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Byte Before And After – What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

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Jane Feddersen

Jane is a former DI student-athlete and lifelong health enthusiast. Since graduating from College of Charleston where she played both indoor & beach volleyball, Jane’s spent the last four years building her marketing career with experience in project and partner management. Outside of work, her nutrition certification, dog, travel and yoga flows keep her busy.

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Dr. Jordan Weber, DDS

About Dr. Jordan Weber, DDS

Dental Advisor

Dr. Jordan Weber is a general dentist with a growing practice in Burlington, KS. His background is in food science, and he left a career in food manufacturing to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. Jordan and his wife are both avid marathon runners, and now have their hands especially full having just welcomed their first child, a daughter, in January of 2021.

In this Article

In this Article

Jane Feddersen

Gone are the days of having to actually go to the orthodontist to get the perfect smile. With the innovation of affordable at-home teeth aligners, traditional braces are quickly becoming a thing of the past, at least for the majority of standard cases. At less than half the cost of traditional braces while offering more convenience and greater discretion, it’s easy to see why at-home invisible aligner treatments like Byte have grown wildly popular.


For those unfamiliar with Byte, here’s an overview of how it works:


  1. Byte sends you an impression kit to your home which they use to create a 3D model of your teeth.
  2. After you send the impression kit back, a treatment plan based on your model and goals is developed and approved by a licensed dentist or orthodontist.
  3. Byte creates your first aligners — along with other oral care items like teeth whitener and a retainer! — to your door.
  4. You’ll wear your invisible braces everyday and change them as instructed, generally once a week, to push your teeth into alignment.
  5. You and the Byte team track your treatment plan online and send you new aligners as needed until complete. Byte’s average initial treatment plans for daytime aligners are just 4 months and only 5 months for At-night aligners (excluding any adjustments).


The process is all pretty straightforward and super convenient, and the treatment is cleared by the FDA. But for many, the most important question remains: how well does Byte’s invisible aligner treatment actually work? We interviewed customers and collected their Byte before and after photos to give you an idea of the results you can expect. Overall the results are impressive, but since seeing is believing, we’ll let you judge for yourself 🧐




Byte results: Before and after pics from real customers


There are many reasons to seek out orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. Results from straightening crooked teeth, closing gaps in teeth, and properly aligning teeth can have a huge positive effect on a person’s oral health. Of course, the cosmetic improvement to your smile is another powerful, positive result that has very strong mental health benefits, too. Byte is one of the top clear aligner companies in the US – we’ve previously compared them head-to-head vs AlignerCo if you’re curious – and the following are the results of real Byte patients’ treatment journeys from start to finish.



Byte before and after #1:

Closing the gap


Allison B eliminated the gap between her front two teeth with Byte aligners in just over 3 months.


Many people have gaps in their teeth. This can be especially common between the upper middle incisors (the front two teeth in the center), as was the case with Allison B, a real Byte user pictured above. Unfortunately, gaps between the middle teeth are the most noticeable when smiling, which was Allison’s main impetus for purchasing aligners in the first place. Luckily, it’s a condition that Byte was able to fix quite easily.


FYI, there are many potential reasons for gaps in your teeth, a condition medically known as diastema. Diastema can occur naturally due the size of a person’s teeth relative to the size of their jawbone. It’s also common for adults to push against their front teeth with their tongue. The pressure over time can cause teeth to move and gaps to be formed.


Most instances of gaps between teeth can be solved with proper treatment, as was the case with Allison and her Byte treatment. Allison was prescribed custom aligners based on the impressions of her teeth that she took at home that targeted the upper middle incisors. The treatment goal was to close the gap between her two front teeth and ensure that all teeth were perfectly straight as fast and painlessly as possible.


The picture on the right shows the results of the Byte treatment after only 14 weeks. In spite of a fairly large space between Allison’s two front teeth, Byte’s aligners were able to effectively realign them and nudge them into place. In the process, the aligners readjusted adjacent teeth as necessary —  not just the front two — to make sure that they shifted properly relative to the new alignment.


