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Alex Goldberg

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Alex Goldberg

Alex is a growth marketer, behavioral economics buff, and lover of all things Direct-to-Consumer. He enjoys scaling early-stage companies and working to bring transparency to opaque industries. He is a UC Berkeley grad, an aspiring retired golfer, and an avid soccer fan.

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Maximus Testosterone Reviews: Is It An Effective TRT Alternative For Low T?

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It is not unusual for men to experience a drop in testosterone levels as they age. This is often accompanied by decreased energy levels and sex drive. Even though this is a natural process and cannot be stopped, several things can be done to slow it down. In this review, we will look at enclomiphene, a new testosterone-enhancing drug, its effectiveness, and how it compares to TRT in combating the effects of low testosterone.


In recent years, more men have been seeking treatment for low testosterone (Low T). It’s estimated that an average of 4 to 5 million American men over the age of 45 suffer from Low T- and that number is only expected to grow. And while treatments like Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) have been known to work wonders, they can also come with a host of side effects, including infertility. This is where enclomiphene comes in!


This new, non-hormonal drug from Maximus has been hailed as a potential alternative to TRT to increase your natural testosterone production without the testicular shutdown, shrinkage, infertility, and dependence on dated alternatives.


Cutting to the chase

Maximus is a cutting-edge men’s health company that offers a convenient, safe, and effective alternative to traditional TRT. By incorporating both pharmaceutical and health behavior changes in order to maximize your hormonal and overall health, their enclomiphene protocol is a great option for men who are looking to increase their testosterone levels without the hassle of injections, multiple adverse side effects, or regular doctor’s visits.



Maximus’ protocol is also very affordable, especially when compared to other TRT options. Overall, we believe Maximus is the ideal option for men looking for a safer and more convenient way to increase testosterone levels, but that’s not all; there’s a lot more to the story.


Keep reading for an in-depth review of Maximus, including everything you need to know about low testosterone and whether enclomiphene is the proper treatment for you. We’ll also compare enclomiphene to other brands’  TRT treatments so that you can make the best decision for your health.


Source: Maximus


Maximus Overview: Testosterone optimization with cutting-edge medicine

Typically, when you think of testosterone optimization, the first thing that comes to mind is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). However, men worldwide have been looking for alternative treatments to TRT due to its many potential side effects over the long term.


Luckily, top doctors in men’s health took matters into their own hands and created a non-hormonal drug with Maximus that has been proven to be as effective as TRT and a much safer alternative.


So, who exactly are they? Let’s find out:


What does Maximus (the men’s telemedicine clinic) offer?

Maximus has pioneered a truly unique and convenient testosterone optimization solution that acts as an alternative to synthetic hormone therapy injections. Their King Protocol can be done from the comfort of your own home – no doctor’s office visit required! And another key difference is  testosterone “restoration” – not replacement.


They offer cutting-edge health solutions that use telemedicine technology in order to provide you with the best possible care. You can consult with their highly-trained and experienced doctors from anywhere in the world- all you need is an internet connection.


Low testosterone – What is it?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for developing male sexual characteristics such as a deep voice and increased muscle mass. It also plays a role in sex drive, fertility, and red blood cell production. 


Experiencing low testosterone levels can cause a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, a decreased sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. Some potential causes of low testosterone include aging, injury to the testicles, certain medications (such as steroids), and chronic illnesses (such as diabetes or cancer).


However, the most common cause of Low T is simply aging. As you age, your testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. Most labs consider anything between 300-1,000 ng/dL normal. However, after reaching 40 years, your testosterone levels will have decreased by about 20%. While this might not seem like much, it can certainly add up over time.


If you think you might have Low T, the first step is to work with a doctor to get your testosterone levels checked. Once you know your levels, you can begin discussing treatment options with your doctor. Optimizing your testosterone levels can have some pretty amazing benefits, such as increased energy levels, improved sexual function, and even better cognitive function!


What does Maximus prescribe for Low T?

With the medicine world ever-changing, Maximus has found a way to change with it. The Maximus testosterone optimization protocol is based on the latest scientific research and evidence-based medicine. They offer a variety of solutions, but the most popular one is a capsule form of prescription enclomiphene for Low T.


