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Best TRT Online: How to Get Testosterone Therapy Online

If you watch sports (or really, any live TV), you’ve probably seen ads talking about “low T.”  Testosterone – it helps boost libido, build bone and muscle mass, regulate mood and energy, and produce red blood cells. Unfortunately almost 5 million men in the United States suffer from hypogonadism, the technical term for low T. Having lower than normal testosterone levels can cause a range of symptoms that make you feel, well, just not quite like yourself.


Generally the older you are, the more likely you are to deal with complications from low testosterone, as hormone levels decline with age. In fact, Men in the 65 years and over group have a 60% higher chance of having Low T when compared to men 30 to 35 years old. That being said, younger men can also have this condition.


These days there are many testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) providers ready to help you treat hypogonadism. A few new telemedicine companies now make it easy to get tested and treated virtually without leaving your house – and often for a lot less than traditional in-person clinics.


In this article, we’ll review the best way to get TRT online, including through modern health companies like Blokes, Hone Health, Vault Health, and Peter Uncaged MD in the U.S., as well as via startups like On Men in Canada. Each of these companies offers full lab work, doctors consultations, and personalized treatment plans designed by medical and licensed professionals. But they don’t all operate in all states / provinces yet, so finding the best online TRT that will work for you is still a bit tricky.


We’ll show you how to buy TRT online from a legit source that services your area, for an affordable price, as well as understand the potential side effects and risks associated with the treatment. It’s your body and your hormones, after all, so don’t just settle for any testosterone replacement therapy center near you – you deserve the best that the internet has to offer.


Before we discuss the best online TRT providers, let’s first discuss the basics of testosterone replacement therapy so you know what to expect.


First off: What are common symptoms of low T?

Understanding what physical and mental impacts lower levels of testosterone have on male bodies is crucially important. For adult men, hypogonadism (low T) can cause a number of different symptoms. Some of the potential symptoms that can indicate low testosterone, including:



If you’re experiencing these, you may be a good candidate for a blood test to further investigate your testosterone levels. Companies like Blokes, Hone, Peter Uncaged, and Vault make it easy by connecting you with a doctor virtually who can help you take the first step. In many cases, the entire interaction with a physician can happen virtually or online, which means you don’t have to visit any clinic or make special appointments to be seen.



How to test your testosterone levels at home

If you’re curious about your own hormone levels, but aren’t quite ready to commit to consulting with a doctor yet, we recommend trying an at-home male hormone test from LetsGetChecked. For $139 $98 (30% off with code FINVSFIN30), it will help you identify low testosterone in the privacy of your own home and determine if TRT is worth investing in.



Source: LetsGetChecked – Use code FINVSFIN30 for 30% off a male hormone test


There are many other companies online that offer testosterone blood testing, including Labcorp OnDemand.


What exactly is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

TRT is a medical method of normalizing hormonal levels to a healthy level for men with low T. The prevalence of low testosterone in men has led to the creation of many different variations of testosterone replacement therapies and treatments. Generally hormones are injected at a regular cadence to stabilize your levels and reduce unwanted symptoms. 



How to get TRT online

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that made it difficult to do anything in-person, a new crop of online testosterone clinics have made it exceedingly easy to get male hormone replacement therapy online. Here’s how they typically work:


1. Choose an online TRT provider that services your area. Note that, while you can access any one of these online providers’ websites, there are laws governing telemedicine that restrict them from operating everywhere. If you live in the US, Blokes, Hone Health, Peter Uncaged MD, and Vault are your best options. If you live in Canada, check out OnMen.ca instead.


2. Get started by offering them your contact and payment information, then requesting lab work. This can either be done in an in-person lab, although some companies like Hone even offer a simple, at-home blood test kit.


3. When the test kit is delivered to your house, follow the step-by-step directions to get a blood sample (it’s painless, we swear). Most companies charge a small amount for this at-home kit to cover their costs, and most in-person clinics also charge, unless your insurance covers it.


4. Mail your kit back to get a get your results and get a customized treatment plan.


5. Virtually consult with one of the online TRT providers’ doctors to go over your personalized treatment plan, including instructions for prescription hormone replacement therapy.


6. Get TRT delivered to your door, and start feeling like yourself again!




How is TRT administered?