As you can see, Allison’s smile is more symmetrical than before and, of course, the gap is gone. Cosmetically speaking, the treatment was very much a success. In terms of Allison’s oral health, closing the gap between her teeth is an effective preventative measure that decreases the risk of gum disease, gum recession, infection, and other potential health issues.  Needless to say, she’s very happy with the end result!




Byte before and after #2: 

The bottom bite out-of-line


Petar P shows his bottom teeth before and after Byte.


Petar P. was suffering from much more than a simple gap problem. As you can see from the photo above, Petar suffered from a pretty significant case of malocclusion. Malocclusion is the medical term for when teeth are abnormally misaligned, which can lead to further severe oral health problems if not cared for.


As you can see from his before picture, Petar’s lower row of teeth were misaligned, crooked, and becoming more and more overcrowded because of it. As we age, our teeth can shift more and get increasingly crooked if not treated properly. Teeth that are misaligned to begin with are more likely to shift over time. This is often due to gradual bone loss and, in some cases, the recession of bone. 


The lower anterior teeth (the front, middle pearly whites) are the first ones to start shifting, as was the case with Petar’s lower teeth. In his case, Petar’s bottom row was the area that needed correction, so Byte developed a treatment plan for those lower teeth based on his impression kit mold.


As you can see, the results are pretty stunning. Petar went from having significant misalignment to a straight smile that is up to celebrity, red carpet standards.


Byte also lived up to its name and helped Petar P. correct his underbite.


It’s worth noting that Petar also suffered from an underbite, as shown in the second before and after photos above. The Byte treatment was able to correct this problem as well, giving Petar a healthier alignment between his upper and lower teeth. Proper alignment can relieve a ton of pressure from your jaw muscles and prevent your teeth becoming worn down from grinding together improperly. Overall, we’re pretty impressed how well Byte worked for Petar in just six months.



Byte before and after #3:

Canines straying from the pack


Ruby S. turned to Byte to realign her front six teeth. Here are her results after just 12 weeks!


Byte treatment plans are prescribed for a wide range of cases, not just significant misalignment. Ruby S. is a case study where she experienced relatively minor misalignment of her upper canines and her upper incisors. You can see in her before photo that her upper canines – named due to their resemblance to a dog’s fangs, but also called “eye teeth”  due to their alignment with our eyeballs – look like they are sticking out significantly.


In fact, it was not only that Ruby’s upper canines were sticking out. Her upper incisors were also crooked, as they actually had grown backward at a slight angle. Ruby’s Byte treatment plan was designed to properly align her upper front row of teeth, both for aesthetic purposes and for a healthier alignment as a preventative measure to avoid further potential oral health issues in the future. As we mentioned before, misaligned teeth tend to shift further out of place and over long periods can cause future dental problems when left untreated.


The results of Ruby’s Byte treatment are pictured on the right. You can clearly see that her upper canines and incisors are now straight as can be. Amazingly, these are the results after just 12 weeks of treatment! 


Ruby’s Byte treatment plan really corrected things fast. Not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but Ruby’s smile is definitely bigger than it was before, perhaps due to increased confidence after treatment. The psychological impact of straighter teeth cannot be underestimated.



Byte before and after #4:

Front and uncentered


Zephian T. also saw amazing results from Byte despite serious misalignment at the start.


Some cases are more severe than others, which was true for Zephian T. While Byte (and at-home teeth aligners in general) might not be recommended in the most severe cases, they’ve still proven effective for MAJOR misalignment cases like Zephian’s. If you were skeptical about this before, you shouldn’t be after seeing the results from his treatment. His case study is particularly compelling.


Zephian was suffering from very pronounced misalignment in both his upper and lower rows of teeth, especially in the front. On the top row, his right center incisor was very crooked and had grown outward, creating a significant gap between his middle front teeth. 


His bottom row of teeth were also very crooked and growing increasingly overcrowded by the day. These problems obviously negatively impacted the appearance of his smile, but they also posed health problems. A case like Zephian’s can make you more likely to develop cavities, gum disease, infections, and worn down teeth.


