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Article vs Joybird vs Interior Define vs Apt2b: What’s the Best D2C Furniture?

If you just moved into a new place or are ready to upgrade your space with modern furniture, you’ve probably seen ads for brands like Article, Joybird, Interior Define, and Apt2b on social media. Today we’ll dive into what makes these brands different, compare their quality, and help you decide which is right for you. And – luckily for you – one of us just purchased a new house so have gotten to buy products from most of the D2C furniture companies. We’ll show you photos of the products we bought, plus give you our feedback after actually interacting with the companies. 


Let’s get started, shall we?


How do these modern furniture brands compare?


Article, Joybird, Interior Define, and Apt2b all compete to sell stylish modern furniture at somewhat affordable prices. I say “somewhat” because there’s a spectrum and it’s all relative. These brands are inexpensive compared to building custom furniture typically would be, but don’t expect Ikea prices either. Given the high investment, choosing the right company to buy from can be difficult, and there are a number of factors that you’ll want to consider. Here is a quick price comparison and more details on the key aspects of each furniture maker.



Article vs Joybird vs Interior Define vs Apt2b

Delivery CostFree over $999, $49 if below $999$0-$99 based on total cost of items$14-$149 based on total cost of itemsFree
Customizable Furniture?
Delivery timeNo guaranteed delivery date7-14 business days8-12 weeks5-10 days, more or less. Longer for custom pieces.
Production time0 weeks if in stock (not made to order)4-8 weeks10 weeksDepends on item, but generally 2-3 weeks

All of these options have pieces available for any room, but if your home office is in need of improvement, we’ve got you covered. 


If you’re looking for other ways to have items delivered to brighten your home, consider an indoor garden for both the aesthetic and the convenience! We’ve reviewed some of the best home garden system options on our site.


Which is most affordable, Article, Joybird, Interior Define, or Apt2b?


Comparing prices, Interior Define and Apt2b stand out as the most expensive. Interior Define’s accent chairs range from $1000-$1900 and Apt2b’s range from $600-$2200, while Article’s go for $500-$1300, and Joybird’s range from $1000-$1400.


To be clear, these modern furniture companies sell much more than just accent chairs, but we cite this example to illustrate the relative prices. Of course there are also differences in quality between brands, which we’ll cover, so read on before choosing a furniture maker based on price alone. In summary:


  • You can expect to pay 20-30% more at Interior Define or Apt2b than at Article or Joybird, on average.
  • That  said, some brands like Interior Define charge an additional delivery fee, driving up the price even more. Apt2b doesn’t, however, which makes it even more appealing.


Delivery and Assembly: Does it cost extra for furniture to come fully assembled?


With Interior Define, all upholstered items will receive in-home delivery service for $149, which includes a delivery team carrying the order into your home, unwrapping it, and assembling the furniture. 


Joybird offers in-home delivery (White Glove delivery) at an extra cost, where a two-man team delivers the item into the room of your choice and handles the unpacking, installation, and packaging removal. 


Article offers in-room delivery and assembly service upgrades during checkout for an extra cost. This service hasn’t been available during COVID, however.


Apt2b offers an upgraded White Glove Room of Choice and assembly service for an extra $99. The cost is for an entire order, even if there are multiple items that qualify for the service.



Joybird Reviews: What are customers saying?


Joybird’s customers are mostly very happy with their furniture, noting its durable quality and construction.





Personal anecdote: I bought a joybird sleeper couch and absolutely adore it. I’ve had it for 3 years and many house guests have claimed it provided a surprisingly comfortable night’s sleep (although, to be honest, they probably wouldn’t tell their host otherwise). Most importantly for me, it still looks inviting and cheery after several moves:


My beloved Joybird sleeper sofa.


Article Reviews: What are customers saying?


Article customers are also exceptionally happy about their furniture, and especially appreciate the brand’s attention to detail throughout the customer experience and delivery process. 