Testosterone Replacement Therapy is typically prescribed in the form of an injection that must be received every one to two weeks. 


TRT can also be administered in the form of a gel application that must be applied over specific areas of the body – normally the upper arms, shoulders, or thighs. Gel is advantageous in that it can be highly effective and removes the pain of using needles for injections. Other alternatives to shots include skin or mouth patches and implants.




What are the Best Online TRT Clinics near you?


With the world becoming more and more digital, finding a reputable virtual TRT clinic is essential for those struggling with low T who may not have reliable options nearby.


Here we will compare the top rated online TRT clinics, as well as cover three of the best in-person options, and finally compare a few of the best testosterone supplements for those looking for an additional boost.


Best Online TRT Clinics: Hone vs Vault vs Peter Uncaged vs OnMen

How it works
    1. Online consultation.

    1. Use their at-home kit to collect a small blood sample, then send it to the lab for analysis.

    1. Decide on a treatment with a doctor

  1. Sign up for a plan that ships right to your door
    1. Online consultation.

    1. Vault will then send a nurse to your house to take a quick blood sample that they send to their lab for analysis.

  1. Sign-up for personalized doctor-reviewed treatment plan
    1. Complete a questionnaire and select treatment.

    1. Place a payment on hold while your application is reviewed by a doctor.

  1. If approved, meds will be shipped right to your door
    1. Complete a questionnaire and select treatment.

    1. Work with a care coordinator to get blood work done, as well as a physical exam, and then review results virtually with a doctor.

  1. If approved, meds will be shipped right to your door
    1. Schedule an online health visit

    1. Take lab tests (if necessary) at one of over 2000 lab partnership locations

  1. Receive a delivery of your personalized treatment to your doorstep
Cost of TRT

Preventative Plan: $40/month


Proactive Plan: $70/month


Pharmaceutical Plan: $160/month


(Full details here)

TRT plans vary between $165 – $299 per month.


A 3-month commitment is required.


(Full details here)

$125 for the medical consultation


Medications range in price, but most are covered by health insurance.


(Full details here)

$125 for initial blood work


$99 per month for TRT


(Full details here)

$49 for initial lab, starting at $149/month for basic TRT treatment
Refund PolicyRefunds and order cancellations are handled by support. For refund information, email support.Vault requires a 3-month commitment.Refunds/ returns of prescription medication are not available. For more info, email support.Refunds/ returns of prescription medication are not available.No cancellation fee, refunds/returns of prescription medication not available
BYO Labs?(Can you bring your own lab  results?)✅ At home testing kits also available.❌ but labs and results are included in the monthly cost.✅ Accepts labs from other providers within one month.✅ Accepts labs from other providers.If you have not been on testosterone, the labs may be from the last 3-6 months. If on testosterone, labs need to be within the last 90 days.


Check out the full reviews on our site for a more in-depth analysis of Peter Uncaged‘s or Blokes‘ approach to TRT!


TRT Alternatives: What other treatments work?

Over the counter testosterone supplements are a common alternative to TRT, but results aren’t as immediate nor as strong. Some research has been done into the effectiveness of using Clomid (clomiphene citrate) as an alternative to TRT as well. Clomid is known for its ability to stimulate hormones and has traditionally been used to increase ovulation and fertility in women. Currently, the FDA only approves the use of Clomid in women, but more research is being done into its potential for male testosterone use.



Is TRT safe?

Research has shown that TRT is an effective treatment option, with one clinical trial showing a 73 percent success rate of patients returning to a normal hormonal range after 12 weeks of testosterone replacement therapy. Nonetheless, the therapy still comes with its risks and side effects that patients should be aware of before beginning their TRT journey.



TRT Side Effects: What are the potential risks of testosterone replacement therapy?


The side effects experienced while undergoing TRT will likely vary in severity. A commonly seen effect is a change in skin texture and health (such as increased oiliness or acne). Other potential side effects  can include:


  • An increase in breast tissue (Gynecomastia) or tenderness
  • Disturbed breathing while sleeping
  • Swelling of the ankles


However, there are more serious risks involved. TRT poses the risk of increasing the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Moreover, it increases the risk of erythrocytosis, a condition in which your body produces too many red blood cells.



What happens if you stop taking Testosterone?