That being said, Zephian’s treatment plan worked more than wonders. It may be hard to believe, but the results of his Byte treatment (shown in the photo on the right) were achieved in only 15 weeks. He says he didn’t believe it could ever happen that fast when he started, but it shows just how fast Byte’s aligner treatment with its exclusive HyperByte device included can work when patients follow their recommended alignment plan diligently.



Byte before and after #5:

From crooked to confident


Before and after from Erin G., who appreciates how Byte corrected crookedness, gaps, and an overbite simultaneously.


It goes without saying, but first impressions are important, and your smile says so much about you. It’s how we express emotion, speech, and indicate our mood. Smiles are a huge part of how we and others judge our appearance. Erin G., pictured above, naturally has a lovely smile. The problem was that her crooked teeth not only distracted from it, but affected its shape, so she started her journey with Byte with high hopes for improvement.


Erin was dealing with crookedness, gaps, and misalignment on both the upper and lower rows of her teeth. The issues on her upper teeth were more noticeable due to an pronounced overbite (the misalignment of the top and bottom rows of her teeth). Regardless whether people notice or comment, a crooked smile can negatively affect your personal confidence and self-esteem. Although no one in her life made any noise about her teeth, Erin admits self-consciousness led her to research different aligner brands and ultimately order a Byte impression kit.


From the impressions taken on her teeth, Erin’s Byte treatment focused on the problem areas of her upper teeth to properly realign them. As you can see, the difference is pretty stark – 100% in a good way. Byte treatment successfully straightened Erin’s upper incisors and canines, creating a completely different smile. You’ll notice that in addition to her teeth being properly aligned, the shape of her smile is more symmetrical than before.


Erin’s treatment plan was effective in straightening crooked teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and adjusting the alignment of the upper and lower rows of her teeth. This enables healthier jaw movement with lower stress on jaw muscles, as well as less wear on her teeth. From a cosmetic standpoint, you can instantly tell the positive impact Byte treatment has on Erin’s confidence.



The Verdict: Can you expect similar results from Byte?


You’ve seen a number of very different treatment cases from people who have used Byte aligners. What’s clear from the before and afters above is that:


  • Byte can be prescribed for a wide range of different issues. Just like when you go to the dentist or orthodontist, Byte personalizes its treatment plan specifically to your teeth. If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth or addressing an alignment issue, it may be worth a shot to see if you are a candidate for Byte aligners.
  • Byte yields results quickly. The remarkable part about all the above case studies of Byte users is not just how effective the treatment was, but also how fast Byte aligners were able to drive significant progress. In all the cases above (and universally among other customers we interviewed), it took less than six months to achieve straight teeth. While this won’t be the case for everyone, it’s really encouraging for anyone with a relatively straightforward case. The fact that some patients were able to see results in as few as 12 weeks is incredible, especially compared to traditional braces that can require 12+ months.


The verdict? Anyone who wants to straighten their teeth for cosmetic purposes would likely benefit from using Byte. Byte aligners are highly effective at creating quick, lasting change on crooked, and misaligned teeth, as well as closing gaps and adjusting crowded teeth. As someone who wore braces for two painful years during middle school, I’m jealous Byte didn’t exist back when I needed teeth straightening.


Of course, better alignment has a positive impact on oral health as well. There are instances, however, where Byte may not be appropriate for more severe orthodontic cases. Problems that have arisen from gum disease or infection, for instance, require different treatment to specifically address those problems first. If you’re unsure how severe your case is, it’s worth talking to a dentist or two to get an opinion. 


Since Byte treatment is prescribed by licensed dentists and orthodontists, however, it is easy to find out how it may be able to help you. If you’ve always wanted to improve your smile, most find that it’s more than worth a few months of treatment to get lasting results. The likely gains in confidence, appearance, and dental hygiene are well worth giving Byte a try.


Get started today to see if Byte can work for you. Their impression kit is just $29.95 and is the right first step to determine if you’re a good fit. Let us know about your experience in the comments below, or email us if you’d like us to feature your Byte before and after case study in this article as well!


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