This prescription medication is derived from clomiphene citrate (Clomid), an existing FDA-approved drug that comprises two-thirds of clomiphene citrate’s enclomiphene molecule. It is the most active isomer of clomiphene citrate and has been shown in studies to raise testosterone levels by 50%.


Unlike TRT, enclomiphene works by naturally stimulating the release of testosterone from the testicles. It basically tricks your brain and body to signal your testicle to produce more of its own natural testosterone.


Source: Maximus


Enclomiphene vs TRT: Is enclomiphene the safer and more effective alternative?

While both TRT and enclomiphene are used as a common treatment for low testosterone, there are some key differences between enclomiphene and TRT that you should be aware of.


  1. Enclomiphene is easier to administer: For starters, you can take enclomiphene orally (pills or capsules), whereas TRT entails inconvenient, uncomfortable, and potentially risky injections or scrotal cream.

  2.  Enclomiphene maintains your testicular size, function, and fertility: One of the common concerns with TRT is that it suppresses your body’s natural testosterone production and increases the risk of infertility, which means lifelong dependence. However, enclomiphene stimulates your natural testosterone production, allowing you to stop taking it at any time, without any withdrawal effects.

  3. No increased chance of hair loss: TRT tends to accelerate hair loss, especially in men genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. On the other hand, enclomiphene stimulates the natural production of testosterone, which affects DHT differently and doesn’t increase the risk of hair loss.


Who can benefit from Maximus?

Maximus’ program is designed to help men with Low T, but it can also benefit men in other ways! For example;


  • Maximus’ enclomiphene protocol can be used by men of all ages, including young men who want to improve their athletic performance and older men who want to increase their energy levels, libido, and overall sense of well-being.


  • Suppose your body is not producing testosterone due to being artificially suppressed from previous Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) treatment or anabolic steroids. In that case, Maximus’ Program can help you restart your body’s testosterone production.


  • If you want to enhance your muscle-building results, their health coaching program can help you make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to see results! The health coaching program offers resources such as:
      • A Maximus Meal Plan
      • Maximus Supplement Recommendation
      • Maximus Workout Routines
      • Maximus Lifestyle Recommendations


Ineligibility – Maximus isn’t a great fit if you

  • Are already using TRT/AAS, you’ll have to stop before trying Maximus’ King protocol. 
  • Have testicular cancer or any other form of cancer.
  • Have been diagnosed with primary hypogonadism and your body cannot produce testosterone under any circumstances.
  • Have a history of liver disease.



What sets Maximus apart from other testosterone treatments?

There are a few things that set Maximus’ enclomiphene “King Protocol” apart from the rest. 


Pros and Cons of Maximus’ enclomiphene “King Protocol”

Pros Cons
  • It is easier to take enclomiphene than traditional TRT


  • They offer live telemedicine coaching and community


  • Offer ongoing optimization


  • It offers a comprehensive program that is tailored to your individual needs.
  • Not available in many states (currently available in AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, MA, MI, NY, OH, UT, & WI)


Best Online Testosterone Optimization Clinics: Maximus vs Hone Health vs Blokes


Best online testosterone optimization clinics

What do they offer for low T? Enclomiphene oral capsules TRT Clomid TRT Peptide Therapy
Price $72.50 for at-home lab tests (required in months 1 and 2)

$45 initial at-home assessment & virtual physician visit

$49 for initial lab

starting at $149/month for basic TRT treatment
Included in price? Doctors consultations
Medication (if qualified)
Monthly membership plan

Medication (if qualified)
Medication (if qualified)

Virtual visits
Free initial consultation? ❌ $49
At-home lab testing included in the pricing? $72 per test $45 for the initial test, the rest is included in the monthly subscription $99 laboratory fee
BYO labwork?
Health coaching available?
Guarantee? ✅ 90-day money-back guarantee ✅ 90-day money back guarantee ✅ 90-day money-back guarantee
Accepts insurance? ❌ but accepts FSA/HSA
Shipping speed of prescription? Priority 2-day shipping 5-7 working days 5-7 working days
Where is it available? Over 20 states: See the most up to date list here.

34 States:


19 States:




Our experience with Maximus

For starters, Maximus is a very legit company. It’s not a fly-by-night operation, and they are very transparent about their product, protocol, and results. Their “King Protocol” is a very comprehensive and well-rounded program that is tailored to your individual needs.