Like Joybird, I personally own Article furniture — my last dining room table, to be exact (pic below) — and we loved it. It not only elevated the look of our dining space, but also durably supported many fun dinner parties and home cooked meals. So for what it’s worth, I can vouch for the brand’s quality.


My dining room table from Article


Interior Define Reviews: What are customers saying?


Source: Interior Define


Overall, Interior Define’s customers have nothing but rave reviews about their custom furniture. It’s clearly high quality, and most important of all, comfortable. For those with more…dare we say….DEFINED taste, it’s customizability is ideal. Beyond the size and style, you can select from hundreds of fabrics, leg options, and more. The only downside? Long delivery times. I recently ordered a custom couch from Interior Define for my new space, and they quoted a delivery window 3-4 months from now. This may  just be due to supply chain issues and surging demand during the pandemic, but in any event, that’s a long time to wait for a couch. I’ll report back on quality once it arrives!





Apt2b Reviews: What are customers saying?


“High-quality” and “well-made” are a common refrain in customer reviews of Apt2b furniture. That resonates with my own experience with Apt2b, where I bought my last living room couch — a grey sectional. It was a fantastic purchase, not only because the sofa fit our space so well, but also because the price was right. Apt2b’s designs may be simpler than Interior Define, Article, or Joybird, but you get a lot of bang for your buck, and it’s just as high quality.





Here’s an Apt2b sectional I owned in my last apartment. It was lovely couch, very sturdy, and received a ton of compliments:


My Apt2b sectional couch — ignore the mess!


Which has the best return policy — Joybird, Article, Interior Define or Apt2b?


When it comes to something as expensive and visible as furniture in your home, it’s important to know how returns work. Perhaps your tastes change the week after you order, as do wall colors and other aspects of your overall interior decor, but no one wants to feel buyer’s remorse, especially while sitting on an expensive couch they desperately don’t want. Let’s compare the four brand’s return policy to see how flexible they can be.


  • Joybird: 90 days after delivery to return an item in its original condition, and the customer must pay for return shipping costs. 
  • Interior Define: Accepts returns with a 15% processing fee and shipping fee as long as the items are unused and unwashed, and returned within 30 days. For items that are made to order, there is a 50% processing fee, and the items must be returned within 60 days. 
  • Article: Accepts all returns within 30 days as long as the items are unused and with the original packaging. There is a $49 return shipping fee; for smaller items a $19 return shipping fee will apply. Returns outside the standard service area are subject to a return fee in the same amount as the original shipping fee. If the items are not in the original packaging there will be a $50 per item repackaging fee.
  • Apt2b: Accepts returns within 100 days as long as furniture is in new and unused condition. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs and there is also a minimum restocking fee of 15% for opened items.


The Verdict: What’s the best D2C brand for modern furniture — Article, Joybird, Interior Define, or Apt2b? 


While Article, Joybird, Interior Define, and Apt2b all offer fantastically stylish modern furniture — it still may be hard to decide between them. Which will ultimately be best for you?


In terms of cost, if you’re willing to splurge on furniture and get top-tier quality, made from durable materials, Interior Define and Apt2b are the best options. After all, furniture is something that lasts decades, so when you think about amortizing the cost over many years, it’s worth investing in something high quality that you love. That said, if money is tight at the moment, Joybird and Article are a bit more affordable.


In terms of style, each furniture company has its own unique aesthetic. Joybird furniture is inspired by the Mid-Century movement of the 1950s and 1960s, from well-known designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Cara Greenburg. Article furniture is also inspired by Modern, Mid-Century style, but also features Scandinavian designs, as well as beach and desert-inspired furniture bundles. Interior Define has thousands of customization options for people with unique taste and who want to design their own furniture. Apt2b’s furniture is best for people with simpler taste, as they design their furniture with minimalism and sophistication in mind.


In any event you can’t really go wrong — all four brands offer amazing modern furniture for your home. If you want to optimize for flexibility, Apt2b and Article have the most generous return policies that allow you to get a full refund assuming there’s been no damage.


If you’ve tried these brands (or other D2C furniture startups), let us know about your experience in the comments below.


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