One challenge that many face with TRT is transitioning off treatment. Since reducing hormone levels makes you feel bad, there’s no end in sight to testosterone replacement therapy once you start. Not all men are a good fit for TRT, and thus it’s critical to talk to a doctor before making any decisions. The online providers we compared (Hone Health, Peter Uncaged MD, Vault, and OnMen) all require an online consultation with a doctor to determine if you’re a good fit before any labs are ordered. They also involve licensed doctors to help you adjust your course of action should you ever want to try a new dose or pause altogether.



Who offers the best TRT online in the US?

Hone, Peter Uncaged MD, Blokes, and Vault Health are the top US-based clinics that offer full testosterone replacement therapy consultations, as well as prescriptions shipped to your door. All four companies require blood tests to determine a client’s level of need, although only Hone offers an at-home test kit that you can use to (painlessly!) prick your finger and send in your blood sample without going in-person.


Another standout feature of Hone Health is that guys who already have lab results can use them and save. Additionally, they offer three different subscription plans. The first two, the preventative and the proactive plans, are excellent for those at risk for low T who want to stay ahead of the curve.


At just $99 per month, however, Peter Uncaged MD offers the least expensive TRT subscription. For the budget conscious, it’s by far the most affordable.


All three companies offer a team of certified medical professionals that will be available to a client on a regular basis. Hone Health’s customer support team is particularly useful and offers 24/7 service. Obviously it’s important to have access to professionals when you start adjusting hormone levels in case you experience any side effects.


Blokes offers a bit more than just TRT, with the option of Peptide therapy to enhance the body’s natural functioning by infusing it with testosterone. This involves using targeted Amino acids to create certain reactions in the body, which play an important role in correcting the body’s symptoms caused by low testosterone. Peptide therapy has proven to increase energy levels, muscle mass, sex drive, and more. Read more about this in our full review.


Hone Health vs Vault Health

If you’re trying to decide between Hone vs Vault, we’d go with Hone. It’s slightly less expensive, and doesn’t require you to commit for as long. Currently they service almost all 50 states, but not quite. Check their FAQ page to see the most up to date list, as they are constantly expanding. Vault also offers an amazing service and currently is available in all 50 states, so if Hone isn’t available yet where you are, Vault is a great alternative.




Who offers the best TRT online in Canada?


OnMen is a relatively new telemedicine company that offers all sorts of treatments and services in the categories of sex, hair, PrEP, and last but certainly not least, testosterone replacement therapy. To access the products offered by OnMen, potential patients start with a simple online questionnaire.


From there, a licensed clinician will review the patient’s application and determine if the products provided by OnMen are a good fit. If so, you’ll get a request for a metabolic and hormonal blood panel, and then schedule a virtual consultation with an OnMen doctor to review your results. If your condition is deemed worthy of medication, the doctor will then prescribe you TRT meds and have it delivered to your door.


OnMen’s online customer experience is extremely convenient, and definitely beats any in-person clinic. Currently OnMen is only available in Ontario, but they are planning to expand their services across Canada soon. They are the best provider of online TRT in Canada that we’ve seen, although we’d be surprised if more quality competition didn’t enter the space soon.



Customer Reviews: What are men saying about Hone vs Vault Health vs Peter Uncaged vs OnMen?


One way to determine the best service available is to take a look at customer reviews. Below are a few for each online TRT clinic, collected from public sites like Facebook and TrustPilot.


Hone Health Reviews


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Vault Health TRT Reviews

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Peter Uncaged TRT Reviews



Patients seem overwhelming positive about Peter Uncaged’s service in published online reviews! Here are a couple more that stood out:



OnMen TRT Reviews


TRT is a relatively new offering from OnMen and there aren’t many online reviews yet. We’ll update this section as more OnMen customers share their experience in more detail, but here’s. a few early impressions we found online:




Blokes TRT Reviews

Blokes offers both Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Peptide therapy to address your needs, so you have the option of a few different types of subscriptions and treatments. 



What are the best in-person clinics to get TRT?

In-person clinics may be preferable to patients who do not wish to have medical consultations virtually, or those who lack necessary technology for virtual communication. Low T Center, Defy Medical, and Royal Medical Center.