We love that they offer live telemedicine coaching and community support because it makes the whole experience more personal and intimate. The Maximus team is very knowledgeable, and they’re always there to answer our questions and help us optimize our results.


Signing up was pretty straightforward, and the customer service was excellent. We were able to get started with the program right away. Overall, we’re very pleased with our experience with Maximus and would recommend their program to any man struggling with Low T as an alternative treatment to TRT. 


Here is a detailed overview of our experience:


Taking the medical questionnaire

Maximus’ medical questionnaire is very thorough and covers everything from your medical history to your lifestyle habits. We appreciate that they take the time to get to know their clients on a personal level because it helps them tailor the program to your individual needs.


Their questions started off on the get-to-know-your-goal level and then move toward the clinical intake that asks questions pertaining to any signs of depression and anxiety, low libido, your fitness level, and more. See below for examples of some of the questions asked.


They finish off with any allergies, your current medicine or supplement intake, any previous diagnosis, your height and weight, and other physical questions. You’ll finally be taken to your address and a page to select your pharmacy, which we guess is the same for everyone as they are an online prescriber that ships to you.


How to get started with Maximus

Everything is easy to understand, from signing up and taking baseline lab tests to treatment plans and follow-up lab tests. They also have another cutting-edge product, “The Lover Protocol”, worth checking out!


How much does Maximus’ low T product cost?

Maximus’ enclomiphene protocol is very affordable, especially when compared to other traditional TRT. All in, it costs $199 for a doctor’s visit, coaching, and the meds. You will also pay for two lab tests at $72 each. Given the high level of personalized care, it’s a fair price for all that you get.


Maximus also accepts Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) in case you have money socked away there.


How effective is Maximus’ protocol for low T?

Clinical research has shown Maximus’ protocol is very effective in increasing testosterone levels. One client was quoted saying, “Maximus protocol blew away my expectations!”. Overall, customers are extremely satisfied with the product after using it for only two months, and most see increased testosterone levels in as little as 14-28 days.


The Verdict: Is Maximus’ testosterone alternative worth It?

Maximus has definitely changed the game when it comes to men’s health. Their enclomiphene protocol is a safe, affordable, and effective alternative to traditional TRT. The fact that it’s easy to administer has made it even more appealing to us!


If you’re approved for treatment through them and you don’t see increased testosterone, as validated with at-home lab testing, you may also be eligible for money back


However, it is important to note that if you have cancer or any other form of primary hypogonadism, Maximus’ protocol is not for you.


That said, if you are looking for a convenient program to stimulate your body’s natural testosterone production, we highly recommend giving Maximus a try! They offer a money back guarantee and claim it’s much safer than traditional



Maximus FAQs: What to know before getting started with testosterone restoration

Maximus’ protocol is designed to be safe and effective with minimal side effects. However, as with any medication, there is always the potential for unwanted outcomes. The most common side effects reported are mild and include headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

Maximus’ protocol is designed to be a long-term solution for low testosterone. Most men start seeing results within the first two weeks, but it can take up to three months to reach full efficacy. Thus you can’t expect results over night, but it should only take a few short months before you feel more like yourself again.

Maximus is currently available in over 20 states. They are rapidly expanding, so check their website to see the most up to date list of states in which Maximus is available. They plan to be available in all 50 states soon.

Maximus does not take insurance at this time, but they do have a flexible payment plan that makes their services affordable for everyone. They do accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

Maximus offers a hassle-free cancellation policy. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” button. You will then be prompted to confirm cancellation. Once you have confirmed, your subscription will be canceled, and you will no longer be charged.

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About the Author

Alex Goldberg

Alex is a growth marketer, behavioral economics buff, and lover of all things Direct-to-Consumer. He enjoys scaling early-stage companies and working to bring transparency to opaque industries. He is a UC Berkeley grad, an aspiring retired golfer, and an avid soccer fan.

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Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg

Alex is a growth marketer, behavioral economics buff, and lover of all things Direct-to-Consumer. He enjoys scaling early-stage companies and working to bring transparency to opaque industries. He is a UC Berkeley grad, an aspiring retired golfer, and an avid soccer fan.

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