same products women have been using since the switch from homemade fabric contraptions to manufactured, disposable absorbent materials. Nothing has changed much over time, apart from endless varieties of tampons, pads

Misfits Market vs Imperfect Produce vs Hungry Harvest

Misfits Market vs Imperfect Produce vs Hungry Harvest

Whether it’s Amazon Fresh, Instacart, or just your neighborhood market, there are now a number of fast, reliable options vying to drop off your groceries. But what about sustainability-conscious shoppers who prefer to support local growers? Do they have no

Scout by Warby Parker Reviews

Review: Scout Contacts by Warby Parker

BIG NEWS: the leader in online glasses, Warby Parker, just launched a hip new contact lens brand called Scout. What’s different about Warby’s contact offering relative to other brands, and how’s does the quality of its lenses compare? As a

d2c vc funding

Quarterly D2C VC Funding

The third quarter of 2019 was a mixed quarter for direct-to-consumer brands (D2C companies) raising venture capital. While the overall amount of funding was solid, the number of companies raising was down.   Overall $2.2 billion dollars in funding flowed

hundred vitamin reviews

Review: Hundred Vitamins and Personalized Nutrition

Vitamins are horrendously confusing. Sure, the benefits of topping up healthy compounds and eliminating nutritional deficiencies seem intuitive enough. But the jury is still out on whether most healthy people really need them. And with thousands of brands, nutritional claims,

Review of Evens for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Review: Evens for Heart Burn (GERD) and Acid Reflux

You know that painful burn that bubbles up after inhaling a bucket of spicy chicken? I feel it almost every time I apply hot sauce these days. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, imagine the sensation in your

hubble vs dailies

Hubble vs Dailies: Which Daily Contact Lenses are Best?

If you need glasses but don’t like wearing them, contact lenses are amazing. They might be a pain at first, but once in place, it’s usually not hard to forget about them for most of the day. Nowadays it’s most

Gennev vs Rory: Comparing Menopause Treatments for Women

An unbiased comparison of Gennev  and Rory, two new telemedicine startups focused on providing quality women’s health advice and products online.   On average, 6,000 women reach menopause each day. But do you even know the first thing about what

DTC Nutrition Startups

Best DTC Nutrition Startups of 2019

Want to know the biggest trend in the diet and nutrition space this year? Direct-to-consumer. 2019 saw an onslaught of DTC nutrition startups launch new brands or experience breakout growth. Some newly familiar names now include Noom and Ritual, both

dadi vs legacy vs yo sperm

Dadi vs Legacy vs YO Sperm: The Best Male Fertility Kits

If your only reference for fertility testing involves a scene from a TV show where the guy goes into a sad, wallpapered room in a doctor’s office with an adult magazine, then it’s time to upgrade how you think about

Online Eye Care Industry – Fast Growth D2C Brands

The eyecare industry is huge – over $40 billion in the US alone. And startups have taken notice, with newcomers attacking margins and service delivery in several important product categories like contact lenses (e.g. Hubble, Waldo, Scout, etc.) and glasses

Review: Roman for Cold Sores and Herpes

Personal appearance and self-confidence are vital parts of our everyday lives, but there are some things that have a surefire way of chipping away at both. Enter cold sores and the herpes simplex virus. According to the WHO, an estimated

Illuminate Labs Review

Review: Illuminate Labs Herbal Supplements

If you’re a consumer of dietary supplements in the U.S, you might not be aware of how loosely the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the market. Manufacturing facilities are regulated but there is no mandated federal requirement to test

Roman vs Viagra: Which ED Treatment Works Best?

With telemedicine startups and online pharmacies quickly revolutionizing medical treatment, medicine meant to treat conditions like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are becoming more accessible on the internet through platforms like Roman. How effective are these ED treatments in general? What are

dreem 2 review

Review: Dreem 2 Smart Headband for Better Sleep

If you are like me, and not the best sleeper, then you are probably pretty excited about the Dreem 2 soon becoming available in the United States. Previously limited to Europe, India, and Hong Kong, Dreem is a French neuroscience

Hims vs Propecia: What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

What’s the difference between Propecia and Hims ( for treating male pattern baldness? Does either treatment offer superior hair growth, and what are the differences in cost? If you’ve heard of both of these hair loss treatments, then you are

Roman premature ejaculation (PE) reviews

Review: Roman for Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Is there anything that kills the mood faster than a premature climax? Not according to rapper Missy Elliot, who made it the focus of her 2001 hit One Minute Man:   “Break me off, show me what you got. Cuz

Hims vs Lemonaid: Where to Buy Men's Hair Loss Meds Online?

Lemonaid vs Hims: Where to Buy Hair Loss Meds Online?

