Best Online Test & Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

We reviewed the top mental health services that diagnose and treat anxiety virtually.

Last updated May 26, 2022

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Here’s what our medically-certified team recommends:

4.9 rating from 786 reviews
  • Free online evaluation
  • $25 for your first month
  • Meds prescribed <1 day
4.7 rating from 3,377 reviews
  • Free online evaluation
  • $45 for your first month
  • Medication + Therapy
cerebral logo
4.5 rating from 1,112 reviews
  • Free online evaluation
  • $30 for the first month
  • FSA / HSA eligible
romind logo
4.6 rating from 36 reviews
  • Free online evaluation
  • Get started for $15
  • Fast customer support
4.5 rating from 1904 reviews
  • Free online evaluation
  • Get started for $10
  • FSA / HSA Eligible


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Our Method

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Still unsure where to start?

When it comes to treating anxiety and depression, there are a ton of options. Maybe you can rule out sketchy providers right away, but it’s difficult to know which new virtual platforms offer legitimate diagnosis, therapy, and ongoing medication management. That’s why we analyzed dozens of new options and narrowed it down to five.


All of the providers we recommend are legitimate medical practices that have helped thousands better manage anxiety & depression. While Hims is currently our top choice for overall value and quality of care, all five options make it super easy to consult with a doctor and get prescription meds delivered to your door (as needed).


Brightside offers the most comprehensive care, including both medication management and therapy, but naturally is also the most expensive. Cerebral is the most popular option, while Minded and roMind are great budget options, especially if you don’t care about therapy, but both are only available in a limited number of states currently.


If you’re still unsure where to turn for affordable care, check out our in-depth reviews of other top mental health providers.


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