It should be noted for any in-person TRT clinic that normal standard of operations may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Always call and get in contact before showing up at an in-person clinic to be sure they are taking walk-ins or in-person appointments. Some clinics that are usually in-person may be temporarily remote and virtual through telehealth services. Overall, there are lots of ways to get cheap testosterone therapy these days, whether from your local clinic or virtually from a fast-growing, nationwide provider.



What are the Best in-person TRT Clinics?

How it Works
  1. Make an appointment for an in-person TRT consultation
  2. Complete blood labs to decided best treatment plan
  1. Speak with a Patient Advocate
  2. Complete a physical exam and blood lab
  3. Attend in-person consultation and receive treatment plan
  1. Make an appointment for a consultation
  2. Complete a physical exam and blood lab
  3. Attend in-person consultation and receive treatment
Cost of TRT

$85/month for at-home injectable testosterone therapy ($135/month for in-person treatment).

Medical team supervises injection for first use.

The cost is not directly listed on the website but Defy Medical is priced to be accessible to those not covered by insurance.$195/month – this includes all physical exams, lab testing, consultations, and medications.
Where are they locatedClick here to view a map of all 47 locations throughout the U.S. They are open and offering at-home testosterone therapy.Tampa, FloridaRoyal is partially virtual and can coordinate with practitioners near you for physical exam and lab work.
Patient eligibility requirementsPatient must live in the state of one of the Low T Center locations to receive treatment.A physical examination and blood work

Annual physical exam and blood work


Follow-up labs after 30-90 days on plan

WebsiteLow T CenterDefy MedicalRoyal Medical



What are the best testosterone supplements?


For some, the level of testosterone may be manageable without a formal treatment and instead with an over-the-counter testosterone supplement. Others simply might be turned off by the high price of TRT and the idea of injecting themselves regularly with hormones. Below we outline some of the top testosterone supplements online:


Testosterone Supplements Online

How it Works

Comes in pill form.

Recommended dose is 4 tablets (one pack) daily

Comes in pill form.

Recommended dose is 3 pills daily

CostSold monthly packs for $35 per month, or quarterly packs (every 3 months) for $29 per monthOne bottle for $69Three bottles for $177 ($59 each)Six bottles for $294 ($49 each)
IngredientsVitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Maca, and CopperEurycoma Longifolia, Shilajit extract, Safed Musli, Zinc, Magnesium, Boron, Pomegranate extract, and Ginger
WebsiteClick here to learn more.Click here to learn more.


The Verdict: What’s the best TRT service online?


All of the online TRT clinics discussed in this review offer relatively affordable and comprehensive care – that is, at least as affordable and comprehensive as an in-person clinic. When it comes down to the three main online TRT clinics we examined – Hone vs Vault vs Peter Uncaged MS vs OnMen – the choice of which to ultimately go with will likely be determined by where you live. That’s because each currently only services a restricted geography, although that may not be true forever as each is rapidly expanding their area of service.


As the most affordable TRT provider, offering treatment for just $99/month for US residents, Peter Uncaged is our #1 pick. That said, if you’re looking for treatment without ever going in person, Hone Health is your best bet because they offer an at-home blood test. They also allow more experienced patients to bring their own labs completed at different medical facilities. Blokes and Vault Health both offer very legitimate testosterone replacement treatment as well, and Blokes has alternative options to TRT.


On Men is very affordable and our #1 pick for Canadians. They the process of getting TRT online super simple, offers affordable pricing, and accepts most Canadian insurance plans.


Regardless of what treatment or service you decide to try, one main takeaway is to always be aware of your physical and mental health. Watching for symptoms outside of normal behaviors is key to staying ahead of any health-threatening conditions. Committing to getting annual blood work may be one method of staying ahead of the curve. Additionally, we highly recommend consulting with your primary medical practitioner – not just one of these provider’s doctors alone – before beginning any new treatment.


Overall, Hone and OnMen stand out for their easy-to-navigate online interfaces, making them approachable for all patients. Moreover, both companies offer a simple process of getting in touch with the professional medical team for a consultation and treatment plan. Peter Uncaged is slightly more analog, but customers seem very pleased with the service overall based on online reviews.


All of the TRT providers we discuss are well-funded, legit companies on a mission to improve access to quality hormone replacement therapies. Whether you have experience with treatment already or are looking into it for the first time, dive a bit deeper and evaluate each of these online options for yourself.


If you end up purchasing TRT online, let us know about your experience in the comments below!


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