Do the hair loss treatments from Lemonaid and Hims really work, and which is a better option? Are they using FDA approved drugs, and how do you get prescriptions for their medicines? And – of course – how much do

Hims vs Kick: The Best Ways To Buy Anti-Anxiety Meds Online

Hims vs Kick: Where to Buy Performance Anxiety Meds Online

It’s hard to miss the barrage of ads for new, anti-anxiety startups Hims and Kick Health. But I still had a lot of questions. Are these reputable companies offering legit medicine? How are they able to prescribe anti-anxiety beta-blockers online?

hers vs curology vs proactiv

Proactiv vs Curology vs Hers: Prescription Acne Care for Women

By some estimates, acne treatment is now a $10b market globally.  While blemishes have always been an acute source of insecurity, the industry’s growth should come as no surprise given the rise of the “selfie”. Snapchat, dating apps, and the

Blue Chew vs Roman vs Hims

Review: BlueChew ED Treatment vs Online Alternatives

Most guys have heard of the popular erectile dysfunction treatments Viagra and Cialis. But a new player on the block called BlueChew (aka offers online doctor diagnosis and ships ED medicine directly to your door. What medicine is in

best organic tampon subscriptions

Lola vs Cora vs Kali: The Best Organic Tampon Subscriptions

“Aunt Flo”, “Moon Time”, and “Red Wedding” (thank you, Game of Thrones!) are just some of the euphemisms women use to talk about their periods. It’s an unspoken rule to be discreet about that uncomfortable “Time of the Month”, but

motiv ring vs oura ring - comparing the best smart rings for fitness

Motiv vs Oura: Smart Rings for Improved Sleep & Fitness

When it comes to motivation to stay fit, we’ve come along way from Jane Fonda workout videos. Smartphones now track our steps and calories burned, but who wants to lug their phone on a run? Thus portability and the quantified-self


Review: Rory Menopause Treatment Subscription

An unbiased review of, an online supplier of products for women that treat common symptoms of menopause.     It’s extraordinary that, in this age of feminism, hormonal changes affecting women from menstruation through menopause are still so hush

Hubble vs Waldo vs Sightbox

Hubble vs Waldo vs Sightbox: How Do Contact Subscriptions Work?

If your vision isn’t perfect, you probably have a love-hate relationship with contacts. Inserting lenses directly onto your eyeball every morning can be scary, uncomfortable, expensive, and just too much effort. But the benefits over glasses are clear. For those

two new hair loss treatments every man should try

New men’s hair loss treatments from a friend

My grandfather was bald by the time he was twenty. But I kept my hair full(ish) until my thirties. And I don’t want to lose what I’ve got left.   Modern medicine has created several, successful, medicines that help you

Blink Health Logo

Review: Blink Health Rx Pharmacy Discount App

If you take prescription drugs on an ongoing basis, at the very least you feel the pinch in your wallet.  Some drugs bankrupt consumers because of their high cost and absolute necessity for life. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why


The Best Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Startups of 2019

Have you noticed the boom in startups offering medical diagnosis and treatment over the internet? You may have heard of companies like Roman and Hims who’ve raised a bunch of VC investment to bring medical services into patients’ homes via

Ritual vitamin review

Review: Ritual Vitamins for Women

This is an unbiased review of Ritual’s women’s health vitamins. What is in these supplements, are they easy to order, and how good is their subscription service? Ritual has been hyped up a lot recently in the NYTimes, Elle, Vogue and

Him hair loss treatment products for men

Review: Hims Hair Loss and ED Subscription for Men

An unbiased review of men’s healthcare startup Hims. How does Hims hair loss, erectile dysfunction and other subscription medicine compare to what you get from your local pharmacy? What does it cost? What is it like to have a “virtual”

Review: Keeps Hair Loss Subscription for Men

Keeps – an unbiased review by the DTC wellness experts, Fin vs Fin. Keeps says they will diagnosis, prescribe and deliver men’s health medicine, but do their hair loss treatments deliver results? In this review, we’ll discuss the science behind

Hims vs Roman vs Keeps Growth Chart

Hims vs Roman vs Keeps: Do Hair Loss Subscriptions Work?

If you’re male and over 25, you’ve likely seen a ton of ads for hair loss subscription products lately. There’s a war raging between the likes of Hims (aka, Roman (aka, and Keeps (, all fighting to be

roman hair loss and ed logo

Review: Roman Hair Loss and ED Treatments for Men

An unbiased review of men’s health startup Roman (Ro). Roman promises doctor diagnosis and quick medication delivery for a variety of men’s health ailments, such as hair loss, ED and more. But do they deliver the results? Read this Roman